(Updated 2X!!) Samsung Sale Providing Extra Rebates With Purchase

Update: We’ve just received word that the Samsung Vibrant and Samsung Galaxy S 4G are no longer a part of this promotion! Once more we are asking around for more info and will further update the post as it arrives!

Update 2: We’ve updated the post with a new picture showing that the Samsung Vibrant and Samsung Galaxy S 4G are in fact, no longer a part of this promotion!

We’re still doing some research on what exactly this upcoming Samsung sale will entail, however from February 23rd through April 19th Samsung will be offering extra rebates for qualified purchases on select devices. Here is our caveat, we’re still trying to ascertain if the above mail in rebates are in place of, or on top of the already existing rebate. In the case of the Samsung Galaxy S 4G, the phone is $199.99 after a $50 rebate,¬†however our question is would that $75 rebate drop the phone to $125 thus making it the 50% off as the “note” mentions at the bottom of the page?

In order to avoid confusion, I’d hold off (and I urge this strongly) from jumping to any conclusions as to what this deal actually entails. I’ll update the post as soon as I get a clearer image of whats in store, however anyone looking to buy a Samsung device might do well to hold off for an extra few days.

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  • 808prettyboy808

    I want the HTC pyramid…where is it?

    • actually i dont know why i liked your comment…this article has nothing to do with HTC….But deep down inside i want it too :(

      • TheDarkKnight

        WTF!! TmoNews has Discus but Phonedog doesn’t? What is this world coming to? Looks like I’ll be joining you guys for TmoNews. Haha!

        • Anonymous

          Welcome aboard!

        • Anonymous

          Welcome aboard!

    • HottSauce

      or the Galaxy S 2!

      • Anonymous

        Summer release most likely and we will be first with it, most likely.

  • Na

    Dear T-Mobile, your phone selection sucks. When I walk into your store I feel like I’m inside a Fisher price store. Stop getting Kitty phones and push some REAL phones. That is all.

    – a concerned customer

    • Bluemoon1482

      Is someone holding a gun to your head to walk into a tmobile store? Wait, don’t reply they must still be there forcing you to visit this site!

      • Na

        whoaaa easy there keyboard warrior. I’m just expressing my concern that T-Mobiles phone selection is quite horrendous. They say they are targeting the business class yet continue to release kitty phones. T-mobile please look at verizons selection of phones.

        • Fassss

          Kid phones. Kiddie , not kitty wtf

        • Perrjett82

          If your argument is truely based on phones for the business class, then your argument doesn’t hold water. Verizon doesn’t even have a vast selection of phones for business minded people. The ultimate business phone is produced by Blackberry because thats what businesses and IT support uses. All the carriers have Blackberry’s…Windows phones arent liked, Andriod phones semi have business support, but ultimately business people use Blackberrys. Companies give their execs Blackberrys…that’s just what it is.

        • Anonymous

          You mean all those Droid’s with locked bootloaders and Motoblur? oh yeahhh great selection /sarcasm.

          those devices aren’t more powerful than ours. that 4.3inches has you fooled.

    • Bluemoon1482

      Is someone holding a gun to your head to walk into a tmobile store? Wait, don’t reply they must still be there forcing you to visit this site!

    • Anonymous

      Comparing phones to other carriers (in looks/design only)

      EVO = MyTouch 4G
      Epic 4G = CLIQ 2
      Incredible = G2
      Iphone 3G = Vibrant
      Droid X = HD7

      which phones for which companies look superior?

      • Jeter_81

        Thank you! That’s a good comparison. People always think the grass is greener on the other side. I get really tired of everyone dissing T-Mobile’s phone selection. The mytouch 4G and the G2 are still two of the best Android devices currently on the market. We have the largest screen available for a WP7 device, which, by the way neither of the CDMA carriers support yet. Let’s not forget all three of these devices run either a 1Ghz Snapdragon or 2nd generation 800 Mhz Snapdragon. We’ve got some great devices on the horizon (Galaxy S 4G, 4G Android-based Sidekick, BB Bold Touch) and people STILL aren’t happy. Compare what we have to Sprint who’s best device came out early/mid 2010 (EVO). AT&T has a one phone wonder (iphone), and nothing else. The only company with a comparable lineup is Verizon with their Droid series and the iphone now, and they don’t even have any LTE phones yet! Everyone needs to calm down.

        • Anonymous

          We have the most powerful devices even more so. Looks can be deceiving.

    • Anonymous

      How does T-Mobile Android selection suck? ours are the most powerful android devices. Vibrant, G2, Nexus S, Nexus One, MT4G i mean really idk wth hell you are talking about the selection sucking. Hell if you wanna talk about outside android HD2&7 is powerful and has the ability to run android. A bigger screen doesn’t make it more powerful especially if its just a WVGA at 4.3inches. t-mobile does the least to android in regards to carrier software. Hell people with the newer droids are still trying to get a bootloader unlocked. AT&T is most certainly no better “oh but they got the atrix 4g” yeah that runs motoblur… and whose dock would cost as much as a laptop. Sprint has epic4g and evo. In regards to android we have the best and widest variety of androids.

  • thedude

    im sure the phone is 150 with 75 off thus being %50 offf…just like htc %50 off taking hd7, mt4g, and g2 from 200 to 100….take it to the bank

  • Anonymous

    whatever it is, it better be good, else the customers aren’t gonna go for it.

  • Keep up the good work T-mob

  • employee

    The vibrant and galaxy were removed from the sale. Sorry guys..

    • Rage

      vibrant and galaxy are the same phone??

      • GlockBuster

        They aren’t calling the new 4G Galaxy S the Vibrant. So I assume he means the Vibrant and 4G Galaxy S

      • GlockBuster

        They aren’t calling the new 4G Galaxy S the Vibrant. So I assume he means the Vibrant and 4G Galaxy S

        • Rage

          i assume that “EMPLOYEE” is an idiot!

        • Donjordon1234

          Your the idiot buddy. The new samsung will be called Galaxy S 4G

    • Antioch

      actually the vibrant was removed from customer care about 3 weeks ago, may resurface as refurbished, or in tmo stores, but no new sales

  • Thagreat93

    this sucks if u just got a phone last yr

    • The Truth

      If you like the phone you got last year, what’s the problem? Do you really need the newest phone everytime one drops? Bank on this, it will be something out better but if you gotta have it just buy that sucker on craigslist or ebay.

    • Anonymous

      Any sale sucks if you bought the item at a higher price, duh lmao!!

    • Anonymous

      Not really
      I have a Nexus S

  • Bobblehead

    must be trying to clear out inventory before releasing the Galaxy S 2

    • Anonymous

      That usually is the case with all carriers and all retailers actually, clear out the old to make way for the new.

      But I also think it was:

      1) To respond to other phones coming out, e.g., the Verizon iPhone. History has shown that T-Mobile usually does something whenever another carrier debuts a phone. I remember one time, it was an iPhone, I think in 2008. One of T-Mobile’s responses was to advertise the 1000 minutes for $40 promo. I talked to a T-Mobile exec and he said the Company repeated the promo “because a new iPhone was coming to market.” (At the time the 1000 minutes $40 was a really good deal and T-Mobile did not run it too often.

      2. Also, T-Mobile is heavily advertising 4G and video calling. It needs as many as possible 4G phones with front facing cameras. It does not do much good to advertise these services and features but only have a few phones to show excited customers. IMHO the Samsung Galaxy S 4G is a very attractive phone to show customers. I suspect that anyone looking for a 4G phone would seriously look at the SGS4G because it’s a great looking phone. (Before I sold mine, to make room for the S2, I considered the Vibrant to best phone I have ever owned and one of the best handsets on the market.)

  • GlockBuster

    It would have to be on top of the existing rebates, because currently the Gravity T is $74.99 after a $50 rebate… so why would this sheet show a $50 mail in rebate that is already going on as a promo?

  • Smc

    im due a full upgrade in early april. i have a blackberry 8900. c’mon T Mobile i have been with you since powertel days then voicestream days. I dont know if it is advertising/ marketing or what but it seems as though that the other carrier phones have more of a wow factor and they are still on the minds of people out there. im not talking about having the best im just talking about THERE SEEMS TO BE MORE EXCITEMENT out there for the other carriers phones. WHAT GIVES??????? Whatever i get will be an improvement. But C’MON………………. bring on the stuff that is going to bring the EXCITEMENT TO T-MOBILE. the htc pyramid is looking pretty good to me. but how long do we have to wait.

    • mex

      They might have the wow factor but you will pay an arm and leg.

  • Guest

    all i want to know is when the galaxy s 2 will be released becuase im thinking about getting the galaxy s 4g but if the galaxy s 2 is right around the corner whats the point of buying the galaxy s 4g????

    • Anonymous

      They likely aren’t going to announce until only weeks before it comes out. Still waiting for that Optimus 2x announcement myself.

      • Anonymous

        You are correct. In fact, that’s one of the criticisms of the “old T-Mobile,” that the Company does not announce phones until a few weeks before launch. In other words, T-Mobile does not build up excitement or anticipation, like Sprint did with the Evo or Apple does with the iPhone.

        There was a few weeks notice with the HTC HD2, the Vibrant, and even the S4G received little notice.

        I say this is with the “old T-Mobile” because we will see if Herr Humm does things differently. So far he has taken an entirely different approach since coming on board. He is a lot more aggressive.

        For example, I suspect it was with his approval to go with calling T-Mobile’s high speed service “4G” and to start heavily marketing that term.

        He was probably the one who said “Yes, let’s get a new Zeta-Jones type person because sex sells.”

        I also notice a lot more advertising on TV, certainly more than there was under Dotson.

        So Humm may have a different approach on product launches, lots of pre-launch advertising and get the phones out there fast.

        The “Vibrant” 4G is an example of that strategy, I think. T-Mobile is heavily advertising 4G AND also video phone calls. Humm no doubt said it was a no brainer to “rub the paint off the Vibrant’s existing FFC lens opening on the display glass, toss in one of Samsung’s new 4G chipsets and voil√† another 4G phone with FFC to show customers walking in after seeing Carly talk about 4G and/or video calling.

        IMHO all this action you are seeing is Philipp Humm walking in and “slapping” awake the U.S. staff.