T-Mobile Adding Unlimited Data Plan Later This Year?

Thanks to Mr. Blurrycam himself we’ve just received the above image from a trusted ninja showing off what we believe is a hint toward revamped data plans later this year. While the wireless industry as of late has been leery of allowing unlimited data usage, T-Mobile will have to carefully evaluate data offerings as they prepare to launched devices capable of faster and faster speeds. Without a doubt there must be a balance between controlling speeds on the network so as to not impact the experience and yet, the needs of the users themselves must be considered as the companies provide enticements to use the faster speeds they will offer.

Our ninjas are also telling us to expect a total revamp of T-Mobile voice offerings sometime over the summer, possibly around June but as of yet we have no more information. As a quick reminder, T-Mobile is set to introduce a $79.99 unlimited offering for Even More customers on February 23rd. Stay tuned!

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