T-Mobile Mifi Hotspot Press Pics Appear

I ALMOST forgot to get these leaked press shots up of the upcoming T-Mobile MiFi hotspot posted but here they are! There isn’t much else to learn here other than our hope that these are dropping soon. Still, if you’ve been wondering what one of the first T-Mobile MiFi hotspots is going to look like, if that’s been keeping you up at night then take a look at the gallery below!

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  • Socalteknique

    I hate to be a prick but why is every phone and device on T-Mobile ugly, round, and colorful? Clear’s, Verizon’s and Sprins’s mifi look sexy. I like square designs like the Droid series and the Evo.

    • Josh

      Studies have shown that more people like the rounded as opposed to the square devices. I honestly don’t have a link to share for it though, but that’s why cars are rounded and not square.

      That being said, I agree with you. I love my myTouch 4G. It’s powerful, has over 1 GB of flash memory with a 1 GHz processor and it’s got a decent sized screen. But I would love it even more if it came in SQUARE! :D

      • ATL guy

        Good point!

      • Cars are rounded so that air flows over them to prevent drag.

        Or would you rather all cars get 5 mpg?

        • Josh

          Not my point. My point was more style-driven. Cars became round when style and function came together. Car manufacturers weren’t concerned with gas mileage in the 90’s. It was all about form, and that’s when cars started to round.

    • Anonymous

      Verizon’s has a Mi-Fi that looks exactly like this, I am not a fan of the design and actually also would prefer a square, but truth is I would never buy this kind of product anyway. I have a FIOS connection at home and tether using my phones. So meh…

    • Anonymous

      Actually, all electronics are round, the jelly bean look, that first came back with cars (sidenote: GM held out for a long time, refusing to adopt the jelly bean look on its cars, they almost went bankrupt. It has finally put rounded corners back onto the cars, GM sales are robust. GM cars are actually starting to look pretty stylish, IMHO).

      It’s all a matter of taste and likes, isn’t it. I prefer current designs, rounded corners, matte black colors. Then again, I still recall, and have, electronics stored in boxes that are a testament to the time period when the hot colors in electronics was monkey sheet yellow, tan, brown or beige, whatever. Truth be told, refined, sharp edges are out, and have been for at least that last ten years.

      You want to complain about colors? After things calm down in Japan (out-of-context: hang in there Japan, my thoughts are with you every day) send an e-mail to Sony and suggest a demotion to the person who thought this was a good idea:


      • ATL guy

        Gosh thanks mike!
        What would we ever do without 1 of your posts that tells us what to do or that were all wrong

    • Bratty

      By saying that you hate to be one, you are therefore only a little prick. Congrats!

  • Anonymous

    It has the Sony Ericsson TM506 colors.

  • Joshua

    cant wait to rock one of these bad boys in my city that only has edge!! (insert sarcasm here!!)

  • Vzgurl23

    hi well i had verizon all ma life i have a mifi thingy to connect my ipod and laptop and the truth of the matter is that its getting super expensive and i dont know why i have a 5gb limit i think im not sure i forgot but i Always use at least 2 gb a month maybe 3 the most and im paying about 120 a month my last bill for the mifi only was 126.78 which i think its ridiculous i also have a droid x and for the phone only i pay 88 bucks so in total its like more than 300 a month! which if u ask me im getting ripped of o_O everytime i go to the verizon store they never know why its so expensive if i never go over anything even the lady at the verizon store told me she was sorry but ahe cudnt do anythin about so i had to pay the bill . and well im considering switching to t-mobile because i found out t-mobile works great in my area of los angeles cuz all my friends have it and well since i nevr had t-mobile does anyone kno how much i would pay a month of i were to get this hotspot thingy to connect my ipod and laptop? also i didnt came on here to talk crap about t-mobile and say i have verizon i came on here to get some help because i wanna dump verizon and get t-mobile thanks

    • LC

      If you have a voice plan with t-mobile the 5gb plan is 39.99 before taxes and if you don’t have a voice plan with them it’s 49.99 and you don’t get charged if you were to go over those 5 gigs. Hope that helps!!

    • TweetMo

      …… ,,,,,,
      Here’s a few periods and commas for you to use. You seem to have run out of them today. :)

  • All I needed to see where the 2 characters: “4G”

    Enough said.

  • Awesome, thanks for showing these pictures.

  • Your-email

    Only on this site would you see such inane discussions. How about the fact the AT&T is going LTE as well and their HSPA+ is faster than ours because of the backhaul.

    Wat up, joey?

  • I confirmed on a live text chat with a Tmobile rep on Tuesday that the hotspot hardware is shipping by the end of the month. Unfortunately, I was asking her about signal booster equipment, and she kept trying to sell me on this device. Here’s a transcript of relevant portions of our chat log:

    ian douglas: if you have some sort of device like AT&T, etc., that can just boost cell signals, that’s all I’m curious about … AT&T was giving out a few thousand of them a few weeks ago to people who have poor signals
    _Conisha T: I will look into that please allow me 2-3 minutes to research that for you.
    _Conisha T: Thank you, I really appreciate your patience, we do in fact have a device that will be released at the edn of this month, with 4g capability.
    ian douglas: neither of our phones can use tmo’s 4g, we just need a signal booster. is this new device the *only* device you’re going to have? any chance you’ll give it out free to users who experience poor call quality like AT&T?
    _Conisha T: I don’t know if it will be given out for free, I wish I had more detail
    ian douglas: if it’s not going to be free, how much will it cost?
    _Conisha T: One moment.
    _Conisha T: There is no information on the price as of yet due to it not being released.
    ian douglas: no ballpark? is it $100, $500, $1000?
    _Conisha T: I wish I was able to tell you more, but due to it not being released there is no information.
    ian douglas: okay, but it’s the only signal booster you guys are going to have?
    _Conisha T: At this time, from what I am able to see.
    ian douglas: I’m curious how it works … how does the signal booster work? Does it use an existing Internet connection and route our calls over the Internet? or is it just a super antenna/broadcaster to relay our calls to a cell phone tower in our area?
    _Conisha T: It has it’s own data package.
    _Conisha T: A 5GB unlimited plan is available.
    _Conisha T: It depends on what type of plan you have at the time.
    _Conisha T: Both prepaid and postpaid customers can purchase data passes in weekly or monthly denominations.
    ian douglas: but if it’s just a signal booster, why is there a data plan included?
    ian douglas: Are you sure this isn’t a “hotspot” device like Verizon’s myfi that acts as a hotspot for data access? I’m looking for something that boosts our signal bar strength at home
    _Conisha T: This is a portable hotspot,
    ian douglas: So this device is the complete opposite of what I want
    _Conisha T: Yes, it is somewhat like that, and it also does boost signal there are other options for plan, they just have not all been released to us.

    • That woman should be fired. No reason to stay with T-Mobile when their support starts making up facts.

    • Jon Musto

      LOL for real?? thats pretty incompetent. Having been in the industry for years and talking to T-Mobile Customer care all the time that is pretty rare, but wowzers…. From what I’ve seen you’ll probably have to request an engineer to come out to your house to verify there is poor signal before they give you an extender. I would ask for that.

  • I can promise you that 5gb unlimited is not enough. I have a g2 with tethering and I just moved so I was using my phone for internet and netflix for a couple of days until my internet got hooked up again. I blew through 5 gigs in 3 and a half days and then got put on the slow data usage plan until my bill rolls over. You can’t even watch a youtube video once your speed is slowed down. I wouldn’t spend any money on this if you plan to even have somewhat normal internet usage through it. Although tmo’s 4g network does seem to be exceptionally fast, the unlimited part of that statement is a joke.

  • Dm183

    @ Blank sounds to me you need to check out the new 10g plan they have .. i tell you this cause i work for tmobile :)