February 23rd Bringing About Several Device Price Changes

Plenty has been made in the past few days over T-Mobile originally posting a $149.99 post rebate price for the Samsung Galaxy S 4G and then updating later with a $199.99 post rebate price. Well, as it turns out, the Galaxy S 4G won’t be alone in seeing a price increase as the myTouch4G and T-Mobile G2 will also see similar increases. Perhaps T-Mobile is taking a lesson out of the Verizon pricing playbook for the HTC Thunderbolt and realizing they can charge just a little bit more for these 4G devices.

The myTouch4G will be increasing to $249.99 along with the T-Mobile G2 which will also see a price increase to $249.99. The myTouch Slide will start off at $149.99 with a $50 rebate dropping the final price to $99.99. The Samsung Smiley, Gravity 3 and Gravity T are also seeing price changes but nothing along the lines of what the 4G devices are seeing.

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