Even More Plus Unlimited Plan Canceled

Unfortunately there is some bad news for Even More Plus customers this afternoon as we just received word that the EM+ Unlimited Plan scheduled for launch at $59.99 has been canceled. For reasons unknown T-Mobile has decided not to offer the plan at this time. It was rumored to be a *very* quiet launch for the EM+ plan and as it turns out, it’s one of those things that never materialized from rumor (even so T-Mobile announced it in a press release) to reality.

In any event, the Even More plan launched this morning and is ripe for the taking!

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  • Sounds like an AT&T executive decided to thwart it.

    • whosaidwhat

      I don’t think it has anything to do with AT&T…They’ve been talking about getting rid of the even more plus plans for some time now. They even pulled it from t-mobile a couple of months ago.

      • Petesempra

        Your right T-Mobile can’t even speak to At&t.

  • MattMJB0188

    I successfully got this plan this morning so now what? Do I keep it? I hope nothing will get messed up??

    • mustang8918

      I just got this plan at 3:45 PM through the customer service chat window.

  • Rfgenerator

    Heard earlier today at T-Mobile Corporate… “yes, Mr. Stephenson, we’ll take care of that, very sorry about that Sir… We will be dispatching it into the memory hole right away…”

  • Errrr

    Hmm, I got it at 9am et and received my confirmation texts… This should be interesting to see if I keep it. I hope so because I gave up my grandfathered “MyFaves” for it.

    • Anonymous

      i was almost able to do the same. i was hesitant seeing as how if the merger goes thru, no-contract plans wont get grandfathered in…..but i guess Tmo just made my decision for me. im keeping the myfavs plan

  • Anonymous

    I was wondering why the change plan link was giving me an error when I tried to sign up for it. Ah well, I don’t ever come close to my cap now anyway.

  • It actually doesn’t surprise me, that plan made even the EMP family plans look overpriced.

    No, I don’t think this has to do with AT&T, if AT&T was running T-Mobile to that degree they’d have stopped T-Mobile from running ads ridiculing AT&T’s “network”…

  • i guess i will just keep quiet about it until its fixed at work.

  • Since this is a no contract plan I’ doubt T-Mobile is overly concerned about having to let people out of contract. This never showed up online in my account either. I have the 1,000 E+ which is more than enough.

  • Millerliteguy

    I got this plan this morning..I checked my account and it says this is the plan I have. Do you think they are going to change it on me.

    • tmocc

      i switched one my customers to this today, this was not communicated with customer care, at least not earlier today….youll get to keep what you have.

      • I’m pretty sure I was probably the very last person to sneak this in because as soon as I switched over to this promo plan and logged back in My T-mobile and seen I’ve been switched over successfully I came to TmoNews and seen this headline! but I’m still looking in My T-mobile and the option still available for people wanting to add a line to their EM+ account

  • Superjay73

    I’m an existing customer with 10 months left on a 2-year contract. Tried to add the EM Unlimited for $79.99 this morning. Was told this cannot be done without starting a new 2 year contract. No thanks. Grrrrr….

    • Anonymous

      all promo plan require a contract extension

  • Daryl Johnson

    I got it at 8am just called to confirm and representative said I’m all set. I wonder what happens next ?

  • Anonymous

    Smells like AT&T involvement here.

  • opiapr

    Magenta seems to be promoting a lot of things latelly just to change it at the last minute.

  • Anonymous

    just got back from the tmo store where they stonewalled me the moment i brought up that i wanted to change my plan to this. i almost didnt believe him….huge bummer

  • Sotl777

    I changed my plan this morning to the Even More Plus plan for 59.99, just called back and asked if I am still able to have it. They told me I was still getting it at the end of my billing cycle. I guess I will wait til next week and see, if I don’t get it, I will just port my number to verizon since im not under contract anymore wit t-mobile

    • Nexus guy

      Mine is effective today, I told them I didn’t want to wait. Ha ha ha

  • Trath90

    after reading this i just called and i still manage to get it! SO HURRY AND GET IT!

  • MattMJB0188

    I just called the T-Mobile Loyalty department and they confirmed this. The plan is still available to those who call in and ask for it until tonight. They will remove the plan from the system after today. He read exactly what this article had posted. Anyone who got the plan today will be grandfathered in. In my T-Mobile.com if you click on the mobile broadband tab at the top it should say: Promo EM+ 2GB 4G Unl DTT SP11

    • I hope you can. I spoke to a regular rep online via. chat because I’m busy with other things & he said he can’t help me with that & it’s not being l launching as planned like I said.

      • MattMJB0188

        Call the T-Mobile Loyalty department ASAP before they remove this plan. If you can snag it you can keep it for as long as you like.

        • Just did, they said they will let me

        • Gregtaylor1409

          How do you contact the loyalty dept??

    • I called to have it changed on Tuesday. They had the codes, but it wasn’t available yet, and my billing cycle ends on Friday, so they said they would just make the change then. I am assuming it’s not going to go through. If it’s not changed by Monday, I’m gone.

  • Rotor2k2

    Very dissapointing news from TMobile. :-(

  • Nexus guy

    Yep. Because I got it this morning lol

  • See this is why the AT&T deal is not good. I really wanna slap the people cheering for the deal being approved. This is the beginning of what’s to come if the deal is approved. Come on now… we had 5GB’s to throttling for the longest, then COINCIDENTALLY it goes from that to 2GB on the ‘new’ plans? Do you think that was accidental? I think not. Now, they cancel the keywords ‘Even More’ “PLUS” version of the unlimited everything plan. I’m getting really urked. I was gonna change to that plan when I got my new Optimus G2x Wednesday. This is bull.

    • Trath90

      how about u get the plan now and just buy ur phone later?

      • I’m not sure I can even get the plan at all. I wanted to wait until the date because I don’t actually own my account. My ‘guardian’ does because I don’t have credit, because I don’t use credit. So, I have to run it by her 1st because we are on a family plan together. I pay for everything with the exact money or debit, that’s just how I do. I’m against credit cards. Our plan started out as contract, then we switched to even more plus because I kept getting phones every 6 months or so, lol. & that still doesn’t take away from the fact that this is pure BULL!

        • Trath90

          ahh i see!! yeah thats a hassle right there!

        • Yeah it is, this is why I want my own plan. I’m 21 now. I need my own ish. I pay for my own stuff anyways.

        • iFartWell

          Lmao ur older than me and still have a “guardian”? Bwaaaahahahahahaaa dude you totally SUCK AT LIFE!!

        • Where the heck did you come from? I only called her a guardian because she’s not my parent. I actually pay for my own stuff. She just originally took over the plan because we been on the same plan since I started High school. You fail. I have actually had primary administration over the account for years. I basically change everything I want, I just had to let her know because we were on the same plan & it would effect her & that’s not fair. I pay basically most of the bill, make my own money, buy my own cell phones. Who’s buying a $500 LG Optimus G2x not w/ the assistance of a contract extension? I’ll wait for it… wait….. ok yeah, hush. I work, volunteer, drive my own car, learned to drive & passed the test w/in 2 weeks, work with upcoming artist, graphic design, video edit, work & worked with major company’s in which I have been highly praised, write poetry, I’ve completed 1 1/2 years of college & counting, honor roll, national honor society & so much more. Your life totally sucks that you had to try to throw in a negative comment at me when you don’t even know what your talking about, & the fact you NEEDED to make that comment because you don’t have any other relevance in life because that’s the only way you can build yourself up or make you happy. You can walk away with the remainder of what’s left of your life now.

        • Carlahotty45

          Wow ur still wack u dnt belive in credit cards? So I’m guessing ur not gunna build any credit? Wow I mean just wow I started building my credit when I turned 18 I’m now also 21 and my credit score is 783 . .. hpw are u ever gunna buy things like cars or a house?? Ur gunna need to have some credit u know that?

  • Tj

    i got it. somehow i talked to very nice lady an i didnt have to even talk to a supervisior

  • WD

    It’s Official. T-mob has gone and lost it’s damn Mind. Announcing plans and then cancelling them a day later, late night six hour deals for new customers only (Just hanging out on T-mobile’s twitter account page waiting for a chance to join America’s fourth largest network in the dark of night)

    Oh how I weep for thee oh crazy one.

  • Bam

    It was an unannounced plan that you never would have known existed if it wasn’t for this site. Stop bitching.

  • Jpg

    Whew!! got it this morning! and they told me i can keep it! EM+ Promo 4G Unl DTT SP11

  • Anonymous

    Well this must not be out of the system yet because I just switched my two Even More Plus lines to the promotional plan. She checked the system and confirmed everything was set up. (The call was a 12:30 PDT)
    Then she made it retroactive to my last billing period, so I saved some money there. Not significant, but a nice gesture, I thought.

    She broke down the plan as follows(FYI)

    No contract

    $29.99 unlimited talk.

    $10 Unlimited text

    $20 Unlimited data (2GB)

    Unlimited mobile to mobile. (T-Mobile that is).

    I was on an excellent rate before (Even More Plus Family) that was $154.12 monthly (taxes fees inc.)

    She said the bill will now be $131.34 (taxes fees inc.)

    Sidenote: If I went with MetroPCS premium 4G it would be $110 monthly for two lines. (Here in San Francisco 4G service has been rated acceptable). I probably won’t switch simply to save $21 monthly. Not worth the hassle.

    Bonus Comment: CSR had a heavy accent, so not sure where she was. But unlike other “furriners” she appeared very competent.

    Was on hold for about 19 minutes before they picked up the line. Total time on the phone: 40 minutes. That was a drag.

    • I did the same having two of these are cheaper than having a family plan sharing two lines. Got mine in before tonight as well

  • ThaDude

    So, why would you want this plan when its a NON-CONTRACT plan..you would NOT be grandfathered into it(unless i’m wrong. When/If AT&T gets a hold of it, do you think that you would get to keep it? Also, isn’t this plan very similar to mysimplemobile.com (simple mobile) which IS THE SAME AS TMOBILE, also runs the same network and is contracted through them. Anybody could just get their 60& unlimited EVERYTHING throttling at 5GB and have the same plan.. am I right ? Thoughts/opinions?

    Also, you do not get a subsidized price on a phone with this deal either, right ?

    • Anonymous

      I’ll work it out for you:

      — People on EM+ pay far less than subsidized customers. Over a two year period I pay about $260 less than you do. (Just this number results in the discount one gets for agreeing to a two year deal).

      — We can pay for phones over 21 months. There’s no interest on this “loan.”

      — While I pay $500 for a phone, for example, I keep them in really good shape and sell them on eBay for about $150 less than what I paid. So the phone is costing me about $10 to $20 monthly to “rent.”

      — While you are stuck with the same phone for at least 22 months (before the next discount) and you have to pay another $200 for a new phone at that time, I get new phones every six months. (And if I get a new phone for each line, I have two, that means I can get any phone that T-Mobile comes out with. I don’t have the pressure of trying to decide which phone I want.

      — There’s no contract. If I see a better deal elsewhere, I can leave.

      — Because I can cancel at any time, T-Mobile treats me better in terms of giving me credits, fixing problems.


    • Ash

      If/When ATT gets a hold of T-mo, I bet they will find a way to make you change your plans, best way is to just leave, I know, I like GSM too, but in USA there will be NO Choices anymore.
      I will go CDMA if I have no choice, and buy a cool Euro/Asia super phone for my travels!!!

      I will NOT go back to ATT! Vote with your wallets people.

  • Anonymous

    Note: If this was in error T-Mobile will either honor the deal it made with us, or it will send us a note saying the plan / promo was a mistake and simply retract it, effective the next billing cycle.

    In other words, depending on when they want to send notice, we can enjoy the savings.

    If not too many people got the promo price T-Mobile will probably just let up be since it’s not worth pissing us off.

    And if we said “Well to heck with you then, cancel my account!” T-Mobile will simply keep the plan in place. They are not going to lose your business over this error.

    So I would relax, anyone who got in on this deal. One way or another we will get to keep the plan.

    Note: Thanks TMoNews for posting this. I would not have known about it but for TMoNews covering the event.

    Bonus Comment: Although I was on 5GB throttling before and have now agreed to 2GB, I did not care. This is because on heavy Net use I activate WiFi. And there’s plenty of free WiFi when traveling. So 2GB should be fine for me.

    Moreover, I am fine with checking e-mail on EDGE speed. If I get throttled I can do without watching streamed video or movies on my phone.

  • Anonymous

    I should have known this was too good to be true. Simple mobile offers the same plan and they use tmobile towers.

  • Anonymous

    Update: Got two text messages, one for each line, saying “You recently changed the web plan on your T-Mobile account. If this was done in error….”

    So this deal is carved in stone. :)

  • mtsguy

    I got the emp plan it was still available to me

  • Xm_jdm

    It looks like calling and asking for a loyalty department supervisor will get you in on the plan. I called 5 min ago and asked for it. She initially said it was cancelled and that i couldn’t get in on it. I read off the memo and said that it’s being reported that it will officially be cancelled tonight. After being put on hold she reluctantly told me that I could get it but that my only window of opportunity was today only. And just like that I was signed up for it. Don’t give up guys! Keep at it! Very unfair of tmobile to pull this but be persistent. I called at least 10 times.

    • Anonymous

      Wow… good job. I told my CSR that I got an e-mail FROM T-Mobile offering the promo. She asked three times “so you got an e-mail” and I said “yes.”

      If she asked me to read it I was going to read off of TMoNews graphic announcing the promo. I didn’t have an e-mail.

      Gee, I feel so …. fraudulent. ;)

      • Gclayton86

        Hahaha. Smooth, man. I called the other day (4/12?) and tried to get on it. The guy was really helpful so he put everything in the notes. I called back today, and told the CSR that it had been offered to me as a loyalty thing from another CSR. BAM! I got on it. Unlimited Talk/Text/Web incl int’l for $72 after taxes.

    • Anonymous

      haha…when they meant available for a limited time, they weren’t kidding!!!! In TMO’s defense, promo plans can be pulled at anytime w/o notice…..Although it would’ve been better of TMO to not announce or even plan to launch a EM+ version of this promo plan. Why announce it then yank it the same day? They could’ve even backed out yesterday before the plan was scheduled to launch

  • Jeff Garrett

    I got the EM+ online.

  • Anonymous

    Well, at least hte EM+ plans with limited minutes will still be around… right?

  • yea well…my plan with tmo is about to be cancelled..how bout dat!

    • HeLLkAt31

      Yea Yea! so where you going now?

  • Eh-Eh

    I still have my EM+ 69.99/mo, 1000 min., 5G Throttle. I talked to a guy in a Tmo store today at about 2:00pm EST. He spoke as if that 59.99 plan was still available.

    I thought about switching for a second. Then I was like nahhhh. Dropping to 2G throttle to save 10 bucks? No thanks.

    • TrollSeason

      Thats the plan I had til this morning. I swap frequently between a BB 9780 and a MT4G sooo I’m going to try this $59.99 plan for a month and see if I can withstand the 2GB throttle and see how decent the speed is afterwards. If not, then eff it… I go back to payin $10 bux more. No biggie!!

  • TrollSeason

    Thats because you IDIOTS RUINED IT it by reporting pointless articles about it. Anyways I made the switch this morning and got the $59.99 Unlimited EM+ plan. No problems No hassles =D

    Sucks for everyone else though. HA, HA!

    • I’m pretty sure that this site had nothing to do with the plan being cancelled. Glad you were able to get in on it though

  • Jaygqitalia

    I just got off the phone with Tmobile and he said that there was a glitch in the system , and they just had a meeting on it. It will come sooner or later

    • Xm_jdm

      No. It’s been canned. You were lied to.

      • Jaygqitalia

        I called again and spoke to someone else , it was in the system and he gave it to me. He put everything in the notes. So if they try canceling it tonight, it has been offered and my plan has been changed. They will have to honor it.

        • Xm_jdm

          If you bothered reading the initial thread you’d see that it will be in the system until late tonight. It’s not being voluntarily offered to people.

        • Jaygqitalia

          Yes i ead that and im pointing out that if you call up and get the right person and ask about it , you will get it. Simple as that.

  • Jaygqitalia

    Actually I just called someone else at customer service and got it .. Went thru 59.99 unlimited everything even more plu

  • Nigel

    A regular visitor of the site. Just switched to the promotional Unlimited EM+ plan for $59.99
    Time 5:39pm EST

    • Ennui84

      What did you tell them on the phone to get them to give it to you? A friend of mine was going to switch but then saw this news and hasn’t called in yet.

      • Nigel

        No convincing was required….once I mentioned the plan “mentioned in the press release”, the rep was able to locate it in the system and applied it immediately.

  • sgerson04

    I got the $59.99 plan this morning, no problem… I checkt my account and now its changed to unlimited, hopefully they are not gonna change it back..

    • Change it back? You realize it was always “unlimited”, just not high speed after 2 gigs, right?

  • http://oi53.tinypic.com/34pj4go.jpg Enough said. Who’s jealous? So lucky I decided to switch my plan at 7:15 this morning, snoozers are losers.

    • LOL…

      I got mine this morning as well, and I think its a great plan.

  • Ennui84

    I switched this morning then saw this news about it being canceled. I called Tmo and they let me keep it :D

  • Zaf

    I was able to switch it online.Tmobile rep on phone kept on insisting that this promo has been cancelled or taken away so I logged on my account and did it online. hopefully it would be grandfathered even if they cancel this plan

    • MSalam11

      Doesn’t it list final price as $69.99 rather than $59.99? Weird.

      • Anonymous

        That might be the Even More version you are seeing. It’s $69.99.

        • MSalam11

          No it says my current plan is $49.99 while its actually $39.99. It does break down the plan as $59.99 an then when i go all the way to the last screen it says final bill is $69.99 even though right on top it says plan is $59.99. I am afraid to pull the trigger.

        • MSalam11

          Even more is $79.99 though.

  • I got it with the approval of my ‘guardian’ who actually has credit, lol. SCORE! :D. About to a lot of damage with that G2x Wednesday. Happy da*n birthday to me, lol.

    • D-HelpPlease

      u think the 2gb is enough???

      i called and spoke with a rep earlier and he says i rarely get to 1g and this month i am 900mb.

      i think the reason i dont reach 2gs or above is because im on this cheesy moto cliq lol and its far from a powerhouse phone so i cant view utube videos on it to much cause its slooooow.

      I imagine if I get this wonderful g2x i might need more, even with doing the tmobile data calculator 1hr a day streaming vids puts me way over 2gs ( not saying i will watch a 1hrs worth a day, maybe during the high of a new phone)

      im so confused!!? lol
      I mostly use my phone for browsing due to my limited goodies on the cliq.
      i tethere from time to time, but nothing major.

      help me out d, you seem well informed bout this stuff??

      • Fdfdf

        Wifi is your best friend at home buddy. Im also using the internet home on my phone and only use 5 mbs a month cuz everything is on my wifi lol

        • D-HelpPlease

          thank u too!

      • I mean it’s all a matter of preference. I actually don’t. I wish it was 10GB. But, the plan is so good it’s like why would I pass up on it. & I’m at home most of the time (I work from home & everything), so it’s like make use of WiFi. When I was using my 4G, I was mostly at home, & I’m like why? I had no reason to be using it when I have WiFi, & even then I didn’t make it past 400Mb’s. I use my phone mainly for downloading app’s, social networking, email, & IM. So, I get by. The occasional youtube vid’s as well. & it’s been stated average customers only use about 1 Gig.

        • D-HelpPlease

          Thank you much!

        • You’re welcome

  • Sharky

    Called – no question I was talking to someone “off shore”. No love – no plan….let the downhill slide begin.

  • Anonymous

    need quick advice. have the unlimited customer loyalty plan for $49, with texting and net its 80$. contract expired in november. have EM+ cue’d up online about to hit enter to complete the change. should i keep my old plan or move to EM+ not worried about equipment upgrades and subsidizing etc. MAIN CONCERN: what i read is once you switch to EM+ you cant switch back to EM. and with merger w/ ATT, will our EM+ be canned/forced to sign new contract with them, vs. keeping my old EM and potentially not having a problem when transition hits?

    Change to EM+ or no??? quick kids! :)

    • I would get the EM+ plan. I actually changed my plan today. I been changed from the loyalty plan, it was still too much & I wasn’t even using it all to the unlimited limit. & T-Mobile said like it’s been stated because my grandma said “don’t sell out to AT&T”, lmao. Even she don’t agree with the merger & she’s a AT&T retiree, lol. They said they they will honor our data plans by grandfathering them over to the merger, which they will. & the deal if approved like others said would take 12 months to be completely official & a few years for AT&T to actually make major changes. You should be covered, I say go for it. It’s a great deal.

      • Anonymous

        good call D, i just hope it doesn’t bite me in the ass when the merger happens, (ex. they say all no contract people will be sold off to a third party) any other input on this people?

        • Anonymous

          k just switched. still available online.

  • Anonymous

    did anyone get the EM+ for $59 on new activation today? i’m a tmo customer and was able to switch, but my GF wants to switch carriers ironically from ATT and wants this plan too.. so new tmo custmers get this plan today via store or customer service? or is this only available to current customers?

  • Anonymous

    I stopped by a T-Mobile store on my way to my PO Box. Talked to a CSR who was very knowledgeable. And he was more excited about anything T-Mobile than the owner of this site is. :)

    Anyway, I mentioned the Even More Plus promo and he said I was lucky to get it because it had in fact been pulled and he could not offer it to anyone.

  • NardVa

    You can still get the plan if you are a current customer and you log into your account to make the change online. Not sure how long it’s gone be there. T Mobile will probably let current customers continue to get the plan. Just no new activations.

    • I brought dip

      If I ever run into you I owe you a beer . Thanks man . Thanks big time : )

    • CheckThisGadget

      I was able to get on through a new activation.

  • MattMJB0188

    To those who got the plan are you able to view your usage in MyTMobile.com? Ever since I had the loyalty department switch me to this plan I am unable to view my usage by clicking recent use.

    • Jaygqitalia

      This is because it not taking affect till your next billing cycle. They cant backdate it or anything because it became available today. Mine starts the 15th

    • Nigel

      In my usage detail it says: variable/unlimited for minutes, messages and data. My plan apparently is in effect right now!

  • TonyJohns

    Still available online. Just added it a moment ago. Change will take effect my next billing cycle.

  • Guest

    Got this plan at 9PM EST. The CSR had to double check that the $59.99 plan was available.

    • Blogo1111

      I signed up this afternoon, then web failed for some reason, called back, they said plan was pulled, BUT would let me have it anyhow. Though I want a new phone and may sign a contract next week.

    • Guest

      11:32 PM EST, i got it too. I had to call three separate times but i managed to get a hold of someone that was willing to help. Mention the code in the press release if they say it is not an option or if they didnt know about it.

  • clint

    Was also able to add it online just a second ago!

  • I brought dip

    Yeah I was just denied . So much for running thought out the night . I went through the entire ringer on this . I even talked with a rep at a store earlier today that seemed to be familiar with this plan . I was going to take my time and pick out a phone . I really have a bad taste in my mouth . Even the first guy I talked to before I talked to a customer rep seemed to know what I was talking about. Amateur night . I feel much less concerned about the merger now . I could have got this treatment from AT&T .

    • JAY

      Just call up t-mobile until you find the right service rep who will do it. Mention the press release and would like to jump on the offer. Maybe you will get lucky.

  • I brought dip

    nevermind I just changed it online .

  • Mrblue718

    Does this plan work for anyone who has a blackberry?

    • MattMJB0188

      Yes, I have a Blackberry Bold 9700 and I have this new plan. Just call in and ask for Loyalty but do it SOON!

  • Mrblue718

    I tried adding the plan online but it says the plan is not compatible with my phone. I guess its because I own a blackberry bold.

  • TmoNews & the community matters. If it wasn’t for you all, I wouldn’t have been able to get this amazing plan.

  • MattMJB0188

    Ok can people with this plan log onto mytmobile.com and try to see their usage. Doesn’t work for me.

  • Guest

    Called in couldn’t do it. Went on-line and did it. Says it will take effect my next billing cycle. We will see.

  • MattMJB0188

    Yeah they said it wouldn’t take effect until my next billing cycle to until I called back.

  • Mrblue718

    I was able to get the plan online and it says it wouldn’t take effect until the next billing cycle. Hopefully it goes through.

  • HAHAHAHA. Told you. Now I pay the exact same price on Flex Pay as a contract customer. I pay $79.99 for Unlimited Talk, Trext and Data on Flex Pay/Even More Plus..After taxes its $92.46 ..So where is the bargain?? FML

  • Johnny B

    Hey guys, I just managed to sign up for the $59.99 EM+ plan through customer service so don’t give up. Just mention you saw an official press release from them yesterday AND you know of people that managed to sign up today b/c they will say it is not being offered any more or it is not released yet.

    Signed up @ 11:50pm ET.

    Good luck all!

  • Guest

    Data doesn’t work on a newly activated SIM card… do I need to wait for the next billing cycle?

  • NardVa

    1:36 PM EST / Current customers can still make the change online .

  • Johnny B

    Was gonna wait but after I read this I had to call and get my EM+ $59.99. Thanks tmonews, wouldn’t have known about the plan even though I am a T-mobile customer. What’s that about, hush hush word of mouth marketing is annoying.

  • Anonymous

    well 1:03 am Central Time, and it appears the $59.99 em+ is gone. luckily i changed my line, and added a line for my woman since she couldn’t get anywhere on the phone with customer service. lets see how this pans out. basically customer service tried to screw my woman by saying they will run this promotion for two weeks but their systems have a glitch so she can call back tomorrow to order it. bullshit i say. ah well lets see what other stunts tmobile pulls. and i’m still waiting for an announcement on a 3D PHONE! LOL

    • Jayq330

      You sure you she didn’t call at&t? Sounds just like them to me! ;)

      • Anonymous

        lol she might has well have. She got the run around, they put her in the wrong plan, unlimited talk for $49.99. then she called back, they said they’ll make a note on the account to change it, and then she demanded it be changed right now, she kept being put on hold, the guy told her “oh call back tomorrow and we can change it, the promotion is 2 weeks long.” i told her hell no you’re not calling back. she got on the phone with manager and they said “we can give you the plan when you call to activate your sim, we just have a “glitch” in the system right now and there is no way to enter your plan in right now. but when you call back when you call to activate your sim, we’ll put a note to give you that plan.” right, its gonna be the same bullshit where they say oh sorry we can’t make that switch its not available. so we will see what transpires. i added another 59$ EM+ line to my account in case they try to F her over which i assume they will. but looks like ATT customer support is wearing off on TMO. its a sad day.

        • Anonymous

          oh and btw, she was switching from ATT to tmobile..oh the irony. at least i won the battle of getting her to get rid of iphone and move to android. +1 for that.

  • Djanthonyjimenez

    they JUST changed the price online

  • Allwayshappy95123

    I called the customer service earlier yesterday morning and they lied to me and said they did not offer it and that it was canceled. I am so pissed I will complain and demand they give me the plan or I’m leaving.

    • tsmith83

      Lied? It WAS cancelled.

    • Jayq330

      Assimilation has begun & if they’ve been “turned” to at&t enough, the threat of leaving will only lead them to show you the way out along with a early “we’ll need you’re cancellation fee asap” witch I hope it hasn’t gone that far!

  • nyctmo

    I called in early yesterday morning and I get hooked up with t-mobile with the new plan for 59.99 unlimited everything, (hohooo it rocks) my billing cycle started today and everything is working like they said it would!!

    Good luck to everyone trying to get this awesome deal!!!

  • AC

    Wife called in last last night ~11 pm EDT and got the deal. She still had 2 months left on her contract and was not charged an early term fee. Still feelin’ the love, Tmobile!

    • Jayq330

      They wouldn’t charge you a early cancellation fee because she osnt cancelling anything. She just changed her plan, they might of renewed her contract for another 2 years. When the $70, 1500 minutes +unlimited everything was released I switched to that plan with no penalties either but had to renew my contract & that was 6 months into my contract that I switched plans.

      • AC

        The EM+ plan is off contract. So it was nice of them to let her switch from an existing contract plan to an off contract plan while she still had 2 months left.

  • Bossusa

    the plan is off the Tmobile website, and now shows up under $79.99… I wonder if they will keep $59.99 for the ones that switched.

  • Mattmjb0188

    Those that got the plan, what is it showing up as in Mytmobile.com? Mine just says Even More Plus Unlimited Talk + Text + Web. Yesterday it said Promo EM+ 2GB Unl 2DD SP11 I think. Just curious?

  • TmoUserAtl

    Mytmobile shows Even More Plus Unlimited Talk + Unlimited Text + Unlimited Data $59.99 for me. However, this is still a pending change for me waiting for my current bill cycle to close next week.

  • Anonymous

    My new plan has shown up on MyT-Mobile. If you are wondering what your page should (or will) show, I posted a screenshot of my page.


    It may have shown up on my T-Mobile page because the CSR made the plan effective March 23, 2011.

    Note: This is a change because before I had an Even More Plus Family Plan, meaning there was one plan, not the two individual plans indicated in the linked graphic.

    For those where it’s not showing up, perhaps if it does not show on your account page it does not kick in until the next billing period?

  • 5421343

    T-Mobile must go to hell.

  • Nana4952

    I called CS yesterday afternoon, after trying multiple times at My T-Mobile but getting an error message. I was able to get the $59.99 deal which will go into effect 4/15. I got a text message from TMO indicating the change, as well as the plan page at My T-Mobile shows “Even More Plus Unlimited Talk + Unlimited Text + Unlimited Data $59.99 pending changes to your plan and/or service that will take effect at the start of your next billing cycle,04/15/2011.” Sounds good to me.

  • Anonymous

    It showed up in my my-tmobile page, last night. But depending what phone I said I had, I would get a message saying the plan is not compatible with my phone. It seemed like I got that for the more powerful smartphones, like the Vibrant (I actually have a Nexus One, which was not in the list of available phones). When I switched to a Motorola feature phone (forget which one) it then let me select the plan. Then I got the message saying it would start at my next billing cycle, which is in two weeks.

    So I called customer service today and then set the plan up to start today (and it’s working). I couldn’t really tell if they cared that I have a Nexus One or not. I also asked some questions about the plan and it sounded like they’re not offering it overtly, but using it as a retention enducement (perhaps for people like us who thought we’d get it only to have the plug pulled at the last minute). It was not clear to me if you could sign up for the plan as a new customer or not (sounded like not, but was a bit vague, so maybe enough begging and maneuvering would get it).

    Yesterday when I called the customer service person said the plan just wasn’t available. So it all seems cagey and confusing.

  • Anonymous

    This plan was highly anticipated. It’s a shame they killed it off.


  • Mattmjb0188

    I’m sorry to all those who couldn’t get the plan. I do see T-Mobile removed it from the system. Lately they’ve been very sneaky. First we have 3AM phones for FREE??? Then they decide to pull the plug on the best plan ever because it was gaining popularity or for whatever stupid reason. Maybe they did in fact realize it was too good? The Loyalty plan can’t hold a candle to it. I just wish everyone who wanted it could get it.

  • CheckThisGadget

    I wasn’t able to get the plan at the store, but I was able to get the plan through calling the sales department and starting a new account.

  • CheckThisGadget

    I wasn’t able to get the plan at the store, but I was able to get the plan through calling the sales department and starting a new account.

    • Mattmjb0188

      Today? If so, that’s awesome!!!

      • CheckThisGadget

        Called and set-it up last night at about 11pm CT since I read that some people were able to get on the plan. Decided to take a chance and everything worked out perfectly. I just told the rep I wanted to get on the plan and he knew exactly what I was talking about.

        Just checked my order # just to make sure and indeed it has me down for a new SIM card with unlimited everything for $59.99. So I would tell people to keep trying.

    • Deonleeone

      Is there a family plan of this?

  • JAY

    I changed mine to 59.99 last night and received a text today saying ” We made the change you requested to your account effective april 15th. So hopefully tomorrow its there =]

  • Anonymous

    anybody get a phone call from tmobile saying they are reverting the $59.99 plan from their account? my friend got a call from tmobile this morning. i hope they aren’t calling everyone. if they do and change it it’ll be bullshit.

    • Berserker

      Didn’t get that, but I signed on to EM+ online on Wednesday, showed online through yesterday as $59.99. My billing cycle starts today, and the plan is showing as $89.99 on my.t-mobile.com.

      If they pull it from everyone, I’ll be disappointed, but if they don’t, and I don’t end up on the plan I signed up for, I’ll be angry. Will wait until the end of the day before I call CS to get the $89.99 thing corrected.

      • JAY

        Just called t-mobile today because thats when the plan was suppossed to start for me , and the girl said yes it has been changed over and im paying 59.99 a month. 74 with taxes and insurance. She said I was lucky to get that plan because its already canceled and was only available for a day. It also changed over on my tmobile.com account. Looks like everything is good.

  • Minioninnc

    Finally after 3 times of calling T-Mo, I was finally able to get this put through on my line. The first time I called was the day of and was told this was now on my account. I checked back online, and still not there, called again, was told it was on there, no confirmation was sent to my phone showing there was a change, called today, and was told it was the normal price of $79.99, which I told the guy, no. He checked in with a supervisor and this now on my account. Like someone else said, be persistant. Even the guy said this was a short promo, and I was able to get in on it, now it does show on my account. So I am in! Finally!

  • I called the day of the launch and argued with them because they claimed they knew nothing about it and only found the newer unlimited everything for 79. I told them the promo code and said cancel my account then because this is bullshit, then she “found it”. When I log in it says “View Pending Changes” and then shows the unlimited all for 59.99

  • Nana4952

    I signed up for the 59.99 plan the day it was available, and it was showing as “pending” at the promo price at My T-Mobile. The day it was supposed to take effect, there were problems with the web access portion, CS folks took several steps to try and rectify the problem, including “removing” the plan and reentering it! Three different CS reps absolutely swear to me that their computer shows my account with the Even More + Unlimited Talk/Text/Data plan for 59.99. However, on My T-Mobile it does show that plan but with the charge of 79.99. I guess I won’t know for sure until the next bill comes out, but I told them I AM NOT paying 79.99 for what I signed up for at 59.99 BEFORE they took it off my account and supposedly put it back on 2 days AFTER the promo was canceled, and that I would drop them in a heart beat if need be! Geez Louise, why must everything be so complicated?

    • dj

      I just got off the phone with a T-Mo spvsr because I logged into my accnt today and saw my Plan at 89.99 even though I signed up and agreed to 59.99 plan on Wed. Theyve now cancelled and revert me back to my contract free 1000min per mnth plan I was on before. very dissatisfied

      • Bossusa

        mine shows up as $89.99, spoke to CSR, states that i will only be billed $59.99, that is $29.99 + $10 test, and $20 web. multiple customers reports same error of $89.99

  • Minioninnc

    Well here we go, it seems I am the first to comment on this. Yesterday (Sunday the 17th) I noticed that my weather widget hadn’t updated since Saturday night at 11:16pm. From there, I tried updating, no go. I had a new person txt me, tried saving their number to google, again no go, it kept changing their name back to their number. After this, I tried accessing the net, sent me to this page that said I needed a data upgrade. So from there I called customer service, they said they way it looked, that I didn’t have data, so they transferred me to tech support, this woman told me she thought I needed a new 4G sim card to go by a T-Mo store and pick one up and they will hook me up, that everything on my plan was right, data, everything. So today I go to TMo, get there, new sim card, installed, still no net. Had to redo google, couldn’t sign in there, no market, nothing. The guy from there went into all the options on my plan, my data had been turned off. And there was no way to turn this back on. He calls customer service, stays on the phone with them for nearly 20 mins arguing with them, they said that this plan had been recalled, and it would not work with the phone I have, MT4G, that I would have to go back to my EM+ unlimited, he argues more, that this is not right, that I was given a rate plan for $59.99 and that they have to honor the cost. They said they can’t override the system, that this was a error, it progressed to the supervisor of the call, again, no go, his supervisor was on the phone with them to TMo supervisor, still no go. From there it went to Customer Loyalty, and I was on the phone with them this time. I was told I had to go back to my 79.99 plan that they were trying to work out the problems with this plan, that I was never to of been placed on this plan, that everyone would be losing their data service that was on this plan and they would have to make the call to get back online with this. So in the end, I told her that she has to give me a $20.00 credit, which she did, I asked about next month, she said she didn’t know, she could only do this one. I said well on May 18th if this is not worked out, I would be calling again for her to put it in the notes. So in the end, what out everyone, your F-ing is coming. Has anyone else had this problem yet? Get back to me if you will.

  • Minioninnc

    I think its all BS, thats for sure. Did they tell you that they are working on the “fix” for this?

    • So far the plan was added back and has stayed there, I even was able to log in and select the “Account Events” section and see that it was added on the 18th and take more screen shots as well as print it out. If they try and pull something again I will have more proof now and a stronger case. If they screw me over i will sue and switch, I won’t stand for their BS lies and bait and switch.

      • Bossusa

        it will show up as $89.99, but you will be billed $59.99, confirmed with CSR.

      • Hi, John (and everyone). Were you having trouble accessing data services from your handset? My plan takes effect on the 23rd of this month. I remember seeing that the plan was added with the 4G Unlimited plan for my Android device, both to take effect on the same day. However, I no longer see the 4G Unlimited part of my plan. The promo plan is still scheduled. I guess I will see what happens.

        • Minioninnc


          My data worked for about a day and a half, then nothing other than talk and text would happen. When I called in the first time, the CS girl said I am not on a data plan, that, that was the problem, I said no, I have data, and she looked again, and then transferred me to Tech Supp, this was the girl that told me I needed a 4G card was all. That I had data and everything. Well the next day at the Tmo store, no data was on my phone, as was on the screen that I saw under my services. So they did turn me off, and the only way to get back on was to go back on the old plan. Supposedly til they get this “fixed”. I wouldn’t hold my breath that it will stay on there, or if it does, your data will most likely fall off. What doesn’t make sense is it took a day and a half to drop, which they will shut your data down and turn it on within 2 hours. So this has to be a system glitch as they said. So who knows. All I know now is there is really no reason of buying your phone unsubsidized thats for sure since we are now equal with contract people. This is BS!