T-Mobile Jet Prepaid Prepares To Take Off Tomorrow

We’re not looking at anything earth shattering or unknown here as T-Mobile formally announced the introduction of the prepaid Jet data packages days ago. However, with three packages, T-Mobile is hoping to fulfill the needs of those who might be attracted to the idea of a prepaid mobile broadband offering. These plans of course are not for the heavy user, but then again the entire concept of prepaid mobile broadband plans aren’t really set up for the heavy user. All this launches tomorrow but I know all of you wanted a look at the packaging a day early!

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  • Vibrant Guy

    This has been in the prepaid section on their site for some time now…

  • Vibrant Guy
  • Danny

    Think they are offering the Jet because the Rocket could very likely hit those caps much much faster in theory?

    • Ali

      Probably has more to do with these devices & plans coming at a discounted rate. There are no high end devices on prepaid as the best phones you can buy in a prepaid kit are the Nuron & Tap.

    • GregP

      Yes. The 21mbps speed is retarded to have with a 1GB cap. That and the Jet has a lower cost which is a big factor in prepaid.

  • Acacia Strain

    Good first step. We need to start offering Mobile Broadband to Flexpay customers soon. No idea about how much money I could have potentially had if so. Literally I get asked daily by Flex customers about signing up.

    • Realistic

      FlexPay seems to slowly be getting fazed out with all these new prepaid offerings; I’d be surprised to see anything like a FlexPay webconnect package be offered.

      • Ali

        This is something I’ve also noticing. While I don’t know that it will ever be erased completely or if this is just to expand their customer base all the new plans give customers the flexibility to pick out exactly what they want.

        It’s also a great way for T-Mobile to profit on what the mobile market is heading towards and that is mobile web. Before the release of prepaid plans with web, the only market they had were to postpaid customers. The most profitable branch, currently, is mobile web.

  • Sunny

    I think it’s crap.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Uh, is this an election where we are supposed to cast our vote and nothing else?

      How else to explain your illuminating post.

      I am sure T-Mobile appreciates the vote, especially with the dramatic flourish.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Oh, I forgot to vote.

    I think it’s not crap.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Hey… I thought TMoNews had the site settings to delete any morons who post “First” comments. How did that mAnus dude sneak by?

  • drivethruboy168

    I think this is perfect for flex pay customers. I mean they aren’t getting 5gb of data for $40-$50 but the average person doesn’t really use that much data. Especially if it’s just while they are out and about. Go TMO!!

  • Brandon

    Prepaid, only buy it when you need it. This is great I think, you should be able to pick this up at like Walmart or wherever and then when you are traveling where you want it just pay the prepaid amount. No account or contract or month to month bill required.

  • cp

    This might be just what I need when I get back in school. Good job T-Mobile.