(Updated) New $80 Plan for a Limited Time

Update: As so many of you (meaning almost all of  you) have pointed out, this has been going on since November so it’s hardly new. While we expected to see an everything unlimited plan today at $79.99 we got caught up in the mix and indeed thought this was new as well. It’s an honest mistake and we follow a lot of news, it happens. Apologies all around.

Get it while it’s hot!  T-Mobile is now offering, for a limited time, a new Even More plan for the newly reduced price of $79.99 per month.  With this plan you can take advantage of 1500 whenever minutes, unlimited text and unlimited data, plus unlimited nights/weekends and T-mobile to T-Mobile calling.  Maybe you should take advantage of this opportunity, and pick up a Galaxy S 4G while you’re at it!

T-mobile via Phonescoop

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