LG Hopes To Release G2x Gingerbread Information In A Few Days

LG has continued to stick to it’s message of working fast and furious to push out a T-Mobile G2x Gingerbread update that contains various bug fixes. The problem is right now their message is something along the lines of “we know you are frustrated and we’re understanding so we hope to have some information to tell you soon.” What’s soon? Is it two days or two weeks as it’s already been a month that the G2x has been gone from T-Mobile.com. The time to tell us something has come and gone, now we’re moving into impatience.

Tonight’s information shows that LG hopes to deliver some information about the update in the next few days but not necessarily the update itself. As you can see in the Tweet above there is no indication that the “next few days” means an actual software release. So G2x owners are stuck playing the waiting game yet again. While I understand that neither T-Mobile nor LG wants to give a target date and miss it, perhaps it’s better than not saying anything at all.


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