A Little More On The G-Slate…

So what else would you like to see on the new G-Slate Tablet? If your answer was either “Maps”, “YouTube”, or “Video Chat” then we’ve got your coverage right here (don’t expect any sound though as these videos are completely devoid of it). Nothing too terribly in-depth has surfaced at the moment, just some first look videos by T-Mobile to tease some of the basic functionality that the tablet will ship with.

The Google Maps app featured in the first video below shows how quick, smooth, and functional a location search can be using a 3D view of Times Square while also zooming in closer using Street View.  Next up is YouTube with a full screen 3D window pane view of a variety of different videos and a demo of the search functionality and some playback. Finally, you have your video chat functionality, “GTalk”, which allows full screen video chat with anyone on your contact list. There don’t appear to be any bells and whistles for video chat beyond what can be seen in the video, apart from whatever that icon on the left is (during chat) – perhaps a camera rotate button?

More details on the G-Slate will hopefully be announced at the T-Mobile Press Conference occurring Thursday at 11am PST. TmoNews will be there live covering the event.

(PS: There is seriously NO SOUND on these videos. No need to adjust your speakers)

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  • Phaet2112

    Netflix support?

    • Anonymous

      Hulu would be nice too if it were available.

      • whogivesaratsassss

        hulu sux balls. so does netflix. who cares if there is support

        • Anonymous

          its a matter of opinion. i like both of them, support or no support.

        • yeah well i care about Netflix support i want Netflix on this the ipad has so this should too

        • OneUpDave

          Wow, what did Al Gore do to you? Hulu and Netflix are the big players these days. Even if you don’t personally like any video streaming, you can’t honestly say “who cares” and mean it.

        • ihatefanboys

          what else is there exactly ?? unless u mean the horrible FREE sites that have maybe-maybe not reliable streaming.

        • cdheer

          Obvious troll is obvious.

  • now all they need to to do is make a 3.0 laptop

  • Wilma Flintstone

    That is one impressive tablet and it does kinda remind me of Maemo like one user said in another thread. I will have to demo it when it hits Tmo shelves. Good Job Tmo. Nice maps, videochat and Library (bookstore). I will keep an eye on this.

    Now I’m just waiting for this to be announced for Tmo in a few hours:


    When this happens in a few hours, I will be screaming for joy, jumping around the house and flipping over couches to get the loose change out to pay for it. Come on Tmo!!! Woohoo!!!

  • Tmoguy89

    Hey David, check out t-mobile.com

    Dell Streak 7 Tablet shown under the Discover tab


    • Anonymous

      Ha I wonder if that was a mistake!

  • Tmoguy89

    Hey David, check out t-mobile.com

    Dell Streak 7 Tablet shown under the Discover tab


  • MysticTrust are you new to the tmonews team?

    • Anonymous

      Nah. Click on my name under the article title (post history). I’ve been around since 2008. I helped co-found this site with David :)

      (My first comment since Disqus though)

      • He’s the real deal and also the wildest Windows Phone 7 fan I know, but in a good way!

  • Chris

    Are we to assume that Skye will work on the tablet as well?

  • yyevo

    How about a WiFi only tablet. I don’t need another monthly payment in my life!

    At least a pay as you go option.

  • Anonymous

    These are just videos of parts of Google’s Android 3.0 video! They don’t show the G Tablet at all.

  • nexuss

    GTalk with video! I want on my Nexus S instead of using Tango!