T-Mobile Picks Up “SnapPad” Trademark, New Tablet Incoming?

The US Patent and Trademark Office has often been a source of upcoming T-Mobile secret codenames and with the recent discovery of the “SnapPad” trademark we’re asking more questions. The trademark itself is meant for tablet computers along with T-Mobile picking up a number of domain names like T-MobileSnapPad.com and .net.

We should note that it was back in December of 2010 that T-Mobile trademarked the “G-Slate” name which we now know as T-Mobile’s 4G tablet by LG. So what could the SnapPad be? Something from Samsung perhaps, the 10.1 inch Galaxy Tab? Perhaps its the HTC Flyer we believe is coming to T-Mobile shelves.


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  • Danlaw23

    It’s a fold up tablet that fits in your pocket.

  • michael

    I read somewhere peoplethink its a rebranded Sony S2

  • Anonymous

    That’s not a cute name. Love ya T-Mo!

  • Hassan penn

    i think it will be a tablet with dual screen or a keyboard or something that makes some type of “snappy noise”

  • Anonymous

    Imo I think carries should chill with tablets with 2 yr plans plus data. Idk if Im speaking just for myself but I can’t see myself paying that much for a device plus a data plan.

  • Now they just need to pay USD xxx.xxx for snappad.com

  • Anonymous

    Let the rampant (often way off) speculation begin. Six core processor, 5G internet speeds, dual boot ios and android, 20 mp camera, 10 mp front facing camera, highest res screen capable of holograms, 1tb of memory, 24 hr battery life, and a partridge in a pear tree…….

  • Anonymous