T-Mobile And Boingo Wireless Extend Wi-Fi Roaming Agreement

Boingo Wireless and T-Mobile have announced a “renewed and extended” roaming agreement covering both laptop and Wi-Fi enabled hotspot access.  The new agreement allows T-Mobile hotspot and postpaid mobile broadband subscribers access to Boingo Wireless hotspots at 53 airport locations and the Washington State Ferries if you happen to be in the Seattle area.  Boingo subscribers will also retain access to T-Mobile Wi-Fi airport hotspot locations including access to airline clubs for American Airlines, United Airlines, US Airways, Delta Airlines and Hyatt hotels.

“Expanding our agreement with T-Mobile USA reinforces our commitment to delivering customers seamless Wi-Fi access to a larger, collective footprint,” said Colby Goff, senior vice president of strategy for Boingo Wireless. “We pride ourselves in listening to our customers and giving them access to Wi-Fi when and where they need it. Boingo users can now enjoy connectivity at airport lounges – a top request – and we welcome T-Mobile subscribers to our airport and ferry networks.”

Hey, I know it’s not phone news (or Android update news) but Boingo turns up at almost every airport I’ve been through in the last two years so this is a welcome arrangement to me and, hopefully, at least a few of you.

BusinessWire via Intomobile

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  • Oh man, I didn’t know this! I work at an airport…

    • wait, what do I have to do to utilize this? I need username and password?

      • I assume all you would need to do is just connect and somehow it would detect if you are a t-mo user maybe by input of phone number or the like of such.

        • Chatter

          My connections (only twice about a year ago) in the past have been automatic. You connect to the wifi and it recognizes your TMo sim/phone. I am not sure how this works off a laptop but the phone was automatic.

  • Anonymous

    This is for everybody suffering from 2.1 still being on their Vibrant.

    I installed the Bionix v4 2.2 ROM onto my Vibrant over the weekend and it is Awsome. Not only do I now have Flash 10.1 but it also comes with FFC support. As soon as my Galaxy S camera comes in this week I will be using video chat on my Vibrant. Boom.

    • Anonymous

      what are you talking about “Galaxy S camera”?

      • Anonymous

        the Galaxy S International camera pops right in place of the Vibrants camera and then you have front and rear camera’s.

        • Anonymous

          really? very interesting. where can i find the camera to purchase? eBay maybe? let me know how it goes…thx for the info.

        • Anonymous

          look for this on Ebay “Samsung Galaxy S i9000s Camera Assembly” hit me up at mdw92581@gmail.com if u want some more info i’ll hook u up.

    • Anonymous

      Oops I meant Obsidian v4 2.2 ROM

  • Anonymous

    Way to go T-Mobile. :-)

  • Last I knew you could enter your phone # and the last four digits of the primary account holder.

    This works on Total Internet and Total Internet VPN (according to rep – I just checked as I couldn’t get it to work last time I tried w/ my VPN plan).

    Also, would this be a free roaming agreement or a paid one?

  • RICO

    What’s sad about this story is that overseas, internet is free in the airports. So sad that in the mighty USA we can’t get free wifi in the airports and we have to pay extra.

  • jay

    good for me. the tmobile hotspot thing i use quite a bit over the course of a year. i have the $20/mo data plan (EDGE only however) for my unlocked iPhone, and the data plan includes tmo hotspot access. best (value) internet access plan around.