HTC Posts HTC Sensation Promo Video

Want more HTC Sensation news this morning? Well we’re hoping to get some hands on video out of the London event from those in attendance a little later today. Right now however, enjoy the introductory videos HTC has posted and start saving your pennies!

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  • This looks amazing! Now idk if I should get this or the Sidekick 4G?!?!

    • Anonymous

      You know your gonna get flamed for asking that lol not by me though, I just say it depends on what your looking for.

      • LOL I know! Suckers! but I really do like both phones. The Sidekick is the bomb to me, and I had the HD2 with Android on it and I loved BOTH phones! It’s so difficult for me to choose!

        • Anonymous

          Lol I hear you I like the sk4G too I think its a nice change of pace. I haven’t had a phone with a keyboard in like two years and I do miss it sometimes, and the SK4G’s keyboard is looking good, like the old sk’s

        • Yeah, I guess I’m just gonna see how it all works out when it releases!

      • Anonymous

        Rrrrroasted LOL!

    • RedColaCan

      the SK 4G feels too plastic… wait thats bc it is! The 5 row keyboard is nice though and the lack of camera flash stinks

      • Hey! I like plastic! And yeah the lack of camera flash really does suck but Samsung does have pretty good camera. Maybe i’ll get the sidekick NOW and then save up for the Sensation when it comes out.

      • Anonymous

        So you’ve demo’ed the new sidekick?

    • DiMartini

      Do I buy the Ferrari (Sensation) or the Pink VW Bug (Sidekick 4G)? That’s essentially the question you just asked. If your 13 and want to impress your fellow junior high classmates then get the Sidekick. That phone is pointless. If you really need a slideout keyboard you probably wear velcro shoes because tying them is too complicated.

      • Adrian Balansay

        LOL you are too funny! I really do like the Sidekick though. I’ve had all of them and they just appeal to me more because of the slide out keyboard. And then i’ve had the HD2 with android on it and I was absolutely in LOVE with it. So it’s really hard for me to pick and choose because they are both upgraded versions of the phones that I LOVED!

      • jarjon76

        Your smugness aside, you should learn the difference between “your” and “you’re”. If someone like the Sidekick, what does that matter to you? Phone snobs amuse me.

      • Anonymous

        HEY, there’s nothing wrong with velcro shoes. They are extremely convenient and sometimes you can find the ones with lights in em!

      • Anonymous

        Glad you bitch slapped him. A tmonews article about a new device may mention a new feature 5 times and some commentator will still ask if the device offers that feature.

        • Okay there’s no bitch slapping going on here, and you might not be referring to me, but just in case you were, I didn’t ask for any features on either devices, so I have no idea where your getting your information from.

  • Humpty4321

    Mhm.. Htc is bigger full touch screen and 8mp camera.. And dual core the sidekick isnt only 3mp 3.5 in screen I dont like the sidekick myself but my girlfriend cant wait til it comes out shes been inlove with it since ive told her about in late feb early march

  • Acezeonpilot

    noooo and i had my heart set on the g2x

  • I’m sorry G2x, i really am, but it just wasn’t meant to be. It almost was though. Almost

  • Well, looks like this is the one I’m getting :)

  • Anonymous

    I’m just going to have to get them both. Can not help myself. This phone is just sensational, that’s no lie. These specs are a phone geeks dream. Great job T-Mobile, and you want to leave us, please stay.

  • Anonymous

    I’m just going to have to get them both. Can not help myself. This phone is just sensational, that’s no lie. These specs are a phone geeks dream. Great job T-Mobile, and you want to leave us, please stay.

  • Je’ral

    I want this phone bad!!!!

  • Anonymous

    SAD! that all these days i was excited that this device coming to US Tmobile but it turns out stupid UK getting it.won’t give up though cuz this device maybe the next MyTouch for T-mobile.

    • Dreamexecution

      it was announced for T-Mo USA

      • Anonymous

        ohh yea thanx.i checked and im excited now :)

    • zebra

      What the helll are you saying?! Lol

      Womp womp womp!

      • Anonymous

        dumb dumb dumb dumb

  • emobile86

    Tmo Markerting department….. Take some pointers! They even have the liquid Magenta transforming in to the phone!

  • I bet you that mere days before this comes out T-Mobile will announce the ‘Galaxy S 2’. lol

    • ohhyehh

      Lol pretty much tha same feature

  • Brent

    So is that an LED notification light I have seen? I was all set to go G2x since it is vanilla android, but I think I may slide it on until the Sensation now. I’m now telling myself that this is more likely to get Cyanogen.

    • I can’t speak to the likelihood of the Sensation getting Cyanogen, but I read that there’s already testing going on for a G2X/Optimus 2x port of CyanogenMod.

      • Prod1702

        Cyan is buying the G2X so you can beat he will want to have CM on the phone

  • ohhyehh

    Is there tv out for this or hdmi?

    I mean we don’t really need this but it would be cool to have it.

    • Anonymous

      Maybe it has HDMI, maybe it doesn’t.

    • yes it has HDMI out but in the micro USB…..which mean you will need an adapter…….

    • Ray

      It has MHL-enabled micro-USB port. You can use the port for either USB or HDMI connection.

  • Wunako

    *sigh idk im really tempted to sell my G2 for the sensation i dont like the name but this phone is amazing what to do lol

    • Anonymous

      We are in the same boat….

  • Andreahenderson23

    Damm I admit this looks like an awesome phone I wudnt mind dumping my att atrix 4g for this .but then again no cuz my girlfriend has a t-mobile samsung galaxy 4g and while her samsung phone is an awesome phone internet is faster than my att atrix and all but t-mobile reception is crap inside buildings and since I spend most of the time in a hospital because I work in one only at&t and verizon have reception inside elevators and all the way to the basement and work fine to make calls while t-mobile and sprint crap out and don’t work at all i kno lw because i took my girlfrienflds t-mobile phone to work once and it was frustating and also this guy that works with me has sprint and it never works .So I guess ill be staying with my att atrix which I kinda hate cuz of the motoblur and all but at least I have reception inside buildings.

    • Anonymous

      How about punctuation? And what’s the point of your post? You don’t need to justify your purchases to anyone. We would have all been better off not reading your paragraph, I want my 60 seconds back.

      • Carlahotty45

        I agree that lady with the atrix has errors of spelling errors . But I am in the same boat as her. I also have an atrix 4g and while I also hate at&t because its expensive and the upload speeds in the atrix are crap and I also hate that horrible motoblur I’m sticking with them because I noticed over here in los angeles at&t can pretty much hold a signal inside many buildings while t-mobile craps out . Also some peole talk a lot of smack about at&t but I noticed over here in los angeles at&t and verizon are the same in reception inside buildings they both work great while t-mobile and sprint don’t work at all. And it sucks because I noticed that lately t-mobile has been announcing all kind of good phones like this one and the g2x. But I had t-mobile before a mytouch 4g and reception inside buildings was kinda sucky I would get 0-1 bars while att has 3-5 bars. So yea why the hell can’t at&t get awesome phones like this one? ? Gosh I am pissed off. All I want is a good looking phone with good specs like this one on at&t. Because I like having reception. But still it suckz cuz most likely at&t will never get a phone like this one ..

        • Anonymous

          What is up with Atrix owners coming over here today???

          And seriously, you have an atrix and complaining about lack of good phones on AT&T?
          AT&T has had the iphone, Atrix and Inspire! All these years we yearned for a 4.3″ Android phone and you had many good phones on AT&T, including the iphone. No sympathy for you!
          It’s our time to shine now and I am pretty sure AT&T will keep getting good phones.

          Do not talk about poor phone selection on AT&T and go enjoy that great indoors reception.

        • Carlahotty45

          Ok I know what u mean and I’m happy for u t- mobile customers I really am happy believe it or not. Because us at&t users always get screwed over by at&t.yes we have good reception inside buildings but the thing that pisses me off is that at&t does things like slow down our upload speeds and overcharge us and there customer service is crap they always lie to us.

        • ATL guy

          Were here for you buddy…let it out!!
          Let go of those scary feelings….
          You can do it
          We are proud of you!

      • Galaxylover

        I didn’t make it through his paragraph. Punctuation would have helped a lot.

      • ATL Guy

        I think you should take an internet posting a little more serious.

    • ItDoesntMatterWhatYouThink

      have u ever heard of WIFI ….

  • Manusferrera

    now these need to be the commercials that tmobile uses not some carly video being all nice and cater to teenagers. this badass phone deserves badass commercials ie verizon.

    • ATL Guy


  • nice. sleek.
    still no keyboard.

    • Cybersedan

      Why would anyone want to destroy the beauty of this phone with a hardware keyboard?

      • Does one buy a smartphone for cuteness?
        Or because it offers the features one needs?
        Better stay with the Hello Kitty models then.

  • can the mytouch 4g get the new htc sense

  • AimHi

    “Summer” is rather vague! By the time the Sensation finally drops there’s gonna already be something new worth waiting for. Get the G2x or Sidekick or whatever else tickles ur fancy.

    • TrollSeason

      Sorry, but the Sidekick has NOTHING on this beauty. I prefer a keyboard too, but this SENSATIONAL device makes the Sidekick look like a JUNIOR!!

  • ATL Guy

    TMobile FINALLY get its first really good phone after how many years of the other carriers making tmobile its biotch??

    • Polaris

      And the MT4G isn’t a good phone? Better specs than most of the android handsets out there. In fact neither the G2X or the Sensation will have as much RAM as the MT4G

  • LowDrag

    Does it have a flash?!

    • Yea, if you look closly, it has Dual-LED Flash

  • TrollSeason

    Well MyTouch 4G, its been fun… but it appears that I have found someone else. Someone else that is very SENSATIONAL!! You right along with the BB 9780 will soon be put on the market for $250- $300 a pop. Its time to move on…. so sorry!

    Xperia Play right along with this HTC Sensation… yup… I found me a new summer-long ORGY!!

  • Minioninnc

    Wonder what the price will be?

  • Damn! From the original Mytouch 3g to this or LG G2x im in for a real treat!!

    I see allot of people complaining about their Atrix, Vibrant, G2, HD2, and even the Mytouch 4g be glad you at least got to taste handsets with some high end! I’ve been dealing with this laggy ass phone since it came out! The froyo update only made this phone run worse! Cyanogen mod 6 made it a bit better, but still not good enough.

    Well I’m really exited that T-Mobile is finally stepping up their game.

    So who’s going to wait 2 or 3 more months for this? Or who’s going for the LG G2x? I’d like to know :)

    • Anonymous

      I’m waiting, but trying to forget how great it was using the Vibrant and HD2 (with FroYo installed).

      Besides, waiting seems to have significant rewards for those who don’t jump at the first nice T-Mobile 2011 phone. Come July there will be some really nice phones to choose from. (S2 will probably be announced if not debuting by that time.) So there will be four to five nice handsets to mull over.

      Maybe I’ll buy one of those $75 counterfeit iPhones to tide me over. At least can CONTINUE to pick up girls at the supermarket, that is, after “flashing” my high tech gadgets.

    • pereiracraig

      I’m in the exact same situation. Still chugging away with a myTouch3G, and was eyeing the Optimus G2X for months now. Then heard about the HTC Pyramid (now named the Sensation), and I have always wanted a 4.3″ screen. But from what I’ve researched, the Tegra2 seems like a better chip than the dual-core Snapdragon that this carries. So I’m definitely going with the G2X.

  • Minioninnc

    Wonder if T-Mo will burn us a new one like Verizon does their guys on the T-Bolt?

  • To wait for this or get the G2X? I cant handle my crappy CLIQ XT much longer….

    • Anonymous

      CLIQ? LOL… you are almost in as bad a situation as I am in.

      I sold my Vibrant and HD2 in anticipation of getting one of these hot superphones (if I stay with T-Mobile).

      So I dug out my old G1 (that still looks like new) and am using that. OMFG is it tough using that “antique.” I thought since it is rooted and has Android 1.6 on it, that would be something, but once one is used to 2.3, a fast processor, and a 4″ (Vibrant) or 4.3″ (HD2) display it’s difficult to relive old times, specifically December 2008.

      Tough call on buying now or waiting. Since I assume this would be a major purchase, I’d wait until July. HTC seems the better phone. Besides, 2.5 months will zip by.

      • Haha luckily I have mine Custom ROMed to 2.1…. But its suppperrrr glitchy. But id rather have 2.1 then 1.5. But its supper slow, and reallly want a new phone. But I HOPE I’m patient enough to wait for this.

        • Try Froyo4Trout it’s the official 2.2.2 for HTC magic (the keyboardless HTC Dream/G1) I have been running my G1 since December 2008, and have been using it since August, it’s really stable, though I had to install it a second time moments after my first attempt, I think there was an issue with my usb cord.

          It works great, but the lack of Memory is a real killer for the G1 as we all know, still it has a 5 row qwerty, which I’ll miss, but for Qualcomm’s new dual core with the new adreno 220 (~2x the performance of the G2, 4x the performance of Nexus ONE and light years beyond the G1’s GPU) this has been the phone I’ve waited for ever since they released the G2, I am actually using My G1 with F4T (official android specs for our hardware 2.2.2) and my fiancee’s G1, since I upgraded her’s to a G2 for xmas for free… though it’s a 1.6 android build, my phone seems so much better then her G1 but so far behind the G2 it almost makes me cry haha.

          This phone is the true step up from the Nexus ONE (an HTC phone) the only real issue here is Sense, but I’ve heard it’s the best of the Android Mods, and 3.0 certainly looks pretty smooth, this thing is a beast though and I’ve heard the Internal memory is 4GB’s and that the sheet is a Typo… I know 1 thing though, it will make my wait well worth it, as the width of this phone is much closer to 4inches than the Evo’s 16×10 screen.

          Good luck with your Froyo 4 Trout Rom, I love it, with some overclocking you can even push the G1 to 650mhz without a problem, though I’ve left it at 528mhz since G1’s battery is actually a Hamster on a wheel that is also 3 years old.

      • Bxcutie4life2001

        omg me 2 i’ve been waiting forever for the optimus 2x/g2x to come out and now that it’s finally coming out they wanna excite me with this news! i was already planning on ordering the g2x on friday and now 3 days b4 this is the news that a get! damn u t-mobile y must u do me like thissss!!! i’m in desperate need of a new phone though i’m working with a g1 and it’s beyond crappy!

  • MT3GS

    Finally, I found a phone that can replace my slide… My most likely last T-Mobile-branded phone… And out with a bang it goes :)

  • Anonymous

  • 4G_or_not_4G

    LUV it, but just one question…will it work on AT&T’s network???

  • wow I actually like the release time frame, gives them time to maybe make a couple changes, also my update eligibility kicks in in october, from a G2, which I most likely will be keeping. As a backup/custom rooted phone. And keep this one Stock.

  • Crap just noticed this phone is shipping with just 1gb onboard storage, not really a big letdown, but the competition trumps this by a large margin.

    • Anonymous

      That’s a disappointment, for sure. I had the Vibrant and it had 16GB on-board storage. That was sweet, especially with the 16GB microSD chip I was also using.

      This will accept up to 32GB chips so that’s something, IMHO. But that’s a far cry from Samsung’s S2 that will have 16GB or 32GB internal storage. And the LG will have 8GB internal storage.

      Could be worse though. The Nexus S, Windows Phone 7 handsets and the iPhone don’t have microSD slots. You are stuck with internal storage that comes with the phone. I won’t buy a phone that does not have a microSD slot.

      Have to wonder though, on such a great advanced phone why HTC couldn’t include at least 7GB additional internal storage.

  • Anonymous

    I wonder if and which movie T-Mobile will include with this phone. Battlefield: Los Angeles?

  • Tyson

    Just wait for the iPhone 5, t-mobile and att will be the same network soon enough.

    • even if you like iPhone and your on Tmobile, AT&T won’t be an upgrade option for 2 years, so buy this on a 2 year contract, and get the iPhone7 in 2 years.

      • Tyson

        Unfortunately I am on att right now, I was on T-Mobile prior, but I wanted an iPhone and I waited for 3 years with no luck so I jumped ship.
        If I can’t have an iPhone on t-mobile, I would rather att bought t-mobile and improved their network.

        • marketing

          If you want an iPhone, you can always buy it from an Apple store out-of-contract and use it on Tmobile’s Edge network. Then when AT&T’s buyout is complete, you can use your iPhone on AT&T 3G/4G network.

          Sorta like what us Tmobile peeps will do with a G2X, use Tmobiles 4G now, then later on use AT&T Edge network… But that won’t be fun…

  • Tyson

    Just wait for the iPhone 5, t-mobile and att will be the same network soon enough.

  • Meagan
  • Meagan


  • TMoChris

    This phone looks legit… Now I’m torn between G2X and this beautiful device :/