T-Mobile Gearing Up For Pre-paid Changes

Incoming collateral is usually a pretty good indicator that a big change is about to take place and lucky for us, we already knew T-Mobile was planning some major changes in their prepaid offerings. What we didn’t know was that T-Mobile would be changing around their lowest priced refill options replacing the $25 dollar refill card with a $30 dollar option instead. Expect to see this change take place, Wednesday October 20th!


  • Dr. Hyde

    Good for T-Mobile. The $30 dollar plan is great for moderate-moderately heavy talk/texters. I also like the $70 plan for data since I don’t think I’ve ever used more than 1.5 GB on my N1. This is a good set-up for people who don’t have good credit, but want to have a smartphone or access to the web at a decent cost.

    • Travis

      Uh, this is a good setup for EVERYONE. I have absolutely excellent credit, but I plan on using this prepaid $70 per month plan because it is a much, much better deal than their $79.99 Even More Plus plan (which comes with all of the baggage of taxes and fees).

      Nice job T-mobile. Way to continue to compete. You are doing wonderful things for the marketplace.

  • Nads

    NICE job Magenta. Now if we can get the iPhone, officially, move over sprint.

  • david

    whats nice is that Tmo is basiclly throwing in free 100 mb on data that the $50 plan didnt have before! Good job Tmo!

  • david

    Dr Hyde, they would still need to buy said phone and with prepaid you cant even put on your bill like you can with the even more plus. But if you have a smartphone already, its perfect.

  • G5

    what you mean you can put it on ya bill with even more plus

    • Phenomenon

      Pay for the phone in monthly installments

      • Edward Mullens

        If you can’t afford something as trivially marginal like a cell phone, you shouldn’t be buying one at all. People finance cars and houses. Are we so poor and entitled these days that we’re financing $200 telephones? Can’t wait till the credit dries up.

  • Shipoopi

    Holy crap!
    Freakin’ sweet!
    I hope this 2GB data plan works with the Vibrant phone.

  • CLIQuid Damage

    The better news is that the new Day Pass is compatible with smartphones – meaning you can sign into your G1 if you get locked out.

  • abel

    I’m looking for a little clarification on the prepaid changes since the last few articles here weren’t clear on some crucial points. Does anyone know the answers?

    “What we didn’t know was that T-Mobile would be changing around their lowest priced refill options replacing the $25 dollar refill card with a $30 dollar option instead. ” — what does that mean, there will be no 25 option but a 30 one instead? Ok that may be clear enough, but 25 isn’t the existing lowest priced refill option — it is now $10. So is a $10 refill option not even going to exist, or was that just a goof to call $30 the lowest price option?

    “The T-Mobile pay by the day, $50 unlimited talk and text and sidekick prepaid plans will move into grandfathered status on the 17th of October. The 10-cent per minute plan will remain in the lineup.” — what is the ’10-cent per minute plan’? There is no such thing. Do they mean the PAY AS YOU GO option with $100 refills giving you $0.10/minute rates and differing per minute rates for less refill amounts or gold rewards status is going to stay? Or do they mean the $15/month unlimited texting and $0.10/minute voice calls plan is going to stay? Both of those offer $0.10/minute options and it neither is clearly mentioned as staying or going.

    Also if you’re on the ‘pay by the day’ plan and you want to do something like get a web day pass, is that going to cost the day pass rate PLUS $1/day as if you made/received a voice call, or just the day pass rate alone if you didn’t use voice or text/mms messaging on that day?

    Thanks to anyone who can shed light on this.

    • Oscar

      Look at the picture…. The refill options are 10, 30, 50, and 100

  • artiepants

    Man, i would LOVE for them to get the iPad going on with the $1.49 Data Day Pass ~ i realy only want Data on it when i am traveling, so that would be freakin’ perfect…

  • I am easily confused, I think–is the only way to get email on a smartphone to get a data plan? I see all this “picture” and “text” and “video” messaging but nothing specifically mentioning email–I’m constantly thinking “does email count as text?” I’ve looked around to find clarification but haven’t found any. Sorry if this is a stupid question. I had email on my unlocked iPhone for a long while just as a regular pay as you go customer but then one day the email app stopped connecting.

    Also: in one of the above pictures (the top one) in the $15 option, it says “includes picture and voice messaging”. Is that a typo? Who sends voice messages? Don’t they mean “video”?

    • BlackHawk

      All depends on the phone. BB’s for instance, you have to have a BB data plan to access the BES/BIS. Not sure how it will work on this plan, but Im sure something will be figured out. If its an Android or Windows Mobile device, you can access e-mail through a WiFi connection.

      • Ah, thanks! OK, well, I’ve got a JBed unlocked iPhone that, via Pay As You Go, allowed me to access my gmail via the mail app, until recently, without any other dedicated data plan. Now I can only get email if I connect via wifi even though I have minutes left (I’ve tried the different APN settings to access via Edge only and none work). I’m just trying to figure out how to get email back since I use it more to communicate than anything else voice or texting. I’m planning to upgrade to Android in December, but I need a mobile email solution now and with every change T-Mo makes to their prepaid plans I get a little more confused since none mention email specifically.

  • ugh

    Oct 17 not 20. N the $10 refill isn’t going anywhere.

  • 2FR35H

    What about data only?? I don’t really need minutes lol

  • Curious22

    will these plans work with a blackberry phone (im askin mainly bout the torch) and provide full BB services?

  • justin

    that $30 plan is gonna hit the sweet spot for a lot of peoples’ needs… they really did their market research on this one.

  • johnkzin

    Hm. What I want:

    1) $15 unlimited txt
    2) $1/day unlimited M2M + N&W
    3) $.10/min voice for other calls
    4) $1.49/day data day pass (assuming it’s unlimited data)

    • Anon

      Move to Europe.  They have better prepaid plans than the US. :-) 

  • cj

    It is great that they have noticed what every body else was doing, but lost a chance to beat everyone. Virgin and Boost are better values, and have better phones. Boost is $50 a month unlimited everything, and has a android phone and Blackberry. Virgin has the Samsung Intercept (android slider phone), Blackberry Curve w/WIFI ($10 extra on top of the monthly plans) , and LG Rumor Touch all better than anything Tmobile offers. Virgin has $25 unlimited text,email,data, and web with 300 any time minutes. $40 unlimited text,email,data, and web with 1,200 any time minutes. And $50 unlimited everything. Tmobile gave it a nice try, but looked to much at At&t and Verizon. They should have looked at these other reviles, and beat them. And why doesn’t anyone give us the opportunity to chose what we want. I don’t need unlimited minutes or text, but I would like unlimited data.

    • Travis

      You can use any phone that you want on T-mobile Prepaid. I plan on using my unlocked iPhone 4. My friend is going to use a Samsung Vibrant. You can’t seriously believe that Boost or Virgin have anything that even comes close to these phones.

      Second of all, T-mobile’s prepaid coverage map absolutely destroys Boost and Virgin who do not roam on any other networks.

      These plans are ridiculously competitive. It’s delusional to suggest otherwise.

    • BlackHawk

      Virgin Mobile only has good phones in Canada. They only offer like 5 phones in the USA, in Canada, they have 5 different BB’s alone. Not to mention the iPhone 3g, 3gs, and iPhone 4. But I think in Canada they are more than just pre-paid.

    • Jon Doer

      Virgin and Boost have crappy coverage so no contest there.  What good is cheap when you don’t have access?  

  • Ike Denvers

    I’m going to miss the Pay by the day and Sidekick plans. They were both great values.
    The new $30 and 70 plans are really going to get a lot of new users. The $30 combo/talk/text plan is a GREAT idea because it covers people who text more then talk and vice versa and when your habits vary without running out of one or the other.

    The data adds are good too. I do wish the Daypass was a buck vs 1.49 but for unlimited per day which is 24 times what the stupid hourpass gave you , I can’t really say it’s that bad.

    Tmobile just stole Att’s prepaid thunder. Att: Unlimited talk/messaging/200 megs for $75 with no roaming. Tmobile: Unlimited talk/messaging/2Gigs data with roaming for five dollars less.

    Way to go Big Pink.

    • Travis

      There’s not much difference between 100mb and 200mb. Both mean that you’re on WiFi with your smartphone.

      So when you look at it that way, T-mobile is coming in at $25 cheaper than AT&T along with the other advantages that you mention.

  • blasky

    Im a little confused… why wouldnt almost everyone on an individual plan switch to this? Im on a grandfathered unlmited loyalty plan ($50) with unlimited text ($10) and T-Zones ($6). The limitation to this is that I cannot do android without upgrading to the android data plan.

    Is this not a better deal to get the $50 or $70 monthly prepay plan and then I can have android for a few dollars more (or even less depending on how much data I want)?

    Will this work with all t-mobile phones? or will it have to be a specially marked pre-paid T0mobile device.


    • Travis

      You should indeed switch to this as it is the better deal. Any T-mobile phone will work, as will any unlocked GSM device.

  • TmoFOSho

    BEWARE…prepaid does not allow roaming…also prepaid means limited warranty support through t mobile so yeah you may pay 79 for unlimited even more + but at least you wont get hosed when your vibrant fails to start up, not to mention the data cap on a plan is 10g soon to be 5g still better than a measly 2g

    @2FR35H this is coming too should be more info soon

    @thepete they all have data access between 30mb to 2gig doesnt matter the phone they will provisioned just like a regular plan

    • Travis

      Wrong. The difference between the prepaid and postpaid coverage maps is negligible bordering on nonexistent. Prepaid users are allowed to roam on other networks in most areas.

      You are also wrong that being on prepaid somehow leads to a diminished warranty experience. If I buy a new Vibrant for prepaid and then start having issues I am still totally covered by the manufacturer warranty for a year and wouldn’t have any issues getting the device exchanged with a receipt at any corporate T-mobile location.

      If you’re not around wifi enough that you consider an extra 3 gigabytes of mobile data to be absolutely essential then yeah these plans are not for you. But guess what? You’re part of a ridiculously small minority. Most people never even come close to a single gigabyte of usage.

      Postpaid is dead.

  • Wayne

    Virgin Mobile for $25 a month gives you unlimited text, email, data, web, and 300 minutes of talk.

    • 2FR35H

      Yes but their speeds aren’t exactly fast.

    • Jon Doer

      Virgin Mobile sucks though.  Coverage sucks.  Slow.  Just sucks.

  • SIS

    does data mean BIS? can i use it for BBM and native BB services? pls help

  • whacker

    Nice to see some changes, but T-Mo mainly moved to compete on the low-hanging fruit. For consistent PAYGO users, not much to get excited about, with maybe the $1.49 day pass the exception. It’s nice to have available, but not competitive with PlatinumTel’s $0.10/MB for a PAYGO user. Also, T-Mo should drop the pretense and make the rate a straight $0.10/min across all refill denominations (if not a little lower, to compete). Keep Gold Rewards for 1 year expiration interval, but stop making people pay $100 to get the lowest rate. C’mon, AT&T went to $0.10/min. And it’s not good to lose the flexibility of having the PBTD ($1/day) available for PAYGO users to temporarily use when the need arises.

  • Ike Denvers

    They should keep the Sidekick and Pay by the day plans. Hourpass data can go.

  • Dubious

    I’d also like to know more about the pay-by-day options. No gold rewards is seen in picture, and it shows one year expiry for $100 refill only. Is gold rewards going away or simply referenced somewhere else? The ability to refill inexpensively once per year is the reason I’ve stuck with T-Mo prepaid, as well as great coverage.

  • Frank

    T MO did a good thing adding the data plans,it seems that a lot of people went with MVNO’s and they caught on. But if T MO wants to compete with them they should lower their prices just a touch.I would say the $30 and the $50 plans are good but for charging $70 for the 2 G plan they should charge $60, T MO is just a little bit to expensive on this plan.

  • Dyanna

    How Much would your bill be if you add bbm to your $30 prepaid plan