T-Mobile Tweets About G-Slate Arrival During iPad 2 Announcement

One of the things I’ve learned in the tech blogging world is when Apple announces a new product, posting non-Apple news just gets lost in the fold. Love or hate Apple, when they announce a new product, they own the news cycle. So why T-Mobile in its infinite wisdom decided to Tweet about the upcoming arrival of the T-Mobile G-Slate during today’s iPad 2 announcement WITHOUT a release date or price is beyond me. I understand their desire to raise the profile of their own upcoming tablet but to do so without pricing or release date is just ridiculous as far as I am concerned.

From a business standpoint, I understand T-Mobile has every desire to get the word out on their own upcoming tablet/iPad 2 rival. Still, to tweet without a price AND without a release date just made it look silly and poorly timed. More to the point, if you weren’t looking at your Twitter feed at the exact moment the tweet arrived, you were likely to miss it in the stream of Apple news.

So there you have it, the G-Slate will arrive sometime this Spring, which could be any day during the Spring months of March, April or May and it could be $1,000,000.00 since no price was announced.


P.S. For the record, our intel still points to March 23rd for release.

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