Watch The HTC Sensation Announcement Online!

Want to see the HTC Sensation announcement in full? Well you are in luck as HTC has posted 23 minutes of announcement glory. I’ll make this post nice and short so you can spend more time watching all things HTC Sensation.


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  • Really? If you are going to launch a badass phone like this…maybe get someone who is good at public speaking? Just a thought!

    • Anonymous

      He’s doing just fine, I understood what he was saying..

    • Anonymous

      He did just fine to me, go away.

    • jarjon76

      Nothing wrong with either guy. They spoke fine. Not sure what your complaint is.

    • He’s comprehensible.. I don’t know what you’re talking about.. at least it’s not the normal Asian guy that does the events, like the Thunderbolt announcement. (I’m Asian too.. and I can’t understand him.. even when my parents have an Asian accent speaking English..)

    • Not a complaint about his language ability but that they are boring! The phone is awesome and you want people up there getting you excited about the phone not ho hum this is our latest phone…. isn’t it great!

  • Tmoguy

    This phone isn’t getting me excited as much as the G2X. I wonder why?

    • i just pre ordered my g2x from walmart with overnight shipping. so here’s hoping for a monday unboxing….fingers crossed. i can’t wait till sometime this summer for a new phone. g1 plus cracked screen equals unhappy android user.

      • If I had an extra $150 or so.. (Seeing as the phone is $549.99 off contract from Walmart and lets say about 10% tax.. around 600.. without shipping..) I’d get one.. but I only have $450.. :( Waiting to find one on Ebay.. (for $450 of course.. or about)

  • WillG64

    I like the specs for the Sensation but only 1gb of internal storage? Damn we can’t get at least 8? SMH

    • mikeyo

      Get a microSD. Thats what they are for and they have faster r/w rates than internal memory.

      • sino8r

        That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. Even a class 10 sd card isn’t as fast or stable as internal memory.

    • Well 1Gb usable by the user.. anyways.. you have an SD card don’t you?

    • sino8r

      you mean 1 GB of RAM… morons

  • Going_home

    I must have one.
    When will it hit T-Mobile USA ?


  • I will be selling my Crappy S for this, op’s i mean Nexus S… I CAN”T WAIT!!!!!

    • TrollSeason

      Well thats what happens when you invest in a SamSUCK!! Beware Sidekick groupies… beware!

  • ATL Guy

    That 2nd guy looks like one of those maniacs Bond has to battle as he tries to take over the world and wipe us all out.
    I dont trust this guy.
    Keep an eye him for anything fishy.

  • RAP

    did anyone hear T-Mobile being mentioned?? cuz i sure didnt…

    • Mac

      does that matter? t-mobile announced it themselves.

  • TrollSeason

    I can’t wait til I have sex with this phone

    • Jake Quell

      you should definatley use protection

  • Trollhater

    This phone is very impressive on so many levels. I haven’t read anything yet about the sensation being compatibile with any other bands either. This could be the last great phone for T-Mo. Though i hope it’s a new beginning.

    • It is not compatible with AT&T bands according to the HTC website. 900/1700/2100 only.

      • Trollhater

        Considering if this deal goes through, it probably won’t come to fruition til possibly the middle of next year. I really feel this phone is worth a year or so of use.

        • Is it possible that it could have AT&T bands when it gets the T-Mobile brand, much like the Optimus 2x received when it transitioned to the G2X? I don’t know much about phones, but isn’t there usually a difference between European and US versions of the same phones?

      • Anonymous

        We better hope the disclaimers at the bottom mean that the Sensation has same bands as the G2X

        These free replacement phones will barely qualify as smartphones, much less high end phones like the Sensation…

      • Really? that’s unfortunate.. that’s definitely swaying me to the G2x now.. everything about the Sensation is amazing.. except for the Armv8 3rd gen Snapdragon.. but still it’s good enough with everything else being so amazing.. but seriously seeing all these devices with At&t compatibility then the Sensation without.. it doesn’t make sense.

        Also.. have you seen the Sidekick 4G unboxings? No Earphones.. so applies for G2x I assume.

  • Anonymous

    This will be a great device,but i’d rather wait for the SGS2 witch will be released in june on tmo.

    • SGS2 is actually pretty beast.. I’d get it if it weren’t for the UI and Samsung’s update history, and how (if it’s similar to the original) it uses an old filesystem (it’s file system right..? well.. anyways) which is slower.. which is why the original were so ‘slow’. I like how the texturized the device’s plastic, made it slimmer, more powerful.. and the hardware is just great… I’m not too tech savvy so the G2x for me.. supposed to be easy to root and it’s vanilla so I don’t need to till I have to.. (anyways enough with my pointless dribble)

  • Paul of modaco asked HTC and they replied that htc sensation will have a locked bootloader.

    • Anonymous

      ooooh, i’m scared, lol!

      • noone said you should be scared. i just pointed that out to the people who don’t want to support these tactics by the manufacturers. if you don’t root, no reason to comment.

        • Anonymous

          I was joking acting like I was scared about a locked bootloader. XDA can crack anything. That’s all i was saying. Of course I root, it’s automatic for me.

  • Why was the event so dead? It was a good 4 times I counted in the beginning where they should’ve clapped (they did it a iPhone announcements, & Google’s).

    • Anonymous

      its Europe what u expect? lol

      • lol. I been to Europe though & I don’t remember them being that dull though.

  • Wow! Thank you! I always wanted to write in my site something like that.

  • this is the best device so far from HTC

    • JM

      wrong… it’s the evo 3d

      • 19fonzy

        naw it’s this one

    • JM

      wrong… it’s the evo 3d

  • mind.symbols

    have you ever held your faith in someone or something you knew one day would make you proud, although everyone around never believed in them, when everyone around did not consider it good enough for them, well htc you have proven yourself and today i hope that those who never believed will believe.
    this is the first time i have ever gotten so emotional seeing technology prosper the way htc has prospered. htc and t-mobile you are family to me.

  • O0hmeng

    i want this f0ne