Unlimited Wi-Fi Calling Delayed, New Arrival Date Unknown

Some sad news for those of you eagerly awaiting the arrival of T-Mobile’s newest Wi-Fi calling promotion. Early expectations were for a systemwide launch May 11th launch as our leaked internal shot indicated. Unfortunately we’re just receiving word of a delay. T-Mobile hasn’t given a new date as to when this service will arrive but we’re hoping it won’t be long! Stay tuned for more details!

Delayed Launch of Free Wi-Fi Calling Feature

The launch of the new free Wi-Fi calling feature has been delayed. This launch was originally scheduled for May 11, and you may  have seen communications or references to it.

Support teams are engaged and working toward launching this new feature as soon as possible. We will re-communicate the launch date and details of the offer when we have confirmation on the new date.

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  • lprd

    As someone who used to work at T-Mobile, I am shocked… SHOCKED that something isn’t launching when they originally said it was supposed to.

  • Rfgenerator

    ring ring…. “Hello this is Randy Stephenson at “A Fee & Fee” what’s this I hear about you introducing a feature that doesn’t have an exorbitant fee attached to it?”

  • The ATL guy

    T-Mobile pulls this BS all the time.
    So what’s new?

    • You guys are really ridiculous. You weren’t supposed to know about the launch therefore you cannot be mad about them delaying it. It wasn’t public info, any delay would have NEVER been seen or heard by the public.

      • thank you!

      • I totally agree. People should be happy with the news and information you provide! Even though I do get these emails (I’m an employee) but I do not let people know about it for reasons like this. We don’t want to leak out info and then people get mad on something they shouldn’t know about and it was delayed.

  • Anonymous

    Looking forward to it. The question is whether this and other features will roll over if T-Mobile unfortunately becomes AT&T?

  • Anonymous

    Could it have something to do with the AT&T deal? We all know AT&T hates having FREE any thing…

  • Andoidluvr

    How many times is T-Mobile going to pull this B.S. over and over. Long time T-Mobile customer and I am really starting to get irritated with this. One more stunt like this and I’m out.

    • Once again I emphasize the number of ways in which you cannot be mad. How can you be mad at T-Mobile for delaying something you weren’t supposed to know about in the first place? If it wasn’t for this site, you wouldn’t have known about the feature itself, the anticipated arrival date or the delay. Quit complaining.

      • Anonymous

        Thank you! Also it’s a FREE service that gives you FREE minutes. Maybe they just want to make sure that it’s going to go seamlessly you know.

    • Maschwar77

      Well, it was only a rumor so it isn’t worth getting steamed over and your only other option (if you want to call it an option) for GSM service is Big Evil AT&T. The only other carrier worthy of consideration is Verizon. I’ll stick by T-Mobile to the end. If it does become AT&T, that is the death knell

  • j-man

    Some people need to know that if we didnt have this blog, we would not know about several things. If it werent for here, I would not have known about this coming out, so i guess we shouldnt be upset that it is being delayed. A lot of people don’t even know how to work this, just us, the bit more tech saavy ones. :)

  • Rb3679

    Just as someone else said, maybe they found a glitch and pulled it and maybe they want it to work correctly. There will always be people that whine about anything.

  • Alwaysright

    The sooner the better. I’ve been using HotSpot @ home since 2005, and it really works since I moved to blackberry, about 2007. Any non-Blackberry phone, was weak. I will say, it can be a support nightmare if they use anything other than a solid phone. Don’t even pretend the transition from WiFI to the cell network works without dropping the call. With that said, hey if it’s a free call, who can complain?

  • Eskokali

    Look u ungrateful punks; its been delayed NOT cancelled so quit being a lil’ b**ch about and wait for to get going. (I stayed up late eagerly to 3am just hoping to see this FREE feature). I am sad it didn’t start today also but I am just gonna sit and wait for it to come around, I’m sure it won’t be much longer. I love T-Mobile & I love everything they offer, they really do think about “How will this benefit our Customers?” not “How can we gouge them?”

    Also, I hope all of you have done your part in voicing you opinion on the AT&T/T-Mobile merger. If not go to this link:

    http://tinyurl.com/stopattmomergeror click on the ad that has a Unicorn & Rainbow that can be found throughout T-MoNews (it leads to the same site)

    • Eskokali

      Sorry for some of the grammar mistakes & missing words. Typed it in a hurry. =0P

  • Anonymous