Samsung Vibrant Available For Free On

If you’ve been eyeing that Samsung Vibrant from across the room but haven’t yet worked up the nerve to ask her to dance, now is the time. currently has the Vibrant available for zero dollars, that’s right zero dollars. While the Vibrant waits patiently for its chance to beef up to Android 2.2, this is a great opportunity to pick up this device if you’ve been watching her from afar. You better act fast as you never know when someone else might steal your chance.

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  • Anonymous

    Love how the article is written. Nice creativity! :-)…
    I sure do hope that Froyo graces us with her presence soon…on my Vibrant! Samsung better keep their promise this time around, else out goes future PR efforts to win customers over. Then again, I’m stereotyping—I’m sure there’s a higher % of customers out there who are oblivious of these things that seems to bother most of us phone geeks; they’ll be fine regardless of Froyo or whatever else out there. Still doesn’t make for the fact that I’m STILL hoping Samsung comes through on their Froyo promise ….hehe :-)

  • Out of curiosity – what is the ETF for T-Mobile?

  • MeximCivic

    Woah! I thought I was lucky when I got mine with the BOGO sale my wife stuck to the MyTouch Slide. Only thing that bums me out is the time its taking for the official 2.2 update. That was easily taken care of when I rooted it and installed an awesome ROM (I did mess up a few times so beware) now it runs like racecar with FroYo 2.2 update.

  • Ryan

    Translated: “Hey look everyone! Come waste your upgrade on a phone that will never be updated!”

    • Goodbye Samsung

      Probably the best comment on here. Along with Ali1234’s…

      Samsung’s Vibrant phone is poor if you are trying to manage your life. Android is poor and then the lack of software updates is even worse.

      Glad I am back to Blackberry. I have my life under control once again and I don’t have to buy apps (like Touchdown) to get Exchange access.

  • Ali1234

    I wouldnt waste my upgrade on this phone even if it was free with $100.00 cash back.

  • Anonymous

    waiting for an outdated update

    makes sense…..

  • g2 user !

    g2 please
    g2 news please!!

  • I have owned this phone since July. I love it now. I’ve hated it when it had GPS problems before the first update and again when it hadn’t gotten Froyo. But then I discovered root, rom manager and titanium backup. Now I can not only have Froyo, but I can have multiple flavors of it and I can update it in an hour or less. I have always been a stock user, but now that I’ve discovered root this phone is by far the best phone I’ve ever had. Lightning fast with virtually the same OS as the Nexus S, but trade the FFC for my 32 GB SD card.

  • Juan60790

    Is it free with the 2 year upgrade?

  • Yes its free with upgrade as well. In fact my mom’s line is eligible to get it free and she is only 14 months into her 2 year contract. Does this mean its discontinued? Shocker if it is…. lol.

  • Anonymous

    Let me add my two cents here. I have owned the Vibrant since last October. I had the Nexus One previous to that (wife has it now). I’ve experienced the GPS problems on my Vibrant like most, but overall, the Vibrant has been an absolutely outstanding phone IMHO. I was used to 2.2 on Nexus, and knew the things 2.2 brought to the table. 2.1 on the Vibrant was good, but would really be good with 2.2. But I never whined once about it, not complained that I’d never own another Samsung product, etc, like I’ve seen in here a thousand times. Anyway, after seeing how many people were happy with installing custom Roms, I finally did it myself. Unbelievable difference!! My stock 2.1 Vibrant scored 889 in Quadrant. I installed the Nero v3 rom from Team Whiskey without Voodoo and my Quadrant score went to 969. Ok, now I’m on 2.2 at last. Then I installed Voodoo (which is a file system change from rfs to ext4) and my Quadrant score jumped to 1515. The phone is now in the super fast category. Boot time is 1/4 to 1/3 of what it was prior to Nero v3. An amazing difference. Phone is super snappy and I’ll put it up against almost any other phone out there. Next.. I did some reading on the GPS problem. As it turns out, it is a combination of poor coding from Samsung and a manufacturing boo-boo. The Nero v3 rom fixed the software issue, but the hardware problem remained. It required me opening up the Vibrant (which most here are loathe to do) and disassembling it. Inside the phone there is a copper contact that is in the shape of an elongated letter “C” . The contact is too weak and doesn’t make good contact with the antenna lead, thus the poor GPS reception. It was found that slight bending the contact (opening it up) greatly improved performance. I can testify that is exactly what happens. After bending up the GPS contact (I also bent up the cell phone reception contacts), this phone is almost perfect. GPS is rock solid, cell phone reception is now superior to previous and the thing is super fast. No problems that I’ve found so far. It is sad that I had to take things into my own hands to fix this stuff. The GPS thing should have never happened. And the 2.2 should be out by now. But, considering all, its been fun, and the Vibrant is the best phone (including my Nexus One) that I’ve ever owned. There is definitely mass appeal on the Vibrant to the public. Most end users have no idea of anything about 2.1 or 2.2. They just want a phone that works. There is a reason they sold 10 million of these worldwide in 6 months (4 million in the USA). This free phone deal is a decent deal for sure, but I suspect the reason for it is that we’re fixing to see a bunch of new phones being offered at CES in a few days. Wow, that was a long winded one…. sorry.

    • Robavila721

      x2 Nero v3 w/ voodoo has transformed my vibrant into a phone that alot envy, faster than an evo, faster than a droid x, faster than a mt4g running cyanmod 6, if you have problems with this phones software dont whine about it, do something about it and you will not regret the purchase.

      • Anonymous

        I run Nero V3, no voodoo yet, will do so today.

        The fact remains, Samsung IS responsible for poor coding and a manufacturing defect. Any other company would have recalled and fixed or replaced a product with manufacturing defects. Samsung’s cost to so will be painful, can you imagine the cost of replacing over 10 million Galaxy S phones? or just the Vibrants?

        Samsung and T Mobile can keep their Vibrant. Even if they offered me 10 years of free service and the phone I would not take it. Wish T Mobile as Samsung’s customer did something about it.

        To avoid paying money because of a manufacturing defective companies have recalls. The problem is that they avoid doing so until they are faced with losing a lot of money. Most companies that are smart avoid this and provide a solution. Even Apple provided a free case. Samsung so far has provided, as your words stated, poor coding and false promises.

        Its a matter of principle.

    • g2

      see babee but thats were ur wrong 2.2 is important n the people sayi i will never buy a samsung ever i agree 100%because they r garbage and dey r corrupt company… ihad a behold lied to us n lied to everyone samsuck needs to wake upcus deir loosin a lot of customers becus of lack of outdated updates . Wat shame samsung and FAIL

      • Diamond_60606

        My wife and I had two Blackjacks and loved them. They were bulletproof. Never a problem.

        They HDTVs are superb.

        Sorry you had a problem but to “dis” the company like you do is wrong.

        and unfair.

    • Do you have the instructions for how to bend the cell phone receivers up as well?

    • Do you have the instructions for how to bend the cell phone receivers up as well?

  • chevyext

    7yr T-Mobile Customer
    I still can’t belive I missed out on the free G2. So I decided to wait patiently for another deal like that which I couldn’t wait any longer sooo…. (This is my expierence with Tmobile Customer Service: Yesterday 1/3/2011 I decided to contact T-Mobile Loyalty Deptartment & asked if they had any special deals for people like muaaaah……told them I was pretty bummed out for missing out on the G2….the lovely lady said how many phones you planning to get & I’ll see what I can do for you…..I said well I would like to upgrade 2 lines but how much would I have to pay upfront…………The lovely lady said how about a MyTouch 4g for $99 & the G2 is free……..SIGN ME UP PLEASE…………..Tmobile Customer Service is on my A list…..

    • Sweet deal…. TMO really needs to just commit to not being dicks to longtime customers. I’ve been with them for about 5 years and it took quite a few calls to get the free G2 deal but I finally did a few weeks ago.

      This phone rules. If I could have gotten the MT4G for free I think I would have gone that way because I really don’t neeeeeeeed the physical keyboard and isn’t the MT4G’s screen 4″ diag?

  • Love To Hate It

    Theres a few things to say about “FREE”
    Run do not walk to the nearest EXIT!
    As much as I love my vibrant I wouldnt wish the pain and agony of this “pods” on anyone! and certainly not a new t-mobile customer! OMFG what are they thinking…My 1st replacement is due any day, started off with wonky GPS now it has decided to start rebooting for no reason, yes I’m aware of the upgrades at XDA but the average new user, [perish the thought one that got it free no less] would ever contemplate going down that road!

    After a long time samsung customer this will be the last one for me! They say they sold 10 million of them, I say we the owners need to return 9.5 million for a refund!

    Free my ass more a PITA than any phone I have ever owned!

    • Guest

      I say learn how to use it and stop blaming the phones for user errors!!!!

  • Waitingforever2.2Samsung

    If you don’t mind: GPS problems, a lot of lag, waiting for android 2.2 and other fixes then this is a great phone. The screen and the hummingbird processor still make it top of the line right now.

  • Waitingforever2.2Samsung

    If you don’t mind: GPS problems, a lot of lag, waiting for android 2.2 and other fixes then this is a great phone. The screen and the hummingbird processor still make it top of the line right now.

  • If one were considering the Nexus S, is there really enough difference between it and the Vibrant to justify $200? I would root, so the update thing isn’t a huge deal to me.

  • I wonder if Samsung is dumping these phones because they really have no intention of maintaining the software and will be EOL? They have a pretty strong reputation for not upgrading phone software and relying on people buying new equipment instead.

    This is why I just don’t buy Samsung products. They bring something to market and then shrug their shoulders when something happens. You want a software update for a flagship phone? (shrug) You want us to fix our GPS mistake, which apparently is also a hardware antenna problem? (shrug)

    I have an Akai (Samsung) RPTV that I got broken from a friend. Turns out there is a module inside that controls beam convergence and it burns out. Bought a new one, installed it, works great. Put an IR thermometer on it and it it is OVER TWO HUNDRED DEGREES!!! Seriously it was like 250 degrees! I put a little PC fan in the enclosure to vent the hot air out and it stays around 180.


    you have to add a line of service. I don’t need another line….just an upgrade. Tmo pissing of existing loyal customers yet again!

    • Shantytown007

      I upgraded my wife’s, no new line. you are mistaken

    • meow

      I also bought it on the upgrade – 3 months before I even qualified for another upgrade (got a MT3G May 09). Figured even with the upgrade fees and taxes I got the Vibrant for $30 – and I was planning on buying it anyway in May when I was eligible to upgrade.

  • Oce

    Went to my local store and told them about promotion and MOD honored the online pricing for me. Got a free Vibrant for my wife and only had to pay the upgrade fee(no mail in rebate)!

    • Oce

      Also, this was an upgrade, not a new line.

    • what’s MOD? I want to try this…

      • Oce

        MOD = Manager On Duty. He had to approve the deal for me.

  • Pmavini

    Can you use the $10 web plan with the Vibrant deal?

  • DH

    I own a vibrant, & my advice to ANYONE thinking about getting one is RUN AWAY!!! Why would you want to commit to a device (w a 2 yr contract) that is NOT adequately supported or updated, & that is essentially outdated less than 6 mo later?!? Samsung has a CLEAR record of “throwing under the bus” it’s previously released products & focusing it’s resources on developing/marketing NEW products to maximize it’s profits. Just say NO to samsung.

  • This promotion is kinda shady: as always, TMO charges you tax on the full price of the phone, and they charge you a upgrade fee, so you have to pay $115 to get the phone then remember to submit the rebate in order to get it for “free”. AND you are now extended in a 2-year contract RIGHT before CES announces newer, better, faster phones.

    • Msladye

      Tax is based on your STATE NOT T-MOBILE therefore the info you are providing is totally false because very few states base it on the retail cost as opposed to the selling price (CA is one of the exceptions) and upgrade fees are standard across the board but what is $18 when the retail is $500?!?!?!?!?

      So what’s the big deal about having to do a mail in rebate? As long as you do your part then there’s no problem unless you happen to be one of the people that companies feed off of that don’t mail it in therefore saving the company money!

      Finally… no one is being FORCED to take advantage of the FREE phone therefore you not only the option, but you have the RIGHT to NOT get this phone and wait until the next newer, better, faster phone comes out, but don’t get mad when you’re stuck with a RAZR because you’re so afraid that T-Mobile is trying to get you stuck in a new contract RIGHT before new phones come out because if you hadn’t noticed… new phones come out ALL THE TIME now!!!

      Just an FYI!!!

    • Smsiddiqi

      Those rebates are kind of fraud too from TMO. I bought two phones in August and supposed to receive a $50 each (total $100.) I completed rebate forms over the web after 3 weeks and sent the remaining UPS etc by post. They denied the rebate taking the ecuse that rebate forms were mailed 3 weeks after completing web form should have been mailed within 10 days. This requirement is burried in fine print on the web under terms and conditions. So be aware of fraud. Wanna hear other fraud from TMO. I returned one Vibrant which was billed at $249.00, they refunded me the amount. After, 2 weeks I order another Vibrant back in September, the lady over the phone told me, $99.00 and no shipping. I trusted it, after a month when bill came I called customer care, because I was billed $249.00. They refused to accept it, and argued I should show it in writing that I was offered $99.00 with no shipping, though I already had one phone at that price. It was a total fraud from TMO. Who would have a phone customer care order in writing? My mistake was I did not immediately check account over the web that customer care was playing fraudulent tricks. After my contract is over, I will dump TMO for life as fast I could. I cannot trust their words. They play fraudulent tricks. So be aware of tricks from TMO.

  • This promotion is kinda shady: as always, TMO charges you tax on the full price of the phone, and they charge you a upgrade fee, so you have to pay $115 to get the phone then remember to submit the rebate in order to get it for “free”. AND you are now extended in a 2-year contract RIGHT before CES announces newer, better, faster phones.

  • This promotion is kinda shady: as always, TMO charges you tax on the full price of the phone, and they charge you a upgrade fee, so you have to pay $115 to get the phone then remember to submit the rebate in order to get it for “free”. AND you are now extended in a 2-year contract RIGHT before CES announces newer, better, faster phones.

  • HimDuud

    I called 18773533614 and added a line to my acct and got the Vibrant for FREE haha,I’ve been waiting along time for that phone,no charges but the activation fee which will be put on the bill after i activate the phone

  • kclb

    i heard the samsung vibrant on the tmob site is not new, but refurbished. how true is this?

  • Curtisgurtis

    I just upgraded my wife to the Vibrant, I’m glad I found this site today. I have had this phone for a few months now, and I love it. The only thing is I accidently lost Avatar.

    • Guest

      avatar is on your original sd card that came with the phone. If you changed out the sd card you have to transfer it to the new one.

  • Ere5gtggtf

  • Sarfds25
  • Sarfds25
  • Oce

    Called customer loyalty and got 2 free Vibrants, waived upgrade fee for both lines and threw in promotional $20 unlimited data for both lines. Just had to pay s/h for both lines. Awesome!

  • tmo+me=12 years

    I called customer care today and got a mytouch 4g for free, with free express shipping and no activation fees

    • Happy with TMO

      Wow, that’s amazing…what phone did you have before and for how long? I got a MT3G Slide last June but would really like to upgrade to the 4g.

  • CRH

    Is it true that you HAVE to pay for the data plan from t-mobile to use this phone though? My daughter wants the AMOLED screen and media, but only uses text and phone. Does anyone know??

  • My advice to anyone on T-Mobile…buy an HD2 and Linux boot into Android off the SD card. Its as simple as copy the files, extracting to the card…a caveman can do it. HD2 has the best hardware and specs, and large 4.3 screen. I have 2.2 with gingerbread keyboard. My HD2 runs Android way better than my old MT4G.

  • Matt J.

    Why sooo much hate? Dude free after the mail in and a few few fees. Screw this slow cliq. Vibrant ordered and no its not refurb, no you don’t need to add a line just have a qualified line. I love this deal. If a must get device comes out later this year I can always threaten to cancel and get best pricing.

  • I still have a year left on my contract. Went to T-Mobile store and the manager said he couldn’t do anything for me. Called and talked to rep. He had the upgrade cost at $350. Went to Free (not including fees). :) i even told the online rep what the site said and he said jump on it. he told me that he couldn’t do it, but to order it online. I wanted to get the $50 mail in waived, but oh well. Free after that anyways.