(Updated Twice!!!!!) TmoNews Will Be Live At CES!

That’s right, TmoNews is attending its very first CES event this week and we’re looking to find every single drop of T-Mobile related news. We’ll have pictures and video and if it’s T-Mobile related, I’ll find it!  We know T-Mobile has a lot of 4G news planned and we’ll be covering their press event live Thursday 11am, Las Vegas time. Perhaps we’ll get a look at the Cliq 2, Dell Streak 7 and maybe even that supposed LG Optimus 2X we’d just love to see come the Magenta way!

So keep your eyes on the TmoNews homepage this upcoming week for all the T-Mobile news we can find! The important question is, what do YOU; the reader and T-Mobile customer want to see? Are you looking for tablet news galore or a wonderful selection of upcoming 4G devices that will make your head spin? Let us know below what you hope to see from T-Mobile from CES, any wishes for things you might want me to cover and any good ways to stay warm because it’s going to be so much colder than Florida!

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We’ll also be live streaming on ustream at various times throughout the show!! This will be the link: www.ustream.com/channel/tmonews

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