T-Mobile Clarifies Wi-Fi Calling And Tethering Reports On G2

T-Mobile has issued a brief statement to clarify reports that began yesterday with XDA Developers forum releasing an unconfirmed report of a software update that initialized the Wi-Fi calling feature on the G2.

“Wi-Fi Calling and tethering Wi-Fi sharing are not currently supported on the T-Mobile G2. T-Mobile knows these features are important to consumers and we’re working to deliver them to G2 users in the future. We have nothing further to announce at this time.”

Something didn’t sound right about this in the first place and I can’t say I’m totally surprised; this update came out of nowhere and simply sounded to good to be true. We know that T-Mobile plans to offer both of these offerings in the future so we have to imagine that something more significant is holding up any software update that would give the G2 these features. Perhaps its backend work on the network or finalizing the introduction of these features into the billing system etc…we don’t believe they just aren’t offering it. For the moment, sit tight and we’ll dig for more details!


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  • Rilesman

    As I mentioned some time ago, additional cost on your plan is my guess.

    • El Guapo

      Of course… I was pretty surprised when tmonews published this as a fact when it seemed clear that only one guy had posted a thread on XDA and NOBODY else confirmed it. PHOTOSHOP

      Now tmonews says it “didn’t sound right”, but I don’t see anywhere in their original post that they thought it was not right at the end.

      • PittsburghG1

        I downloaded the app from Drizzy’s twitter account. YOu can launch it but it doesn’t work…it just keeps trying to connect to Tmobile’s service.

      • Foxeh

        To be fair, Tmonews only mentioned wifi-calling. Everyone else was pointing out the hotspot/tethering deal.

        At first figured they would just throw the connectivity features in with the $10/mo “Hotspot” plan or something, but after that one fellow posting on XDA and the blogosphere lighting up about it, I don’t know what to think.

    • TheDude

      @Rilesman Why would it cost additional? Wi-Fi calling already is active on the Blackberry’s and Nokia e73 at no charge. The charge is for those on grandfathered plan who get unlimited minutes – wi-fi calling implemented here is solely for reception.

  • Frigadroid

    Come on man lol. I wish they would hurry up and tell us what’s it going to cost.

  • Rectal Bleeding

    So the supposed OTA updates that started yesterday was bogus? I can’t believe that….The story was on the internet, and we all know if it is on the internet, it must be true.

  • SO MANY people said they got their updates already… Unbelievable how douchebaggy some people on message boards/twitter can be.

    • ob18

      If you didn’t know already you need to take what people say here with a grain of salt (they’ll say stuff just to say it even if most know it’s not fact based). Same with comments on peoples feelings on the phone (if you buy the phone and like it that’s all that matters).

      • safil

        admittedly, your reply will be taken with a grain of salt…
        sorry , i had to

      • ob18

        And yet safil I won’t lose any sleep over it.

    • kingly

      They (including me) did get an update, what the update brought to table is still unknown though.

    • Bryan

      @David Rosen

      People are/were getting the updates…I’m sure it’s a test batch, but here are some screen shots posted by an XDA member.


      • El Guapo

        Thats not even photoshop… thats like MS paint or something

  • david

    So there isnt an update? Or there is but just not wifi calling and tethering?

  • Technogen

    Is T-mo trying to say that the OTA is not happening? Naturally it seems to be just a test of the OTA update but I don’t get why they would say it’s not going out at all because it obviously is.

  • ob18

    Checked out the G2 in a store this past weekend, I am not sure why but so far I can’t convince myself to pull the trigger and get it.

    • Linkage

      Just do it.


      • ob18

        The hinge does concern me but not more then having a 2 year contract again.

      • Carlos

        lol…that worst than a bad marriage, and yet I keep coming back for more…

        As a G2 owner, I can tell that is the most amazing phone TMO has on their lineup, that with the fact that no other provider comes even close on pricing, makes TMO a keeper.

        I think the issue here is that typically TMO is the last provider to update phones….look when the BB8900 came out as the greatest and latest on TMO, it had been out with ATT for almost a year, so by the time TMO gets new units in, they have already been debugged. Not the case with the G2.

        I can say that coming from bb, I am marveled by the simplicity, speed, and the simple awesomeness of the phone. I do miss the contacts management from BB and the calendar option, but I think it’s just a matter of getting used to it.

        G2 is a very nice phone…sure it could have an 8mp RFF, and a FFC, a larger screen, blah, blah, blah…etc, but the phone as is is very good.

        As linkage stated….just do it.

        Oh…you have options on the phone purchase….wirefly you can get it for $99, but im not sure if that applies to upgrades (or if you would be considered upgrade).

        Also you can buy the phone outright….TMO has the plans with no contract, usually about $30 less that with contract, and they will work with you to pay for your phone. A friend bought the 3G Slide, put $200 down and paid the rest over 18 months, no interest.

      • Foxeh

        I’m surprised no one made it clear what the difference between the good hinges and what the defective hinges are (there ARE defects out there). Considering the noise about it has all but stopped, the issue likely isn’t too widespread.

        Flip open the phone all the way, hold it by the keyboard and carefully face it flat toward the floor. If it stays open, you’re good, but if the screen flops without any assistance from inertia (gravity controlled), you have a defect. Mine works, a friend of mine got a defect. I told him to exchange it and the T-Mo reps in the store lied to his face about it.

        “Yeah, maybe your’s a little looser,” in response to the cold hard proof.

        This was a known issue at HTC which was rectified before the phone’s release, but they are selling bad ones anyway.

    • Yyevo

      How often do you actually lay on your back and type with the phone upside down? That’s the only time it will be an issue.

      Besides, you still have the on-screen keyboard in that situation.

      • The Shick

        Actually, I can atest to the loose hinge epidemic. I received my G2 on sept. 30th. That phone started to reboot itself constantly, so I called T-Mobile and they sent me a brand new phone cuz I was within my 14 days. Anyway, I received the new one today and the hinge on it is extremely loose. So needless to say they are sending me out a new one, again. But the loose hinge would be annoying on a day to day basis. My original G2’s hinge is very solid, and you can definatly tell a difference between the 2 phones.
        Just thought I would add that.

    • Vinyldestination

      You are not the only one. I’m afraid to return back to prevent the employees from thinking, “You again? Buy something or get out!”

  • Linkage

    That statement that T-Mobile issued most likely means that they don’t want to give any info about the OTA out yet, since it’s only trickling down to certain G2s to test, and not fully released. If they release an OTA, it *can’t* go wrong or they’ll have huge problems. Select testing is a part of it.

    I’m calling the official OTA: Oct. 17th

  • Stream

    Haha and I was waiting impatienly for my update ever since tmonews announced it.

  • gettinmoneeyy

    Shoulda known they do need to roll out a update though to kill some of these bugs

  • phil mccrakin

    the mytouch hd and the moto defy are both being release in november with uma wifi calling and hotspot…the backhaul for tmobile is already there since they have been supporting uma wifi calling for years on most of all the blackberrys…they are probably just crossing there t’s and dotting there i’s before they release the update…its coming though…theres no reason not to…

    • bryan

      Agreed, I think it T-Mobile is just finishing the software, WiFi calling and tethering (both through USB and wifi) are confirmed for the Mytouch HD and the Defy with confirmed for WiFi calling (not sure about tethering ). Plus the G2 I saw from our HTC Rep months ago had WiFi calling. If the other higg end Android handsets are going to have these capabilities then it doesn’t make sense not to add them to the G2, since tethering is native to 2.2 and WiFi calling was tested and working on the G2 already.

  • Hindu Elvis Pimp

    It’s the internet. You can’t believe everything your read.

  • SuperDuper

    My guess of what happened:

    – T-Mobile pushed out an OTA to a limited number of people to test the waters
    – This update included WiFi calling, tethering, radio update, etc
    – News of tethering broke on engadget, etc
    – T-Mobile was like OMGWTFBBQHAX, we didn’t mean to put tethering in this, only WiFi calling and radio update
    – T-Mobile stops rolling out the update, because they realized they forgot to remove tethering from that build

    So.. Unfortunately it appears that T-Mobile still hasn’t seen the light. Hope they realize that tethering is just an expected feature in a phone and not a premium feature.

    • Phonegeek

      I was thinking the same thinng

  • Sleestak Jones

    They CANNOT charge for something that is already free on the blackberry. If so, I swear I am moving to AT&T.

    • ob18

      Where they cap the internet usage you can have, go for it.

    • Yyevo

      Good luck with their 200mb web limit and your iCrapple phone.

  • S2D

    As I have said before. I was granted an extended return period by TMo to return my G2 because WiFi calling was supposed to hit the G2 on 10/16. I double check with TMo 3 days ago. Although they were clueless as to what I was talking about they confirmed that I have till 10/20 rather than 10/17 to return my G2. The note stated that the extra days were to see if WiFi calling was working on my phone. If I do not have the update by 10/18 the G2 goes back and I hold off till the new MyTouch or I buy back a G2 at a discounted rate after it gets WiFi calling.

  • LarryH

    no i think they are not going to release the update until they have release the Mytouch HD because if you give the G2 all those features then what is really going to make a customer go buy the MyTouch HD over the G2… the ffc, .1 inches bigger nope that not enough

    • Chris

      Does it really matter to T-Mobile whether folks buy the new Mytouch HD or the G2? I would think that 2-year contract or keeping existing customers would be the grand prize. Which handset customers are using probably doesn’t matter worth a hill of beans.

      • Edward351

        I don’t know. If it didn’t matter I would think we would see some kind of G2 advertising. I have yet to see any G2 ads. Over the past two years I’ve seen plenty of MyTouch ads; ads for the original MyTouch, the Fender Special, the Slide. I think T-Mobile makes more money on the MyTouch phones, probably because they can leave off the Google branding. I would bet those MyTouch devices sell a lot better too.

  • trmacdonal

    Something was definitely released. I have the wifi calling app on my HD2. I can’t test it until go home and can use wifi, so I don’t know if its works. Someone received the update and uploaded the .apk to xda.

    • Alessandra

      How did you get that application on your HD2? T-Mobile removes that from the HD2 on their network, atleast in the USA they do. I too have an HD2 and I love it. :)

  • terry

    i’m calling shenanigans on tmobile here, the wifi calling apk is out there. just gotta look in the right places. anyone who says it’s not, doesn’t know where to look, try twitter.

    WiFi-Calling app for your tmobile-g2 http://drop.io/bmtvbvf install with your app installer.

    • Carlos

      Ok so I downloaded it….so now what??? SDK in process of being installed…

      • SuperDuper

        The SDK comes with a command-line tool called “adb”. Once you hook up your phone, you can call “adb logcat” which will dump the log file off your phone onto the screen. You’re looking for a URL that’s similar to https://android.clients.google.com/checkin but instead of that has a file to download.

        Using this: http://www.appbrain.com/app/alogcat-logcat-application/org.jtb.alogcat will be much simpler, though. You can do that right from your phone.

        The important thing is that you do all this before applying the update. Once you apply it, all hope is lost :)

    • drm916

      SO.. I downloaded this.. Now I just install it with my favorite app installer app? Anything else I need to do?

      Has anyone tried this?

      • Peanutman

        I have tried it, but it does not work yet. The update makes some other change as well that allows the wi-fi calling to work properly

  • richard

    I wonder if they were intentionally pushing the wi-fi calling app, and unintentionally enabled tethering in the same push. Perhaps that’s why the updates have stopped, as they decide whether to go on, or try and undo the change.

  • Gary

    The statement from TMO means nothing.
    Not ready to announce something doesn’t mean it isn’t in the works.
    It doesn’t mean it couldn’t release in a month.

    Wait and see is the best approach.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    so is it safe to say that the g2 is already getting screwed left and right?

    • Carlos


    • Shawn

      Nope. You are just digging for something to whine about.

      • Wilma Flintstone

        Take a lesson from Carlos, when a simple question is asked, a simple answer is all that’s required.


  • ob18

    Just called them best they’ll do is $217 after the rebate.

    • Thorax1

      Ask to speak with a loyalty support person and mention you were “considering” changing carriers. They may offer you a loyalty price of $149.00.

      • ob18

        lol that is who I spoke with.

      • ob18

        time to try again, see what the next response is.

    • Carlos

      $217 including taxes, upgrade fee, and shipping?

      $149 phone
      $30 Taxes
      $18 Upgrade
      $6 Shipping 3-5 day
      203 Total

      Doesn’t seem too bad I paid $310 for mine….still stinging!!!

      • alex32g2

        paid 280 for mine..and i have been with tmo for 10 years

      • ob18

        Got it for $158 with taxes, they waived the $18 upgrade fee, gave me the instant rebate, and even picked up the tab for rush ship it to me.

      • Carlos

        DUDE WTF???!!! Actually very nice!!!! Can’t beat that! I’m sure you’ll like this beast!

      • ob18

        We shall see they said I should expect it Friday or Monday.

      • TuroTheGreat

        I got mine from loyalty for $99 bucks with $20 data plan. No bull.

  • Viper Matrix Wireless

    I think they arent telling the truth once again. Like they say they dont support tethering but fail to block internet sharing on Windows Mobile just like others have successfully done.

    • justinhub2003

      i mean PDAnet works for the g2 and works well.. they dont block tethering, they just dont offer it officially at this point

      • Vinyldestination

        Good to know. How have your speeds been with PDAnet???

  • drm916

    i ordered a G2 yesterday based on the OTA reports. If it doesnt get the OTA by the last day of my 14 day return policy.. then I will return it and wait for the offical OTA. Signal coverage in my house is less than ideal. So no wifi calling = not service.

    I hope they get this figured out soon.

  • Thorax1

    I asked a G2 technical support person about it last night. He said an OTA may be coming but also said Tmobile will continue not to support tethering. I asked how could they push the G2 as a true android device where 2.2 includes tethering and Tmo not support it? He said they want to sell their webconnect sticks so they won’t support it. He apologized and said it’s just business. I was stunned…

  • Userfriendlyme

    Well there is in fact and update i mean they have even pulled the wifi calling app from it i even have it installed on my G2 now. The app however doesn’t work as there are additional components needed that were included in the update like probably the updated radio and maybe changes to the Kernel that allow the wifi calling app to work. I think true you can’t believe everything you read on the internet but with a little searching and reading you can get to the bottom of some of the rumor and actuall find some truthfull information. You cant pull some of these files if they didnt infact exist in some update weither it be a test release or not. Tmobile is doing the right thing by there statement so when they finish with there testing they have a stable update to supply to the masses. The phone software itself is buggy as reboots and signal issues have been reported and i myself even experience them. As much as i want it myself we jsut need to sit tight and be patient i can’t see them not sending and update out before the holidays as this phone is part of there holiday lineup.

  • George

    OK, let’s think logically about this for a moment:

    Why would T-mobile give away (tethering) a feature other companies are/will be charging for and generating revenue with? Make no mistake–there will be a charge for data use through tethering, somehow, some way.

    The carriers realize they gave away the farm when they created unlimited texting buckets on plans, and texting overtook actual phone calls as the primary means of communication. Now users are backing down on the number of minutes they use each month and saving money on plans, costing the carriers in millions of dollars in revenue.

    So you WILL pay to use tethering on a T-mo plan, as a means of increasing revenue for the company. How much it will cost remains to be seen, but it doesn’t figure to be free. Thus, the company isn’t ready to announce anything at this time.

    BTW: There is no “right” to free tethering. If you’re a customer of a carrier, you exist at their pleasure and play by their rules. Otherwise, you take the exit and try your luck with another carrier. Sprint doesn’t charge its Evo customers NOW for tethering (above the $10/mo extra they’re paying for “4G” in the first place), but Verizon and AT&T will most certainly monetize tethering and Sprint will most likely follow suit.

    • The Hammer

      Is tethering really that important? I mean i have had it on my Nexus since 2.2 and guess what i used it once to see if it worked. It by no means even came close to my cable high speed. I guess it would be alright if i just had to use it but what do i need a hotspot for if i have good service eon my phone.

      • justinhub2003

        Again t-Mobile doesnt charge for tethering nor do they block it. Their are non root decent tethering apps available right now in the market PDAnet works beautiful on the g2 and an app called tether works great too

    • Bryan

      But hold on…I’m a T-Mobile Dealer(Work directly for T-Mobile) of 3 years. You are misinterpreting the use of the word “support.” The current policy is as follows…T-Mobile ALLOWS tethering on the network for no additional charge as long as you have one of the smartphone data plans($24.99 or higher), but does not support it. This phrasing means that we will not help you set it up or provide any support for the service. If you call Tech Support they will not assist you, but rather direct you to search for “Phone as Modem” at forums.t-mobile.com(T-Mobile Community) where you can get instructions from other end users.

      I’m not high enough up the food chain to know if there are plans to change these policies, but these are easily verifiable with a little effort on your part. I do concede that wifi tethering with HSPA+ would make it very easy to set up and use, potentially driving up the amount of data traffic on the network which could necessitate a charge for tethering. But currently…allowed without charge.

      Many of the smartphones currently sold by T-Mobile are capable of tethering out of the box. As of now, wifi tethering can already be done on the Nokia E73(without rooting/hacking)out of the box via Ovi Store download of “JOIKUSPOT” for $9.99, which you can even charge to your T-Mobile bill.

      • IKnowThings

        Go re-read Streamline. Officially, Android data SOCs “prohibit” tethering.

      • 30014

        when I had my blackberry a customer service rep walked me through step by step on setting up my bb as a modem. You probably don’t believe me but it’s the truth.

      • Bryan


        I don’t doubt you at all. The service used to be supported by T-Mobile not that long ago, and it was common for Tech-Care to walk people through it. You can still sometimes get a rep here and there that will give you a little more thorough guidance if you develop a rapport. However, they have been instructed to send you to the forum. In my store, if we’re not busy I will still help someone who is completely befuddled set it up, from start to finish, and this is not currently frowned upon, just good service.


        I’m aware of Streamline’s technical prohibition of Android tethering. As it changed, I(as with all direct reps) have also been made acutely aware of T-Mobile’s CURRENT position on all tethering(via too-many daily emails, sales communications, meetings with management, and conversations with tech reps), which I stated very clearly in my original post. If you have regular access to Streamline, you have also been exposed to these communications as they came out.

        I don’t expect that to be the case forever, especially as data usage climbs. Android is the first platform T-Mo offered that made extreme data usage easy, even likely, it’s part of the OS’s appeal. I expect the technical prohibition on tethering in the Android SOC was placed there in preparation for the day when it’s necessary to begin blocking tethered data if not paying extra for it. As HSPA+ gains penetration, the more people will realize how capable the network is and begin to push it beyond its intended uses(thinking torrents), then a change can be expected in the ability/cost of tethering. But until then…see first post.

    • Germany

      Tethering was possible without any roots/hacks etc on the BB9700 without extra charge here in the US and still is…. TMobile Germany (now Telekom) allow it for their devices except the iPhone (for that they charge extra)…

      There is a tendency here in the US to charge the customer for almost everything (i.e. when you have a USD 79.99 plan here it wont be the final price since taxes licences and all the other great stuff get added) where as in Germany they if they sell something at 79.99 that has to be the final price…because of this i dont believe tmo will charge extra…

  • Bryanez

    aw man. I was hype about getting it. I even told a friend or two like. Yup gettin wifi calling and tethering soon. But..soo be it. I hope i get some test batch OTA by accident. The G2 still rocks tho. love it.

  • JJ

    Well put George. I dont know why people dont see the Tethering from a Business standpoint. No company running a relevant business model is going to give tethering (access to their towers, broadband, etc) for FREE for very long. It just doesnt make since, and I am sure there are not many people in there that if it was their company would give it away when you could charge for it and increase revenues for your company.

    It is nice to be pie in the sky and think one would get it for free, but it just isnt going to happen it the long term. If it is truly an important feature to you, just pay for it and enjoy it.

    Seems like a pretty simple concept to me.

    • R

      But it is not free. If you have a smart phone you already pay for data. It should not matter how you use your data. Cap it, tier it whatever but the plan should be device agnostic.

      • BrianH

        But you said it yourself … “you have a SMART PHONE you already pay for DATA.”

        The pricing for the current data plans account for data usage on a smart phone, not data usage on whatever devices you wish to use it with. So whether they choose to charge an additional fee for tethering, or cap it, or tier it … is their choice.

        In T-Mobile’s statement they said “…we’re working to deliver them to G2 users in the future.” This could simply translate into “we’re reviewing our current pricing structure to decide how we’re going to have our customers pay for this.”

      • Foxeh

        No offense, but this reminds me of the arguments that defended carriers when everyone in the States (and only the States) were blocking DUN and didn’t allow manufacturers to put WiFi in almost all of their phones. They wanted to charge people extra for WAP access instead of letting them bypass their network altogether using WiFI with their carrier branded phones. It wasn’t until Apple shoved it down AT&T’s throats when the American carriers realized people wanted phones that didn’t cost extra to be gimped.

        As for modern data, there’s a lot more shaping going on as it is yet carriers simply wish to control what devices can be used with what services.

        There was a time when Cable companies tried to charge per PC on your network and didn’t want people to use routers. I for one am glad those days are over, though it’s not like there was much they could do about it.

      • George

        And sure enough, BGR has a release from T-mo stating it will throttle usage above 5 gb/billing period. The message (in part):

        “Beginning on October 16, T-Mobile will begin to reduce data speeds when a customer reaches 5GB of usage in a billing cycle, in accordance with T-Mobile terms and conditions. This change should only affect extreme data users (less than 1 percent) and is being made to ensure that all subscribers receive the best Web performance available by limiting the number of extreme data users on our network.”

        So, my bet is that the company will offer deals with higher caps for additional charge, or let you suck up your 5 gb then drop down to EDGE speeds. Something like, an additional $15/mo gets you a higher cap of 8 gb/mo, that sort of thing, some way for the company to make money off the service.

        And if you’re using more than 5 gb of data per month, you need to have an intervention for your porn addiction.

        BTW, capping service doesn’t make the carrier a prick, it means they’re doing what is necessary to prevent the overall reduction of available bandwidth for all users. The reason why iPhone service on AT&T sucked in NYC and SF was the number of iPhone users sucking down data overwhelmed the infrastructure AT&T had in place (since upgraded). T-mo wants to make sure some enterprising lads don’t kiss their cable company broadband goodbye by running their laptops and other broadband devices at home solely from their G2 hotspot.

        Don’t laugh. I am sure there are at least a half-dozen here who have figured they could save themselves $50 a month by kicking Comcast or TimeWarner to the curb.

      • Foxeh

        “And sure enough, BGR has a release from T-mo stating it will throttle usage above 5 gb/billing period.”

        That doesn’t surprise me in the least, George. A couple weeks ago I peeked at a WebConnect Rocket in store and the highest level service had that 5GB soft cap. I found it peculiar the laptop plan had half the bandwidth as the cell phone plan. I figured it was just a matter of making it official and that seems to be the case.

        I have no intention of kicking my broadband to the curb even if Magenta didn’t hate my home, but cutting their caps in half is either a lack of confidence in their network, or a sign of their forthcoming generosity. ;)

  • Androidless

    Wait. What?

    No wifi calling? Huge bummer. I was about to go to the store and buy a G2 because it had wifi calling. Now, I am not. Without wifi calling the phone would be useless at work since I cannot get a signal here.

  • podstolom

    Screw BUSINESS. I’m fed up with all of it. Bill shock, surcharges below the line, non-supported functionality on phones, upcharges for capped tethering “features”, SMS/MMS ripoffs, weak net neutrality regulation, the whole stinking American Corporate telecom enchillada.

    T-Mobile wants to sell websticks? Fine. Put them on the market and maybe customers will CHOOSE to buy them. But don’t cripple my phone’s tethering functionality to FORCE me to buy them. And yes, I said “forced”. I don’t buy the “nobody’s putting a gun to your head” paradigm to justify predatory corporate-driven BUSINESS models.

    So what happens when you try to use the tethering/wifi hotspot features in this OTA? RAS 67 error? That’s what used to come up on VZW when you didn’t pay for their tethering service. It was a code for invalid authentication for their tethering gateway, but now they put up a pretty sign-in portal replete with ala carte pricing menu that rivals the one at the Waldorf Astoria’s dining room. Disgusting.

    • Armitage

      I worked the Waldorf Astoria internet desk until last month and if that is the case then VZW has gotten way worse in the past 2 years. Waldorf and any other Hilton except Hampton will rape you happily for internet.

  • HD2/Vibrant/G2 User

    This whole issue with getting updates then not getting updates gets a COME ON MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ArtQ

    TMO offers free tethering on a few devices now. They may change that with the G2, but to say that no company will offer free tethering WHILE TMO is doing it is a little silly.

  • JJ

    I understand your frustration Podstolom, but I really dont see why we should expect to get much greater use out of a Carriers network and NOT pay for it. The old adage of you never get something for nothing holds true I am afraid. Just because a device is capable of something doesnt mean we can use all of its features for free.

    If you want to complain about something, complain about the exorbitant fees carriers charge for Text Msg plans. They cost they carriers next to nothing and are complete cash cows for the companies (and the rates seem to be just going up and up)!!

  • Zack

    At this point I could care less about those features. Coming from a cliq I would say my g2 is suiting my fancy very well! Glad I spent the three hundred bucks to buy this phone, I missed you htc.

  • Jimmy

    In that case, G2 is and Tmobile is not much better then ATT. I guess iPhone is not that bad right now. I guess you are going back G2.

  • Cel

    No the person who posted about the update wasn’t lying because The Wifi Calling app is really out there. It just doesn’t work without the full radio update. T- mobile is in fact testing this OTA update on a very limited number of G2.

    To some it Up The OTA Update is not a hoax just a very limited test. If you look on the Xda forums you can even downloand the Wifi calling app.

  • ob18

    Got it for $158 with taxes, they waived the $18 upgrade fee, gave me the instant rebate, and even picked up the tab for rush ship it to me.

    Gotta know how to work them.

  • Duhh

    Didnt you get the HotGravy update last night ? You hold your G2 over your biscuts and hot gravy covers them!

  • fuzzy

    anyone else disappointed with tmobile’s hspa+ network? its spotty at best.

    • fuzzy

      and yes, i am in a city which tmobile says is covered with HSPA+

      • Carlos

        MAn I spoke with a REp and she told me that according to the coverage maps, I should fly!!!! I have never gotten any better than 2.8D, and I am hovering around 1.2 on average. As I understand 3G is around 1.0, and HSPA+ should be in the 4-6 range (please correct me if I’m wrong).

        But as for the network it is very spotty…Although they claim that I have full speed, they are still installing antennas.

        I’m coming from EDGE, so the increase is very noticeable, but as fast as I expected (*or wanted for that matter.)

      • Edward351

        I’ve noticed that if I’m indoors I won’t get better than around 2 down. If I’m outside I get between 4 and 6 depending on what around me so I would guess that physical interference plays big factor on the quality of your data connection.

      • Foxeh

        Are you using your old SIM card? When I got my G2, I put my old SIM in and got slower data speeds than my G1 (ran dozens of tests over a couple days in various locations). My G1 would get 1~3Mbps while I was getting ~500Kbps on the G2, with ONE fluke at 5Mbps.

        I pocketed the new SIM card that came with the G2 and ran to a T-Mo store and told them my data speeds on my G2 sucked. The first thing the rep there asked is if I was using my old SIM card. About 2 minutes later I popped in the newly activated SIM and was rocking 4.5 ~ 6.5 Mbps all over the place ever since. (Minneapolis-St. Paul)

        I don’t know why it works, but yeah, activate the new SIM.

    • ob18

      Considering it’s probably in it’s infancy stage it won’t be perfect right out of the gate. Patience fuzzy.

      • Jimmy

        Correct me if I’m wrong, but HSPA+ is only a 3.75G. When the “true” 4G is fully deployed will HSPA+ be around much longer? Just curious. And yes, it is spotty at best.

        • Dave

          4G in Sweden delivers ~60Mbps :) (presently up to 80 Mbps)

  • gettinmoneeyy

    I just need the wifi calling I’d prolly never use tethering on my phone. But tmo was the first to offer android so its only right that they offer the full features of it

    • ob18

      Same here but for others they can’t do enough to make them happy.

  • drm916

    All I need is the WiFi calling also… I can purchase a tethering app if I need to. But I havent seen a WiFi app that uses my standard phone number.

  • threetee14

    So is tethering (when available on the G2) going to be an extra charge? like what the other carriers are doing.

    • ob18

      If it is I’d bet you would see many leave or start a revolt that would have t-mobile reconsidering that stance.

  • Mike

    They released that message three days after preorders starfed so who knows

  • DA Guy

    I’m in jacksoville and I have the HSPA whereever I go…

  • Mike

    Alright I can understand wifi calling but the tethering I can do without. I mean you have a phone for the mobile internet. If you wanna use it on your laptop or PC at home then call your local ISP and get internet stop being cheap. They offer it as low as 14.95 a month. T-Mobile is a wireless mobile provider they along with erverybody else cannot promise your gonna get reception in your house or apt, that is what landlines are for. Now I’m like most don’t have a home phone but you can’t get mad at them for it when your cell don’t get service in your home. As far as the HSPA+ network it just started and its not fully rolled out yet….relax. give it some time and people will also see there 3G speeds go up as well with less people on the towers.

  • McO


  • TechieChicky

    @David or anyone,

    Can someone please point me to the source for this statement? I see your source, David, as Phonescoop but their source is simply “T-Mobile”. Is there a press release, a tweet, a FB message, something on TMo’s website, a phone call or what? I’m having a hard time finding the actual source.

    Thanks in advance!

  • lakeshow

    i got the wifi calling apk. so the update must indeed be real

  • daveelt

    Looks like Tmo has made an announcement that they will start throttling data speeds when a user hits 5GB in a billing cycle starting 10/16. I read somewhere that this OTA might happen on the 17th….possible relationship between the two?

    • Carlos

      Daveelt, yes…there have been some reports of TMO telling customers to hang-on until the 16/17 for updates. So with the announcement of 5GB limit, that would make sense.

      BTW ~ I am tethered right now….this is really amazing! Not that I need it, but nice to know that it can be done!

  • Carlos

    As for the nay sayers…and i quote “COME ON!!!”

  • Bucc-i

    What really chaps my hide is that Blackberry users have had the tethering feature for all of there phones for say, oh I don’t know, FOREVER! And T-Mobile does not charge Blackberry users extra for the feature either.
    ALSO the Blackberry tethering feature has NOT hurt or bogged down their network connections either.

    • Sapphire

      You do not get 3g speeds when tethering with a Blackberry like you would if you used the tethering abilities like you would with the Nexus One, which is what was taken out of Froyo for the G2.

      • UzukiC

        9700 and 9300 are clear exceptions to your statement.

  • Dbo

    You know, it its obviously clear that no matter what tmobile does, there is always some “wannabe” or know it all that’s not going to be happy. Shut up already with the whining and complaining, bc tmobile had always taken care of their customers

  • rabid

    Ahhhh, no they don’t. their coverage map is more white then green, They have one Ericsson phone that will do Wi-Fi calling and the rest Blackberrys. other then that you are SOL. They say they are coming out with Femtocell but they don’t say when. “sometime in the future”. They want your money but don’t want to provide the service you are actually paying for. It’s always “coming soon” “in the future” “the checks in the mail” ” I’ll respect your in the morning”.

  • Ray Dull

    so… when does the N1 get gingerbread? lol

  • Jayson

    I knew the reports of an OTA were completely bogus