(Updated) Galaxy Tab In The Wild, Takes Full Size Sim Card

Updated: A few more pics have been added!

Well well well what have we here, the Galaxy Tab in the wild and with just hours to spare! That’s right, if you’ve been looking to sink your hooks into 7” of Samsung Galaxy Tab goodness you have less than a day to wait! Of course the Galaxy Tab will set you back a cool $399.99 on contract or $599.99 without so it’s definitely not a hasty decision. While you count down the hours we’ve got some in the wild pics to give you just a taste of what you can touch tomorrow. Try not to drool on the keyboard!

P.S. Plenty has been made about the arrival of the Micro-sims and rumor had it they might actually be used in the Galaxy Tab. Turns out that isn’t the case, the Tab will indeed take a full size sim so the mystery of the Micro-sim arrival lives on!

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  • Tito!

    It looks gorgeous! Dun. Dun. Dun. MicroSIM card mystery. (:

    • BuddyLuv

      no microSim. just got home from Tmo store. I spent two hours with the Tab. I even pulled the sim card from my vibrant and it went in with no problem. Oh and the issue with apps not going full screen was not there. I almost bought a tab; but i am holding off for the Playbook. The tab does offer tethering, no phone call capability, Very fast and responsive. Wifi works flawless. I tethered the tab to the wifi produced by my N1 (tmo store wifi sucks). I signed in with my gmail account. Flash 10.1 works, adobe air works.

      It goes on sale tomorrow at my local tmo store. I also checked out the HD7; WOW ITS FAST! and looks absolutely gorgeous.

  • 2FR35H

    I want a Windows 7 Home Premium Tablet when t-mobile gets that I will be amazed and drop money on it in the blink of an eye.

    • MT4G/G2/HD2 USER


    • Edward Mullens

      LOL Is Microsoft paying the two of you with their “incredible WP7 launch warchest”? Every other posting on this forum has you’re insane Windows requests. Who the heck wants Windows 7 HOME PREMIUM on a TABLET? Hahaha I had to laugh. Nobody even wants Windows on their computers, they are usually stuck with them. Tablet OSes are the wave of the future.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    I just went to Best Buy and apparently the Dell Streak uses the same charger as the iPhone and iPod so maybe that’s the real reason to what’s coming. Hopefully that’s what’s coming. I’d prefer that WAY over the iPhone. Anyway, The Dell Streak is frickin Gynormous. I draw the line around 4.5 inches after seeing that monster in person.

    • Possible, but I don’t think so. Why label it an iPhone/iPod charger if it’s meant for the Streak? The Streak has its own problems though. Needs to figure out if it’s a huge phone or a tiny tablet.

    • chargers look the same, but different.

  • No mystery. T-Mobile will “OFFICIALLY” say the micro-sims are for customers with unlocked iPhone 4’s or those roaming internationally… I suspect that once AT&T’s exclusive expires that eventually T-Mobile will carry it though. It’s the easiest jump for Apple to put a quad-band radio in the existing hardware and ship them to T-Mobile. The rumored Verizon version would require more changes to the internals, but I think that a CDMA version is undoubtedly coming as well.

  • Josh M.

    Wow, really? it takes a full size sim card? well a DUHHHH….most of the smart ones knew this a while back…i dont know why we actually had to wait for it to be revealed. so….
    which brings me to my point.
    micro sims + iphone cable= iphone on tmobile soon. watch!

    • 2FR35H

      Or iPad lets not forget that this is a possibility as well.

  • Josh M.

    Wow, really? it takes a full size sim card? well a DUHHHH….most of the smart ones knew this a while back…i dont know why we actually had to wait for it to be revealed. so….
    which brings me to my point.
    micro sims + iphone cable= iphone on tmobile soon. watch!

  • cellswag5

    Can I buy the tab for the full price of 599 and and change my cell phone data plan to a tab plan, and just have no phone?

    • igloobuilder

      Yes you can, simply “upgrade” your voice plan to the unlimited data plan at the store and it will change. If not cust care can do this for you as well.

  • dm

    Anyone think this might be indication that the radio to make calls is in the unit, but just disabled through software? This is my hope….

  • hater

    Do people actually have any REAL use for tablets? No hate coming from me, just wondering. They just seem like gimmicks to me and I dont see the reason anyone would need that AND a “superphone” that does the exact same thing. Someone please explain this to me.

    • Kurt N

      My thoughts exactly. Not sure what would make me put down my phone to pick up a larger one only to put the tablet down when I need to do phone stuff again. They are cool, but what for?

      • Vibrant addict

        I asked the same thing, answer is portability in comparison to a laptop. Much more portable with an on screen keyboard. In comparison to a superphone, you get more screen size and battery life separate from draining your phone.

        Personally, I’ll prob get one for school, rather than hauling my 17″ laptop

        • h4x

          I know a lot of doctors will use them for writing notes and such, that’s about it though

    • I have been looking into and hoping for an app or way to tether my digital camera to a tablet. This would in effect serve as an axillary monitor for my digital camera on photo shoots. Currently I use a Dell mini 9 for this but a 7-10 inch screen that is half the width, still has a keyboard for file naming and wifi connectivity.

      It’s probably a pipe dream but if it could happen, I would by a tablet ASAP.

      • …but a 7-10 inch screen that is half the width, still has a keyboard for file naming and wifi connectivity *would be the perfect tool*.


        *buy* not “by”

        Typing a comment + sitting on conference call = horrible English.

        I apologize.

  • Joe

    To the third commenter…. the Streak uses PDMI, which is slightly different from the iPhone/iPad’s 30 pin connector. So the micro-SIM mystery continues! PS, I love my Streak… it’s the best cellphone I’ve had. I definitely wouldn’t call it a tablet; it’s just a bigger phone than most people are used to. Heck, the Tab is on the small size of being a tablet, I sure wouldn’t call the Streak one!

  • After confirming WP7 has no HSPA I want MYt4G. I can use the hotpot on the phone to tether with the Gtab. I want to know what colors can I get.

    Stay thirsty my friends!

  • igloobuilder

    My question is does it support google voice and making voice calls through the google voice app?

  • NokiaN900User

    Micro SIM FTL. T-Mobile is playing with fire lol. So I have a scenario playing in my head:

    Micro Sim gets shipped to all stores under the pretense of supporting T-mobile UK customers or Customers that use iphone 4 unlocked on Tmo’s network. Meanwhile T-Mobile is testing the next iphone behind the scenes. With Apple’s yearly cycle of releasing the iphone and testing of the next iphone will be around this time. And if iphone is coming to tmo at all, it will be next year may / june.

    Disclaimer: Just my speculation. I am not an iphone fanboy and I am looking forward to Nokia N9 instead.

  • Frank thomas

    Check my comments on your microsim post. I said it used full sized sim card. I am losing more faith in tmonews.com by the day, especially after your first peep about something big on the 20th didn’t come till after my last post on the microsim/ iPhone conspiracy theory thread.

    • David, Managing Editor

      What are you talking about? You are losing faith by the day? I love comments like this…thanks for supporting the site! Forgive me for not using every comment someone states in the post as a byline for a new story, if you have something to report, it would behoove you to use the regular channels and contact/inform me. Otherwise, if I had to write a story about something someone heard from someone every time they appear in the comments, or every time some T-Mobile “employee” claims to be in the know, I’d never be able to move away from the keyboard.

    • trickinit

      What conspiracy? T-Mo has actually received microSIMs and iPhone data cables. It’s not like that was something TmoNews made up. David’s just reporting the facts.

  • Bronk

    I HIGHLY doubt T-Mobile will get the Iphone even after seeing micro-sim cards and Iphone cables.

    Why would T-Mobile launch an expensive marketing campaigned mostly aimed at bashing AT&T and the Iphone and then walk up to Steve jobs with an offer. It just doesn’t make sense.

    Most likely T-Mobile saw a drop in cusotmers using Iphone 4 because of non-existent micro sims and took care of the issue very easily. As for the Iphone cable, it exists for the THOUSANDS of T-Mobile Iphone customers.

    • Anony Mouse

      you forget that VZW did the same thing. They heavily attacked the iphone and now they are getting ipad and iphone.

      If you also pay close attention to the ads, they are bashing ATT and the restrictions that are placed on the iPhone by ATT.

    • 2FR35H

      The commercials are in no way bashing iPhone 4 soooooooo what on earth are you talking about?

  • JP

    Got a chance to play around with it this evening at a store. It’s really nice.

    Turned me off when the rep said I would have to get a brand new account cause it’s not available on my family plan. What a bummer. Plus the data package is $40 a month. The Tab will be $450 on contract with a $50 mail in.

    I was all gun-ho about this thing, but why would I ever open a brand new account and pay an additional $40?

    I’ll wait for the wi-fi version.

  • ray


    Very important, T-Mobile isnt bashing the iPhone in any way. Pay real close attention to what they say. Its all twards AT&T not the phone.

  • mtnman

    I’m wonding what XDA can do with this as far as being able to make calls on it? If it’s a software issue and Samsung removed it for the American Market or is it still encoded were it can be reactivated?

  • Viper Matrix Wireless

    Theres no AWS iPad but theres an AWS iPhone 4 in existance. So most likely iPhone 4.

  • Todd

    And since T-Mobile is GSM instead of CDMA, it should support calls and data simultaneously, something that both AT&T and Apple have been using to attack Verizon.

  • Barry

    Question it seems the tab is running 2.2 correct? So is that what the 2.2 is gonna look like on the vibrant? It looks more stock with hints of touchwiz. Which is cool for me either way I like tw just wish it was smoother hopefully froyo fixes that but the UI on the tab looks good also.

  • Testman

    I don’t see much use of “micro sim card”. The mini Simcard (the regular one) is so slim and so standard… The only reason I know to use a micro sim card slot is to prevent people from using dualsim tricks ;-)

    So from a consumer perspective : there is no reason to use micro sim.

  • Anonymous

    Micro Sim card is better cause u can put more components on a phone…

  • Anonymous

    Micro Sim card is better cause u can put more components on a phone…

  • Anonymous

    Micro Sim card is better cause u can put more components on a phone…