T-Mobile Planning G-Surf, G-Tablet And A Reader’s Cafe?

Well the US Patent and Trademark office is just full of goodies this week as those eagle eyed folks at Pocketnow.com came up with some T-Mobile trademarks that are very interesting. The G-Surf, G-Slate and Reader’s Café were all filed for on the same day. Even more interesting is that this was a pair of trademarks on each phrase, one covering goods and the other one covering services so we could looking at twice the fun. Pocketnow uncovered that the G-Slate and G-Surf are looking for protection against “cellular phones and cellular-enabled tablet computers,” as well as the standard deal of voice, data and text. So we could be looking at two tablets, one tablet or a rocket ship.

As for Reader’s Café, that certainly sounds a little more decipherable as we can, at first glance imagine it’s a bookstore of sorts. The trademark application states “online retail store services featuring downloadable audio works, visual works, audiovisual works, computer software, and electronic publications featuring books, magazines, newspapers, periodicals, newsletters, journals and manuals on a variety of topics provided via global computer networks, wireless networks, and electronic communications networks.”

As of now no wireless carrier has ventured into the downloadable book space but T-Mobile may want to try their hand at something new. As of now, we just can’t say what any of this means or what devices these names might be “code” for but I can imagine we’ll be keeping a sharp eye on the trademark office for the foreseeable future.


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  • FILA

    they forgot one…

    The “G-Spot”

    • Kpc21

      sounds like a “hot-spot” device….

      • You might be closer than you think :-)

        • clark

          i dont think so…

        • Andy


        • Faceoff007

          Just keep looking. Someone will let you know when you bump into it ;)

        • Anonymous

          LMAO…Good stuff; great times on Tmonews!

    • William M

      T-Mobile would never name a device “The G-Spot”. Most guys wouldn’t be able to find it! *rimshot*

      • Just… wow

      • ihatefanboys

        an even if they could find it, they wouldnt know what to do with it…lol


        Hey TMO has the CLIQ and the CLIQ XT which in many occasions many of us reps called it the CLIT lol so yeah… whoever thinks up these names… HOTSPOT CLIQ myTouch is “Personal Coverage Check” definitely has their mind somewhere else… ROCKET web Stick

  • Tyrone M Jackson

    If T-Mobiles support for these will be as bad as it’s been for its phones, why in the world would anyone want one?

    • yyevo

      Why are you here?

    • ihatefanboys

      move out of boost mobile neighborhood, maybe u get better reception, tmobile has awesome support, but maybe not in applebees.

    • I have only had 1 major service problem with tmobile in 7 years, and it ended up being microsofts fault for the sidekick data loss. Did they run over your dog?

  • Anonymous

    A Stock Google Tablet???

  • J-Hop2o6

    good job Tmo.. keep doin better than your previous years when u had mostly sucky phones.

  • Faceoff007

    Got the phone yesterday. So much mixed reviews but the phone is actually awesome. If it’s your time to upgrade then nexus s is a no brainer.

    • Chimphappyhour

      No phone necessarily mentioned in this article so no idea what you’re talking about except that you’re totally way off topic.

  • Faceoff007

    Got the phone yesterday. So much mixed reviews but the phone is actually awesome. If it’s your time to upgrade then nexus s is a no brainer.

  • Chimphappyhour

    So G is the new overused letter?

  • Chimphappyhour

    So G is the new overused letter?

  • NexyOneFtw

    the new TMO CEO doing a very good job comapre to the last one.

  • UndercoverNinja

    What I can tell u for sure is this: G-Surf is T-mobile’s brand of Google TV. We’ve been working on mobile tv for quite some time now and with the recent hsdpa+(4G!) network upgrades, its finally something that can be seen to fruition. Reader’s cafe is just that – think the Kindle/ Amazon ebooks on your phone( even feature phones). The G Slate is still in early prototype form for hardware and Alpha for software but basically what you can expect to see with that is an Android tablet made by HTC running Android 3.0. we’re talking dualcore processor, nvidia graphics card and surround sound. 8mp camera on the rear, 3.2 on the front. hsdpa+ as well as wifi. stay tuned for more developing stories on this.