AT&T Says T-Mobile Can Keep It’s Current Pricing Structure

One of the more pressing questions for current T-Mobile users facing a takeover from AT&T is what will happen with their existing pricing plans. Well thanks to the guys at IntoMobile who managed to get an answer out of Ralph de la Vega at CTIA 2011 T-Mobile will keep it’s existing pricing structure.

While we could interpret plenty from that as the IntoMobile folks did, does that mean T-Mobile will operate as a separate arm of AT&T and operate two pricing structures or something else. We can’t imagine AT&T would alter it’s current pricing structure to match the current Magenta structure, we just don’t see that as a real possibility.

Unfortunately, that was as far as the IntoMobile folks could press for details from de la Vega. At the very least, T-Mobile subscribers can take comfort that their grandfathered or existing plans they treasure so much will remain.


Thanks Marin!

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  • Anonymous

    doesn’t mean much he can spin that anyway he wants 2 years from now.

  • yo…im so confused. It seems the only way im going to get answers is waiting. AT&T should have a press conference or something and address all questions and concerns about the merger.

  • Adam

    it simply means they can keep their plans until they renew contract but this time new contract will be with ATT and their plans

    • Also, you can chose not to renew contract at all, and just continue to ride out using your grandfathered Tmo plan. Of course under that scenario, you’d have to purchase your own handsets, likely at full price from after market dealers (the only way to buy mobile gear in the first place, if you ask me). As the moment you purchase a new handset directly from AT&T (or via any of it’s indirect dealers), they are automatically going to renew your contract under the then AT&T rates and restrictions.

      I know this, as I am a wireless industry vet. I was with Tmo during the acquisition of Voicestream, and it was not rare to see customers who had allowed their contracts to lapse, and still had ancient, albeit very lucretive, Omnipoint (a company Voicestream acquired) rate palns, with unlimited nights that started at 5pm and free long distance to all of North America, including Mexico and Canada.

      So as long as you have your service plan exactly the way you want it by the time AT&T officially takes over operations of Tmo, then you should be all set to keep that service plan, at that price, for as long as you decide you want to keep it – even after you existing Tmo contract expires.

      • do you think we’ll be able to buy the phone’s outright without a contract from Att to keep our plans or will they not let us do that??

      • the town idiot

        So if when your contract ran you went on a month to month non contract rate you should upgrade your phone and go back to a contract ? I’ve only had a cell phone for 3 years & I’ve had T-Mobile for all three . Two years under contract & one year not . The difference is only like 5 dollars . I want to try a smartphone though . I’d love your advice .

  • Stratspider230

    Eff AT&T

  • Anonymous

    That doesn’t make any sense what so ever there must be a catch? why would at&t keep the same pricing!

  • Willingi001

    what about 4g signal will that still b there 2

  • Thereugo67

    What all us Tmobile people should do is just hang in there with the phone you have or the phone you want to get. Pyramid, G2X by the time everything falls thru or changes then that’s when you decide to leave or stay. Congress is already stepping in, so who knows what it will be like in 18 months or two years. Hang tight Tmobile people.

  • Hurlamania blocked

    They already said that, but the catch is if you trade in your phone (if you want above 2G ) or add a feature you will have to get on a att plan. It’s the same bs they always do. Don’t let there word play fool you and distract you from the facts and that this its a bad deal.

  • Hurlamania blocked

    Still blocked from comments ??????

  • This is long from a done deal. Need FCC and FTC approval, may take some time if at all!

    • lexophile

      i agree, but history is on the side of at&t. how many mergers, in any field of business, have been deemed null and void? its a rarity. i think it will be a slow and ugly process but eventually, magenta will become blue

      • Hurlamania blocked

        It is up to you to let your reps know you don’t want this.

  • I don’t fully buy it, first it’s going to take a year for the deal to go through then its going to take another deal for the merger to go through ie software and setting up towers, etc. who’s to stop atnt from saying if you want to continue using data or are using more than 5mb you have to start a new plan? and the new plan requires you leaving the old rates. Since your no longer under contract by then, they can pretty much do whatever they want. It’s happened before, it will happen again.

  • Mwlcincyfan

    At&t will let you keep the same prices however they will change all tmobile 3G/4G towers over to At&t bands meaning unless you want to stay on Edge nonstop you will need a new phone meaning new contract meaning………… At&t prices.

    • Ron Dickerson

      that sounds very likely. sneaky and corporate. i think you’re dead on.

    • Death_to_ATT

      which means, that if they dont change that, they are going to become the SMALLEST carrier in the US because they suck and we will all go to verizon… hell, if im doing a new contract w/ a different company (so id have to change my number; im going to verizon) att sucks and for 25 dollars you only get 2gb of data… 0.o and for 5 dollars more on verizon, you get unlimited… yahhhhhhh no thanks skyne- i mean att

      • Anonymous

        signing a new contract with a different number would not change your number. you port it over. its canceling your account and starting a new account with the same company to get the “new customer” discount that requires number changing.

    • Anonymous

      or you can purchase a phone out right off contract then, you can stay on the grandfathered plan…

  • I believe nothing from a company that recently opted to force customers with smartphones from getting data plans on smartphones, even if they paid full price and want to only use data over wifi.

    • Ron Dickerson

      who does this?

      • Anonymous

        ATT does this

    • Anonymous

      Wait a minute so If I walked into ATT and bought a beep beep flip phone off contract and then grabbed a Captivate off Ebay you mean I couldnt slap a Sim in there and just use minutes and WiFi???


    Man thats to show how much T-MOBILE cared/s about its employees. They didnt even have the dignity to inform this in a formal manner to its employees. They had to find about it on a bright sunny Sunday through third channel information. What happened to the T-MOBILE VALUES they so desired for their employees to live by. Or what happened to STICK TOGETHER? Total hypocrites thats what they are. They should change their name to DOUCHEBAG Telecom.Dont they know how many lives and families they are affecting with this decision?

    • Ron Dickerson

      I worked at circuit city when they went under. I can tell you there is no honor in business. Everyone looks out for themselves, employees be damned, and T-mobile and Deutsche Telecom are no different from any other business.

    • Magenta Magic

      Unfortunately, I’m also seeing if you express ANY CONTRARY OPINION to the party line about this, you’ll get your ass handed to you on a plate. Case in point, your’s truly… and I was talking to coworkers IN PRIVATE!

      But it’s all good… they’ll be looking for work soon, too.

    • Camille

      I could be wrong, but I really don’t think that T-Mobile had any intentions of this leaking out on a Sunday. Now, AT&T probably didn’t mind, but I think that it went viral way too fast and T-Mobile had no choice but to react to it.

  • Ash

    Yeah, I’ll believe it in 2 to 3 years time.

    • Death_to_ATT

      eff that… if they force you into a contract w/ att (skynet/the devil) just do what im doing, go to verizon… signing an att contract is literally giving ur soul away for 2 years…

      • nero

        and signing up for verizon is…?

    • SaggyBalls

      That’s a great plan, until that T-Mobile smartphone you’re using is no longer compatible with Tmo’s old 3G/4G frequency because AT&T used that spectrum for their LTE network. Bottom line is, every single Tmo smartphone will no longer be able to operate on Tmo’s current 3G/4G network once the switch is made. It will cease to exist. So unless you don’t mind using EDGE for your Internet buying a phone at full price will change nothing. You will be paying $600 for a phone with dial-up Internet.

      • Anonymous

        No dial-up for me and my Vibrant buddy. Or the G2x and proabably more phones that TMO will be coming out with. Dual Carrier.

        • Guest

          You realize that the information you’re basing this assumption off of is false, right? The Vibrant does NOT support AT&T 3G. I know because I used it on AT&T. The 850/1900MHz bands show up on the Vibrant because the software was not modified to remove that screen from any of the GSM Galaxy S phones. You can select it, it will do nothing…

          It was not included when the phone was reviewed by the FCC. It does not exist. If it did, Samsung would be in big trouble with the government.

        • Anonymous

          Did you unlock the phone????

        • Ash

          G2X, Nokia N8 and the likes might be a safer bet buddy.

      • Camille

        What Ash meant was once the AT&T deal is done, if you feel that you need a new phone, purchase an AT&T phone for full price (preferably from a third party). That way, you have a phone with an AT&T radio, and you get to keep your old T-Mobile plan because effectively, you have not signed a contract with AT&T.

        Also, it looks like T-Mobile is starting to offer dual-band phones that have both T-Mobile and AT&T radio bands in them. So, if you purchase one of those prior to the deal being complete, once the T-Mobile network is shutdown, you’ll still have service using AT&T’s towers (that is, you’ll still have 3G/4G capability until LTE is completely rolled out, then all AT&T customers would have to purchase new phones).

        • Ash

          Thanks for understanding what I’m saying :)

  • yeah you “CAN” say what ever you want but fact is your AT&T

  • Anonymous

    I think being grandfathered into an existing plan is about all that can be counted on. Regardless of comments on pricing structure today, they’re not bound to these statements — and I’ll bet they know it ;)

  • Maruichan

    Until you need an upgrade and simcard change. Thats what happened w AT&T and Cingular merger. They cant force you to change plans


      @maruichan, just buy your phones on ebay and stay grandfathered.

      • Viper4774

        @Mikeeee Maruchan is correct. As a former employee of AT&T during the merger with Cingular. Everyone was fine and allowed to stay with their Cingular plans. The problem arises when AT&T switches over to their new LTE network which will be completely incompatible with current T-Mobile handsets. When you change to the new AT&T handsets; which will in fact be entirely new and most likely unavailable on Ebay for a reasonable price, they can consider that to in fact be a handset upgrade thus a new contract can be applied. So the real question is will AT&T allow you to switch to the NEW handset, renew your contract and STILL keep your old T-Mobile plan. That is the question to be asked.

        • Anonymous

          Phase 1: Grandfather your tmo plan and tmo phone
          Phase 2: Buy a new or used ATT 3G phone if you choose to without contract extension
          Phase 3: Buy a new or used ATT LTE phone (should you decide to jump to a 4G phone) without contract extension BUT with a possibly more expensive LTE data plan.

          Correct me if I’m wrong but at what point am I forced into a new contract??

        • Hurlamania blocked

          As a us consumer I shouldn’t have to jump through those hoops to enjoy my plan I purchased.
          Not be able to add any new services.

        • Anonymous

          You don’t have to jump through hoops. From day one after the death of TMO you can walk into an ATT store and very simply choose a new phone that functions properly and grab whatever plan you want that ATT has to choose. It’s that simple unless you want to make it difficult for yourself in order to keep your dead company’s plan option.

        • Aerofanbig

          at the point that you MIGHT need a different SIM card for the AT&T phone. Your tmo may work, it may not. Hell we all know sometimes changing Tmo cards can make a difference. And when the switch to LTE happens you’ll probably be required to be on a new plan or be throttled, and again, likely need a different SIM card….so you are forced into a contract if you want to stay GSM with AT&T

        • Anonymous

          No argument here but does a new SIM automatically mean new contract? When your already with the carrier? The SIM doesn’t determine your rates but yeah they could be big D!@ks about it and force you into a contract citing incompatibility.

        • Ash

          I think if/when you get the new data plan.

        • Senor Chang

          Its not about contracts but the packaged plans.

          Ok, so you grandfather yourself in, even a non-contracted plan… but that plan was for Edge and 3G services.

          So trying to outsmart At&t, you pick up an unlocked LTE phone… but now you need LTE data plan to use it.

          So right there, at that point, you just made your bill rise. Its now your Grandfathered plan + LTE data plan.

          But At&t is NOT stupid either… to believe that At&t would offer an add-on LTE data plan onto a grandfathered plan is highly naive. I’d lay a bet right now the first words you hear from an At&t rep will be “We’re sorry, but the current plan you have doesn’t allow for changes or additions”. you want that LTE, you’re going to eventually have to change plans.

          Not saying you gotta sign a contact, but paying for a more expensive plan? Inevitable. The grandfather thing, once again, is just a short-term thing.

          Even if At&t were to run T-mobile as a secondary sister-company that shares the same tech, the plans are not going to stay the same.

          Also, in the end, especially for those NOT under contact, there is no gauarantee to be given a grandfather plan. When I used to have DirecTV, after my initial contract expired, they kept the pricing the same, ‘grandfathering’ me every time their rates changed. Except at certain points, there were times where their rates changed and they informed me that I had no choice but to pay an additional amount to continue my service. Under contract, they couldn’t touch my rates, after contract, they were like, “hey, whatever, we’re charging more now so you gotta pay a few dollars more to. U mad? oh well”

        • Anonymous

          “We’re sorry, but the current plan you have doesn’t allow for changes or additions”

          That’s probably what kills it right there. And like you said once your contract expires they may no longer grandfather your rates.

          In the end we will see just how evil ATT will be after they have lured us in with candy and promises.

  • Anonymous

    well….there some hope right there!

  • Anonymous

    I will be needing to buy a TMO contract dual carrier banded phone before the switch because I’m not gonna waste the full upgrade I get this June.

    I REALLY hope there will be such a device with a 4.3″ screen that I can continue to use on ATT along with my grandfathered plan. THEN I will spend $500(+) on a new LTE phone and still retain my TMO rates…

    However, my $25 “3G” data plan may not be compatible once they start selling LTE phones if they increase their “4G” pricing like Sprint did.

    • Anonymous

      Can somebody confirm whether the G2X will work on AT&T’s 3G?

    • aznboy

      Get T-mobile to lower your data plan to 20 dollars a month. I was able to by calling customer retention. Use AT&T as an excuse.

      • Anonymous

        Worth a shot. Now we have bargaining power!!

  • 305buddyluv

    And if any of you believe that. Then I am the president of the United States of America. On my off time I browse the blog sites to scope out happenings in my this country…………Really!

  • JeffMort

    Why get all worked up over something that “may” or “may not” happen?
    Even if it does, how many of you actually keep a phone more than a couple of years?
    That’s how long it would take AT&T to assimilate T-Mobile.

    Resistance is futile … you will be assimilated.

    • Hurlamania blocked

      I had my last phone over 7 years

      • Auser72

        You are definitely in the minority, most people can’t wait until their contract up before they want as new phone!

        • aznboy

          Yes but you can sell your phone after two years for 70 dollars and use that to buy a new phone. After this you’re T-mobile phone is just an expensive paperweight.

        • Anonymous

          LOL @ $70

    • Eleni

      AT&T has the money to pay for lobbyists (who basically control Congress). It’s a very slim chance that they will be unsuccessful in acquiring T-Mobile.

    • Anonymous

      Fortunately, it has the necessary resources and influence. AT&T’s political donations, many to top lawmakers, like House of Representatives Speaker John Boehner and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, exceed $40 million. And a former AT&T employee, William Daley, is now the White House Chief of Staff.

      “We feel we have good and compelling answers,” said Jim Cicconi, AT&T’s senior executive vice president. “Policymakers will readily understand that any company with whom AT&T competes may not be especially positive about anything which makes AT&T a better competitor in the wireless market.”

      This is gonna be so controversial so fast

  • What a completely meaningless question and answer.

    T-Mobile is an independent company until a year from now when AT&T has paid the bribes necessary for government approval. (Well, OK, they’re already paid.) So of course it’s going to have its own rate plans. The more serious question is what happens when AT&T takes over, which is:

    – T-Mobile no longer exists
    – T-Mobile’s rate plans are no longer available to switch to, because T-Mobile no longer exists.
    – You can keep your current rate plan, but you’re not going to be able to make any changes. Want to add discounted international calling, or change your data plan, or change the number of minutes? You have to switch to an AT&T plan.
    – And don’t forget, your 3G/4G phone will be EDGE only around a year after the take-over because AT&T HATES T-MOBILE’s CUSTOMERS.

    You might just as well ask if T-Mobile is going to be allowed to call itself T-Mobile.

    • Nest11

      who says will be EDGE? Nah !!! That’s just a myth to scare people…seems like its only working with the ignorants….

      • Hurlamania blocked

        Nest att said it themselves don’t be so gullible.

        • Anonymous

          most but not all phones will be doomed to run on EDGE. Hopefully here on out there are more ATT/TMO banded phones coming out to eleviate that problem.

    • Anonymous

      Pretty obvious that you won’t be able to make TMO plan style changes when there is no more TMO. You will obviously be bottlenecked with your options untill you change over to what the company has to offer.

      Nest11 did a pretty good job on that EDGE BS your talkin and I don’t event know what to say about that last line “You might just as well ask if T-Mobile is going to be allowed to call itself T-Mobile.”

      • AT&T is on record on saying they’re turning off T-Mobile’s 3G and “4G” networks when they take over. Their intention is to use the frequencies for AT&T’s own 4G service, which is incompatible with T-Mobile’s 3G/”4G”.

        Existing T-Mobile phones only support T-Mobile’s frequencies for 3G. So with no 3G signal, they’re going to be restricted to EDGE.

      • Nest11 didn’t do a “good job” because there was no EDGE BS. AT&T has announced it’ll turn off T-Mobile’s 3G/4G. That’s a fact.

        There are very, very, few phones T-Mobile has that support AT&T’s 3G frequencies. For all intents and purposes, T-Mobile users will have to switch to EDGE.

        The rest of your comment seems ludicrously confused. Of course it’s obvious, that’s the entire point of my comment – it’s a stupid question, a stupid answer, and the questioner might just as well have asked if AT&T would “allow” T-Mobile to call itself T-Mobile.

  • I tech blog that does not report accurate information.. nice. Anyone with half a brain knows that T-Mobiles 3G and 4G is not compatible with AT&T’s network, so sure keep your T-Mobile plan prices but have a device that only works on Edge (until LTE rolls out then nothing works) then youre forced to ditch your grandfathered plan for AT&T’s wallet rape plans.

    Time to stop following Tmonews, looks like all your doing is snuggling up to AT&T…. later

    • sccrbasil85

      Ru serious. Do you not realize that T-Mobile and AT&T are both GSM carries. Which means you can use either one of their phones on either one of their networks, its all the same. This is huge for AT&T & T-Mobile customers. It is going to widen the network for both of them and give them a larger network and it will LTE to at&t cause we all know that at&t current 4G is just a small upgrade to its current 4G network.

      • You do realize that the only thing that would work at this point in time between the two carriers datawise is Edge? T-Mobile and At&t use different frequencies for their 3G data and the phones for one will not work on the others network.

      • He’s right though. Tmobile’s 3G/4G frequency is not the same.
        Read this:

      • Eleni

        It is not the same. Use an AT&T iPhone on T-Mobile and you will have Edge, not 3g. Use a G2 on AT&T and you will have Edge. I had an AT&T Nexus One and when I switched back to T-Mobile I had to find someone to trade with because all I had was Edge.

        They use different bands: T-Mobile uses the 900MHz, 1700MHz and 2100MHz frequency bands for 3G data, and AT&T uses the the 850 MHz and 1900 MHz bands.

      • See its people like yourself who are wholly ignorant of how things work that will allow yourself to be lulled into AT&T’s assurances that ‘everything will be just fine’. I feel sorry for you.

  • Nest11

    stop the all the drama, my queens!! just wait and see. If you dont like it, fine. LEAVE. Just dont make assumptions on something that nobody knows for sure. OR are you having that time of the month?

    • Hurlamania blocked

      Wait for what until it’s to late to protest.

    • Anonymous

      Typical ignorant American reply “If you don’t like it, LEAVE.”

      • vote with your feet (and money) and quit your bitching, this isnt europe

      • terri

        I agree. No one could touch the plans tmobile offered other than all these new no contract phones. that give u unlimited everything for cheap. att’s plans suck. its one reason i’ve never even considered them. no packages and screw the iphone…u have to pay for everything u do with it. its not worth it. need to stand our ground and not just fall into att’s net.

    • ColdFeet

      I know, right? I think the majority of people will be fine with this. AT&T is a pretty large company with a pretty decent number of subscribers. T-Mobile was a big #4. I would imagine that if T-Mobile was the better company, they’d have a few more customers. But the past year or so, people have been leaving T-Mobile. Why? I bet it’s not their great customer service, cheap plans and unlimited data that are making them leave. I think people want service that’s going to work when and where they need it to and if they have to pay a little more, then so be it. I also think people want decent phones like an iPhone or a kick ass Android like their buddy on Verizon has. I love my Vibrant… I just wish I had more options and would be willing to head to another provider in order to get more choices. I would have left already if I didn’t have 4 different contracts up at different times. I’m willing to bet that I’m probably not the only one who feels that way, either.

      Look, I’ve always been a huge T-Mobile supporter. I still am. But I’m looking forward to what changes AT&T will bring. If I end up not being happy, then I can leave. There are still many other options out there. I’ve been with T-Mobile for many years now but that “loyalty” and “great customer service” doesn’t mean diddly squat when I’m trying to use my phone and it’s not working.

      I see this as a good thing, even if my bill goes up by $10 or $20. If I get the service I need, it’s definitely worth it.

      • Anonymous

        That’s precisely how I feel.

  • Jpeaetp

    AT&T and T-Mobile use many of the same phones, which means they are capable of running on each other’s frequencies. I have used unlocked T-Mobile phones on AT&T (BlackBerry Pearl Flip, which was never available for AT&T) and it worked fine. My friend is using an unlocked BlackBerry Bold, the newest T-Mobile model, on AT&T and the 3G works fine.

    • Anonymous

      While they work, you can’t use 3G on each others networks. Different frequencies.

  • Sjw953

    I would like to know what will happen to the customers on the even more plus plans.
    we do not have contracts to grandfather in. Will our plans be grandfathered?

    • Contracts have no relationship to whether a plan is grandfathered or not.

      • rebot4

        Debra’s right. They grandfathered my prepaid Sidekick plan. Wonder if they make a similar one for the Sidekick 4G…

    • Mmmmaxheadroom

      I am pretty sure em+ will not be honored as we have no contract.

  • Eleni

    Your current plans will remain until it’s time for you to upgrade. When you want to upgrade, you will have to switch to an AT&T plan. AT&T is already doing something similar with their current customers: those who were able to grandfather in their unlimited data plans are being forced to switch to the capped plans if they want to upgrade to a new 4g phone. They can’t keep their unlimited data if they want to use their upgrades.

    • ATT_is_evil

      Well, isn’t the solution just to NOT upgrade? Buy a phone at full retail or buy a refurb’d phone online. If you do that, I don’t think they can make you ‘upgrade’ to a newer plan and lose your grandfathered plan…

      • Senor Chang

        A select few will be have the tenacity to do just that… but for those who like to get newer tech, they will either have to sacrifice or give in.

        Take the old Sidekick for example. I mean the original one… let’s say for whatever reason a person with the original sidekick is actually paying for the same plan they started out with, let’s say hypothetically they had some plan that was grandfathered in and they’ve never upgraded. Well, now what? The Danger servers are shutting down… they are losing services. What’s the option? Remain adamant, give up services and pay the same prices… or eventually give in and upgrade?

        “Current Pricing Structure” doesn’t mean squat. That’s in the short-term. Eventually they WILL phase people out of it, either by enticing them with new toys and plans or by squeezing them out slowly by reducing services or by other means.

        • Ex-SKLX09 User

          I agree in that this tells us NOTHING besides that while still T-mobile we will have t-mobile plans.

          In T-mobile’s world upgrading does NOT mean you have to lose your plans, only extend your current contract.
          I had a sidekick and the original $20 unlimited data plan, it was dieing and I upgraded to a MT4G and Customer Loyalty adjusted my account so i still have the same $20 unlimited data plan that now works with android.

          If att tries to force me to pay more for the same thing i will not be signing.

    • Nick

      Right, that’s the problem…for all us smart phone users, we know we’ll have to get new AT&T phones in a couple years. So will getting a new phone (and renewing for 2 years) cause us to lose grandfathered status and force us into AT&T plans? That’s what I want to know. The other option is to stay with your current phone and get stuck on EDGE, which i’m currently on but hope to get upgraded to HSPA+ soon.

      Right now my bill is $98 for unltd data, fav 5 for both lines, unltd texts for both lines and 1000 shared minutes. And TMO gives me a 13% discount for a professional organization I’m a member of. AT&T can’t touch that.

      • “The other option is to stay with your current phone and get stuck on EDGE, which i’m currently on…”

        That’s what I’ve been doing with my iPhone and plan to continue doing until?

        Interesting article: The iPhone killed TMO:

        • Nick

          Interesting article. I think pre-iphone TMO was in a solid position as a low cost carrier that sold decent Nokia phones and BB’s. They were never a top of the line phone carrier. Even though they were first on the Android train, VZW and ATT got the majority of the phones that made people ooh and aah. They’ve done a really good job with handsets lately but it may be too little too late.

          I’m hoping the deal falls through and TMO ends up with $3B for infrastructure and more spectrum.

        • I agree with you.

          The iPhone changed the game and I’d like to know the real reason TMO never had it, especially when DT has had it forever.

        • Aerofanbig

          I have said this many, many times on these blog response forums. The iPhone is what stunted the growth, accelerated losses, and finally now, lead to demise. Yet another reason to buy Steve Jobs voodoo dolls and shove needles all over it lol. People picked crap service, with crap coverage, over priced contracts, horrible EVERYTHING, to have that stupid phone. Tmo SHOULD have been aggressive and gone after it early, but they were still riding the SideKick high and probably figured like so many European business minds…that they’re invincible, good business is steady and slow, no risks. Well, here is the result.

        • You’re right. Like I said, the iPhone changed the game and I’d like to know WHY TMO never had it, especially when DT has had it since day 1.

      • fan_of_none

        BBs has all the 3G frequencies. Won’t need to change them once the switch off Tmo’s “4G” service

  • Sjw953

    If our current plans prices stay the same, will we still have to pay the att fees?

  • Suzy

    It’s like the Sprint/Nextel deal I assume. Nextel people kept their structure but they has poor service and fewer towers.
    You will probably keep your Tmobile Plan as long as you keep your Tmobile phone. IF you upgrade? YOU MUST upgrade your plan;)

    • Jarrod

      Or u could just buy the phone out right and keep using the services but with 3g

  • Bruce

    Why does anybody believe what AT&T says? Right now, their statements have two goals:
    1. Get this deal approved by the US Government
    2. Keep T-Mobile from losing subscribers while the deal is going through.
    Once the deal happens, AT&T will have different goals and they will change what they say and what they do.

    • Omgz81

      I don’t think they care about losing subscribers. They just want the towers and the spectrum.

    • Anonymous

      Yup, just like any politicians would do.. They would make promises but once they are in, expect those promises to disappear in thin air!

    • Jeffreygreen1315

      this correct. after deal approval t mo customers, the screwing will begin

  • Sjw953

    I had nextel svc for my business phone, when the sprint merger happened. I had great svc from nextel prior to the merger. It seemed to decline afterwards. That was iDen and cdma. With tmobile and at&t it’s all gsm. I don’t expect a decline in svc, but I do expect a rise in hidden fees.

  • Hmmm… before DoJ et al approval: “our customers come first” (We’ll just keep things as they are.); after approval: “our investors come first” (You will be assimilated.). Duh.

  • Sgamez87

    Why is everyone talking about buying a att tmobile band phone? people arent thinking here…the PLANS are going to REMAIN THE SAME!! what does your plan say???? 1700/2100 3G DATA? or does it say UNLIMITED DATA…because mine says unlimited DATA…it doesnt specify what data…so once this deal goes through um…just buy a phone from att and pop in the simcard (wether you can use the tmobile one or att one) and wala you have what your plan says….unlimited DATA…wether its data from tmobile 3g/4g or att 4g or verizon lte your contracts just say DATA and this is what att must give you. PERIOD.

    • TweetMo

      Contracts usually are subject to change at the sale of a company. at&t most likely will not legally HAVE TO honor T-Mobile contracts, though it sounds like they will until your contract expires. After that… I highly doubt it.

  • hopefully this is not like politics and they are actually telling the truth… now will t mobile customers be able to keep their t mobile phones or will we have to switch to an AT&T phone?

    • michael

      our phones will always work for calls and texts, but eventually 3g & 4g data will stop working, but not for atleast 3 years.

  • Ca987

    I wonder what will happen to even more plus customers?

    • Crazythunder1968

      wondering the same thing myself. can att just say “goodbye or sign a 2 year” ? if they can do that, then sprint, treat me right please.

  • RoZ

    David, “it’s” is a contraction of “it is.”

  • Schippma

    So I guess ‘Stick Together’ just got shot for ‘Rethink Possible’

  • Anonymous

    I’ll believe it if the CEO signs it on writing otherwise they are full of themselves.

  • WIcked1

    Is anyone really stupid enough to believe this????

  • Hodges

    Yeah RIGHT. What he meant to say was T-mobile users can keep their current pricing plan through the expiration of the current contract. After that, you’re going into the samer hopper as everyone else: screwed.

    • You can keep your plan as long as you want. 5, 10, 20 years. I’ve had my contract from day one from years ago. When it expires I just renew for another two years. No need to change it. They honor the plan/price/data/minutes as long as you don’t change anything about the plan. I buy all my phones off contract/unlocked. I will never ever need to change my plan.

  • Flyingrequin

    ATT will say what they need to say to make the deal work. Never trust ATT – the PRISON company. If you want all your devices completely locked in the future go for ATT.

  • Combine this with the fact that at some point in the future, out Magenta phones won’t work, and the speculation can continue….

    • Johnny Chimpo

      No body is making anyone do anything. The G2x appears to be compatible, and you have a choice, if you want to buy a new phone you can, if not you dont. Pretty simple.

    • Alphanite

      all phones whether 3g or 4g will work once at&t & t-mobile become one

      • CAL_08

        The phone will work, but the data will only work on the edge network, not 3 or 4g as AT&T will replace all those towers since they don’t run on AT&T’s current frequencies.

    • Well that may be true that we will one day need to buy a new phone to work, but that does NOT mean we have to change plans. Just buy the phone off contract. Keep your grandfathered plan for the next 20 years if you want.

      • Ex-SKLX09 User

        not necessarily, they have the ability to identify phones and match that with the plan you are on, if they don’t want the newest 6G phone to work with a 2G grandfathered unlimited data plan then they will shut off the connection themselves and you won’t be able to access the network until you change to a plan they “approved” for that phone.

  • Thanks? =|

  • ibled magenta

    well at least i can take comfort my promo plan thru t mobile for 1500 minutes and unlimited text and data will stick around and be grandfathered in when i get my iphone 7 lol they can take my device but theyll never take my plan *braveheart voice*

    • JAY

      To get that iphone 7 , youd have to pick an att plan. Unless youd plan on paying 600 – 700 off contract for i lol

  • This news makes the merger a 100% winner for me!

    • Martina

      Darnell, we are all losers in this. The prices will go up for everyone, there is no question about that.

      • Darnell

        I don’t see it as a loss. T-Mobile USA was hurting and needed a buyer. The USA arm simply could not survive on its own. So T-Mobile USA closing shop would be worse and Sprint being CDMA would be as messy as the Nextel merger.

        So some may see it as bad, but I see AT&T buying T-Mobile USA as good.

        Yes, people buying new plans will probably have to pay more. Yes, people who change from their current T-Mobile plan will probably have to pay more. Yes, in time AT&T will probably seek to make existing T-Mobile plans undesirable, so we who have them seek a different more costly plan. But frankly, I’m not upset about it. For now I’ll get to keep what I have and use it till I want to switch.

        In a future device, I’ll have the best of AT&T and T-Mobile’s networks. The high speed of T-Mobile in areas where it is available and the great indoor reception of AT&T.

        So I take it as a win.

  • LBdaMercenary

    of course you’re grandfather in once the merger take place, until u have to upgrade then you’re on att playground.

  • Martina

    This is a very un-American attempt to monopolize the cellphone industry ! What about the Anti-Trust-Laws? I have been with T-Mobile since 1997 and I have always been a very happy customer, I never had a problem and they were always extremely helpful. T-Mobile’s customer service is top notch, I have never heard anything good about AT&T’s customer service. Now, we are being “taken over” and forced to go with AT&T and you can believe it, the prices will go up drastically. When there is more money to be made by the company, we, the customers, are always the ones who get the short stick. If I wanted to have AT&T, I would have signed up with them which I never did. I don’t want this, I absolutely hate this !! Do we have a choice as customers? I don’t think so, we just have to deal with it. It is not fair and I don’t like it. Any monopoly of any company like what AT&T is attempting is just another nail in the country’s coffin. What happened to “free enterprise” and “competition”? If we lose both of those, OUR FREEDOM is gone too. And we are the ones being screwed. People need to go on the streets to protest against this !! We have to sign Petitions and do whatever it takes to make our voices heard !!

    • Anonymous

      Martina, I totally agree with you. TMobile customer service, both in the training of their in-store employees and their customer service reps on the phone is some of the best I’ve ever had from any company. I LOVE TMo and totally expect to have to switch – to Verizon I guess – once AT&T starts their shenanigans with us. Have you EVER???? met anyone who was satisfied with AT&T? I haven’t. Period.

      • Martina

        I have been with them since they were Aerial, then Voicestream and then T-Mobile, I had an additional Alltel phone for a while because T-Mobile wasn’t available in NC at the time and I needed a “local” phone number. Alltel sucked so bad, my first bill was like $ 800 because they “forgot” to add some codes, never been happy with Alltel except the day my contract ran out and so did I LOL. I would never change cell phone providers but now I think we might have to once AT&T starts raising prices and plays all their little games with us. We have a family plan with 5 lines, 3 of those have internet. It’ll kill us when AT&T slams their prices on us, our bill will probably go from $ 250 to $ 400 a month.I just don’t understand how this merger could POSSIBLY BE ALLOWED by the FCC !! This is all about AT&T wanting to have a monopoly and for them to be able to dictate HIGH PRICES. I won’t stand for that. I will fight tooth and nail, picket if necessary, sign tons of petitions, I’ll do whatever it takes to make my voice heard.

        • Anonymous

          you do have a choice. You could go to verizon or sprint.

          If there’s enough merger conditions on this that protect pricing, then i’m all for the merger. The coverage in my area would improve substantially with AT&T. Combine that with my grandfathered T-mobile pricing and I win big.

        • Martina

          What are the people with not so decent credit going to do? My credit was shot when I got divorced and I would have to fork out a couple of thousand $$ just to start a contract with Sprint or Verizon. I guess I’m stuck, no matter how this whole thing plays out.

        • Pissed

          We will loose in the end. The deal with T-Mobile also asks the Justice Department and Federal Communications Commission to let AT&T control 39% of all mobile customers — and allow just two companies, AT&T and Verizon, to capture about 70% of the market.

          Sprint, with about 12% of wireless customers, warns the deal would create a “Ma Bell duopoly.”
          Sprint is pissed that they are trying to slowly push them out…ATT gonna get friendly with Verizon and try to buy them too

        • Dturner70

          I agree totally. I have been with T-Mobile for a long time and I love there customer service. I had att before and they sucked. They just down right sucked. The company with the most bars my ass. I couldn’t get a good signal anywhere I went, not even in my own house. I have a smartphone and I have everything unlimited (talk, text & web), and I only pay $103 a month. You can’t get that anywhere else I don’t think, I know not on verizon. Sprint they suck too. It’s so unfair :(

    • Anonymous

      I don’t think anyone cares about the Anti-Trust Laws as it has been proven that anyone with enough money can rewrite law as they see fit.  Law only comes into play when enough people start pointing out the fact that it IS being broken.  Thank you for being the other person to do so in the last decade.  I thought I was all alone…

  • Anonymous

    • You_know_it_is_TRUE

      As long as I do not have to see that trash Carly “marketing” ever again, I do not care if we turn into ATT, Verizon, or even back to Quarter-A-Call. So tired of that broke-down wannabe model. Just a whore dressed in pink. That does not sell phones!

  • Anonymous

    Been with Tmobile since Voicestream. Only reason is their GREAT customer service. Never seen any other company able to do that. Amazon, tmobile and google are the companies I like and one of them will be gone soon. Cant believe it.

  • I wouldn’t believe any promise from DT/AT&T anymore.
    Selling to AT&T is a major betrayal towards customers.
    I will port my 5+1+1 numbers elsewhere if something goes wrong. In addition, I wouldn’t buy anything “made in Germany” because a German company betrayed us.

    • Anonymous

      T-mobile USA is costing DT boatloads of money. What would you have them do? Pay you to use their service? They made a business decision and they were willing to sell to anyone who could pony up the cash.

      Just imagine if we were dumped off on Sprint…. T-mobile customers like myself would have been completely screwed.

      • I don’t have high hope.

        • Pissed

          me either…

    • Martina

      Made in Germany is still better quality than ANYTHING Made in China. I am from Germany originally and I personally am upset that the only german thing I have left is about to be sold to AT&T. I am furious over this but to boycott everything german is wrong. You know how many American companies constantly betray us, with us not even knowing? You can’t sterotype like that.

    • LolAtMatt

      Yea, you’ll sure show them!

    • Mrs. Ron Sethe

      Then don’t watch basketball or drink coffee because Starbucks and David Stern (NBA) betrayed Seattle.

  • All these comments “T-Mobile is the best carrier because it has the best customer service” is a huge laugh!

    1) A carrier with good service from the get go should minimize your need to contact customer service. Over the life of my ten years with Sprint, I think I called their CS maybe three times. So emphasizing how great a carrier’s CS is, is ridiculous for the vast majority of users.

    2) Over the past year since I’ve been with Tmo, I’ve unfortunately had two interactions with their customer service, both bad: I tried to return my HD2 (I had insurance on it as well), so I tried at a corporate store where I bought it (it had been just over a month since I purchased it). They said, oh no, you have to call CS to do that. How is not processing returns at a corporate store good CS? When I got the replacement it was a refurb that worked well but was all banged up and scratched. The second time I called in to report two major big dead zones near my house (where my prior service with Sprint had worked flawlessly). The agent, said “Oh no, that’s not right. It says here on my map you should be getting great 3G coverage”. I explain to her that in the local area I get nothing by Edge. Repsonse: “Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. I’ll report it but I have no idea when that may be fixed.” Brilliant CS!

    The reality is that most consumers evaluate a carrier based on multiple criteria but customer service will not be anywhere near the top of the criteria list. It generally comes down:

    1) Voice coverage
    2) 3G/4G coverage
    3) 2G coverage
    4) Phone/device selection
    5) Plans/pricing
    6) GSM or CDMA (availability of international roaming)
    7) Carrier customer service

    The top 5 are the criteria that really matter for most consumers.

    – Paul

    • Pcj14

      Queen + Paul Rodgers = The Cosmos Rocks!!!

    • Samus

      JD Power Wouldn’t agree with you. I’ve been with Tmo for 10 years and I think I called customer service once to apply a discount to my account and was great. I get amazing service. Just because you had a bad experience doesn’t mean the whole system sucks and everyone else is a bunch of idiots as you lead to.

      Hate to break it to you on your refurb phone problem but every cell phone company does that. That isn’t a Tmobile exclusive there.

      Coming down to your last point of reality there; I have found all those points flawless with T mobile. It is obvious that many people agree with me. You obviously had a crappy time with Tmobile so that is why you have the choice to change back to sprint which you obviously love. Don’t make it out like since you are the only one with issues everyone else who has had no problems are stupid.

    • Petey

      You sure you’re referring to T-Mobile and not sprint? Cus this sound like sprint to me. Several times I called T-Mobile they were happy to help me and find the best solution to resolve the problem.

      I called one time when I was over my minutes and the rep did their best to find the best option so I don’t need to pay overage charges. During the time I had the Mugabe’s without m2m. And the Rep told me that I should add it and they can back date to the beginning of billing cycle. So instead of paying for $20+ I only had to pay $7 extra.

      They do care about their customers.

    • Edward_2k1

      I heard that Spring offered to buy T-Mobile for $25 billion then at&t offered $39 billion. It’s amazing how much money talks. I’m trying to decide what to do, If i’m correct we will still be billed the same under our current contract even after the merger goes through and my contract is up in March of 2012. So i’m thinking wouldn’t it be smart to extend my contract for 2 years right before the merger goes through so that I will have an extra 2 years with my current T-Mobile pricing??? Then switchto another carrier once that 2 years is up??? If so then I can feel comfortable knowing that I can keep my same plan until March of 2014. According to T-Mobile the contract you are currently on will not be affected by the merger but if you renew after the merger then you are subject to at&t pricing. If i’m wrong about that anyone please let me know but I think it’s a good way to go about. Give me an additional 2 years before worring about switching carriers

      • Edward_2k1

        Then again it could also give me an extra 2 years to see how things will be under at&t as far as customer service, phone selection, and their pricing will go.

      • Nottabrat

        I think the point that people are missing is that eventually you will need to buy an ATT banded phone. As soon as the merger is complete, ATT will start to re-purpose the towers for their 4g. I see that TMO towers are not going to increase in population, but rather they will dwindle. You probably will still be able to make calls, but the data network for TMO shrink as ATT expands. The purpose of buy TMO is to consolidate and re-use what is already in use, not put up more towers for both ATT and TMO.   Extending your contract for TMO will probably result in heartache if you use data a lot… I’ll be jumping ship to Sprint I think, and so will tons of other people. The reason most of us stuck it out with TMO was because they had great prices and were trying to expand, but I can already see the impact to Customer Service when I call them. In the past, CSRs bent over backwards to keep us happy, now the plan is to prevent you from calling at all, so when you call 611 now, you cant even get to Customer Service with the voice prompts until you hear all about your billing etc.  poor tmo, how the mighty have beaten the downtrodden… Cheers to Sprint, and maybe if about 100k customers join sprint, that will send a message tbe big two that the little guy just got a little bit bigger…

    • Gmarsh

      Paul Rogers is a dickhead!

    • Pissed

      Youre wack the CEO of AT&T says they need TMobile to be better cause TMobile has better service and spectrum and merging TMobile to them will may their service better for the damn Iphones….thats all they care about anyways those wack ass iPhones and iPads

  • Jon

    pretty simple. They’re not going to change your current plan, but when you try to get a new subsidized plan, they’ll force you onto a new, more expensive contract.

    Oh, and if you’re on EM+, then you’re SOL since that’s not a contracted plan.

    • JAY

      I disagree. Thats like saying people who had a 2 year contract and never changed there plan and extended it wouldnt be grandfathered.

  • Sjw953

    If they will let you keep your contract forever, even more plus is the way to go.

    • Frommetoyou

      u ccant do it no more they took even more plus off the list no more no contracts its eather contract or pre paid….

      • Birelan

        You can still get even more plus if you sign up in a retail store.

  • Affliction711

    i saw this move coming a mile away…when the head of retail and CEO leave the company, that’s a sign. Then when DT sent Phillip to the us channel, he was merely coming to assess the profitability…when q4 numbers were released, I’m sure they had their plan in place.

  • Biggreeneguy

    OT but this is the coolest pic of the batman building I have seen and I see it every day!

  • Anonymous

    How are they going to separate the att plans from T-mos? are we going to be something like “boost mobile” for ATT? Are we going to be able to use the AWS band?

    I don’t think this is what ATT had in mind when it bought T-mo.

    I want to change my phone but I don’t know if I should, unless it is multi 3G. but I want nexus S/Pyramid!

  • TMoFan

    What a perfect pic for at&t!

    You’ll only have your current plan until upgrade from your edge brick. The only reason I have a G2 is because T-Mobile allowed me to keep my current plan when I upgraded. I’m really going to miss T-Mobile in a lot of ways. A few months ago a T-Mobile rep called me to follow up on my upgrade, to see if I was satisfied. I never received such personalized customer support from a company!

    • Agreed….that type of service WILL NOT happen with ATT!!!!

  • CAN does not mean WILL

  • A104

    my question is, if tmobile gets to keep its plans and phones is it going to be still called tmobile or is it going to be changed to at&t name and have those pricings and phones under at&t? other words, does tmobile keep its name and ran under at&t or its just plain out at&t?

  • Rob

    Lol Tmobile/stb ATT is already changing plans and wont do anything good for an existing customer.  I’m ready to leave contracts for good after 6 years.  Prepaid/no contract plans is the way to go!   Lets see what this opens up as a opportunity for the prepaid competitors!

  • Mark U

    Will TMobile customers be able to keep its current plans such as free incoming calls etc…this is extremely important because my girlfriend lives in Canada and currently we get to talk if she calls me…will that still be able to happen or are our plans going to switch??