T-Mobile Relaunches Bobsled For Facebook

T-Mobile announced today that Bobsled by T-Mobile, their Facebook application for VoIP calling is back in action. Having pulled Bobsled off Facebook “shelves” due to a possible conflict with Bobsled being misinterpreted as an official Facebook application T-Mobile pulled it for some retooling. T-Mobile then announced yesterday that T-Mobile announced that Bobsled was ready for it’s re-unveiling. Well it turns out we didn’t have to wait long at all as T-Mobile sent out a short statement today announcing Bob is in fact, back in action.

Bobsled by T-Mobile is now available, offering the more than 500 million Facebook users an easy and seamless way to call friends and family for free directly from Facebook.  T-Mobile had temporarily suspended the Bobsled service in order to redesign the application’s user interface and more clearly differentiate it from a Facebook owned service.

Anyone want to try?

Bobsled by T-Mobile

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