LG Forums Says Gingerbread “Should Be” Less Than A Month Out

While the story of the T-Mobile G2x continues to take us on a roller coaster ride a discussion going on over at LG’s official forums gives us hope that a Gingerbread release is realistically coming soon. We emphasize “soon” because one of the forum moderators gives what we hope is an educated guess stating that “…i’d be really surprised if it was more than a month out” regarding the G2x Gingerbread update. Obviously we hope that the discussion forum moderators are somewhat in the know and that this isn’t just a way of placating an unhappy user base with an unrealistic timeframe.

We’ve been told that update has been coming “soon” for quite some time and with LG promising an update within a “few days” and that going by the wayside we hope that this moderator’s timeframe is more than just a guess. Fingers crossed.

LG Forums

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