T-Mobile Responds To Reuters Story Regarding Call Center Job Cuts

In response to last weeks report about Deutsche Telekom cutting almost 2,600 jobs at their American arm, T-Mobile USA has now responded with their own statement that hopes to clear the confusion. What is apparent is that T-Mobile believes this “rumor” was spread by the Communication Workers of America union and that the information provided simply isn’t true.

The recent rumor spread by the CWA that T-Mobile has cut call center jobs is simply not true. While T-Mobile employs fewer customer care representatives in the last few months, this is a result of natural attrition, and NOT layoffs. In the past months, our call volumes have decreased due to a number of factors, including our success providing customers self-help options on their mobile devices and over the Web. This allowed us to operate more efficiently, without backfilling for employees who left the company. T-Mobile’s staffing plans will continue to be informed by the needs of our business.

T-Mobile continues to lead the industry in customer service and customer satisfaction, and this speaks volumes of our motivated Customer Care organization, as well as our continued stature as a great place to work.

What say you?

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