Everything You Want To Know About T-Mobile’s Upcoming Classic/Value Plans

We can’t get enough of the new Classic/Value plan rollout information so we’re back with some more intel and price comparisons pitting T-Mobile against the competition. We’ve already seen a little bit of this in a post last week but this time it’s in color! T-Mobile continues to emphasize employee training by focusing on the benefits of each plan over the other in order to offer the customer the best possible solution and we can get on board with that. While we may not love the idea of a subsidy-less environment we can dig lower pricing. For some the Value Plan may entice them as they see a lack of data requirements being a standout reason to jump on board with the Value plans.

We don’t have to long to wait to see if T-Mobile is successful with the Value plan model as July 24th is right around the corner so fingers crossed they market it well and bring in the bacon!

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