New 42 Mbps Smartphones Coming From HTC, Samsung and LG

There’s this very vague report going around about new 42 Mbps smartphones coming to T-Mobile in the second half of this year, made by HTC, LG and Samsung.  I’m just going to come right out and say it, “Well, duh!”  This should come as no surprise, it’s about as solid of a story as that great Samsung phone from yesterday (which is actually quite solid).  With a network that supports 42 Mbps, T-Mobile would be a fool to NOT have phones that can utilize it.  Given T-Mobile’s relationship with these manufacturers this will of course happen.  To tease you a bit more, though, you may want to keep your eyes out for news surrounding the HTC “Bresson” and “G-Infinity,” Samsung Hercules and “Dumont,” and the LG Maxx or “Gelato.”  You know, something to think about.



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