T-Mobile Waives Call And Text Charges To Japan

T-Mobile followed suit with the rest of the wireless industry today by announcing that calls and texts to Japan from U.S. based customers would be free. In a situation where communication could be critical and finding out about loved ones a necessity, it’s nice to see the wireless industry make such moves. T-Mobile will provide this service backdated from March 11th through March 31st.

T-Mobile USA, Inc. today announced that the company is taking steps to provide relief and help customers stay connected to loved ones in the aftermath of the earthquakes and tsunami in Japan.

“During this difficult time, our thoughts are with the people of Japan,” said Philipp Humm, CEO and president, T-Mobile USA. “Many of T-Mobile’s customers, their friends and families have been directly impacted by this disaster, and our promise is to help them connect with their loved ones.”

Effective immediately:

  • T-Mobile USA is enabling phone calls to Japan for postpaid customers without charges for international long distance through March 31, 2011, and retroactive to March 11, 2011.
  • T-Mobile postpaid customers can make Wi-Fi calls to and from Japan free of charge through March 31, 2011, and retroactive to March 11, 2011.
  • Text (SMS) messaging is also free of charge to and from Japan for T-Mobile postpaid customers through March 31, 2011 and retroactive to March 11, 2011.

Ways Customers Can Directly Assist Relief Efforts

If you are a T-Mobile prepaid or postpaid customer interested in helping immediately, you can text “REDCROSS” to 90999, and your donation of $10 will be given automatically to the Red Cross to help with relief efforts. This donation will be charged to your T-Mobile phone bill, and 100 percent of the donation goes directly to the Red Cross. There is no per-text fee for this service for T-Mobile customers who do not have a messaging plan, nor will the text be deducted from your messaging plan. Similarly, you can send donations via text message to a number of other relief organizations. T-Mobile does not charge for text messages sent to mobile giving campaigns.

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  • Puro

    They dont even mention flexpay anymore.

    • Anonymous

      waits for the “T-Mobile isn’t allowing prepaid and Flexpay customers to call? WTF! That is outrageous. T-Mobile doesn’t care blah blah blah.” If you’re flex, and you pay your bill on time (due date, not cycle close date either), you can eventually convert to post. As far as prepaid goes,you’re a no-contract, can leave at anytime, customer. Postpaid accounts, even one’s without contracts, are obviously going to have more benefits, because they were willing to pay an activation fee, possibly sign a contract, and generally pay more per month. Jus’ saying.

      EDIT – Don’t take it offensively Puro. I didn’t actually mean to reply/attack you, I meant it as a general post.

      • Matt

        Go to a Tmo corporate store, they will let you use one of the demo devices to call Japan.

      • Puro

        Um , im on a 2 year contract and paid activation fees , and im on flexpay.

        • Anonymous

          Flexpay doesn’t have activation fees. Even Flexpay annual.

    • Anonymous

      My wife’s family is in Japan..I am a flexpay customer and they are telling me that I cant take part in the free calls to Japan offer because the flexplay account does not offer over charges. I asked them, if you are offering FREE calls then where does an overcharge come into play…umm errr hold on sir….disconnect…..T-Mobile you should be ashamed of yourself

      • Anonymous

        The way I would assume it’s done is, the system recognizes overages when you call over there…and then it’s waived, or credited, after the damage has been done. If you’ve been Flexpay for a while (6+ Months or more), and have been paying your bill on time like you should be doing, you should be able to convert to Postpaid, and make your calls to Japan. While I do wish your wife’s family is ok, you also can’t blame T-Mobile, because you were only initially approved for Flexpay. Postpaid = More benefits.

      • Joiseyeric

        Unfortunely, Flex Pay has never supported anything outside of the scope of your calling plan…meaning, overseas calling can only be accomplished thru the use of your flexplan. But the bright side is, check with your local T-Mobile store to see if your eligible to convert to a Post Paid plan. If your not on the list, continue to pay your bill by the due date for 6 months straight and you’ll be eligible to convert. Then, you will be free of the constraints of FlexPay….and remember, ONLY TMO offered you service thru FlexPay when the others looked down their noses at you…

  • frigadroid

    Reminds me of when leno decided to pay his staff during the writers strike only because he learned that letterman had been paying his staff all along.
    It is a nice gesture though in lieu of a donation. I just have mixed feelings, because its Japan do they deserve special treatment more than haiti or some african or middle eastern muslim nation?

    • Hurlamania

      T-Mobile offered this service to Haiti during there crisis also

      • frigadroid

        I didn’t know that about Haiti. I feel much better about tmobile now. It is a shame what happened and good that customers won’t be charged. I know how expensive it can be even if you don’t get through, like just a recording you normally get charged. That can get real expensive after multiple attempts.

    • ximage

      actually I think your wrong about that. Haiti actually had more help then Japan. Haiti was able to get around $228 mil 5 days after their earthquake while Japan only got $25 Mil. So it’s the other way around. now back to the topic tmobile was a bit slower to announce it but they are willing to do what is right and I gave them credit for it.

  • Mikey84010

    How quickly people feel entitled to something that is offered as a courtesy during a time of crisis and human suffering. That’s the spirit…

  • Cmbrantley2007

    You people are jaded… T-mobile didn’t have to do this and they are… Any way if you have friends and family over there you should be worried about them and not worried about your phone bill or complaining on a web site.

  • It’s a bit too late, but it’s still better than nothing.
    However, phone calling over there isn’t looking good right now. VOIP (including wifi calling) works better.

  • Anonymous

    A bit too late? How so, especially since they’re covering calls made since the earthquake, even if they only announced it today?

  • Dalcowboy

    tmobile… waves..japan..

    ;) i get it

  • alt-mobile

    Forget if this is “too late” or not. Prayers and thoughts to those suffering in Japan and all over the world..

  • Anonymous


  • Wtf

    This is a big publicity scam. Problem is that you can’t get a line. Who cares if it’s free if it doesn’t work? We’ve been trying to dial japan to reach my wife’s parents with our tmobile phone for the last few days and can’t get through. Keep getting an automated message saying “all circuits are busy”.