New T-Mobile Tablet Promotion

T-Mobile is back again with another tablet promotion! This time around, T-Mobile is including their newest 4G tablet, the Dell Streak 7 as well as the Samsung Galaxy Tab. The promotion runs from February 18th through March 31st. Basically, if you purchase a Dell Streak 7 or Samsung Galaxy Tab at full retail price through, Telesales, or you will receive a $50 Mobile Broadband Pass.

The requirements for this promotion include:

  • You must activate as prepaid
  • You must pay full retail price for the Samsung Galaxy Tab ($499.99) or the Dell Streak 7 ($449.99)
  • Promotion is only available on the Web, Telesale, and

Anyone planning on taking advantage of this promotion?

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  • If only I could actually afford it. Bring on the Samsung Galaxy S WiFi 5.0 please :)

  • If only I could actually afford it. Bring on the Samsung Galaxy S WiFi 5.0 please :)

  • eYe

    Not much of a promotion but then again, tablets are not much of a useful product. My 2 cents.

  • Dchadblur

    not gonna get a tablet until the U.S. companies decide to activate the voice capability. Hopefully Tmobile will make that adjustment by the time the G-Slate is released. until then no new devices and it is time for a new phone. but im holding out

  • 808prettyboy808

    Now that’s what I call a $h1tty deal..

  • Anonymous

    This “deal” reaks of desperation.

    • Not a all, they have to make sales. Its that simple…

    • Not a all, they have to make sales. Its that simple…

  • You can do this now. Its been on their site for a while, but I guess since people aren’t buying…they are putting it out to everyone! Oh well, that is what they are supposed to do to make sales.

  • Curtpopejoy

    uninteresting deal is uninteresting…

  • Anonymous

    Pimp… I don’t think there’s desperation here, T-Mobile is simply doing what EVERYONE is doing, getting rid of all 7″ tablets. As I said last month, look for T-Mobile to discount the Tab to get rid of it.

    7″ tablets are dogs with fleas, as Steve Jobs and I have been saying since last years. OK, Jobs said it first when saying way back last year that any tablet with a display less than 9″ was DOA (dead on arrival), but I said it in a magazine article in August and repeated it in a December publication.

    Additionally, 99% of the tablets introduced at MWC had 10″ displays. (I think there were only two 7″ tablets introduced at MWC, Acer’s and HTC’s.) Significant to T-Mobile, NOW EVEN SAMSUNG ADMITS 7″ IS A LOUSY TABLET DISPLAY SIZE.

    For those of you who don’t know, at Mobile World Congress last week, Samsung Mobile executive. Dr WP Hong formally commented that Samsung is ditching 7″ tablets! He said that 7″ displays are too small for tablets.

    Hmm… what size is the display on the Tab… 7″ And what size displays are the tablets Samsung introduced at MWC… 10.1″ Yep, it does not take a street smart wireless exec to figure out it’s time to unload the Tabs.

    Matter of fact, I can imagine this call taking place:

    Phone call Humm to Hong:

    Hong: Hong here, in more ways than one, as the ladies say. HA HA HA HA.

    Humm: Very funny you som beech. Did I hear right, that at MWC you said your company is abandoning 7″ tablets?

    Hong: You no like that?

    Humm: Well we have a few hundred thousand of those in our system and others on order.

    Hong: No problem, you give rebate, all fixed. That make good your problem.

    Humm: I’ll shove those rebate certificates where the sun don’t…. Excuse me, Olbermann says I gotta be nice. Tell you what, you take all these damn Tabs back and we will call it even.

    Hong: Ha ha you funny man. You give rebate and that’s all. You # 4 in US, you have no say. Matter of fact, how you get this number?

    I have to go now, Verizon calling soon. Maybe we have lunch some time, you buy.

    Humm: Your azz is grass and I’m gonna be the lawn mower.

    Hong: Huh? Bad connection. What you ask about lawn mower? Samsung no make lawn mowers.

    Humm: When you coming to town?

    Hong: Me on T-Mobile phone, sorry I can’t hear you now. Oh ha ha me make good joke. Bye bye. Me take Verizon call now.

    • Anonymous

      LOL thats some funny ish dude. Ok maybe its not DESPERATE because that would be giving them away for free on contract but T-Mobile definitely feels that they gotta do SOMETHING to sell off these oddball devices that they should not have bought from the manufacturers in the first place.

    • Dchadblur

      i’ll but a 7″ tabet if it had a calling feature.

    • Dchadblur

      i would buy a 7″ tablet if it could make phone calls

  • Dell Can Suck it

    Enable the phone radios on the seven inch tablets and watch them sell. It is amazing the the killer feature is the ability to make calls. It is a convergence device. Let it converge. Dell the streak 7’s display is weak. Dell came to a bazooka battle with a butter knife. Dell you are better than this. Step your game up. You too tmo us. Galaxy Tabs make calls on DK and they are selling like hot cakes. Give us the option to dial and move the product.