Radio Shack Offering Up Trade In Deal For Samsung Galaxy S 4G

Oh those folks at Radio Shack are working the deals to attract customers and T-Mobile fans should take note of the special Samsung Galaxy S 4G offer. The device itself will be $149.99 for new customers or $199.99 for upgrading customers but you’ll also receive a $20 gift card. The gift card is designed to be used toward accessory purchases but our Radio Shack ninja says they can use the gift card toward the purchase price of the phone.

Even better is the trade in deal Radio Shack is offering, a $50 credit for any working T-Mobile device taking the price of the new activation phone to $99.99 and $149.99 for upgrading customers. The trade in credit can be taken off instantly so you could easily walk out with a Galaxy S 4G for $79.99 or $129.99 if you play your cards right. Not bad Radio Shack!

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