Anyone Wanting The HTC Sensation 4G Early Should Call This Guy

It’s hard not to post this without feeling a little bit sorry for the guy who is about to receive more phone calls than he dared imagine. Still if you want to be one of the first people to own the HTC Sensation 4G you can call….or….text this guy. Just try not to fill up voice mailbox ok? Have to love how he both used our pictures and its in “like new” condition. How can it not be “in like new” condition already? Did he drag it down the road? Just saying.


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  • It still made me laugh when I read the description. And you are welcome David!  :P

  • 007


  • Dewey Cox

    That’s one employee who won’t be for long……..

  • Big

    I def jus txt him to call his bluff

  • yyevo

    Wonderd if he will hand deliver it to me in Oklahoma?

  • Anonymous

    I’m surprised.  Usually when a super phone is being sold before being offered in stores, the seller gets greedy and wants an outrageous amount of money.  I think $600 is the cheapest I’ve seen.  Better than 3 easy payments of $333.33 with a Sham-wow and super peeler thrown in for free.  However, if they double the order, I’m in!

    I wonder if some impatient person is going to pony up the money because they can’t wait the extra week until the phone is released.

  • Zifnab2k

    Lol, craigslist ftw, as per usual

  • I just called him from my iPad. He has the cable, charger, the phone. Everything BUT the box. He said he used for a day and he got it from one of his buddies. He was a little hesitant when I asked him how he got it. haha

  • yyevo

    He’s a talker.. claims it’s not stolen because he got it in Atlanta, Ga from a friend. Oh, well, that proves it’s not hot!

    This is fun! I wonder if he’ll be my bff???

  • Anonymous

    That guy probally was a HTC Champion that got the free phone.  However HTC does have his information and IMei on the phone and can pursue legal matters with that Rep if he does sell at, plus can confiscate it from anyone he sells it too…. Of course the chances are they probally will not, but we all signed a release form when we got the phone.

  • papesh

    Its only 50 more then retail, not bad.

  • He probably doesn’t have it. In case you guys didn’t notice, the pics are watermarked.

    • Yea the watermark is tmonews…. Pay attention. 

  • yyevo

    He claims he sold it.. LOL

    I guess I pissed him off..

    • haha. what did you say to him?

      • yyevo

        I kept lowballing him, calling it stolen.

  • Anonymous

    Why anyone would spend that much money for “this” is beyond me. I think some perspective is needed.

    • Girth Brooks

      Although I agree with you, he’s only asking for $50 more than the price T-Mobile is going to sell it for on the 15th with no contract.  I’m sure he is thinking $50 to get it a week and a half early is enough to make someone pull the trigger.

  • philthy

    It’s funny because I work for tmo and went to the HTC event where I got the device last week! Was thinking about posting it, but they had us sign waivers that allow them to track the imei and go into my account to make sure I was still using the device for 60 days… This guy probably stole it.

  • Sent his number and a screenshot of the ad to T-Mobile lost prevention. If he’s a HTC Champion, he should be hearing something shortly and if he’s not, well, he should have some fun explaining this.

    • Anonymous

      get a life….

      • I hope you find the irony in that comment..

      • Jason

        Steve Cory did the right thing. If he stole it or is selling it under false pretenses it drives up the loss side of the profit and loss statement. That means fewer free phone sales that customers are always whining they want. This helps keeps costs down. Besides what if it was your money that was being stolen?

    • samysam

      mind your own business. 

    • THawk

      Seriously what a elementary school narc you are. 

    • Lacy1488

      Everyone that was at the Atlanta got one so chill.

  • Anonymous

    Why would anyone think this is legit. 

    This reminds me of a scammer/criminal who copied pics of my Bianchi road bike that I had on MySpace (this was before Facebook existed).  He posted an ad on eBay asking $5,000.  And he wanted payment via Western Union only.

    I contacted eBay and they closed the guys account. After that I took down all my pics, except of myself under the assumption no one would pay even a dime for me.

  • Yup, they will track the phone IMEI   : )
    Really stinks that some people abuse the privilege to get devices early  

  • Anonymous

    The guy probably stole the demo phone from the store. It’s not on display yet but all stores have a demo on hand. We got ours in yesterday. Could have possibly taken it if a rep absent mindedly placed it on the counter after showing someone or something and wasn’t paying attention (Hence no box perhaps). Happened to one of our stores with a G-Slate demo

  • @David, LMAO……

  • Just talked to him.  He’s from Chicago.  He said one of his buddies from Atlanta gave it to him.  He still has it and quite frankly 600 isnt half bad for this beast.  Too bad i live in LA

    • Rnoriega85

      I got 2 for sale and live in nor cal

  • Nate34

    Just played with a demo unit (htc sensation) at my local T-Mo store.. the hardware is very very nice, feels premium, however, I hate Sense. It doesn’t feel zippy like the G2x with pure Android which unfortunately I had to return a few weeks ago.. I may wait for a G2x fix.. once you experience the fast, pure Android, double core experience, it’s hard to go back!  

    • Anonymous

      and if you save a new contact in Sense, you have to change the default “save to phone” setting to save it to your contacts on Google servers each time. I think I’m spoiled by the N1.

  • Truenow

    Lost my time looking this.
    David you are definitely fired!
    Get inspired!

    • Chatter

      Yes, I think you should take over since you have fired David. Inspire us!

  • Truenow

    And remember:
    When you are on front line
    Bush live the fullest and
    China pay your bullets!

  • 606…. zip code is Chicago. 708 area code is not Chicago……BOOM

    • Bxcutie4life2001

      u ever heard of moving? boom!

    • He’s actually from Alsip. I searched his number on Craigslist and he other ads are in Alsip. 123rd and Cicero is also in the Alsip / Crestwood area

  • TypicalWhitePerson

    Haha! My zip code is 60612. But I would never pay $600 for any phone. I’m too cheap an sneaky for that. $400 bucks tops!! 

    • Fun Fact : You are near my school! ( UIC )

      • TypicalWhitePerson

        Yeah. I’m in West Loop and I go to UIC lol

        • Haha that’s awesome. What’s your major? (This is really getting off topic)

  • TypicalWhitePerson

    Wow! This guy want $580 for it at the absolute lowest. I offered him a mint conditioned Nexus One (which I never use, and he could resale for hundreds of dollars) and $250 for it and he said he needs that $580 because he got “taxed” on it. But at first he said his homey in Atlanta just gave it to him. 

    Oh yeah, he said too many low ballers from out of state keeps calling him just salivating over the phone about the Sensation. LMAO! 

    • Cort

      If he got “taxed” on it then it was either given to him as a device champion or he got it as on his employee discount both of which are 100% against T-Mobile policy to sell and profit from……not saying it doesn’t happen but you would think he would be more descrete about it than to post his number on this site….pretty dumb

  • PrismaticCore

    Compared to other dual core phones like the G2x and Galaxy S II, does the Sensation disappoint with its dual core Snapdragon? How about Sense 3.0? Does it add any extra functionality besides the lockscreen? Read more on this as I analyze PhoneDog’s review of the Sensation:

  • hope thats his tmobile number because when corporate gets ahold of this he is screwed 

    • Lacy1488

      Everyone that was at the Atlanta got one so chill.

      • ivan

        but, your not supposed to sell them. 

  • I called as soon as I saw your Twitter post and got my Sensation!! They had 4 in stock so Thank you David!! – D. It really is Phenomenal

  • J. Williams
  • J. Williams

    They are selling them on eBay too…wow

  • Noemail

    It is in “like new” because I’m betting he acquired this handset from one of the Sensation launch event trainings where he signed a document stating that if anyone else uses the handset other than himself he will be terminated. I wish this guy the best of luck in the employment line.