T-Mobile Formally Introduces New Pre-paid Calling And Data Plans

T-Mobile customers have some brand new prepaid calling and data plans to choose from starting October 18th with a whole new spectrum of options. T-Mobile isn’t going to let Walmart steal all the prepaid glory and these options look pretty good if you’re looking for basic offerings. Hit the press release below for the rest of the details; just don’t expect any surprises from what we’ve seen thanks to leaked info:

Increasingly, customers are demanding affordable wireless data and mobile broadband services on their choice of handsets or mobile broadband devices, and prepaid customers are no exception. In response, T-Mobile is announcing today that it has evolved its prepaid offerings to include data plans for feature phones and smartphones, as well as to introduce exciting new wireless broadband kits and rate plans that help prepaid customers stay connected while on the go.

Prepaid Monthly Phone Data Plans

On Oct. 18, T-Mobile plans to introduce a suite of new prepaid plans that include voice and text messaging service, as well as several options for prepaid data service. These plans include the first prepaid that allows customers to use any combination of minutes or messages up to 1,500 from a major carrier in the U.S. Plans include:

  • $70/month Unlimited Talk and Text with 2 GB of Data
  • $50/month Unlimited Talk and Text with 100 MB of Data
  • $30/month 1,500 Talk and Text (mix and match voice and text messages) with 30 MB of Data
  • Unlimited Text and $0.10/minute
  • $1.49/day Web DayPass

T-Mobile Jet Prepaid USB Laptop Stick & Rate Plans

Next week, T-Mobile will also launch its first prepaid mobile broadband offerings, including the new T-Mobile Jet Prepaid USB Laptop Stick, in white.

  • The T-Mobile Jet Prepaid USB Laptop Stick comes in white, pre-packaged with a prepaid SIM card, user guide, and plug & play connection manager software.  Available on T-Mobile.com on Oct. 18 and in T-Mobile retail stores on Oct. 20.

Customers interested in trying mobile broadband or those who aren’t frequent users can take advantage of several prepaid mobile broadband service options:

  • $10 week pass (100 MB)
  • $30 month pass (300 MB)
  • $50 month pass (1 GB)

T-Mobile’s prepaid mobile broadband plans have no annual contract, no credit check, no overages and can be used with any of the company’s mobile broadband products.


  • DatNizzle

    The $30 plan dosen’t seem too bad. If you are not a data user these could come in handy.

  • This is right on the heels of a similar announcement of AT&T, who have decided to join Verizon in offering prepaid mobile broadband. Still not cheaper than Virgin Mobile – http://thephonenerd.com/?p=245

  • pimpstrong

    Samsung Galaxy S FroYo source code has been officially released.

    • TheDude


    • eek

      It’s chilly outside.

      • John

        Hey look, a bunny!

  • bob

    Its a great product for our customers who come up flex pay. They want data sticks but cant.

  • mingkee

    Perhaps a lot of smartphone users will ask:
    Will $1.5 daily data work with smartphone?

  • Michael

    Unlimited talk + text ALONE costs 59.00 or 69.00 on a post paid account.
    “50/month Unlimited Talk and Text with 100 MB of Data” on prepaid according to this post.
    Assume I dont even own a smartphone so the data amount is 100% irrelevant.
    So why would I even be a contract-customer?? Am I missing something here?

    • Marco

      Yeah.. Post paid accounts get better coverage ereas compared to prepaid, but not much and u also have a better selection of cell phones and more benifits and less restrictions so yeah:)

      • Chatter

        Marco – the coverage for pre- and postpaid is the same. The only difference is the subsidized cost of the phone that prepaid customers do not get. Frankly, being on contract does not make much sense even for folks with data plans.
        Unlimited everything (no contract) = $80/mo
        Unlimited everything (w contract) = $100/mo

        Paying $500 (full price) for G2 => total cost for 2 years = $2420
        G2 subsidized price of $200 => total cost for 2 years = $2600

        The only question is: do you want to pay $500 today or $200.

      • A S

        Would you please give more information about the “more benefits and less restrictions” part? I have been a post-paid customer of many years and seriously considering switching to pre-paid now…

      • christian

        Coverage is similar but not the same. If you are a prepaid customer you are not allowed to roam off non T-Mobile towers.

  • Myk

    I have Virgin Mobile broadband USB stick, I got $40 Unlimitted data for 1 month. I think thst a better option.!

  • bob

    the stigma of pre paid prevents most people from doing it. Also alot of people would rather be billed and have options to add lines for family etc. Prepaid doesnt allow that.

  • 3g


    GTFO, if someone wanted to know to code was released they would have looked st that and not pre-paid options. Not everyone likes samsung, not to mention the behold 2 owners.

    If you wasn’t to report your second-hand news, MAKE A BLOG.

    • John

      Gotta love swype, bet you were aiming for the word want…lol

  • crybabies

    You cant use your smartphone data while roaming on prepaid. Family plans and discounts on handsets are the advantage for Postpaid. Funny thing is, prepaid plans dont get sent any Extreme Roamer letters for those who know about that.

  • crybabies

    Virgin mobile prepaid internet runs at about 1mb speeds. As long as those are acceptable for you thats fine. You notice that wimax isnt $40 dollars for unlimited. Exactly.

  • rudy

    I don’t need unlimited talk, give me about 300 minutes and data and text and i’ll be happy.

    Heck I don’t even need unlimited txt.

    Are there so few people like me?

    • Big Mex

      I am like Rudy, 300 voice minutes is plenty for me. Actually that is the grandfathered plan I still have. Few hundred Texts and unlimited is good for me too. However, I don’t get these pre-paid options. So pre-pay…isn’t that sort of like what I do now, except I pay for overage, if any occurs? I just don’t understand why they don’t offer these plans for all customers?

    • Ed

      Virgin Mobile has 300 minutes, unlimited data, and unlimited text for $25 per month. The Samsung Intercept is an Android phone for $250 or you can you can other phones for that plan. For $60 per month you’ll get unlimited everything compared to T-Mobile which caps you at 2GB and still charges $10 more than VM.

      • Joe Blow

        So I could get four of the $25/mo Virgin deals with unlimited web for $100, rather than the $200+ it costs on my tmo “family” plan?

      • Joe Blow

        Oh, its on $#@!-ing Sprint. I guess it’s worth the extra hundred to not have to go on the roof to make a phone call.

  • MDSanta

    Anyone know if the T-mobile prepaid doesn’t allow you to forward to your own voicemail #? I know some of the other carriers disable that feature for their prepaids.

  • Roaming

    Are you sure that prepaid has the same roaming coverage? I always thought that prepaid was only on T-Mobile’s network. Would a prepaid phone switch to ATT’s for example where there is no T-Mobile service?

    • Travis

      Yes it does. I am a prepaid customer and I roamed on the USA Extended Area network while I was traveling over the weekend.

    • whacker

      It would, if there was a standing agreement with AT&T for that geographic area. It’s a case by case deal; not universal.

  • I think the data amounts (30MB, 100MB, 2GB) are useless to many potential customers. It would be nice if there was a chart to show the amount of data usage equating to average hours/mins? I’m currently on a TMO unlimited data plan and have no perceived way to register how much data usage i’m averaging per day/week/month. How long (roughly) would 30MB last me versus 100MB or 2GB?? That is the question!

    • Shawn

      Log onto my T-Mobile and find out :)

  • Travis

    I love this, I’m unlocked using an iPhone these plan beat AT&T. Smart move for tmobile. I normally get unlimited for 50 they adding 100mb of data to wow..

  • BKC

    Since these are all listed as pre-taxes/fees, how much extra is typically added on to the monthly prepaid plans? Can any of you who already had the $50 monthly plan tell us? Also, do they typically let you switch a number from postpay to prepay without much trouble?

  • heywhoa

    it’s exactly $50…you pay sales tax when you purchase the minutes…you just need to make sure you have $50 available in your account every 30 days

    • BKC

      Thank you! It seems that the line about “fees” on the T-mobile website disappeared shortly after I asked the question. Maybe it was just a misprint.