T-Mobile Bringing Gingerbread To The G2x By Summer

T-Mobile must love tweeting or I should saying using tweets to tease G2x owners on the arrival date of Gingerbread. At the end of April T-Mobile responded to a question asked via Twitter and stated “Gingerbread is coming to the G2x soon. You won’t have to wait long.” Fast forward thirty days and we’re back in the same scenario with T-Mobile responding to another question regarding Gingerbread on the G2x and responding with “T-Mobile plans to update the G2x to Gingerbread by summer.”

If only the definition of Summer wasn’t anytime in a ninety day period though we understand the reason to avoid giving an actual target date and later miss it. Unfortunately “coming soon” and “summer” are a little vague and we would like to see something a little more concrete. Alas that’s just us being impatient and we know we’ll get it when it’s ready.

While G2x owners wait they can take an early look at Gingerbread running on the G2x by hitting the link below.

Gingerbread Video


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  • michael

    Summer = June 21st?

    • Brooks Lively

      Maybe memorial day? When I tell somebody I’m going to get something to them by a certain time…  I mean before that time.  Is that not how it works?

      • WWWYKI!

        That’s how truthful people are, but not big businesses

  • Anonymous

    Dangling carrot. 

    • WhyBeTea


  • Aeazy617

    I hope it fixes all these friggin bugs with my phone

    • It’s gonna be an earlier update before that to fix performance issues, before the Gingerbread update comes out as well.

      • Jomaxwel

        LG has stated in LGforum.com that the bug fix patch is complete and will be included in Gingerbread. That T-Mobile chose to roll them into one instead of pushing out two seperate updates. So I wouldnt hold my breath for a patch before an update.

  • JayDubya

    Forget gingerbread, how about a working, non-crashing, non-rebooting version of what it’s already got on it?

    • Anonymous

      I suppose I got lucky. I don’t have the version that crashes, reboots, freezes or leaks light. Took me 3 returns to get there but I got there and this phone is the best phone I’ve ever used in every aspect from the speed to the battery. Gingerbread can only make it that much easier to wait for the SGSII/Hercules.

  • Anonymous

    If the G2x gets gingerbread before the G2, I’m going to be ticked…

  • Allen

    What about Netflix?

  • Anonymous

    Phonedog reported an update for the software (firmware?) as well, supposedly from LG for those quality control issues providing “performance enhancements,” don’t see it here. WTF! Can we confirm that?!

  • AxEffect

    cmon T-Mobile…step your game up…I want my phone to stop randomly restarting and I want a taste of that sweet gingerbread

  • Anonymous

    Probably after the Sensation is released. You know, to push sales for its ONLY Gingerbread device.

  • Anonymous

    Would be nice if they rolled the update out to the g2, g2x, mt4g and sk4g around the same time the sensation launches…one can only dream

  • Jlowellh

    Great! Cant wait for the black notification bar, which will appear grey with all my screen bleed.

    • Brooks

      I’ve been concerned about that too.  Has any body seen how crappy that might look with a G2x with screen bleed?

      • Zifnab2k

        It’s as bad as you imagine. If it’s already frustrating you, you’ll be more frustrated when gingerbread hits. However, exchanging it is futile, they all have backlight bleed. I have yet to come across a unit that doesn’t. You either live with it, or wait for the next big thing.

        • Anonymous

          I got one without the back light bleeding issue but it took me 3 exchanges to get it. All of my exchanges varied from having the bleeding only in the top 2 corners to all the way around the display. I’m not even going to begin to know how they install the displays but they obviously did it wrong. I am assuming the beveled glass has something to do with it.

      • Anonymous

        i’ve had mine for a couple weeks now, and i honestly don’t understand all the bitching about it..how often do you have a completely dark screen in a completely dark room?  granted, i have my brightness pretty low because i don’t need a flashlight at night whenever i want to use my phone, but even with the brightness up it wasn’t like, “OMG I CAN’T USE THIS PHONE NOEES”..the brightness scale isn’t great either; like it’s pretty hard to tell a difference until you get to the lower fifth of the bar/slider thing.

        everything else about this phone is pretty awesome.  i’d sooner complain that the brightness in daylight isn’t great at all..

  • Jomaxwel

    LG has just pigiebacked T-Mobile in there forums saying “by summer” as well. Though I guess by summer could really be any date before winter got to love thier word plays. LG has been hinting at a release in the next two to three weeks in thier forums so hopefully we will see it on or before 6.21.11

  • Jomaxwel

    LG has just pigiebacked T-Mobile in there forums saying “by summer” as well. Though I guess by summer could really be any date before winter got to love thier word plays. LG has been hinting at a release in the next two to three weeks in thier forums so hopefully we will see it on or before 6.21.11

  • Rick

    So the answer to rushing the G2X to market with flaws is to rush the patch in Gingerbread.

    Yup. At least you’re consistent.

  • Anonymous

    And this is why the entire carrier/manufacturer stance of locking down phones just cracks me up.

    You want to stop rooting?  Release TIMELY updates! There’s no reason Gingerbread should take 3-6 months to come out for the G2X.  Absolutely none. 

    Thankfully, I already have CM7 installed, so, Tmobile, you can stuff your sorries in a sack, mr.

  • Mike t

    Argh. I want Gingerbread. I hope its not in September or something. I remember the Mytouch 3g upgrade. That took forever my god.

  • I already returned mine, unfortunately it was the buggiest phone I ever owned

    • Jabombardier

      When did you buy yours?

  • Jonathanmorcilio

    Why would they be making updates for a phone that  people are returning & that is no longer in the market and that it may not return sounds kinda stupid but its lg and lg phones suck

  • tmoguy1

    Is it best to do a complete wipe before putting a new software on the device?

    • Anonymous

      You can install the update and see how it works, and check battery life. If any issues, do a factory reset and then it should be fine. I wouldn’t reset/wipe until you check though.

  • Brians Android

    What happened to T-Mobile Bringing Gingerbread
    to G2?

    • Jabombardier

      You have to wait.

  • ok is that after They Replace The G2x with newer fixed versions? mine is messed up!

  • Anonymous

    My REALLY stock Nexus One has 2.3.4 on it and has for weeks now? It made the battery life amazing so hopefully other devices will benefit. I returned my G2x because of light leakage. Fix the display installs LG and I might look at it again. Loved it otherwise. And yes, hopefully the rumor that they are fixing displays, etc is true, maybe new issues will be the G2x we were looking for.

  • Tmoguy

    I really hope that this Gingerbread update fix most of the common problems that some of us are having with the phone……, cause I’m really loving my G2x.

  • Slickrick_0419

    I hope that the update fixes most of the issues i’m having, but i also hope it does not replace the LG camera app with the stock android camera app. I like the LG version better.

  • I have had none of the issues that have been plaguing the G2x. i would like to have Gingerbread but Ice Cream Sandwich would be better.

  • Anderson

    You guys are waaaaay to critical. What’s next the box has corners? Phone doesn’t taste good when you lick it? Can’t use it as a vibrator for your girlfriend because it’s the wrong shape? Doesn’t respond like star trek computers? Doesn’t warn you when you’re going to fart? Can’t turn it on vibrate and cut chicken with it?

    • Or doesn’t stay on when I’m using it as it randomly turns itself off and reboots.  Or refuses to connect to GPS so I can’t figure out how to get somewhere when I am driving around.  Or any other number of real issues that actually exist on this phone.

      • Brian

        Well said John White.  And in much better English, too.

  • Don4Tech

    ” . . . by summer” would mean “by summer’s arrival.”  That’s June 21, less than a month away, not the 90 day period mentioned in the article.  Of course that doesn’t have anything to do with T-Mobile and LG actually performing by then.  Just saying.

    By the way, I got my G2x last Friday at Costco, $99.99 upgrade.  So far used 600MB, spending most of the time playing with on-board apps, twitter feeds and texting.  So far, no hiccups other than battery draining to fast – spares already ordered off ebay.

    I was ready to wait for the HTC Sensation with its greater RAM and screen but my MT3G died a few weeks too soon.  I am quite pleased with the G2x.  Speedtest readings typically from 7.6 – 10.2 Dwn, 1.3 – 1.8 up here at home in OC, California.  Today I installed Quadrant Standard and scored 2386, 2474 & 2586.  I haven’t tried Qik bit Tango works great.  I also moved Docs-To-Go Full over.  I’ll check the HDMI when I receive the cables I also bought through ebay. I have no complaints at all. Granted, some problems didn’t arise on others’ G2x until weeks after first bootup. So, I’m still keeping my fingers crossed in hopes of mine remaining a perfectly functioning unit.

    I am hoping that Gingerbread isn’t further delayed.

    • Danishswag

      careful on the HDMI cables, some random ones will short out the battery

      the monoprice cable works great on a friend’s droid x, but I had to do a battery pull on my phone just to get it to restart and then got a new battery in the mail from tmo

  • JC

    It isn’t being impatient to expect T-mobile to do what they said they would do.  I was told a few days,  less than a week, the day the phone came out and i purchased it that this phone would have gingerbread updated to it. which i begrudgingly decided was acceptable since it was a short time frame (you would understand my feelings/position completely if you  purchased a vibrant when it was first released),  This was the reason i purchased this phone, gingerbread and promise fast updates.  I didn’t not want another Froyo after having the Vibrant for 10 months with its lack of/extremely slow updates/support.  
         LG gave tmobile gingerbread weeks ago. LG already said so. plus t-mobile openly said they were experimenting with and testing Gingerbread on the G2x weeks before it came out.  don’t believe me?  google it.          This seems more like a ploy to sell new phones with Gingerbread installed already, just like the vibrant froyo update that took 6 months after the update was released and its counter SGS line phones and old phones dated back over a year before,  to finally get updated, until a Rep. leaked that it was being held on purpose to promote the upcoming (at the time) Vibrant 4g (Galaxy S 4g now named).     I was also of the understanding that this was to be a “Google” phone like the nexus line, G2, G1, and MT3G, per 2 different T-mobile reps and CSR’s, which get all the support in the world and updates first because they are official “Google branded” phones. that’s what the damn G in the name is for!        this phone is great don’t get me wrong, but these things are important to myself and many others. not to mention expected after being told this from their Reps.   I bought the phone with the understand of getting updates first or close to.  i mean seriously, they are still releasing new phones with an OS that is widely known to have serious security holes?  really?!     T-mobile has become sort of a sub par company these days.  lack of updates and complete denial of widely publicized existing problems,  even now reps i call still  say they have never heard of issues/phones/release dates when its are all over the internet and have been for weeks.   and they work for the company for hells sake!  either they are straight up lying or have been instructed to not admit anything until t-mobile decides they should, which is STILL lying.

       Oh and if youre lucky enough to have gotten a good G2x without any of the many issues or screen bleeding which can NOT be fixed by any software update, then don’t bitch on forums about others having a problem with having to return multiple units.  if you haven’t experienced it then you don’t have a right to tell those who are affected that they shouldn’t complain.  complaining causes loss of revenue for these companies which is the only thing that gets them to do anything about anything!  Going through 5 G2x’s to get one without screen bleeding, overheating to the point of a burnt plastic smell, rebooting and not being able to turn it on without pulling the battery, or the rare case of the phone SELF FACTORY RESETTING is unacceptable.  

    • You are spot on. 

    • Jukebox22

      so whereas i agree with what you are saying JC but i can’t get with expending so much frustration (5 G2Xs) and not just changing out to another handset…you have a choice!  seems to me if after 2, maybe 3 as a stretch…time to get something different!

  • JC

    oh and FYI the CSR i spoke with yesterday told me that they are selling the G2 and G2x now for the same price.  the G2 came out several MONTHS ago and is inferior (on paper) hardware wise. and the G2 already has Gingerbread.  WTF!?  that should tell you something right there about the quality of, and how t-mobile views, the G2x.  don’t believe there phony “Tweets” or press releases. LG has a thread on their forum from a couple weeks ago where a person went through 10 G2x phones to find one without screen bleeding before he finally gave up.  he and a manager opened up all of the boxes at the store and they all had it from serious to less serious degrees, but all unacceptable.  get a phone with bad screen bleeding and you’ll know what im talking about.  you can’t even watch a movie on it without seeing giant yellow lings of light radiating from the corners, or the screen edges separating from the edges of the phone screen. go google G2x Screen Bleeding Pictures and then tell me that is totally ok with you.

    • Jabombardier

      I am okay because mine doesn’t have that problem. this phone is great! Of course though I have a couple of problems with it but it is far few in between to throw a tantrum

  • Bensworld

    I picked up my G2X on April 25th so Iv’e had it now for a month and two day. Not once has it rebooted, crash, frozen or cut off. Bleeding screen? The screen on this phone is gorgeous and makes my HTC HD2 and HTC HD7 look like 1 wattage bulbs. When I put it next to my co-works IPhone 4 she always say wow what a beautiful bright screen. The phone is still blazen fast. Can handle multiple apps open with no sweat. Navigation through the menus are butter smooth and super fast. Stereo speakers are loud crisp and clear. GSP is on point. I have downloaded a ton of apps with live wallpapers and it doesn’t skip a beat.All I’m waiting for at this point is Gingerbread 2.3.3This phone is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!It’s unfortunate for those who received a bad or buggy phone and didn’t experience the magic of the G2X.

  • Calieboy707

    What no live for us G2 owners dave? I thought we we’re suppose to get some ginger soon as well?

  • zps

    well it’s summer.  where the hell is the update?  annoying.

  • waiting for a fix

    talked to a tmobile rep today.  My phone has been randomly freezing and shutting down too.  Only one day was it so bad that I wanted to throw it out the window.  Anyhow, he said they think the gingerbread update will fix the shut down issues.  Also, the reps are doing beta gingerbread testing for the g2x starting next week. As today is June 21st, I wouldn’t expect it for a few more weeks at best.