(Updated!) Has The G2x Been Pulled From Store Shelves Due To Quality Issues?

Updated: We pinged T-Mobile this morning regarding this issue and they followed up via Twitter stating “The T-Mobile G2x has been very popular and high demand has resulted in inventory constraints, which we are working to address. We are working with LG to address inventory constraints and expect to return to normal levels in the coming weeks.” We’ve gone back to our original source who reverified their claim that was the phone was taken offline to address “issues” with the device. Hopefully you understand that our original story was meant to question the sudden disappearance of the G2x and was not written as a confirmation. We still believe that T-Mobile needs to address the quality control issues which have plagued the device since days 1.

We’re receiving word from some of our ninjas that the T-Mobile G2x has been pulled from T-Mobile.com due to quality control issues over the device. The G2x has been plagued with random reboots, light leaks and various minor control issues since it was first released to the public. While we can’t say for certain that one of those quality control issues is behind the sudden disappearance of the G2x from T-Mobile.com, it’s missing and we’re betting it’s not because of low inventory. Perhaps this would also explain why tonight’s midnight sale was changed at the last minute to include the Sidekick 4G and not the G2x.

We’re looking further into this and we hope that T-Mobile lets G2x users know if in fact there is a quality control issue with the device and offers a replacement. That’s getting a little ahead of ourselves however until we know the whole story. We’ll update the second we know more!

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  • Anonymous

    I sure hope so, i’ve kept my G2x with minor bleed and terrible battery life, but no reboot/freezes – for fear that I will get an even WORSE G2x. I love the phone, tegra is awesome and i’m willing to put up with battery life because im always somewhere where i can charge it, but if they do a recall i’ll definitely go for the sensation.

  • Yede1

    I am on my second one now and nothing has improved.  Battery life, random reboots, black screen needing battery pull, etc.  Maybe its time to switch to the upcoming Sensation…

  • Maybinder
  • Richard

    It wouldn’t be a shock, I returned mine two days later from reboots,bleed screen, there was no way I was going to keep this phone, i knew it would only get worse if I did, and if this is true I was right and Lucky I did.I just hope T mobile does something for the ones who did keep the G2X, not just exchange it for a worse one.That was my 1ST LG product and it will also be my last.Next phone the HTC Sensation, man i wish it was stock, but wishful thinking

    • Zifnab2k

      On board with ya… really nervous about the switch to Sense though. I haven’t seen too many negative reviews on the XDA forums about the Sensation other than some jerkiness with the interface. Hate to see jerkiness in an interface with a dual core processor, but i’m going to give it a shot. Wish I had the patience to wait for the next Nexus, but this Nexus One is feeling old now.

    • What is “bleed screen”?

    • Tortionist

      I wouldn’t let one faulty product/product line ruin the chance of me owning something else made by them. The LG Optimus T may be a low level Android device, but it actually out performs a lot of higher end devices. It has a great battery life and even CNET gave it a very high rating. LG usually makes high quality mobile phones, the G2X is the exception.

  • Fazeowl

    While I was on the phone with Tmobile about my 5th mytouch4g. I asked about the g2x, and the rep I talked to said its on back order, but also other “issues” with the phone. A buddy of mine said hes taken his back 4 different times to the store to get swapped for a new one, 2 felt like they were fallen apart, 1 the battery didnt wanna charge, now this one is having reboot issues. Hes only had it for 2 days. 

  • Fazeowl

    While I was on the phone with Tmobile about my 5th mytouch4g. I asked about the g2x, and the rep I talked to said its on back order, but also other “issues” with the phone. A buddy of mine said hes taken his back 4 different times to the store to get swapped for a new one, 2 felt like they were fallen apart, 1 the battery didnt wanna charge, now this one is having reboot issues. Hes only had it for 2 days. 

  • I think that the G2X has been pulled so that Tmobile can offer the phone for free tonight durring the insomnia sale. Even with all the issues, Tmobile is betting that the people will overlook problems for a free phone.

    • -2 for reading comprehension failure

    • Did you notice they pulled the phone from the sale?

    • That makes no damn sense at all. What do you base your thought on a brain fart?


  • Meagan

    The Tmobile G2X was pulled from the T-Mobile.com website too.  How hard can it be for LG to update their software of a few bugs???  What year is this?  How long has the G2X been around?  I think LG had the time to work on resolving software bugs by now.

    Remember how excited we were for the release of the first duo core mobile?

    Lets hope the HTC Sensation is not a let down.  Squash those bugs!

  • Yeah, it’d be nice if they let us give our phones back, since there are many issues with the device.  I think it’s more likely that they’ll just stop selling it and let those of us who bought it stick with it.

  • mshoney

    I have had NO problems with my G2x so far except battery life but that’s with any touchscreen phone. But if there’s an issue I definitely would want another phone even though I LOVE this phone!

    • Tortionist

      I disagree that all touchscreen phones have crappy battery life. I had an LG Optimus T that my wife now uses. It has a 3 day battery life with moderate usage. It had great battery life from the start. I doubt that my Optimus T is the exception. The whole Optimus T line probably has great battery life. My G2 used to last for a day with moderate usage, until I rooted it and flashed CM7, now it lasts a day an a half. It depends on the phone I guess.

      • Of course it depends on the phone.  The optimus T is not a high end device that consumes a lot of power like high end devices do.  The display isn’t huge, processor isn’t a battery drainer because it’s not doing much.  Of course it depends on the phone.  And I agree with you, it’s not all smartphones but the higher end ones in most cases need a little “tinkering” to get good battery life.

  • I honestly believe most of these issues are software-related (for the record, I DO own a G2x). I kept stock for about a week, tried EaglesBlood, and have now been on CM for a while. Each ROM had different issues. CM7 is coming along pretty nicely though and it seems as though they’ve made some headway into fixing the battery drivers in the last nightly. Not many complaints here, really….

    • Anonymous

      No, I believe most of them are because of the horrific light bleeding.  Every single one I’ve seen (from the 5 I returned to store displays in about 10 different stores) all had an unacceptable amount of light bleeding.  After my 3rd I didn’t even bother making it past the initial start up sequence I could see the light bleeding on the startup screen.  The people who aren’t bothered by the screen probably returned due to reboots and such.

  • g2x’sbestowner

    ive had my g2x for a month and so far i only had reboot by itself and one black screen other than i have no problems mines is the best out there sweeet

  • Antonio Melchor

    Please let them do this with the sidekick too!  I took back my g2x 5 times before I said screw it and got the sidekick.  Now I’m having random reboots, force closes and horrible battery life (even when the phone is on edge).  2 weeks with this sidekick…don’t really know how much more I can take.

    • some people are just f-ing cursed……………………….

  • DingleBerry

    People are sayin that they will just go to the Sensation because of LGs build flaws? What ya gonna say when the Sensation has bad build quality and/or problems? LOL

    • Aerofanbig

      On to the Hercules lol

    • jarjon76

      Oh, it’ll have flaws, esp the initial batches that are shipped. I hope they don’t have the problems the G2x seems to be having. 

  • All signs point to yes, first they had it offered in the “insomnia sale” then replaced it with the G2. I spoke to Tmo to get an upgrade 2 days ago and the rep told me they are out of stock with no shipments on the horizon, he did offer to call me when the Sensation drops though! Might be soon enough to save me from switching to Sprint…we’ll see.

    • Go to sprint….no one will miss you. Like you will not have the same issues there. Are you guys that gullible to think the grass is really greener on the other side? Look at the phones, look at the plans, there is no difference. The name changes but that is all. Blackberry, android, iphone or windows phone they all have issues.

  • Mikkimauss

    My G2X is having several issues: Battery dies by 11 AM (low memory and 4G usage on my end), it reboots 3 or 4 times a day, the screen freezes and more. I called Tmo and they -as usual- acted surprised with my problems and asked me to do a master reset on it, which I am pretty sure won’t fix my problems. Should we get a refund on the phone or a new one once they fix the issues if they’re not software related or what?

    • You think T mo is different than Verizon or Sprint. Hell no they are not. There are no perfect carriers or phones. Make a choice and live with it. It is only a two year contract at most.

  • Nik

    I have the g2x and have been using it for 6 days. No issues so far with reboot or screen bleed. The battery life is great. Just checked T-mobile’s Twitter account  In reference to the G2X not being part of the insomnia sale, the response says “@ManVsParty We had to change it due to inventory issues. Sorry!”

    • Thanks Nik for that bit of info. It helps to have some balance on the reporting of issues.Some people just have to be a victim. Do these problem children realize that every computer, tv, phone, has issues. Just because a particular lot of phones does not work properly does not mean the phone is no good. I am still looking to get the G2x, minor issues with a computer are part of the world we live in. That is why they have fixes and updates. If all these people were held as accountable as they hold their phones there would be mass suicide due to their inability to measure up ever.

    • Anonymous

      Same here. No issues with mine. Actually lasts longer than any other Android device I’ve ever used when it comes to the battery. I have had it since day one with no reboots or freezes. Guess I just got lucky.

  • Zifnab2k

    I had TONS of problems with the g2x.  The issues always varied from device to device, which leaves me thinking its also hardware, not just software that’s f’n things up. GPS worked in 2 of the 4 devices I had, the other 2 couldn’t pick up a signal unless I was on wifi. If that’s software, why work on some but not others? Some would reboot every 5 minutes, others only once a day, and yet 1 didn’t reboot at all while I had it. There’s too much variation in the bugs to just stay it’s software. One thing was common in all of them, light bleed.

    I went through literally 23 devices before finally throwing in the towel and giving up on the g2x. Every single one had varying amounts of lightbleed. I know a lot of people out there will say “Is it really that big of a deal? You can only see it in a dark room on a completely black screen”, but that’s bs. I could see the lightbleed when playing any video game, watching any movie, or doing anything of color other than white in every environment except direct sunlight. 6 of the devices I went through had the screen stained yellow, or had brown ripples around the edges of the display. Yea, the phone still works, but for $500+ I want the part I look at the most to function properly.

    I started a thread on the LG forum, and one of the last posts I saw on there was someone that was told by an LG rep that the light bleed would not be covered under manufacturers warranty because it doesn’t impede the use of the phone. Way to support your flagship device LG…

    Glad these issues are finally coming to light. I know I spent hours with the manager at my T-Mobile store, and at this point she has been going through every box that’s come in, and has only sold 2 or 3 out of 10+ cases.

    • dont they just give you the option of a new phone after like 3 or 4 exchanges? 23 thats insane id kill someone!

      • Zifnab2k

        I only actually exchanged 4… After that I asked the manager if I could just look through them before ringing it up. Fortunately I convinced her it was a serious issue so she opened all the boxes and checked them for me. She let me come check 2 more shipments after that, which is how I ended up looking at 23 of them. I think the manager would have killed me if I had actually rang up 23 of them.

        • Now try getting that good treatment/customer service at an AT&T corporate run store; pop goes the dream bubble.

        • Zifnab2k

          I hear ya, I certainly have no intentions of leaving T-Mobile… Just wish I could get a device that’s been quality inspected …

    • Anonymous

      I only played with one for about 5 minutes at the store and I noticed the light bleeding instantly.  I also was shocked to see LCD juices moving around when I applied a fair amount of pressure to it.  And finally while I was using the gallery to view pictures, the picture would dance when I pinched to zoom.  

      Nice phone but those flaws would keep me from purchasing a unit (if I was actually interested in one)

      PS and I do understand that display models get used and abused.  But so does my personal phone…

    • Jlowellh

      That was me who spoke to the LG rep. I really hope I get the chance to speak with him again when all of this comes to light. No pun intended. Oh and the T-Mobile employee who was bashing me… Where are you now? No, I mean, where are you?

  • Armaghan

    I own a G2x and have experience most of the issues that this phone is so famous. But these issues are very very random, at least for me. I love this phone and overall it is a great phone with blazing fast processor. I just wish TMO release the Gingerbread upgrade soon.

  • Anonymous

    And THIS is why I don’t buy handsets on release day.

    • jarjon76

      Same here. I wait and let others be the guinea pigs. I usually wait 6 months or so after an electronics’ release date before I buy.

      • Anonymous

        Then theres no fun. Most of the people here are pretty hardcore… getting a new phone anything past the first month is crazy. Just get a reputable company and good price, after all, almost every phone will have some slight problem. (vibrant:gps, g2:hinge, etc)

    • Same goes for buying a car…lol

    • But it’s not just release day because people who have bought weeks later are having problems.  

    • Anonymous

      It will be wise to wait a few weeks before buying the Sensation.

  • Ferminmartin2003

    Random reboots, light leaks, and minor control issues? Hmmm are u sure the G2x is an LG phone and not SAMSUNG cuz its starting to sound a lot like a Samsung phone wooo go HTC lol

    • Samsung? My overly-hacked Vibrant has never had an issue on my end. 

      HTC Sensation here I come!

      • Ferminmartin2003

        I also got a vibrant and I get the occasional Twlauncher reboot every now and then im running 2.3.3 on mine its ok though cant wait for the htc sensation either

    • I know a couple of people who’s Optimus’s were experiencing these problems.  I think its an LG problem. They need to use some better hardware. 

  • my phone reboots atleast 2 or 3 times a day that i know of and when the screen is black or dark the corners are yellowish. i keep saying im gonna get a warrenty exchange but the thought of starting over again makes me wanna put a gun to my head!

  • Aerofanbig

    Wow, if LG’s other top of the line phones on the other carriers have this problem, that probably negates LG ever getting a shot at producing a Nexus line

  • Anonymous

    Just drop the MT4G in it’s place.  Nobody wants that anymore.

    • Cupcake

      I actually love my MT4G!  I have the G2 as well and the two do not compare at all.  Will use the MT4G anyday over the G2…actually boxed the G2 back up after 2months of usage.  But just from reading the complaints, you should have said “get the MT4G instead cause noone wants the G2X anymore!”

      • Anonymous

        lol Nice!  I just had to hate on something and the MT got in my way!

      • I love my MT4G too! I sold my G2 in order to get this.. Its so much more fun but I do miss my keyboard.. 

    • Tortionist

      Maybe not, but it’s still a good phone.

  • Postmoderna76

    The G2x has immense quality control issues. But I assumed the glitches would be ironed out once the new gingerbread upgrade rolls out.  But as a pre-existing owner, I’ve been unhappy with both the phone and Tmobile’s treatment of clientele. It took me 3 customer reps and one called my request for a replacement for a defective phone, “buyer’s remorse.”

     I am on my second G2x and it has already blacked out once when the power was at 10%, and was docked for charging. That was the only time it required manual battery power cycling. But in comparison to the first defective G2x which stopped working on Day 1 and turned off on its own nonstop (in middle of calls, left unattended) and experiences black out screen issues, so far, this replacement one just exhibits extreme battery power drain (it’s at 20% capacity by the ninth hour, left in an office without Wi-fi or Bluetooth on, and only 1 or 2 calls and heavy text messaging/emailing). Based on the influx of experiences from other G2x owners, I hope I don’t need to replace it again, since I’ve had this replacement for only 2.5 days now.
    When it works, the G2x is a beautiful and powerful little mobile gadget. I’ve been able to browse even the Metropolitan Museum collection and other data-heavy museum sites without issue. I truly hope it’s a software issue, which upgrades to its various drivers will improve.

  • Manchi

    I got random reboot issue on stock rom for a while and it disappeared after some apps uninstall and setting changes .  I also got minor bleed on top of the screen, but it’s acceptable.  I’m also afraid to exchange and get one that is even worse.   BTW, my build date for the phone is March.

  • Junieruiz

    I haven’t had no problems with my G2X besize my battery Factory restarted it I waited for the battery to run out I plug it in for 6 hours Leaving it off I unplugged it turn it on I got through the whole day And around 10 o’clock at night It died on me so I plugged it on Left it charging overnight Now I’m getting in 14 hours Without touching any settings if I run it on 2G I get 16 hours and on WCDMA only I get almost 18 hours so if your having battery issues try that out first now it works perfect the only thing that’s missing is gingerbread I really hope it comes out before JUNE 8 With gingerbread this phone would be crazy Super fast I really hope all these issues don’t slow the Update down

  • John Thomas McDole

    I get random lock up and reboots every couple of days.  The wifi also likes to display “error” when toggling off and on; requires a reboot to fix.  No light-bleeding issues.

    How does one get a replacement?

  • Ali

    I had the same problem with rebooting. I just returned my second g2x.

  • Carudyy

    The fhone is just out of stock!!!!

    • Not according to a source.

      • Carudyy

        Who is your source? HTC?

        • Anonymous

          Jake Gyllenhaal 

      • Anonymous

        Dave, I just talked to a guy named Adam in the customer retention department and he acknowledged that the G2X was pulled due to QC issues without actually saying it if you know what I mean. He did say nothing can be done with the G2X other than a normal exchange until T-Mobile goes on record with a public statement.

        • Monk

          Did this Adam character give any indication of when tmo intends to make a public statement, if any?

        • Anonymous

          Nope, he said there would be no way of knowing until they figure out exactly what there going to do. I asked him if T-Mobile ever did a full recall before and he said the last device that got a full recall was one of the first smartphones on T-Mobile named the XDA or something like that. He did say, if T-Mobile makes a public statement, one of two things will happen. They will replace your device with a full working device and if they can’t get working ones in a timely fashion they will let you exchange for a different device of equal or lesser value.

  • I hope if the did pull it because of QC that they either replace people’s with another phone or refund us even if we are past our 14 days. I’ve had serious issues with 3 of them and finally settled on one where the only issue is some screen leak.. sad that I have to “settle” when I paid 499 for the device.. If this is in fact true I really hope they make it right with existing users

    • I didn’t settle, I’m waiting for Sensation. If LG really fixes the issues I may grab it again, but I also doubt freebie replacements from TMO unless you had the warranty plan.

      • I spoke to customer loyalty although they dont have any information on this, they did say if it does turn out to be true, they will either offer a replacement(when LG corrects the issues), give a like device or give a refund. I double asked her to confirm.. I asked if this is true you guys will correct it for existing users right? she replied “yes, if it turns out to be true and it was pulled for those reasons then we would correct the issue by offering a replacement device”

  • Jose Medina

    Welcome to LG quality! Like thisismynext.com said LG provides the Iphones retina display but seems like they cant use the same displays for their high end phones makes no sense.

  • I owned one, had bleeds all over the place, plus the system actually locked up on a factory wipe. It wasn’t the most stable phone, unfortunately. A lot of the issues aren’t due to the OS but rather the H/W bugging out. Same issues that plagued the O2X. I can’t believe they released it as-is….

  • Josh

    It’s just out of stock, we ran out of it for upgrade orders a bit ago and new activations has run out now as well.  There may very well be a delay because they’re trying to improve the quality in future versions, though I think it’s a great phone, but it’s not been pulled because of issues we’ve had.

    • Daberends

      If just out of stock, wouldn’t T-Mo just state that rather than removing it entirely?

      I’ve had mine for give days. No issues except some light bleeding, less than on Dad’s ipad2

  • Mel

    As a rep who had this phone…had…i dont like selling it bc i dont want to see customers cOme back or get stuck w a device that was too hyped up since january…ive had 3…and it has only been 1month…reboots…bootloops…battery (cell standby drains 48%) and weak weak weak antenna….so informing customers whats up w the device and if they still want it then well its on them…but lg failed on the possibility of a good solid device

    • i totally agree. It would be hard to sell something that has problems. im glad im not the only one that sees the battery cell standby drain.. i called the store and the had no idea. most tmo reps arent informed of this kind of stuff. im hoping they took it down from the site because of an update soon. fixing description info for operating system?

  • creativebluedot

    I am so sorry to hear that a couple of people are experiencing problems with their G2X. I really liked that phone a lot but manufacturers should focus more on quality control. I currently have no problems with my LG Optimus T. I noticed that most of the higher spec phones experience more problems than the lower end ones. Now I know why my phone was just kept at a low clock speed. =) Good Luck to Everybody!

    • Anonymous

      Also, people with high end phones know if there’s something wrong with it. And since more features are more commonly used, people notice these, compared to lower end “smartphones”.

      And people don’t know where to complain or do if their lower end phone malfunctions.

      • creativebluedot

        Thanks for your reply “theking_13”. I almost  agree with you on that one. I consider mine as a low-end smartphone which basically does about almost anything that a higher end Android phone is capable of doing, however, there is still a fragmentation in the Android market which prevents us poor smartphone users from getting the right help unless we rely on other people who were able to help themselves fix their own phones. 

        • Anonymous

          Yeah, most games lag on a 600 mHz processor, and a lot of other apps. Or take forever to open/load. The forums and any dev or ROM support is almost absent in these phones. I guess its more of a trade off than anything. 

          Cheap phone = less money, no help.

          Expensive phone = more money, help from all ends.

  • I love my G2x. I have had some issues with lockups and reboots, but I don’t think that they warrant a return.  It’s a really great phone.  It is waaaay better than my Vibrant that it replaced.

  • I love my G2x. I have had some issues with lockups and reboots, but I don’t think that they warrant a return.  It’s a really great phone.  It is waaaay better than my Vibrant that it replaced.

  • Izzybrexx

    Besides the crap battery life my g2x is straight

  • Jomaxwel

      I have owned the G2X from 4/19 and have not had any reboots. I had a bad battery at first but thats fixed now. The only issue I have now is WiFi connection issues. As for the software patch the LG Pro at the LG forums has said they have had the patch ready but T-Mobile wanted to bundle it with the Gingerbread update. So There is a major bug patch ready but till T-Mobile sends out Gingerbread we wont see it.

    • chris23

      And i personally think that is a load of crap.  i want gingerbread badly, but i would like my phone to be working properly first.  Then gingerbread can follow, i cant believe they would hold a patch like that 

  • Aeverett23

    This is not hard to believe being that I returned mine after 2 weeks of use after the launch date due to it having a sync symbol on the battery(and no longer charging), and losing connection with the T-Mobile network. Not to mention that when I contact T-Mobile about this they said I was the 5th caller with this issue that day that she talked to. I’m now waiting on the Sensation.

  • Anonymous

    Battery life with nothing running except 4g. Unexpected rebooting. Screen won’t turn on without a battery pull at times.

    The phone really its quite good except for those issues.

  • chris23

    I really cant understand how they let the same problems carry over from the Optimus 2X and could not come up with an update in a timely manner.  The G2x that i have is not as bad as the others that i hear about, it blacks out from time to time when it gets a little hot.  If T-mobile is smart they will do a recall if its not going to get fixed soon and give the Sensation 4g as compensation.  Its a shame because i really loved the stock android and the speed of the nvidia processor, the Sensation seems to run at a slightly slower speed on quadrant standard.

    • Bxcutie4life2001

      they better not give the sensation as no damn compensation!

      • chris23

        LOL i dont really like it either but its better than nothing i guess…it doesnt look like the Samsung Hercules is coming anytime soon 

  • Asyncinc

    I have had random reboots, freezes and low signal. It also takes forever to charge and the battery drain is unreal. I bought it right before I left for vacation for video playback and the 8 meg camera. It worked well when it did function correctly but was down alot because of the 6 hours to fully charge, The software glitches and the force closes to the point I had to master reset the phone are really annoying. I am past the 14 days so I guess I am stuck with it.

    • Anonymous

       Mine drains completely in about 9 hours but takes about 1.5 hours to full charge, something is definitely wrong with yours.

      • Agreed.  Mine charges quickly and I easily go a full day.  Trust me, I have been skeptical about Android devices battery life because of my previous experience.  But this one has been a breath of fresh air in that department.  I also haven’t experienced some of the rebooting and freezing that others are.  I do see a little light leakage in the bottom left corner.  But it’s very small and not anywhere else.  So I’ll see what happens over the next couple weeks.

    • Bardo

      You’re not stuck with it. Take it to a T-mobile store. They are being much more accommodating than T-mo’s phone customer service people.  I’ve been a loyal T-mo customer for seven years and it sure feels like they’re already adopting AT&T’s crappy customer service regimen.  This will probably be my last contract with them. Verizon is in my sights.

  • The Jew

    Other than a little light bleeding from the top of my screen, I haven’t had any of the other issues that everyone seems to be reporting.  Mine is not my primary phone (I still use my Blackberry), but I am on it for data all the time.

  • Anonymous

    Wow @ the complaints.  There you have it folks.  People talked all that S–T about Samsung and the Vibrant and looked to the LG G2x as if it was vastly superior.  LG is Samsungs little sister and I would only expect MORE issues than what we encountered with the Vibrant.

    SGSII > G2x.

    • Pimpdown

      G2X is a far better phone, just has bugs that need to be worked out. Mine has a build date of 4-27 and I have had no problems at all…other than a few force quits with some andriod apps, but I have heard from other people with different carriers that they have been having the same issues.

      • Anonymous

        Mine was great all around as well, except for light leakage, and choppy scrolling of web pages v my smooth as silk Nexus One. I returned it since the light leakage can worsen and anyone getting replacements had leakage and maybe other problems. I threw my hands up in the air, because this was a dynamite concept. If it was re-released and certified to have fixed displays, and bug fixes, I’d be very tempted. For now the Sensation is in my shopping crosshairs.

      • Anonymous

        I went through 5 of them, all of them had unacceptable light bleeding for a phone that cost me 500 dollars.

        • Jabombardier

          What does this light bleeding look like?

        • Anonymous

          All of mine looked like it had 2 white spotlights from the top left and right corners of the screen that would extend down to almost the middle of the screen.  You could see it very clearly on black backgrounds (which will suck with 2.3 and its black notification bar) or while watching video because those areas would be discolored.

        • Camille

          If you don’t notice it, then it is not a problem for you.  I didn’t even notice it until I saw the complaints about it, and even then, for me to even see it, I had to change the settings on my phone and go into a completely dark room to even see the minimal screen bleed that is there.  So, for a “problem” that I don’t see with my normal use, it’s not really a problem for me.

        • Why would you pay that much for a phone of any kind? Hell no wonder you are unhappy, you MAY have unreasonable expectations. The phone is available today at cellhub for $69 with a contract.

          If you can get a phone with a two yr contract the suggestion is the phone is going to be with you two yrs. So why pay that kind of money for something that has absolutely NO VALUE in two years, maybe in one year at the rate you people are buying them.

        • Anonymous

          Why would I want to be tied down to a 2 year contract with the huge power increases in phones.  I don’t ever get contract phones so I can upgrade when *I* want to, not when they let me.  Plus if you do the math you actually save a little bit.

    • Commander Fury

      I have a friend who has a younger sister with issues ………I was going to get this phone .

      • None

        The younger sister has issues?  Or the phone?  LOL

    • Camille

      Not everyone is having the problems.  I’ve had mine since launch and haven’t had any problems related to the phone itself.  I’ve had two issues that were related to a couple of apps downloaded from the market –  one reboot, and one day of the battery completely draining itself twice in one day.  Uninstalling the apps resulted in my phone returning to its normal usage.  My normal battery usage is at least 24 hours, but that’s a helluva lot better than what I was getting on my MT3G.

      • Anonymous

        Certainly not everyone is having issues but there are far more complaints then what I saw with the vibrant.


      I have 2 vibrant’s & samsung 4G and there awsome best phones iv ever had. samsung has amazing phones and cant wait for more :D

  • doctorT

    Orders are being canceled. They would never have been taken if they were just out of stock.

    • Monk

      What’s your source that orders are being cancelled?

  • I advised my sister to get the G2X on launch day and since then she has had a bunch of random reboots.. her screen looks great though. She ordered over the phone due to a promotion they were having but she went in-store for a replacement and was denied. They first said that there “weren’t any known issues with the G2X” and offered a replacement battery. The second time around they told her she could replace the phone for a new one but only within the 30 day window. Any replacement after that would be a refurb. She kept the phone and is hoping a firmware update fixes the reboot issue.. 

  • Davidr555

    Yes, I also purchased the G2X and it was crap all around. It would shut down, the picture quality was alwful. It mostly made we wish I had my MyTouch 4G back. Instead I returned for the G2. Gonna keep that for a few weeks until the Sensation comes out. Luckily I live in California so we have a 30 trial period.

    • Then you will complain about it and then what wait for another NEWER phone.

  • Tony

    Hm. Wow. I hope they resolve this matter soon or hope they allow to switch devices. Maybe some htc sensation…

  • Bardo

    No surprise here!!!  I traded my BB Curve 8900 for a G2X and have been extremely disappointed.  Tons of problems, not the least of which is lack of reception.  When I buy a smart phone I would at least like it to make phone calls.  Hold on, gotta go, Verizon is knocking at my door.

    • i wouldnt be soo disapointed.. Dingleberries are junk.. you should be happy with that, 

    • That is not Verizon knocking at your door……………it is your imagination running away with you, particularly if you think anyone cares what carrier you choose. We all have issues with the respective carriers and soon you will be complaining about Verizon.

  • Tfan

    Wow I haven’t had any issues with mine yet and I got it on release day at Costco. I love the phone and like it a lot better than the MyTouch 4G because the battery life is fantastic compared to MyTouch 4G. I can go nearly all day without recharging and I had to recharge the MyTouch 4G by about noon. The only issue I’ve noticed is that if I cut it off at night sometimes I have to remove the battery to get it to turn back on. Seems like quality issues with bad batches???

    • same here ive picked up two at costco with different manufacture dates and both have been good, save for a minimal amount of light bleed, not enough to cause a return

      no reboots or overheating or dropped connections, and battery lasts a day easy

      • Anonanon

        Very weird. I got mine on release day from costco as well and I haven’t had any problems with it – no reboots or freezes, etc – just a little bleed that i dont mind at all. Did costco get a good batch? Nevertheless, I would get a replacement if it might fix some potential problem

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been through four of these things – and the last one I got doesn’t have bad leakage on the display (after four)! But, these things have a couple of other issues that I think a firmware update can handle (hopefully)? There’s three main issues I’m having (speaking for myself); on a boot up – the device will freeze after the T-Mo / Android animation, and requires a battery pull. The browser will zap out at any given time while on a Web page (not a force close). Google’s weather widget never loads – it just stays loading and slows down the device (unless that’s an Android issue). And the thing overheats via HDMI like a son of a gun. Quality Control? You damn skippy! Can firmware update fix all of these issues? Maybe. Let me know if you guys are having these same issues?

    • Tfan

      I think the weather update problem is either an APP issue or Android issue I think I had the same problem on my MyTouch 4G, but yes I see that happen at times but no big deal to me. I have had no freezes or lock-ups that I can remember if I have it was only once in a blue moon and even the MyTouch 4G would do that. I have not used the HDMI port so I’ll have to try that sometime. I can say it gets hot using the GPS. But my experience has been that overall it has been a much better phone that the MyTouch 4G that I used for over 6 months.

      I think mine has got to be the best smart phone I’ve ever seen on battery life. My bet is that the HTC Sensation will be a great phone but don’t expect great battery life with the speed and features.

    • Tfan

      I guess I just got lucky and got a good one.

      • Jabombardier

        Me too. Had it for over a month. I had a reboot that happened twice in one day and twice, the phone turned off by itself twice while on standby with the screen black. However so far the phone hasn’t repeated those issues. Pretty happy with it. And love the ginormous hardrive space.

    • Jomaxwel

      I would do a master reset not just once but twice to make sure everything is gone then if same problems persist get a replacement. I know everone is going to say you dont have to do it twice but why not. like i said there are software problems and they will be addressed by gingerbread (THANKS T-MOBILE). I have had mine for 36 days and never had a reboot or freezing. Other issues are know goto the lgforum.com and check that out.

      • CactusCat

        I wish to add that I too have had almost 0 problems with my G2X. Very slight screen bleeding from all 4 corners but I have never noticed it in everyday use. Battery life is very good, easily lasting all day long with heavy usage. I will state that I’m very knowledgeable on using custom ROMS and so far I’m only using stock G2X system. GPS is instant and perfect. No reboots, perfect from day one.   The above comment about a batch of bad batteries is feasible. Maybe I’m one of the lucky ones. However, my knowledge of rooting and ROMs made me feel I could fix any problems that might occur. I resolved all my problems on my Galaxy S with custom ROMs and internal hardware mods. The only problem (if it could be called that) is that my wifi doesn’t immediately connect when I get home all the time. I sometimes have to manually do it. Otherwise, no problems to report.

  • Taylor

    Returned my G2x. Horrible phone, LG isn’t ready for the big time. T-mobile is doing the right thing. Now they just need to return them all!

  • Liamharden

    So far all the comments are telling me the phone has a software issue, maybe it was more designed for Gingerbread afterall, would not surprise me if they pulled all of them for a while and re-released it with Gingerbread, i have had the same issues with my G2X, for what its worth, its a great phone and i would be sad to know they might have jumped the gun releasing it before all of the bugs were worked out.

  • The Dude

    I am on my second G2x which has the same issues as the first. Other than that, I love the device. It is so cool. Except for the random reboots and lockups (sigh). I keep reading that a “fix is on the way”. Waiting patiently.

    Please T-Mobile… put a priority on this.

  • Anonymous

    It’s a battery problem. I tried an exchange G2X with same battery and had issues. Put a new battery in my G2X and issues went away. I get occasional reboot (once in 3+ days) but no longer get screen of death or overheating. There is a batch of bad batteries out there. Trust me. 

    • You know, this sound logical. After some boof at T-Mobile’s Blackberry/PDA support told me she was an EXPERT and was 100% sure that the problems we were having was only software related, and I laughed, this sounds plausible. Possibly also related to voltage settings? I dunno…

      • Davidsinaus

        That’s very interesting. It could also explain why the Cyanogen team is getting such bizarre behavior with the battery monitoring logic in the kernel.

      • Davidsinaus

        That’s very interesting. It could also explain why the Cyanogen team is getting such bizarre behavior with the battery monitoring logic in the kernel.

  • commander fury

    Man no wonder TMO hasn’t been advertising this phone . I love the NBA and I’ve wondered why they only advertise the sidekick on the TMO halftime show . Its all defective & buggy . This the flag ship phone ……I really wanted this phone .

  • Petey

    I heard there’s alot of issues regarding this phone, that’s probably the reason why they pulled it out… That’s why I don’t really trust LG for GSM phone because i remember there were alot of problem back in the days…

  • Mine doesn’t have much problems.
    Only got 2 random reboots so far (from the day I purchased at launch date).
    No random shutdown.
    LCD backlight bleeding is minimal and it’s NOT visible except the environment is totally dark (my Galaxy Tab also has minimal backlight bleeding).
    Another problem is it can’t read ogg vorbis tags, that leaves ALL files become “unknown” from the music player. Fortunately, I sort these files by folder, so it’s not big deal.
    Except LCD backlight bleeding, I think the rest of them are software/system issue and it can be remedied by future update.

  • BigMixxx

    Sticking with my HD2 running android for another month….Can’t beat that reliability….

  • i really hope they replace them with a newer remake of them.. just like they did with the motorola cliq with the memory card issue. So hopefully when that happens i can replace mine

  • David

    AT&T confirmed on Wednesday that it will deploy its 4G LTE network in five markets this summer, including Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio. The carrier did not specify additional markets slated to be rolled out in 2011, but it did say 10 additional markets will be deployed this year and 70 million Americans will be covered by the end of 2011. By contrast, Verizon Wireless’ 4G LTE network is currently available in 55 marketsand it expects to deploy in 23 more markets next month. AT&T said it expects its network to offer LTE data speeds on a par with its competitors. So for all you TMO fans, rejoice! True 4g is on uts way!

    • Anonymous

      I read that earlier and I’ve seen the commercial. With all those nice rollouts and upgrades it doesn’t APPEAR that they need TMO.

      Certainly that doesnt help AT&Ts case.

      • Guest

        These are things that are worked on for years. They just dont happen overnight. this won’t hurt the buyout at all

    • Zifnab2k

      Why would a TMO fan rejoice? What does 4g LTE on ATT have to do with T-Mobile? I’m assuming you’re referring to the merger? I could care less what ATT does, there’s nothing short of them offering me 10 years free service that would make me switch back to those crooks. F* ATT, I pray they fail at the merger, lest I have to pay almost $900 more per year for a plan that equals my current unlimited plan with T-Mobile. Sprint sucks in LA, so my only choice will be Verizon at almost $1200 more per year. This merger does nothing but empty my pocket out more. I’m more likely to cry than rejoice.

  • My G2x is being replaced tomorrow when my SGS2 gets delivered! 
    I have noticed a few issues with it and I must admit that my last phone [HTC HD2 running Gingerbread] was behaving better, less the speed boost that the tegra chip offers. 

    Used for a about 2 weeks and presently up on ebay. Any buyers? :0

    • kevin

      How much?

    • Good luck on that……next you will be selling your SGS2 and complaining how it does not do this or that. Man up…………………..

    • TypicalWhitePerson

      SGS2 is out already?

  • Christovercame

    Yeah right that is putting it litely. I had a G2X and it would automatically power off. no questions asked. Major glitch. Every person I knew that had this phone, dozen or more, had an issue with the phone automatically powering off. This happend to me while the phone was just sitting on my desk or in my pocker. Horrible and horrifying. Customer Care acted shocked when they heard of this, I switched to the Galaxy 4g…so far no glitch, but no flash for the camera WTF

    • Some people are never happy, it is a damn phone………….so what if it does not take pictures or have a flash…………..are you serious?

  • OneTwo

    I have yet to have any real issues with my G2X. I had way more problems with all the blackberrys and samsucks over the years. 

  • Wayne

    I got my G2x just last night. Great.


      Take it back!!! You got 14 days

  • Uzforce

    I’ve had my GTX for about a week and the only problem I’ve had is with the Wi-Fi switching back to 4G on its own. Other than that this is an awesome phone. I don’t know maybe I got lucky, but I will say that this is definitely the best phone I have ever owned…

  • youCANTrushAgenius

    my G2X IS FLAWLESS!! not one issue since the day i got it. easy to root, change setting, what not. just to a master reset and it will fix any problems you have, and maybe turning it off once a day might help……just saying, dont be A NOOB!

    • Anonymous

      You’re lolling. A master reset will not fix any of the major reported problems. You think backlight bleeding is a software issue?

  • Out of total respect for T-Mobile USA (not it’s German Parent who totally sold us out) I won’t repeat the things T-Mobile Blackberry/PDA told me yesterday, but basically there are some known issues that they (T-Mobile) were not prepared for. What they told me (a PDA tech and PDA Supervisor) was something COMPLETELY WRONG that you just don’t tell customers. I finally got some satisfaction from a T-Mobile Customer Service Manager who set the record straight. The size and scale of the issues must be big enough for this kind of action. We have decided to “deal” with the issues for now unless it gets worse or becomes to bothersome. It was sad though because PDA support was completely useless (and rude) and it took Customer Service to reassure us that our phone could be exchanged, if needed.

    • Michaeljsletten

      cmon what did they say?

  • Authorized online dealers are still making it available with no back order, so it must not be a quality control issue or it would seem not even online authorized dealers would still be offering it. Henny Penny the Sky is Falling……..if it was that serious a quality control issue how could it be hidden, there would be a recall, not just a removal of the shelf units.

  • Jordan69

    time for class-action lawsuit !!!! money back !! now !!!!

  • Mine has extremely bad back light issues. Great phone, no random reboots 24 hour battery average but the backlight kills it. 

  • Bxcutie4life2001

    My G2x was running great i never had a random reboot or shut down of my phone i just sent it back because i decided i wanted to see what the Sensation was looking like. If i prefer the G2x which was super fast and never gave problems I will get it again 

  • The ATL Guy

    HA HA HA HA HA tblow FAILS yet again! 

    • The ATL Guy

      I am getting my 3rd mytouch 4g lemon sent to me tomorrow. 
      So far my first one had issues staying connected to Wifi and started to become VERY SLUGGISH. A figured all it needed was a master reset. Fine bingo done it many times with many Android phones. 
      Only prob was when I did the MR none of my apps would and the market wouldnt work. 
      Sent for the replacement. 
      Replacement arrives and I think I am good. 
      RANDOM RESTARTS begin pretty much from day one. They increase to about 3 a day. 

    • The ATL Guy

      I am getting my 3rd mytouch 4g lemon sent to me tomorrow. 
      So far my first one had issues staying connected to Wifi and started to become VERY SLUGGISH. A figured all it needed was a master reset. Fine bingo done it many times with many Android phones. 
      Only prob was when I did the MR none of my apps would and the market wouldnt work. 
      Sent for the replacement. 
      Replacement arrives and I think I am good. 
      RANDOM RESTARTS begin pretty much from day one. They increase to about 3 a day. 

  • Youngt82

    And this why every carrier out there need to take their time with releasing all these devices. I mean don’t get me wrong its cool that we can pick and choose through many devices but then again its not good because there’s always a problem or issue with the device. Back in the day when there was a phone every other few months was released it wasn’t as bad as it is now. So I hope now that we see there is so many issues and flaws with releasing all these phone all at the same time and having us customers having to buy a new phone every month ,is that they wait and wait and make sure the new device is appropriate for released. Take time and make the next phone way better don’t make it look or have the same features as the phone before and update the os’s faster. And this goes for every carrier and phone manufacturer out there. Take more time and give us something to really brag about,not “oh my phone is just the same as yours even though yours came out after mine” lol

  • 4G_or_not_4G

    Seems like I have experienced a couple of these reboots, wasn’t sure what was going on with it until now…this is a shame as I really like this phone…hopefully they can fix it.

  • 4G_or_not_4G

    Seems like I have experienced a couple of these reboots, wasn’t sure what was going on with it until now…this is a shame as I really like this phone…hopefully they can fix it.

  • Aznspic1982

    this phones sucked! Bought it when it first came out. Within first our it reboots itself. Three hours later the market freezes. Get home and can’t connect to wifi. Did master reset. Fine first hour. Then try to get on wifi but then shows it using 4g data. Both my wifi anf 4g icons were on but the 4g was being used not the data. Been to many with this phone in south florida in a day and most of the time I had 2g and not 4g. Returned the phone the next day. Got a new one hoping it was just that phone. Guess what same problem with the wifi. Only this time the wifi icon would flash or just not work at all even though it says connected. I was over this piece of sh$$$t! And I’m a loyal andriod customer since I’ve owned the G1, Cliq, Mytouch slide, LG optimus. None of theses phones ever gave me the BS this phone did! Interested to see the sensation but not biting the bullet this time. Ill wait for at least two weeks of reviews before I purchase any phone.

  • Aznspic1982

    this phones sucked! Bought it when it first came out. Within first our it reboots itself. Three hours later the market freezes. Get home and can’t connect to wifi. Did master reset. Fine first hour. Then try to get on wifi but then shows it using 4g data. Both my wifi anf 4g icons were on but the 4g was being used not the data. Been to many with this phone in south florida in a day and most of the time I had 2g and not 4g. Returned the phone the next day. Got a new one hoping it was just that phone. Guess what same problem with the wifi. Only this time the wifi icon would flash or just not work at all even though it says connected. I was over this piece of sh$$$t! And I’m a loyal andriod customer since I’ve owned the G1, Cliq, Mytouch slide, LG optimus. None of theses phones ever gave me the BS this phone did! Interested to see the sensation but not biting the bullet this time. Ill wait for at least two weeks of reviews before I purchase any phone.

  • David

    Two weeks wont cut it! I am having my 4th G2 shipped to me. They are on backorder so it may be a month or more!!! Same issue. Phone reboots without warning. The clowns at tmo couldnt figure it out. Someone on the tmo site deduced that shutting down the gps stopped the problem. So tmo says its a known fault and offers up the HD7 as a solution!!! I starring at the rep. He is laughing. He cant wait for ATT. Has had enough of irate G2 and G2X owners in his face.

    What a joke.

    Iphone on LTE is for me on ATT!

    • Respawn


      I know you’re having issues with your device. Hopefully you get that fixed.

      But seriously, iPhone on LTE? Iphone doesn’t work on Lte. It’s 3G. AT&T doesn’t even have LTE yet and there are no indications whatsoever that the iPhone 4S will even support LTE when it does come out, for AT&T, Verizon or any other carrier.

      Then I’ll be getting an escalated call from you demanding to know why your iPhone isn’t working on the 4G network. Lol

      Seriously, calm down. I hate customers that want to jump ship whenever something goes wrong. Let the whole story come out, give the problem some time to work out. It’s called technology. Deal with it or don’t have a phone.

  • AndroidFan

    The reviews on the Tmobile website for the G2X are high.  Are they actual users of the G2X or is the vendor trying to pull a fast one?

    • Zifnab2k

      I posted a comment with 1 star on Tmobile’s website with a negative review about the backlight bleed, software reboots and the gps being bunk. It was promptly deleted within the hour. I know because I checked back a few times to see if they would do it, and sure as hell by the 3rd refresh my post was gone.

      They hide the negative reviews, its not like Yelp, they can modify it all they want.

    • Zifnab2k

      I posted a comment with 1 star on Tmobile’s website with a negative review about the backlight bleed, software reboots and the gps being bunk. It was promptly deleted within the hour. I know because I checked back a few times to see if they would do it, and sure as hell by the 3rd refresh my post was gone.

      They hide the negative reviews, its not like Yelp, they can modify it all they want.

      • Camille

        They are not hiding the negative reviews.  I just went there and saw quite a few.



  • Man

    Got my G2x the day it came out and never experenced any of these problems. G2x all The WAY!!!

  • Joewonder

    I had it and had to return it. It shut down on me and after ten min, it came back. Then it acted all buggy. Glad I was able to return and save my upgrade for a better phone. The stats are good, but it seems outdated according to other phones with better social networking skills. You can’t even send out mass text messages. Only one at a time.

    • that has nothing to do with the g2x, thats vanilla android

  • Silveroaks92563

    Was about to get one , i guess HECULES or somehting else

  • quote from tmobile forums by cortriga: http://forums.t-mobile.com/t5/T-Mobile-G2x/G2X-pulled-from-stores-site-due-to-quality-control-issue-Maybe/td-p/860849

    “I have no special knowledge of how things are going between or within the T-Mobile or LG camps, but I imagine it’s playing out a little like this:

    T-Mobile is seeing a huge number of returns and exchanges of their flagship device.  Just imagine the people who have done multiple returns of the G2x for the screen bleed issue alone.  That’s a lot of open boxes piling up over at T-Mobile that they can’t sell as new. Meanwhile, over at Camp LG, they’re doing triage for at least half a dozen problems that may or may not be related to one another, including random reboots and shutdowns, WiFi connectivity problems, DNS cache corruption, 2G/4G switching, unreliable Bluetooth connectivity, suspect batteries, and who knows what else.  While LG’s developers work on a patch, they also need to do testing to make sure everything they change works on Gingerbread.  This is a software engineering nuisance that LG probably lacks the resources to address efficiently.  In short, a small team is scrambling like crazy to get to root cause, write code and test everything. Unfortunately, neither T-Mobile nor LG employs anyone with enough management support or damage control skill to communicate with customers openly and honestly about what they are doing.  We’ve heard from the moderators over at the LG Forum that a patch for at least some of the G2x’s problems is imminent, but the mods are on a short leash and can’t say anything.  The gang at T-Mobile are in a similar predicament but have no control over the availability of the fix. They also don’t want to damage their relationship with their business partner by throwing them under the bus. T-Mobile’s reps just have to stand by and watch another 99,000 T-Mobile customers get discouraged, return their 3rd (or 4th or 5th) G2x and walk down the street to Sprint.  I can’t imagine they care.  AT&T is going to fire their redundant asses as soon as this unholy take-over is approved.  It’s better if they just keep their heads down and hold on to their jobs for as long as they can.In the end, I expect that someday there will be a patch released that addresses the bulk of the problems, but the failure to communicate with customers is going to cost T-Mobile and LG a lot of customer confidence and good will in addition to the money. This is how problems get solved when your parent company puts you up for adoption and your new parents are monsters.”He makes a damn good point!

  • TypicalWhitePerson

    Bwaaaahahahahahahaaaa!!!!!! I told y’all geeks that this phone is a absolute FAIL!! 

    Rememeber, if you don’t have an iPhone… you are not #WINNING!!!

    • Agagsgdgdh

      Wow… you are a total douche!

    • Appleater

      While your I-Phone may be a good device it can not compare to my Samsung Epic 4g with a larger 4 inch screen slide out keyboard and overclocked to 1.3ghz. By the way how many different operating systems can you run on that thing and how many different custom roms and themes are available . I can run Ubanta and android Eclair,Froyo or Gingerbread on the Epic and the Mods available are I would say are Epic in proportion to whats available for your little I- Phone with a 3.5 inch screen and no physical keyboard. Android FTW

      • TypicalWhitePerson

        Nobody cares about the Epic, girl scout!  

        iOS = winning

        • Tortionist

          Actually Android is winning. Android is the number one OS for smartphones for a reason. the I-phone is a mid-level, or mediocre smartphone at best. My rooted G2 beats the hell out of it any-day, what with CM7 running Android 2.3.3, processor over-clocked to 1.7 Ghz, total customization, 1 1/2 day battery life with moderate usage, etc. Hell, even if it weren’t rooted, my G2 would still blow it oout of the water. The I-phone is nothing more than a fad for people who don’t know any better and are willing to accept mediocrity at best and being fooled by a brilliant marketer and businessman who knows how nickel and dime his customers to death. At least I can expand my memory, delete songs without plugging my phone in, pull my battery if it has problems and not have to get a loaner. I have a physical keyboard=33% less typos, as well as SWYPE a very fun, intuitive and fast way of texting. The I-Joke has nothing compared to even the LG Optimus T, except a slightly faster processor, but that’s only if you don’t root and over-clock the Optimus T. So, go ahead and talk your crap, Android rules, IOS will not beat Android out. the only two things IOS had going for it was that it was on the first touchscreen smartphone in the U.S. as well as a brilliant marketer and businessman. It’s way too locked down to ever beat out Android. At least Android has Google behind it. 

        • TypicalWhitePerson

          How many units have the G2 sold compared to the iPhone 4?  *Tick, tock, tick tock… tick..*

    • Tortionist

      compared to most Android phones, the I phone is a POS. I’ve played with th I phone 3GS and 4. They have nothing impressive about them. WP7 phones are more impressive and that’s with out copy and paste. Android for the big win baby!

      • TypicalWhitePerson

        WP7? Lmaooo!!! I’d rather use Symbian…

        • Tortionist

          I haven’t played with Symbian yet, so I have no opinion there…..yet, although in about 5 years Nokia is supposed to come out with the mother of all smartphones, the first nano-phone that bends, reforms,& etc.

    • Dragonman3000

      stfu apple fan boy

  • Nybetterthansuperg05

    as a t-mobile employee i can finally say i am HAPPY that t-mobile realized its own mess up and stopped it before it got out of hand and i have to deal with it….. I.E. HD2!

    • Cameron W3st

      Except for the fact that they didn’t…I just called customer care and they told me that the G2X was pulled from the website because it’s so popular that it’s back ordered. They went on to tell me that there are no problems with the device officially recorded in T-mobiles systems and that the only reason it seems like so many people are complaining is because only negative people post on forums and that the “1000s of other happy customers don’t post their experiences”. 

      are you being serious? how can Tmobile be flat out ignoring this issue…all they’d do for me is send me a replacement device which I’m sure will have these exact same issues. awesome.  I’m glad I get treated so well for being a loyal customer since 2003.

      • There’s a patch coming so just be patient

        • Nybetterthansuperg05

          yes a patch coming…. keep in mind we arent dealing with HTC who seem to be the only company that actually fufills their promises most of the time unlike samsung and motorola…… lets see what lg will do

  • Alex

    bought the G2X on launch day, used it for about 2 weeks. phone is a beast, powerful, fast. But it had a million problems, reboot, screen lag, screen bleed, freezing, wifi problem. I thought i can use it but those problems were just too much. Finally returned it, picked up the HD7, it definitely doesnt compare as far as speed, but im starting to like wp7 & the phone feels good in my hands. il probably will pick up the Sensation. but will never buy a LG or a samsung again, HTC ftw

    • TypicalWhitePerson

      Smart man!

    • Anonymous

      I’m finding myself intrigued by the wp7 phones . Especially with the mango update .

  • Darrinstern

    It was an ok phone with not to much blotware but the battery was just done right bad. I think I got 4 hours of use, I could like with 8 hours but 4, please. It went back in 5 days. Now I need a phone, help.

  • Rfg3

    Do I get a new phone if I bought the g2x? Or am I stuck with it? hope tmonews finds this answer for me because i am having these reboot issues like crazy and tmobile just keeps sending me one g2x after another

  • No

    If they do decide to pull it everyone who has one should get a credit to get a similar phone (sensation?). They cant recall it and expect everyone who owns one to keep a defective device.

  • Cameron W3st

    I just called customer care and they told me that the G2X was pulled from the website because it’s so popular that it’s back ordered. They went on to tell me that there are no problems with the device officially recorded in T-mobiles systems and that the only reason it seems like so many people are complaining is because only negative people post on forums and that the “1000s of other happy customers don’t post their experiences”. are you being serious? how can Tmobile be flat out ignoring this issue…all they’d do for me is send me a replacement device which I’m sure will have these exact same issues. awesome.  I’m glad I get treated so well for being a loyal customer since 2003.

    • Cameron W3st

      oh yeah…they are “back ordered” but they still said they would send me out a replacement device? Does that make sense?

      • Anonymous

        No other carrier will love you like that : ) … I want that phone .

        • Cameron W3st

          You want to buy the new one from me? I will sell it to you, with the box and all in brand new condition for 350$

        • Anonymous

          You called me out . I’m really thinking about it .

        • Houstonjill90

          LOL well in a way he did.. but if u don’t get it I really want one.. had mine for a month and no problems whatsoever ..I wanna buy one for my gf so let me know

        • Anonymous

          For your girl friend ? Go for it ! Really have an infatuation with the coming windows phones . Get Cameron to gift wrap it : )

        • Houstonjill90

          Yo Cameron gift wrapping included too ;)

        • Houstonjill90

          Sell it to me.. what’s ur contact or email??

    • midwest

      I would like to note that they are completely right when it comes to happy customers posting stuff. How many ppl actually post something and go above and beyond to look for forums to post they are happy. NO it rarely happens. As far as i know the g2x is a great phone and yes some devices had minor issues. But hey at least it has coverage unlike vibrant which bars were moving up and down. 

    • Guest

      Ya know, typically they’re right about only angry people posting. But I went and checked through XDA for other recently released devices, and none of them have a complaint list as long as the LG g2x. If this wasn’t such a hot issue, why would this post already have 205 comments? I don’t see this site getting this kind of chatter on any other subject…

      Don’t let people fool you, this thing is busted. Screen bleed on ALL of them. I don’t care what people say, their phone bleeds. They’re just putting a positive spin on it, or purposely ignoring it. I have yet to see a single person that claimed their phone was “perfect” post a picture on any forum proving their phone didn’t have backlight bleed, and the few that tried clearly had bleed.

      • Camille

        While all of the phones may have screen bleed, the question is whether or not the screen bleed is a hindrance to the user experience.  Mine is not.  The steps that I have to go through in order to even see the screen bleed are absolutely not indicative of my normal phone use.  That is not ignoring the issue, but merely stating that screen bleed is not a problem for me (and many others), so no need for me to complain about it at all.

        • Camille

          oh, and since I have had my phone since release day, I have had a long enough time to settle into a daily usage pattern with my phone.  So, I think that I can clearly state that I don’t see the screen bleed with my normal use.

  • Homncruse

    I get the occasional hard lockup, something I hope gets fixed in Gingerbread when it finally arrives, but overallt G2x treats me well, and I ordered it through amazon the day after retail release.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Oh boy.  What a Disaster if true.  This sounds just like my HD2 which I’m currently on the 7th replacement (Waiting for the Sensation or Hercules – Have to demo the Hercules 1st though, not big on Sammy Builds).  Anywho, this 7th HD2 actually does reboot itself at least 5 times a day, no joke.  It also is having MAJOR issues with 3G.  It’ll say it has 3G (Full bars even) but a “Cannot connect to Remote Server” Error pops up when I get on Opera sometimes.  The Weather even has Connection issues when it says it has 3G.  Some Phone calls can’t come through even though it says I have Voice Connection.  I hope the G2X doesn’t end up like this HD2.  June 8th, will be the Sensational Day I get rid of the HD2.

    • kalel33

      Wilma do you want your HD2 fixed permanently?  Just replace the Windows OS with Android.


    • Smileyinlosangeles

      7th? SHNIKEYS you’re a patient/tolerant one, Wilma. I couldn’t keep a phone after three replacements. Had an LG feature phone on AT&T many moons ago. Three replacements and I made Ma Bell replace it with a decent Nokia. That Nokia still runs strong. Ex boyfriend is still rocking it three years later.

  • So  they take out the G2x but they leave crap like the cliq 2 on the shelves .  I am on my 3rd replacement to the very issues mention above and I only had the service 13 days.

  • Anonymous

    I had replaced it twice, and ended up giving it back all together for another MT4G till the Sensation comes out.  It’s a shame because I really wanted this phone, and i tried really hard to rationalize keeping it, but at the end of the day, it was about as useful as my Behold 2, which was far and away the worst phone I’ve ever owned. 

  • Steady

    LG not known for phones… Not a good brand.

    • Joanna46

      well Lg may suck in there phone department … but there washers and dryers work really good i dnt have them but my friend does and i seen it with my own eyes how good they wash clothes better than my whirpool washer

      • Atl1_falcons55

        My samsung washer is amazing

        • Tortionist

          Okay, let’s get it straight, Samsung for T.V.s, LG for washers and dryers, HTC for smartphones. The LG OPtimus T is a great low end smartphone that out performs some high end ones, especially if you root it.

        • Hecg 55

          Hmmm idk about that I love my samsung washer but I’ll stick to sony for tvs

    • Bensworld

      LG has a ton of phones out but mid range to low range. This is their first high end phone. They also have a number of other high end phones coming like the LG Optimus Black, Optimus 3D, and Revolution, 

    • Their TV’s are amazing as well.

  • chefboyrdee

    Besides a battery that doesn’t last long enough, I have had no problems with my G2X

    • Peace

      Download Juice Defender. Works wonders

  • I purchased mine at launch day.
    Mine doesn’t have much problem.
    The phone reboot itself one time (probably I messed it up), and it locked once (from the day I purchase).
    Actually the phone is really good, LCD backlight bleeding is minimal and it’s not enough to annoy me.
    The only REAL problem is inability to read ogg tag, which makes these (a few thousands of them) are treated as “unknown” by music player. I never had similar problem with other Android devices. Fortunately, I sort these files by folders so it’s not a big deal.
    Streaming problem is worked out by using xiialive. You can even use the dedicated streaming engine with G2x with no problem (MT4 has chopping problem when playing aac+ streams).
    The phone is really fast and playing video and games over HDMI is a pleasure.

  • Anonymous

    Half of them are being either returned or exchanged both online and in stores – and you wonder why they have no merchandise. Their log has to show the number of returns / exchanges on the device – I swapped mine four times, and I know like ten people that did the same, not counting the people that just returned it. This has got to be T-Mobile’s most returned phone to date. Like the post says, this G2x situation has been out of hand since the release date.

  • Sou_timao10

    Friday will be two weeks with this phone. So far no problems and love everything about phone. Had to try 3 stores before found in stock.

    • Carudyy

      Corintiano safado na america

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, like Portugal is such an amazing place…  safado 

  • Whenever I check Tmonews.com I get a pop up saying “Out of Memory Line 9”  what does this mean?? :(

  • telmo

    i spoke with a tmo rep and she said that it’s completely pulled out till all issues are fixed.

    • Guest

      I hope that’s true. The thing is bunk right now.

  • Hecg 55

    Mom got one yesterday she loves it. I think it’s great! Better then my vibrant. I’m getting one next month

  • Please report this to tmonews.com/support !

    • None

      I occasionally get random “Stack” errors on TmoNews (especially when there is a poll).  I believe this site does not always play well with Explorer. 
      I would use Chrome but this is a work machine and I cannot put Chrome on it.  :(

  • jon59

    had mine for two hours.  Force closes almost every app.  Freezes constantly.  Pressing power on button does not wake the phone 50% of the time.  switches from 4g to 2g almost once per minute ( yes 2G not 3G) I will be returning this phone tomorrow

    • Anonymous

      You should do a factory reset because it sounds like there is buggy data on your phone.

      • Anonymous

        LOL. “Buggy Data” = phone needs a recall and replace all the phones with a Samsung Galaxy S2 :)

  • Anonymous

    Why does “T-Mobile” need to address it.. it’s LG’s phone. LG is well aware of these issues

    • Camille

      I actually think that they both should address it.  T-Mobile because they are selling it, and LG because they are the manufacturer.  But, utlimately, LG should very quickly address the issues with the phone because it is their reputation as a phone manufacturer on the line.  And, with new high-end phones being released to other carriers (like the Revolution on Verizon), they would want to go ahead and clear this up fast.

  • TJ

    I returned two of them. Freeze/blank screen, random reboots. Too bad, felt and ran great when it did but was too unreliable to keep.

    • Ollie31

      I was told by customer service that it was pulled for quality issues also. I do hope that it is fixed soon because I would like to have the phone.

  • Associated

    Whatever you guys saying …
    This cellphone still kicking HTC sensation a.s.s…this fhone have the best CPU and Gpu/ quadrants is amazing even after gingerbread shows up the GS2 will be in trouble! I work for LG the fhone is just out of order and this rumors is a total unreal!!!! Call LG customer supper anything’s and I will place you order,thanks!

    • Anonymous

      how is it still kicking HTC sensation a.s.s when the sensation has not even been released yet?  make up stuff much?

      • Ads

        technically its out you tard.

        • Anonymous

          how is it out when you can’t buy it in the states you dumb a** idiot. i’m talking u.s. version so no it is not “technically” out you tard. you can’t buy it yet so you can’t compare yet. get informed moron

      • Anonymous

        It has a higher hardware score, so what. Build quality is in the toilet. What is a high score worth if you can;t even use the thing…

      • Bensworld

        The phone has been compared by specs and speed test. The G2X scored higher speeds than the Sensation time and time again. Even with the Sensation having a 1.2GHZ dual core processor and the G2X having a 1GHZ dual core processor

    • TypicalWhitePerson


    • bigbudha

      two things
      2) lockedbootloader

    • Bensworld

      I’m really shocked by all the complaints. Iv’e had my G 2 X for a month today and not once has it rebooted or cut off and no screen bleeding. Every reviewer has given the phone major praise. CNET gave it an Editor Choice Award PhoneDog said it was the best android phone on the market and PC Magazine said it was the best smartphone out period. The phone has destroyed every phone I seen in benchmark speed test.

      All I’m waiting for is gingerbread at this point!

  • LPouessel

    My local store pulled their display phone 2 weeks ago.  No one could tell me when a live one would be put back out for display.  Kinda funny for one of their star power phones, is what I thought then!

  • Anonymous


  • BigMixxx

    I’m with J.J.!  I’m on my third hd2….my problems have only been stick phone keys since running Android on my phone.  I run Ultimate droid and I absolute adore the rom…

    I do want a G2x.  I have no interest in Sense right now….

  • Moronsupport

    My phone kept rebooting and factory resetting itself.  It self wiped twice in a single day.  Irritating.

    Then T-Mobile tech support refused to exchange it until a 5 day period had passed to see if it kept doing what I told them.  Morons.  

    • Joe-e

      Morons? Wow. Do you even know why they make you wait?

  • phone fiend

     Have had mine for 2 weeks. Rebooted once for no reason. (Not that big of a deal) and froze once (pretty normal behavior for any android) I have returned a few at my store that definetly had problems though. Guess I got lucky. I think everyone needs to back off LG a bit though. This phone does not have nearly the problems as some one particular line of HTC phones (mytouch slide and mytouch 4g). And overall HTC is very good. But not those phones.

    • Anonymous

      Never had a problem with the MyTouch 4g and all you need to do is go to the XDA forums to see the amount of complaints.  It overwhelmingly falls on the G2X.  I don’t care where you work don’t spread misinformation.

    • The myTouch 4G is a great phone. The only problem I have with mine is it will occasionally slow down when using the wifi calling. All I have to do is hang up the call then the phone will speed back up. Other than that, its pretty awesome.

    • Polaris1

      Was not aware the MT4G had any issues. Been using mine for several months with no issues whatsoever. Upgraded from MT3G and never had any issues with that phone after almost 2 years. So I’m not sure what issues you’re speaking about regarding the MT line.

      I was going to get the G2X but it was not out yet when I picked up my MT4G. Glad I did. The MT4G is still one of the best android phones on ANY carrier. Sure its not a dual core but so what. Performance is great, build quality is excellent. Oh and by the way it has more RAM than the G2X.

      These so called issues with the G2X is the reason I no longer buy a phone when it’s first released. I’d rather wait and see if any issues are reported before laying down my hard earned $$. Been burned before.

  • dntgetthisphone

    Never had so many problems with a phone and I have owned the Nexus S, mytouch 4g, vibrant, G2, it truly is a horrible phone. Ramdomly shuts down, freezes randomly causing me to pull out batt, when you unlock screen it takes too long to turn on ir doesn’t turn on at all. :(

    • Anonymous

      Why so many phones, lol?  There hasn’t been anything out worth replacing the MyTouch 4G.

      • WWWYKI!

        Some people like buying the latest and greatest tech stuff. I always question people who are constantly buying a new phone every few months, but then realize that I shouldn’t care. People can waste their money on whatever they want

  • HeLLkAt31

    You know, right about now it doesn’t sound that bad that, Europe gets the phones first so by the time they get released in the States they would maybe not have so many problems…

  • Jacob M. Sumoski
  • syn

    Had problem with G2X. keeps shutting down and didnt turned on until you remove the battery. Never, seen a phone with this major issues.

  • Associated

    This is just a web conspiracy (HTC paying ) against the best fone out,cnet and a couple more sites say:the best device out!!!
    80% the people post here,are just negative just like this tmonews bring information total wrong !!!!
    Sites like are use for a bait, now tell me David don’t make any profit on stuff like that???? Ridiculous!!!! David you are ridiculous and your source! !! Total shame! !!

    • Aside from the awful sentence structure you have here, I don’t do this for pageviews, page grabs or to try and make that little bit of extra profit each month. I was presented information and which jived with the fact that the phone had been intermittently taken off mytmobile since Friday and I raised a possibility. In summary in this report I said it COULD be because of quality control issues, nothing I wrote, not a single thing as I reread it sounds definitive as though I was saying yes, this is absolutely quality control and T-Mobile is lying. It’s very possible its inventory issues, it always was which is why I didn’t say anything was 100%. Shame on you for accusing me of doing this for extra profit and shame on you for abusing the exclamation mark like that.

      • None

        OMG, I love the comment “…shame on you for abusing the exclamation mark like that”
        I am going to use that remark here at work.
        I used to call it an “Assault On Punctuation” but I like your version much better!

        • TypicalWhitePerson

          Kiss ass…

        • None


      • Joe-e

        I understand your article is opinion based, but you have to understand as well that you are making accusations of your own based solely on circumstantial evidence and hearsay. The prior poster was doing the same. There is little difference between his posting methodology and yours. I think the concern here is that you dont just insinuate quality control issues, but you also infer that T-Mobile is being deceptive and also underhanded in not providing replacements. I would have liked to have seen mention of tmobiles warranty replacement options, especially the upcoming overnight shipping options. 

        As the managing editor, you must realize how important it is not to simply write articles based on little evidence. I know that a great majority of what Tmonews does is based on ‘ninjas’ and so forth, but this article provides very little evidence and more rumor than normal. Most articles that have been done in the past were more blatant about making sure it was just hearsay and opinion and not so heavy on the implicating bias towards known issues with a phone. 

        As a phone enthusiast you should absolutely be aware that no phone that has ever been produced has ever gone without issues. If customers knew just how many different issues plague every single phone then they would be in an uproar. Most phones have at least a page long list of issues. So any issues in fact that if we were to take your quality control and methodology for writing this article into account for determining writing for other issues than we would be writing for the next ten years and have enough articles to start ten more blogs. 

        • Joe, point taken. I understand that I could have done more to infer that was rumor and heresay but in the sense that I didn’t, most people wouldn’t have read past the headline anyway. They wouldn’t have taken it a rumor even if I posted it with the words in flashing neon lights. I see the error that was made with this article although I can’t post the evidence I have because my source wouldn’t allow me to do that. It was based on a compilation of facts which is done at other blogs every day but you seemingly already know that. The next something like this occurs, I’ll be sure to word it better.

        • Joe-e

          I appreciate your consideration with this. Its important as journalists to make sure that we are not stoking the negative fires, and when we have to post negative that we do so with care. People will always read what they want to read and ignore parts of the article they do not agree with, but thats on them, and I would rather not give reason to believe that my method of article writing contributed to it. Afterall, one of my favorite sayings is “Beware of stupid people in large groups” and stupid people tend to gravitate towards complaining for one reason or another lol. 

        • Zifnab2k

          The article is a bit presumptuous in regards to the exact reason T-Mobile pulled it, but both companies are being deceptive about the g2x. If you walk into the store I returned my 23 g2xs today, and asked “Have you had any issues with your g2x”, the same lady that took my 23 devices back would answer “Nope, it’s the best device around, not a single return”. I know because I watched her say it while I was talking to another employee. When you work for primarily comission, you will say anything to make sure the customer makes a purchase. LG and Tmobile both will deny to the bone that there’s is 0 issues with the device. Message an LG rep about it right now and they’ll tell you there’s been no reports of issues, despite there being 5 + threads on the LG forum.

          Despite David’s assumptions, I’m personally just happy to see the quality control issues of this device being mentioned on a site that gets traffic. These issues are not isolated, just check the XDA general forum for the g2x, no other phone (except maybe the vibrant) rivals that amount of complaints this device saw for the backlight bleed alone. The only way bad products like this get recalled is if people yell loud enough, that’s the only reason Apple dropped LG for making their displays, no shockingly enough for the exact same reason.

        • I don’t know that I was being completely presumptuous. I suggested a reason based on information I heard for the phones disappearance. Nor do I agree with T-Mobile’s tweets that the reason is inventory alone.

        • Zifnab2k

          I don’t know what information you get, so i’ll take your word for it. I like your site, so no offense intended.

      • JibeTurkey

        BTW, its “jibed” not “jived”. If your
        posts were written in jive, then the 2nd subtitle of your site could
        be, “My momma didn’t raise no dummies”.

    • None

      Uncalled For, Associated (and my God, please stop spelling it FONE)

  • Anonymous

    A co-worker rooted his g2x and put the leaked gingerbread rom on it….he said his still reboots. Leads me to believe this could be a hardware issue.

    • Justin Seals

      I have had nothing but issues with the G2X and its charger requirements/batteries….Im wondering if it has something to do with that. My phone would only reboot when the battery got warm

      • Player911

        The leaked Gingerbread was the only rom that caused me major reboots. Almost hourly. The Stock rom was great. Been running CM7 since it came out and #35 build is pretty close to a RC.

        • Raven Biddy

          my name is raven i had problems with it cutting off. everytime i charged it it would get hot.. then i had the phone in my sweatsuit front pocket hen that and reached in  and a shard of glass went deep into my thumb and i pull it out and the screen had exploed. from the inside all the glass well most of it scattered besides the the one piece that got my thumb… the plastic underneath the glass was even pretruding outward..i sure am glad i was talking on it when that happened.. and took my back off and there was leakage!!!!!!!! they r gining me the run around about this one rep is the only one that can call me bak..

  • Brian

    I and my wife both bought this phone. Phones shutdown couple of times in a week.
    Very often there is no way to turn on the phone but to remove the battery and
    put it back. This phone a total disaster. T-Mobile/LG must offer replacement to
    people who bought this crap.

    • Joe-e

      you do realize that if you call tmobile and tell them this they will give you a warranty exchange? and if you continue to have issues then they will look into alternate devices? Have you even called about it, or are you expected tmobile to read your mind and know you are having issues?

  • Justin Seals

    You know, I keep hearing the Sensation is losing to these phones because of the asynchronous cores or whatever. Honest opinion, I have owned a G2X, a vibrant, a defy, a cliq, a g1, a g2, a mytouch 3g, and a mytouch 4g.  To me, I am willing to sacrifice a little of the power provided by LG and Samsung for the build quality provided by HTC…. 

  • Rick

    Wow.  Sounds like the G2X needs a firmware fix.  Perhaps the gang at Cyanogen could help out :)

    Seriously, my G1 randomly reboots, but it’s now running CM6.1/danger/kernel hack, and is way past bedtime.  I’d like a G2X, but I could take another dual-core…

  • Strypes

    I’ve got mine 1week after release. before that I owned, HD2, MyTouch4G, G2 and Galaxy S 4G and out of all the above my favorite is the G2 and G2x.
    Both are rooted with the G2 running CM 7.0.3 and the G2x currently running a rooted stock version (all bloatware have been removed and launcher changed). I’m surprise all this negativity is being said about the G2x. But I know not every one is gonna go to the extreme to void warranty on High End phones

  • G2xUser

    I got my G2x the day before it went in stores, i ordered online on the 15th. And the only problem that I came across was the 2G thing, but i fixed that by clicking on the data roaming option. But my phone has no problems. I guess i’m one of the lucky ones. However, my phone did reboot recently out of nowhere. So i hope it’s not contagious lol.

  • Anonymous

    My G2x works and runs great, not prefect but great.  I get great battery life, all day with heavy use.  I unplug in the morning and I don’t need a recharge until midnight.  I’ve never had a random reboot and I have plenty of apps running at all times. The phone is also very powerful, running hardware intensive games and 1080p with ease.

    I had an HTC HD7 before this and that phone has real problems (build quality, screen, reception, battery life), but this phone is a great all around phone.  The one issue that I do have with it is that it doesn’t hang up immediately when ending a call which is annoying.  Overall best phone I’ve had to date.

  • Good thing I got my hands on one that did not have any of these issues. Although I do wish the battery life could be longer. I hope this issue they are addressing does not delay Android 2.3 update. Great that LG is listening.

  • Anonymous

    My G2X had no problems, but I took it back after I saw the SGS2.  After seeing the giant Hercules, I just might go back and get one and then wait for a quad-core Nexus.

  • Anonymous

    Well… what did you expect from LG.

    “LG” stands for “Lucky Goldstar” (in 1997 Goldstar merged with its Korean competitor “Lucky” electronics).

    For those short on electronics history, in the eighties and nineties there was a brand of electronics sold at store chains like K-Mart and retail who had a “cheap electronics” section, say inside your local drug store.

    “Goldstar” was synonymous with junk.  You could buy a complete stereo system for $80, where other systems would cost $500. A Sony Walkman cassette recorder/player might cost you $200, a Goldstar $40. You get the idea. 

    Has Goldstar cleaned up its act and is now making quality electronic devices?  Well since 1997 was not that long ago, me thinks not.

    • None

      LG home appliances are quite nice.

    • Wezra

      LG home appliances and TVs are rated (yes, by Consumer Reports as well) as some of the best made… period.  Korea has come a long, long way from the 1980s and early 1990s… just like Japan did back in the day.  Check out Korean cars sometime. 

      The G2x is possibly the best phone I have ever had.  I am sorry that a number of individuals have had issues with theirs… mine operates flawlessly.  It is far faster then my office mate’s Thunderbolt and has a much nicer looking screen.  I think their is no doubt that on some of the phones faulty software was installed and that absolutely has to be corrected and corrected quickly.  The hardware itself is, in my opinion, way better then the HTC, Mototola and Blackberry phones I have had.  I gave up a myTouch 4G for this phone and it was a great move… no regrets.  The myTouch 4G isn’t even in the same league with the G2x.

      • poopooingpoopooer

        Officemate?!?! LOL

    • squeezy

      Samsung was the same.  Now they are towards the top, quality wise.

  • Tomm

    I have had mine for three weeks and it rebooted one time on its own but other than that it is perfect and I love it. Fastest phone I have ever had but I am coming from an HD2 so go figure. I had the G1 and ran out of memory in three months. I should call Tmo and start complaining just in case.

  • Irwinmont

    I rebooted my G2X once and that’s it. I love this phone. I had a Blackberry Bold for years and this is the best phone I’ve ever had. So fast and great looking as well.

  • Ashley

    My phone does shutdown once in a while. It would not start until I reinsert the battery. I guess I got one of the lemon. Taking it back to Tmo.

  • Anderson

    You guys are waaaaay to critical. What’s next the box has corners? Phone doesn’t taste good when you lick it? Can’t use it as a vibrator for your girlfriend because it’s the wrong shape? Doesn’t respond like star trek computers? Doesn’t warn you when you’re going to fart? Can’t turn it on vibrate and cut chicken with it?

  • Theone

    YES this is very true. T-mobile has notified sales team to remove phone from stock do to many issues. I know this because i am a T-Mobile sales manager.fyi

    • Guy Salazar

      Weird,  I bought my phone from a T-mobile store here in Phoenix, AZ days after it was pulled off the internet.  I had my phone turn itself off once and called yesterday for a possible exchange and the store assured me that they still have some in stock. 

      Maybe it is just the Phoenix market?  I’m heading down there tomorrow morning to exchange the phone. 

  • Moonlightz

    I was a very loyal Blackberry Bold user… I was in love w/ it… however, I changed to the G2X even though i was very skeptical about it.. I really like the phone, but I too have had to reboot it a couple of times, and I also had to take out the battery once to re-start the phone.  So i am a little concerned about the glitches…
    I hope they can come up with an update that we can just download and will optimize the phone, otherwise I’m taking it back.

  • Anonymous

    I hate my G2x, The 4g goes to sleep by itsself, won’t wake up as does the wifi, will show its turned on but won’t connect till I turn the phone off then on again. If I try to get facebook updates or email it says no internet connection…. Sometimes I have to remove the battery twice a day to get it to work properly…This phone will never be half the phone the Apple is. I can’t wait for the 5 to arrive. I’ll pay my early termination fee and bail. The G2x freezes, wont answer calls, apps have to be forced closed, screen becomes jittery while using it connected to the charger, My iphone 2g finally started to die after almost 4 years of use…this POS prolly wont make it a year. The iphone managed the wifi/bluetooth/ data without any input from me, not so on the G2x, its a really maddening piece of junk. You Android fanboi’s can buy this from me on ebay in September..Never again will I try android phones…… Half baked as the other poster mentioned. Bring on the “5”

    • twistedcross

      Cool story, Bro. My Optimus T does everything an iPhone 3gs does, for a third of the price. Hell, it doesn’t even have Flash-support like devices that cost 8x more… like the iPhone 4gs. Is this what the Apple Fanboys have sank to? Dogging on devices with obvious hardware and software issues? The Sensation and Amaze WIPE THE FLOOR with the 4gs… for significantly less money. Period.

  • Dreamkittens

    worst phone ever! Has a mind of its own and 2 hour battery life! Cant babysit a phone 24 hours a day while it does as it pleases,  will be returning it. Why cant T Mobile get a decent phone in their lineup?

  • beats

    piece of sh@t.  makes me want to smash like hulk



    • Wolff317

      It is kinda like buying a new Camaro, adding a blower and then Pumping NOX into it, then blaming Chevy because the engine blew…. I just talked ti a guy yesterday that is on his third EVO Shift after he wasnt satisfied with the EVOs he went thru…

  • Afjoseph

    I had problems with my G2x about a week after getting it that required a complete reset wich seemed to fix it for about a week.  Yesterday the phone seemed to freeze and then when I tried to restart it by removing the battery it just went in to a loop and wouldn’t restart.  I tried to do a hard reset but would just get to a screen that said updating software.  When I took it to the store they told me that they have been seeing a lot of issues and have stopped shipping the phone.  There is a SW update from LG that is supposed to fix the issues they have been seeing (random reboots, soft keys not working, ect) and I should be getting my replacement unit in a few days.  They also said the the Andriod gingerbread update has been accelerated because of the issues.  It should be here in the next week instead of around July 4th because Tmobile threatened to pull the phone if LG didn’t accelerate the update.  I am not sure how accurate the story is, but the manager at the store seemed pretty aware of the issue & said that all of the staff have been having issues with the phone as well.  He did go to the trouble to spend an hour helping get my 1500 contacts moved to a loaner phone as they didn’t have an android devise that they could loan out that would sync with my gmail contacts.

  • Christopher Lowery

    contact t mobile and complain about this tell them you want to be upgraded to an alternate device because its their fault or lgs fault and your should have to suffer because of it. but I know from many hours on the phone over all of today have proved to be of no help so I found a few numbers and I think a massive amount of complaints to t mobile corporate offices are in order. so here is what I have, let them know what you think of the POS g2x and  the fact that tmobile wont authorize a alternate replacement handset

    1-877-290-6323 T-Mobile-America CEO 
    1-800-318-9270 TMO corporate offices. 
    1-425-378-4000 corporate office Bellevue WA   (ask for a customer relations executive)
    1-800-937-8997 customer care 
    1-888-666-4611 General Customer Service??? 
    1-877-606-4801 customer care (direct to a rep(no voice menu)) 
    1-866-464-8662 business accounts 
    1-800-375-1126 customer care for business accounts 
    1-888-573-6664 customer care for business accounts(5 lines or more) 
    1-877-254-7084 Special Account Care (the ONLY people that can make many changes to Employee’s accounts) 
    1-888-452-8105 activations 
    1-877-727-8778 consumer credit (for credit checks) 
    1-800-981-8563 hot spot customer care 
    1-877-369-4588 Wireless Data 
    1-800-256-9991 wireless tech 
    1-888-624-5173 risk assasment team 
    1-877-369-4588 tech support group 
    1-877-217-1335 tech support 
    1-505-341-7956 tech suppt non TF 
    1-877-207-8169 number transfer center 
    1-877-778-2106 t-mo to go 
    +1505-998-3792 International roaming

  • My first G2x shut down randomly. It then got stuck in an endless reboot cycle. I had to pay $20 warranty processing fee and wait 7 business days for another one. “Customer service- Sir, we don’t make the phone, LG does and we can’t be responsible for defects!”! Really? You resell it but can’t support it? My replacement phone has rebooted 3 times in an hour the second day I got it!! Complained to the BBB and got a call from the office of the “President”. I asked her to release me from my contract so I could find a competent company-she couldn’t help me either. What’s the point of replacing a defective phone with another defective phone?

    • Justin

      Tmobile doesn’t make phones! None of the people blaming tmobile understand these phones are manufactured by people OTHER THAN YOUR…. “service provider”… Do you get it now?? Tmobile is a service… A SERVICE provider. LG makes the G2x , I’m sure you’ve heard of HTC? (RIM) Blackberry? Microsoft? These people make your phones!!!!! I don’t understand WHY THE HELL! This is so hard to understand! If you have problems with your network out service then blame your service provider if you have problems with your device blame the DEVICE MANUFACTURE but before you blame anyone! Go do some research and by research I don’t meen go google it cause your just going to find a million other idiots blaming the wrong people when 9/10 they should be blaming themselves.

  • Javier: Hello Guest. Welcome to LG Electronics! How may I provide you with excellent service today?
    Javier: Hello there, how are you doing today?
    Guest: good
    Guest: and you?
    Javier: Fine, thanks for asking.
    Guest: I am having issues with my LG-P999 phone sold as G2X by T-Mobile
    Javier: How may I assist you today>?
    Guest: My first phone got stuck in an endless reboot cycle and was replaced after paying a warranty processing fee to T-Mobile.
    Guest: My replacement has now started rebooting from thre day I got it-this Saturday
    Guest: Do you have a fix for this -either hardware/software or firmware?
    Javier: I sincerely apologize that you are having this kind of inconveniences.
    Javier: I will be happy to look into that for you.
    Guest: ok
    Javier: Please check the phone current software version by doing Menu>About>Phone software>Software version.
    Guest: LG-P999-V10f
    Javier: I am afraid that the latest software version for your phone is LGP999AT-01-V10F
    Guest: How do I get that version? and will that solve the random reboot issue?
    Javier: I will suggest you to use the One Year Limited Warranty and mail the unit to our repair facility in Texas.
    Javier: Every LG phone has a one year limited warranty from the date of purchase, you will need to send the phone to LG, we will perform a cover to cover check on the phone to see what the issue is, if our technicians find any type of physical, liquid, or cosmetic damage on the phone then fees will be applied, at that point you will be notified via email or through a phone call, the warranty will not cover phones that are purchased through a non authorize LG dealer, if we determine that the issue is a manufacturer defect, the phone will be repaired or replaced by a certified refurbish phone, this process has a turn around time of 5 to 7 business days, from the day that our technicians start working on your device.
    Guest: So do I have to send you the phone before you send me a replacement?
    Javier: I am afraid that yes, that is correct. LG do not have any type of loaner plane.
    Guest: When will the software upgrade for this phone be released? I heard that that will fix the rebooting issue
    Javier: I am really sorry but there is no information nor an ETA for that to be available for customers.
    Guest: well, I will go with T-Mobile warranty-at least they ship you a replacement phone first before you ship them the defective phone. When my phone is not rebooting, I can still use it as opossed to not having a phoen for 7 business days!
    Javier: I do understand you.
    Javier: If you need any further assistance on the matter and you happen to chat back you may ask for me if you like or contact us at 1-800-243-0000. Thank you for your kindness and patience enjoy the rest of your day.
    Guest: Thank you-I will be making future purchases from a competent company like Motorola or HTC-no more defective LG’s for me!!

  • Djrezerekt

    all the problems being discussed here are fixed with the installation of cm7 or trigger 2x custom rooted roms If any users have any questions about how this is done then hit up my twitter @djrezerekt . I have my t mobile g2x running super smooth with EVERYTHING working as it should. LG are the makers of the hardware and t mobile only owns the towers the signals come from….the users of the android OS are the creators of the custom roms and they know what to fix and how to get the g2x up and running without a single glitch. Again…I’m available to help anyone with questions on how to update your stock software to a custom rom and have your g2x sailing as smooth as butter. My twitter is @djrezerekt 

  • Ashley-o

    Can someone help me? I was chillin at home, and picked up my phone to use it, and suddenly It would not turn on? I is not the battery because it was full, and its brand new, however, I have a Tmo no contract plan and im afraid this phone may not have insurance. It wont do anything. Tried taking battery out and all. Email me tips at ashleykg_2000@yahoo.com Thanks….

    • MarLo

      Ashley, Im not to sure but i think w/o insurance or contract plan you can still go through a manufacturer insurance for 1 year. You could try going through LG and see if that works

  • MC

    I have called in multiple times and they wont help me. They did blame it (reboot) on the battery and sent me a new one-but only after I signed up for phone insurance-that way I could avoid the $20 warranty processing fee for the phone itself!!!! WTF T-Mo?? Oh and i have my G2X charging all the ime-at home, in the car, at work-it’s no longer wireless!!! POS-no more LG products in my house even if their phones are the only ones that suck.

  • Waynetherealtor

    My G2X has no rebooting issues, but I have another problem.  I am finding it hard to believe that nobody else has this same problem.  My first G2X starting auto-dialing numbers from my call list when I would hang up on a call.  Occasionally the most recent call, but usually one a few calls back.  I re-powered the phone and it did not help. I was told by T-Mobile to update the software to the latest version and I did.  No help.  After exhausting all recommendations from T-Mobile Tech support they sent me a new replacement phone.  This one had the same issues of auto-dialing.  I removed the SD card to eliminate that a a source of the problem and the phone still was auto-dialing.  I was about to start eliminating downloaded apps when I lost my phone and had it replaced under insurance.  The new replacement (my third LG G2X) immediately started doing the same thing.  I did not have any chance to download any apps yet.  All phones used the latest version software.  The software version, SD card and Downloads were all eliminated as sources of the problem.  Three consecutive new phones had the identical problem.  The phone even auto-dialed while sitting untouched on a table top. I pressed “END” with one finger while the phone was on the table top and it ended the call and then auto-dialed another number. I have experienced this problem with 100% of the LG G2X phones that I have had.  Re-powering the phone does not help. T-Mobile and LG have both told me that they have no history of complaints with this problem.  They told me that after I personally have registered several complaints.  My complaints should have been in the database that they checked.  Has anyone else had this same problem?  

    • Gemini2699

      Yes I have the same problems and been dealing with them since I received the phone 4 months ago.. and this is my 3rd device, same model ..I’m dissatisfied with T-Mobile and in process of trying to cancel service,less term. Fees

  • Maire-Kate

    i just got my g2x today and it wont turn on i pluged it into the charger and it turned on for a few sec’s then turned right back off then turned on then turned off over and over again. i’m very pissed getting a replacement phone in a couple of days hope this one is better.

  • Justin

    Me and my entire family started a new family plan with tmobile and received four FREE LG G2x and they are amazing. All these “common” errors, reboots, and problems are all akin to ANDROID! I have my LG, an HTC EVO, and an old school google g 1 and I’m here to tell you the hardware is good, its the software os overlaying the device as an interface! All my devices have since been rooted and flashed with costume roms. I also have 3 ios (apple for you lamens) devices. Apples ios platform is the golden standard for the mobile world because of its pure reliability, battery power, and lack of issues but I am here to tell you every phone, computer, or anything running software will without a doubt have issues that need assessing. As the market continues to demand quicker releases of newer devices manufactures will continue to meet these demands with imperfect releases… Its normal. Its called UPDATES! Thank god for OTA! if you have an LG G2x hang in there and wait for a software update or talk to one of your nerd friends and get rid of the factory default android build. Get over your “customers always right” attitude and go learn something about android, go learn about your phone and quit googling all your issues to find other idiots who don’t know how to use there phones and adding to the mass histeria of morons commenting on stuff they know nothing about.

    • justin hater

      Hey moron, if you’re going go on downtalking to everyone with your 2 cents, then I suggest you proof read you crap before you post your comment. You are by far the worst speller, you idiot! Learn how to spell correctly! Download an app that spell checks your stupid rant!

  • Justin

    All you morons listen up! TMOBILE…. is a …. “SERVICE PROVIDER” …. They DO NOT MAKE PHONES! if you have an issue with your network or service blame tmobile, if you have a problem with your device blame the DEVICE MANUFACTURE Ie: samsung, rim, lg, htc

    why does NO ONE understand this… If your friend sold you a big screen tv that worked most the time but after you got it home after hours of use had problems are you going to blame your friend? Lets say this friend works at best buy, you going to blame best buy? HOW ABOUT YOU GO CALL PANASONIC OR RCA OUR WHOEVER MAAAAAADDDDEEE THE DEVICE…. God I’m tired of these idiots please send them a brain for christmas. Quit blaming everyone and do some research people! If all you do is find other people complaining to the wrong people about the same thing thats all you’ll get.

    • Dannythebaltimoron

       Wow…spoken like a true meathead. Yes, LG manufactured the device, but T-Mobile is responsible for a lot of the programming, thus shares responsibility for any software defects. As with your example citing a TV at Best Buy, large retailers custom order their own models. This is a less expensive way to offer price matching on the “same model”, as no other retailer can order the exact same custom model Best Buy or whoever gets. Thus, Best Buy would share the blame for defects with the manufacturer, as Best Buy would have provided some input as to build.

    • Today, I was informed about the defect. ONE FREAKING YEAR after I got my Gx2. As a 10+ customer, I feel betrayed. My current contract began around the time the phones were recalled by LG, and yet, T-Mobile STILL SOLD ME THE PHONE. Yes, they are the Provider, but they have a duty to not sell knowingly defective products. 

  • CellKing238

    Justin,  You are a fool and have an anger issue.  The fact is that T-Mobile is the facilitator of the sale of the equipment.  You cannot go to LG and buy the phone, it has to initially come from a service provider.  In addition, it is the software that is the issue which I notice your rant lacks mention of.  T-mobile does not support rooted phones or phones with other software.  So again you are limited to T-Mobile’s requirements.  T-Mobile sold the units after being made aware that their required software (droid x) did not work with the manufacturer they had their agreement with.  Upon notification by customers T-Mobile did not offer an option that made use of the value of the phone but forced customers to incur more than reasonable additional charges to make a change and finally would not allow them to drop the plan altogether without a cancellation penalty fee.  T-Mobile is responsible for this hardship and I believe is legally liable as the continued to sell the phone without warning customers of known issues that significantly impair the customers ability to use the T-Mobile service they were paying for, which is illegal in most states.  If there was an attorney who was willing to take on T-Mobile regarding the this issue they would surely find my assessment is with merit and T-Mobile would likely settle.  This does little for G2x owners who will likely missed many important and potentially life changing calls, have spent countless hours in angst, trying to restart or update their phones, etc.  In the end the attorney willing to take them on will earn the most and likely a few bucks will get passed to the owners who have since moved on.  But frankly, T-Mobile should be sued over it and should pay a large settlement and it should give them the brand tarnish they deservedly accrued. 

    For those who want a solution, it is simple: get rid of the phone quickly.  The update will never come as some suppose as it is not worth it for google, lg or tmobile to spend the time fixing a phone they have already moved beyond.  Alternatively, you can root it to some other os but remember T-Mobile will not support you and it does require moderate tech savvyness.