myTouch 4G Slide Appears In The Wild, No Mr. Blurrycam In Sight!

We at TmoNews want to wish all the Fathers out there a very happy Father’s day with some crystal clear myTouch 4G Slide in the wild shots. While Mr. Blurrycam has already found this device hanging around town the shots we just received show off the phone in significantly better clarity giving you a much clearer idea of what the phone will look like. Our ninja was definite on the phone running Gingerbread with an HTC Sense UI “much like the Sensation but with some specific myTouch features.” We were told the keyboard is amazing and the phone is surprisingly fast. There was the necessary comparison to the G2 keyboard and it was said to be the same in terms of feel. The only (possible) drawback we were told is that the phone weighs in a little bit more than the G2 or so it feels in the hand. That may or may not be a concern to some but the benefits of the myTouch 4G Slide far outweigh any extra weight.

So have a good look at the myTouch 4G Slide in some great pictures as we remember the “Doubleshot” codename and bid it farewell. Happy Father’s Day to all the Father’s and future Father’s out there!

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