Andy Rubin Hints Toward Another Nexus Phone Arrival

During todays Google I/O conference Android head Andy Rubin sat down with the press and took a question about the future of Google’s Nexus brand series of devices. The question referred to Google’s efforts to work with carriers and OEM’s to push updates to Android devices faster and more efficiently and what this meant for the Nexus series?

“I think the Nexus has been the thing we use to set the bar,” Rubin said. “There will always be new ones coming out for the market,” he continued. “The cycles are holidays and the summer time.”

T-Mobile has always been on the receiving end of the Nexus series and we can only hope this trend continues, even as we stare down AT&T.


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  • Let the maker be HTC please? I like the way how Nexus One turned out.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah an unpocketable device was very desirable… oh please the build quality of the nexus s was so much better than the n1… the list goes on in the old n1 forum

      • StalkyTheFish

        Interesting. My N1 has been rock-solid for a year and a half now.

      • 19fonzy

        nexus s is plastic crap! N1much better in build quality.

        • Anonymous

          Metal does not mean better build quality. Build quality goes so much further
          than what materials a phone is made with it also takes in account software
          and longevity of the hardware. Plastic? Oh please if I had a dollar for
          everytime a troll used that excuse. There are different grades of plastic
          and the ns is no where near cheap. Ns most certainly is built better. To
          deny that is just hating.

        • Zifnab2k

          Well then i’ll hate. Nexus S feels as cheap and plasticy as every other samsung crap device. The only saving grace is since it’s a nexus device, Samsung couldn’t get their grubby fingers on the software, thus cheapening the phone further.

          Samsung only does 1 thing right, make displays.

  • Nexus series > G series > everybody else

  • Anonymous

    The first Nexus was made by HTC, then Samsung. Maybe the next will be made by LG or someone else (just so long as there is a screaming dual core processor and a sweet graphics chip). Personally, I think it would be cool if Motorola did one, but made it super tough like the Defy. Maybe having a Nexus device on a Motorola hardware platform will help Motorola roll out updates faster…..

    Somehow, I think it would be the opposite. Motorola’s Nexus device probably wouldn’t see an update to Ice Cream Sandwich until Jellybean is released. :)

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, put some metal and spit on it!

    • Anonymous

      Lol except Nexus devices get updated by Google and not the manufacturer.

  • Anonymous

    Nexus S is galaxy s on steroid, i hope the next Nexus will be a galaxy s II on steroid…..

    • Anonymous

      No more Samsung, who’s next!? Motorola? LG?

      • Anonymous

        Please let it be LG. Motorola has lost their minds.

        • Anonymous

          I rather have Motorola, LG’s devices always have the same main design and are usually in a ugly brown with cheap parts.

        • Zifnab2k

          If the g2x or the issues apple is having with their iPad 2 displays is any indication, I would prefer LG stay away from making “luxury” devices.

      • DingleBerry

        Ive heard that it may be Huawei to make the next Nexus.

        • Anonymous

          Just kinda threw up a little.

  • SteveJobsisChrist2

    Who cares…. The iPhone 5 will be the phone to have during the holiday(s). Thank you Steve Jobs! I’m so happy God brought you to this world! Hail Steve Jobs and the iPhone (greatest thing that ever happened to mankind)

    • Anonymous

      I hope you are joking. Otherwise, I hope you get help for yourself soon….

    • Apple Eater

      iphone?? I phone is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo behind. Do your home work before you post a comment like that.

    • Anonymous

      Bro you should really consider changing your screen name

    • god does not exist

      you will rot in the ground when you die

      my theory has proof whereas yours has none, we are just polite and call them both theories

      • Anonymous

        Half your statement is provable, you can’t factually say God doesn’t exist.

        Also a theory is a concept based upon thoughts. No actual proof

    • Anonymous


    • common sense

      hey stevejobsischrist2 troll go rambling on a applefanboy website, this is strictly an android discussion.

    • 19fonzy

      Is this guy serious? Lol iphone is far behind in this game android dominated already get over it and get out of here with your crappy ios heck even my little sister can jailbreak an iphone iPhone=kids phone Nexus/high end android devices= A Mans Phone

      • I’m an iPhone owner and you are acting ignorantly toward the iPhone community. Stop thinking Android is a one size fits all solution.

  • Nexus 3D anyone?

    • Anonymous

      That got me wet …

    • No Thanks, Nexus phones are usually big boy phones.


  • Holiday: Nexus S Summer: Nexus S 4G Holiday: TBA

  • I’m ready to start complaining about too many awesome devices on T-mobile, lol. Just as I sold my MT4G settled to get Sensation (using my rusty but trusty G1)… TmoNews goes ahead and hints SGSII and N3…..Now I’m back to waiting. IMHO N3 (whatever it will be)>SGSII>Sensation but every one of these, of course, is one hell of a device.

    • Qwanto

      same boat as was gonna sell mt4g for the sensation or the SGSII, and now the nexus 3.. i’ll have to use my sexy nexy and mt4g to tie me over to more info comes out

  • Youngt82

    So prepare for a new Nexus S 2 or Nexus 2 to be the first device to launched with icecream sandwich 2.4 around the summer or right after. Let’s get it T-Mo:)

    • Anonymous

      Nope since it was stated in the keynote that ICS is releasing Q4 2011. It’s gonna be around the same release period as the Nexus One/S.

  • Anonymous

    It’d be cool if they made a sensation form factor nexus phone.

    • TuTall

      They did, it was called the Nexus One.

      • Anonymous

        No I meant a 4+” screen I really surprised no one has made a 4.3″ vanilla android phone yet.

        • Anonymous


        • Anonymous

          Its only 4″ I’m saying they should make it 4+” Evo with aosp hd2 w/ aosp a device with that form factor with aosp

        • Zifnab2k

          g2x is not a nexus phone. It still has tmobile bloatware and a few lg apps added in. Furthermore, the g2x crashes about 2 – * times per day because the OS wasn’t optimized for the phone, just thrown on there swiftly to release to US markets.

          Not to mention the build quality of the g2x is an absolute joke. I’ve returned 3, and went through 3 cases (about 30 + phones) and every single device had tremendous backlight bleed, and the one I turned on all had rebooting issues.

          Stay away from the g2x and LG, and pray to Google they don’t choose LG to make the Nexus 2

  • The ATL guy

    Really? T-Mobile received the Nexus?
    When did this happen?
    More like Google made T-Mobile it’s biotch
    “Thanks T-Mobile for showcasing our first Android phone but we won’t be releasing OUR baby for you to sell directly. Oh ya and going forward the other carriers will be getting the seeet android phones first ” love Google

    • Um Nexus 1, Day 1, T-Mo discount

      Nexus S was a joke

      Shoulda been delayed to match Galaxy S II

      o well, next Nexus will probably be a third manufacturer anyway

      • Anonymous

        Nexus S and joke in the same sentence? You obviously never used one.

        • 19fonzy

          I kind of get where this guy is coming from the nexus s is no big jump from the nexus one.

      • megabonix

        I’ve have both Nexus phone… I use the S and wouldnt even consider using the One instead.

  • Going_home

    Please no more sammysung Nexus phones !

    • Anonymous

      Right because having a solid phone that works is sooo bad. What did the n1 have oh that’s right crap loads of issues.

      • Zifnab2k

        lol, yea, because the Nexus S rollout went butter smooth… and i’m not sure “solid” is the word I would use to describe that cheap plasticy crap that clicks and snaps when you squeeze the sides.

  • please let motorola make the nexus3!

    • Anonymous

      With locked bootloaders I don’t think so plus Motorola insists on pushing motoblur.

      • I’d say the odds that a nexus device having either a locked bootloader or a customized UI are extremely low. Both previous nexus devices as well the ADP devices which preceded them have been completely open and running as vanilla as it gets Android.

    • 19fonzy

      Their hasn’t even been a nexus 2? Only nexus s wich does not stand for nexus 2.

  • Sweet, been waiting for a Nexus that’s fair to all carriers!

  • Thaghost

    Excuse me mr.rubin…nexus s was cool but didn’t set any bars.

  • chris

    HTC rolls out the beat phones. and with xda u cant go wrong.

  • Andoidluvr

    If it’s made by Samsung, then forget it. If it’s made by HTC and the same old dull design, forget it again. Nexus brand should rival the iphone with quality hardware. NO PLASTIC exteriors please!!! Nexus should have selected owners/buyers that desire steel hardware, hard aluminum, with stainless steel finishes. Scratch-less screens, minimum of 1800 mhz battery to start with.

    • jim

      “1800 mhz battery” LOL. Get a clue before you start commenting.

      • I think it’s overclocked ;)

    • HTC’s designs are by far the best of the Android devices..

  • Anonymous

    popular websites like printapons and retail me not has coupons for pretty much any shopping site I’ve gone to most of the coupons are valid drops down with coupons without me having to search for them

  • megabonix

    Come on Galaxy S II… Nexus S II. :-)

  • Laont

    How bout Sony Ericsson or Dell as potential manufacturers?

    • Only if Dell were to produce the device similar to the Pro.. I don’t think Dell is as major a player as HTC, Motorola, or Samsung though (the top 3.. of Android) then there’s LG and Sony Ericsson.

  • Aerofanbig

    it will probably just be the 4G version like Sprint just picked up last weekend

  • Anonymous

    I have an original NEXUS ONE…. I love it… I havent had any issues, get my updates quick… running 2.3.4 now and it is fine… I know there are faster bigger phones out there now… BUT it can still whoop up on most of them… I think the none nexus owners are just envious because they dont have plane Android…
    dont be a hater…

  • Anonymous

    next Nexus most likely gonna be Motorola or LG.

  • Anonymous

    Also a Nexus One owner who chose to root and run CyanogenMod and never look back. This phone might be feeling it’s age but still stands with the best devices out there today. The OTA updates have been fast and current. The phone does it all and if customizing is your thing then there is no better device then the Nexus One.
    Thank You T-Mobile.

  • Anonymous

    I hope lg makes it!

    • Zifnab2k

      Good lord I hope you’re wrong. After rummaging through 3 cases of g2x’s and finding every single one having backlight bleeding issues, paired with Apple cutting off LG, because of backlight bleeding problems, I hope nothing of any importance is ever made by LG again. Let them stick to “Affordable” phones that 3 years behind the times.

      • I think Google would have the control on the device quality (even though the Nexus One did have issues.. but I think those wouldn’t have been visible till real-world tests)

  • Xm_jdm


  • Anonymous

  • Anonymous

  • Really would like to see a Moto Nexus Device. It would be nice to see it released on all carriers, but if not I hope it’s Verizon