Sam’s Club Offering $70 Bill Credit For Father’s Day Signup

Sam’s Club members who are looking for a special deal on Father’s Day for signing up with T-Mobile should take note of a $70 bill credit coming your way if you sign up for service today, June 17th through Sunday June 19th. The $70 credit actually breaks down as a $35 bill credit in addition to the standard $35 Everyday Member Credit given to Sam’s Club members when they sign up for T-Mobile.

Obviously Sam’s Club members can weigh the $70 credit against the potential $120 worth of credits received under T-Mobile’s Father’s Day 2011 sale. Sam’s Club members should comparison shop the price of the phone and let that be the deciding factor. In any case, it’s nice to see retailers offering their own enticing specials to get customers on board.

Thanks Prashant!

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