Hands On With The Motorola Cliq 2

While the original Motorola Cliq never matched the success of the Droid series, it had its share of followers. Motorola is back with the Cliq 2 and we spent some time with the device this evening and came away reasonably impressed. The 1GHZ processor was certainly able to throw everything I could at it and didn’t seem to slow down. There were a few moments where my clicks didn’t register on the screen but I could chalk that up to not final software or just chance.  The 3.7-inch screen is beautiful and the keyboard with its odd Honeycomb shape has a great feel and is very responsive. MotoBlur isn’t as heavy as on the first Cliq and that’s a welcome feeling but it’s still there and you know it.

While we only played with the device for a few minutes it’s definitely a competitor to the G2 based solely on the great keyboard. With a more limited MotoBlur this is definitely worth looking at if you’ve been eyeing that G2 for a while, maybe it will surprise you.

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