Deal Alert: Offers Blackberry 9780 And Samsung Galaxy S 4G For Free With New Lines Of Service

If the myTouch 4G sale through earlier this week didn’t grab your attention, perhaps the Samsung Galaxy S 4G or Blackberry 9780 will. The very same deal applies requiring the opening a new line of service or adding a line to an existing account with a two year contract to qualify. This offer is only good through and lasts through Sunday May 8th.

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  • Anonymous

    I hope they have deals like this when my contract is up.

    • Aerofanbig

      only new customers get deals like this. Tmo is done caring about its current customers and only wants to hook up new ones to overcome their contract losses.

      • Msjones0228

        Yeah and tey are about to lose me as a customer because they continue to give me the run around and all i’ve been trying to do is upgrade my plan to a contract because i am no longer under contract and i have told them every time i’ve called I can easily end my service and go to a different carrier and they still don’t care. I had a rep there tell me I had to pay a deposite to renew my contract and then another rep told me i had to have my current service disconnected wait a couple of days and then call back and get service again. WTH?????? I can’t stand them and of course online it doesn’t say for new activation only on any of their promotions…They need some serious training is all i can say

  • Will

    Sorry David to ask this again, but do you know if they are having any sort of Mother’s Day promotion (secretly I assume since there have been no adverts) Sunday? Thanks!

    Question for those of you who have the GS4G: Is it a good phone? I was thinking of getting one but I might just get the G2X or the Sensation next month.

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • Shardizzle

    Ummm can i upgrade with these phones