T-Mobile Posts Carly Promo Video For Samsung Galaxy S 4G

T-Mobile is putting some marketing dollars behind today’s launch of the Samsung Galaxy S 4G with a brand new Carly video exclusively featuring the device. The Galaxy S 4G will set you back $249.99 before a $50 rebate. Still, you should just watch the video and let Carly persuade you to buy it. She’ll do a much better job than I will.

T-Mobile YouTube

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  • hmmm…those shoe’s make her feet look big

    • Anonymous

      They look HUGE!!!

  • Mrmerk05

    Going to exchange my MyTouch 4G for it right now. This phone is nice. I know i know. “It’s the same as the Vibrant.” But the Vibrant is an amazing phone. So why not have one that has 4g and a front facing camera.

    • pantlesspenguin

      Because it doesn’t have a camera flash. That was a deal-breaker for me on the Vibrant. I tried the Vibrant for 3 months & couldn’t get a decent indoor pic to save my life. Outdoor pics were fine, though.

      • itrustme

        The vibrant has one of the best cameras on a cell phone to date. Its on par with the iPhone 4’s. Anyone who says different hasn’t used a galaxy s device. This is the best phone on T-Mobile at the moment.

        • Karlc

          AGREED…..however, I’d like to hang out with the Nexus S for while: just because…

      • Anonymous

        I’ll agree the cam does suck in low light even though its got Night Mode. My Samsung Point and Shoot sux as well. Still love Sammy tho.

      • Disobayish_1

        It’s 2011 and still can’t put a flash on the phone!?!? I really like my vibrant, but I can’t see having this for 2 damn years! definitely wouldn’t pay full price coming from a vibrant !

        If I was trying the AMOLED screen for the first time then yes.

        With dual core/2 ghz phone being released this year that might change to maybe!

        • Karlc

          good point……but probably should wait until 2nd or 3rd generations; I have a feeling these dual core phones are going to be very hungry (battery life)………….

        • Disobayish_1

          True, but with all the companies putting out phones and updates I’m pretty confident they will be mind-blowing before the year is up. Android itself, not just samsung.

          I’m mean, in my opinion I think Android passed Apple. And tell me…what’s better motivation than the Iphone 5??

        • Disobayish_1

          True, but with all the companies putting out phones and updates I’m pretty confident they will be mind-blowing before the year is up. Android itself, not just samsung.

          I’m mean, in my opinion I think Android passed Apple. And tell me…what’s better motivation than the Iphone 5??

      • Prod1702

        The mt4g is still better hardware wise. 768 MB ram, more app space led flash it would be dumb to get this over a mt4g

      • Karlc

        use your settings feature: I get very nice pictures from this phone. in very low light conditions use the night feature; just be sure you and subject are very still; results awesome…..

    • Anonymous

      Yeah get rid of that ashy @$$ MT4G screen and enjoy “Inception” on an awesome SuperAMOLED!!

  • Anonymous

    “This phone is a dream….within a dream” Awesome….

    I’m surprised they didn’t mention the FFC on it. Isn’t that the 2nd T-mobile phone with a FFC on it?

    • 3d675fr6t8ygubhnijmko,l;

      actually third. (nokia e73, mt4g, vibrant 4g)

      • whosaidwhat

        I guess we’re not counting the Nexus S?

        • Anonymous

          Nah it aint a TMO phone.

    • Anonymous

      I guess they are leaving the FFC bonanza to the MT4G. But yeah I atleast would have had the guy hold the phone in a way that the FFC is visible.

  • hmmm….those shoes make her feet look big….oh and 1st!

    • Disobayish_1

      Yeah, the first to talk about shoes!

  • joe361

    Why doesn’t it come with Android 2.3?

    • Climber42104bg

      It’s Samsung, so did you really expect gingerbread? Especially after the vibrant debacle previously.

      • Blabla

        what debacle….are you referring to the gps or the 2.2 update? The vibrant was the first galaxy s phone to get 2.2 so there was NO debacle. Granted a little later than promised but it was still released nonetheless.

    • Aerofanbig

      2.3 is for the Nexus and will remain so. 2.3.2 which is the Gingerbread other devices will receive is just now going OTA for the Nexus 1 and S, and probably the G2 soon. If you want fast updates, you buy stock android, plain and simple. For phones with a custom UI it has to refined to work with that companies UI before they’ll release an update

  • Tony

    does this phone come w/ swype included?

    • Anonymous

      I think pretty much every T-mobile android phone coming out has Swype.

      • Disobayish_1

        Ha, its the same as the first vibrant! Think of it as the galaxy s that should had been released instead of the vibrant!

  • Thereugo67


    • GadgetGurl

      Is this a myth or is there really and HTC phone headed T-mobiles Way?

  • Spongebob71

    Cool! I want one!

    *watching on my samsung vibrant*

  • Anonymous

    If that blogger dude looks like you then please raise your hand. “This phone is a dream, within a dream” lol nice.

    It’s nice to see some real screen action of the phone and I think they touched on the important Entertainment aspects of the it.

    I would be impressed after seeing that commercial.

  • ATL Guy

    Damn I thought that said porno video.

    • ATL Guy

      ” Carly we really need you to think outside the box on this next video were doing”

    • Guest.

      go get a girl!! sheesh

    • Guest.

      go get a girl!! sheesh

  • hahaha I love these commercials, so cute. It just affirms that Tmo is the company to like as they have always taken care of me. But yes I have a Vibrant and this is what it totally should have been, but I blame the game not the player.

    • Karlc

      “I blame the game not the player” hit the nail on the head!!

  • Karlc

    I just got my Vibrant, like 5 months ago and dig it! So i’ll pass on this, I dont see the reason for paying an additional $199.99 + tax, for a FFC and HSPA+
    In my opinion, and based on what I have seen ( in comparsion vid’s) the Vibrant is already a very fast phone. lacking some features, yes… but not all cars come equiped with seat warmers either!

    • You could sell it, and get one of these. The Vibrant holds great value. That is if you wanna the speed and camera…oh, and a new back cover.

      • Auser72

        Sold one for 375.00a month ago. Don’t let the bitching about vibrant on tmo fool you there is a big international demand for this phone.

  • Wow… how convincing (all pun intended)

  • hotrodthelovegod

    ha…he is the comic book shop dude from Big Bang Theory!!!!

    • hotrodthelovegod

      and ps….I still love my vibrant once it got updated

    • Jay

      I remember him in as Walter in Ugly Betty. Is his hair really gray now???

  • Can I just say she is so damn fine… Now can someone tell me who makes that dress? lol… (I could literally care less about the phone, I have Nexus S)

    • Sharper77

      same here. Nexus s for the win!!!!

  • Youngt82

    Ohhhh boy!!!! Like those windows phone commercials all I got to say is T-Mobile “REALLY?!?!” Smh lmaooooooo

  • Anonymous

    Im sorry, but 250.00 for this camera flashless pos is flat out stupid. t-mobile will sell a couple hundred(if that) in 1 month and drop the price to free within 2 months. mark my words. dont buy this phone, galaxy s2 is right around the corner.

  • Anonymous

    Fantastic ad. Nicely presents another 4G phone, “on the nation’s largest 4G network.”

    And including the hottest movie(s) just now going to DVD, that’s a great strategy too.

    HEY!! Didn’t anyone catch the dig at the TMoNews whiners in here? See where he arrogantly says “I blog about these things.” LOL…. congratulations crybabies, you finally are getting your 15 minutes.

    Sidenote: I wonder who in marketing said to put in that line. Love it.

  • None

    I need explosions, smoke, flashing lights, robots, laser beams, lightning, and thunder!!
    Instead, we get bad implants on a 2nd rate “model” acting like a total snot. In an industry where “perception” often dictates purchases, we get nothing but a cotton candy princess out of these commercials.

    • Anonymous

      30 years old, living at your parents house and still a virgin. How else to explain such bitterness, resentment, lashing out, name calling and insulting.

      Bonus Tip: You should put your money into some new glasses, not on a feature phone.

      Sidenote: Pretty remarkable that on a cell phone fan site that someone would choose to flame about the woman in the shot, instead of the product.

      UPDATE: “None” just messaged me and said he was talking about the guy in the video, not Carly. Well I guess what I said above still applies.

      • Prosthetic_Lips

        Really, talking about the guy? Would you like to re-think that, None?

        No, ok. “bad implants”? “cotton candy princess”?

        NOW would you like to re-think it?

  • Arcangeljp

    Dear Carly,
    They gave you way too much make-up on this one. You’re prettier without it.
    -your loving fans

  • Carlos B.

    i hope it dont flop like the HD2 because i remember when tmobile put all that money into marketing and it was just a HUGE flop!!

  • Anonymous