Amazon Offers The T-Mobile G2 For Only $80

Still haven’t bit the bullet and picked up the T-Mobile G2? Amazon Wireless is giving you yet another reason to purchase the handset by offering it for only $79.99 with a new 2-year agreement. Additionally, to sweeten up the deal even more, Amazon is including free 2-day shipping and absolutely no Mail-In-Rebates! Unfortunately, the offer is only applies to new customers.

For existing customers looking to upgrade to the G2, Costco is offering the handset for $99.99 (with a $50 Mail In Rebate) for both new and existing customers alike. Remember, third party retailers may have  their own policies regarding cancellations, rate plan switches etc., so be careful what you sign up for.

Via Amazon Wireless & Costco

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  • nero

    Perfect for those that have no problems with contracts. Go T!!

    • El Guapo

      You might want to check the XDA forums before buying. There is a reason they are dumping it so cheap. It reboots by itself 3 times a day and the terrible reception being the worst problems. Not to mention the lack of root. Also the phone completely loses all connectivity if you SIM unlock it with a valid code. There is a poll on XDA forums shows that 50% of people with the G2 either returned it or plan to return it. Only problem is Tmobile is waitlisting people who are trying to return their phone!

      Stay away until we see if an update can even fix this stuff.

      • booker

        for the record, mine doesn’t reboot 3 times a day or get bad reception. I’m happy with mine

      • The Hammer

        Also mine doesnt reboot at all. Im fine with the whole root thing right now as all i wanted to do is disable the bloatware. Which you can do using temp root and terminal. Even on reboot these apps stay disabled and do not start up.

      • thaghost

        50% guapo? r u serious? do u believe dat?

      • rbeier

        I don’t know where you got your numbers from. The poll I see shows only about 15% having returned it or planning to return it. And only a small percentage of users will care about rooting their phone. The reboot issue is likely fixable with an update and seems to only happen when you have no signal.

      • nero

        Got no intention of buying it but know 2 people with it and two people with zero of those issues. XDA forums or not, it’s still a forum and still the intertubes… don’t believe everything you read.

      • Foxeh

        My return period is almost up and I’ve had zero spontaneous reboots and the only connectivity issue I had is that I keep getting dropped to EDGE, but that happens with just about any T-Mo phone around here…

      • aksnoopy

        No reboot problems and the reception is amazingly clear even from my work building where everyone has problems with reception.

      • flannery

        I returned my G2 last week, no questions asked.
        With that swype text entry, I no longer wanted that keyboard. (And that hinge seemed flaky to me….)
        Thinking of getting the my touch 4g next month.

        If only that thing had BBM I wouldn’t even think twice….

      • DarthTod

        Don’t forget that the folks at XDA developers represent a small subset of phone users. A subset with a very different definition of the value of a phone. The majority of phone users are not interested in whether a phone can be booted and consider “bloatware” to be features.

      • Bull Sheet

        Mine works fine no probs. Tons of haters. Normally it is those that complain about everything and install crappy apps on the phone that cause it to crash.

      • El Guapo

        OK People who don’t believe me!

        HERE is the link!

        As of this writing – 97 people want to keep their G2 while 60 returned or are remorseful… that is OVER half!

        What say you now?

  • I ordered mine from Costco yesterday. Not sure how to get the rebate.

    • DavidOhio

      You will get a rebate form with your shipment. Fill it out and mail it in and you will get a visa card with fifty dollars loaded on it.

      • Justin

        Lies. I worked for Wireless Advocates, you will never see that rebate.

        Bug the manager…they will eventually give you a $50 costco card to make you happy…

        Good luck mang!

  • justin

    i thought the g2 is worth more than that? how do they afford to do that?

    • Rob

      They purchase hundreds or thousands (in amazons case) of units at one time, getting each phone for cheaper. While T-Mobile stores, booths, etc are privately owned and purchase 10-15 phones a shipment paying higher prices and setting higher prices to make money.

      I would also guess that each 3rd party retailer has some sort of contract with T-Mobile in which they make money off of a contract they turn in.

      • Shawn

        That makes absolutely no sense. T-Mobile stores (besides the knock off ones – i.e. top mobile) are corporate stores, and are not privately owned. T-Mobile Corporate orders thousands of phones, then each phone goes through their distribution center to get sent out to each indiviudal T-Mobile store.

      • himay

        Sorry Shawn, that’s how it works for many shops and kiosks. They look like corporate stores but are not.,for example, in Mass.

      • patrickhuey

        Well so far I have had a great expierence with this phone. The hinge is a little annoying but hey. Its still a great phone with amazing features

      • Shawn

        Sorry himay, if you read my post I said BESIDES knock off stores. Better luck next time.

  • mikeeeee

    all t-mo has to do is push UMA to it and i’ll drive the 90 miles to costco and buy one.

  • Chad

    Can I still do this if I just upgraded in January? This seems too good to be true.

    • Foxeh

      If you are on contract, you need to be 22 months in to be eligible for a full upgrade discount. That doesn’t matter anyway with Amazon because you need to be a new customer, otherwise it’s $199 to upgrade, which you won’t be eligible for if you upgraded in January.

      • Chad

        But what about costco? It makes no reference to the 22 months on their site?

      • AJJ

        CostCo (actually the company they contract) only does subsidized phones under contract, as far as I can tell, so they follow T-Mobile’s contract rules…T-Mobile does pro-rate their subsidy – Foxeh is right in that full discount is at 22 months…but it increases at 12 months and 18 months before full upgrade discount at 22 months…now, for someone with a smartphone and paying for data, it’s 12 months for the full discount…but it has to be a qualifying rate plan with smartphone and data…

  • deceptivesmiles

    If only it was for upgrades too :( I was about to get my one-click shoppin on w/ Amazon lol. Still a great deal for those on the fence about it

  • pimpstrong

    So who pays Amazon since they’re selling these phones for pennies and dollars? Does T-Mobile pick up the tab or somethin?

  • JackRussell

    Do I get a special rebate if I turn in my Cliq?

  • jake

    Nope they will use the Cliq to bash your skull in. So be carefull!!

    • Shawn

      Grow up.

      • angelo

        someone is an unhappy cliq user .cough Shawn.

      • Shawn

        Actually I am a happy owner of the G2, Vibrant, and Nexus One. Thanks for playing.

  • NYC phone guy

    Amazon is a retailer for T-Mobile, like Costco, Best Buy, Radio Shack, privately owned dealers, etc. TMO pays the dealer for the activation plus additional for data. The dealer sells the unit below cost, the carrier commission covers the handset loss and the profit. It’s a 180 day risk, if customer cancels, carrier “charges back” the dealer’s $. That is why some retailers and dealers take a credit card number at time of activation.

  • Oh Wow! G2 has been overclocked to 1.344 GHz. Beast of a phone!!

    • Kickstar13

      The believe Galaxy S Vibrant has been overclocked to 1.6GHz since August.

      • Justin

        OH really? Please link me….I have yet to see this ;)

        • Kickstar13

          Oops guess I misread the thread. They haven’t done it yet, but according to them “in theory” the Galaxy S Hummingbird processor can be overclocked to 1.6GHz and still be stable. Sorry for the confusion.

      • Foxeh

        For what it’s worth:

        1.0 GHz -> 1.6 GHz = 60% overclock.
        800 MHz -> 1.344 GHz = 68% overclock.

        Also, in almost every fair comparison the G2 has been quite comparable (or even better in many non-gpu cases) to the Galaxy S despite the 200MHz deficit.

        Usually the extremely high Quadrant scores you see from the hacked Galaxy S models are from extremely high I/O points from adjusting the file system. It quickly comes to the point where I/O is no longer the bottleneck and stops improving user experience.

        I’m under the impression that OC’d G2 score had no changes to its filesystem (since roots are only temporary for the time being) was likely the result of added CPU performance.

        In any case, I’m keeping mine at 800MHz because I love having a smartphone where I can do as much as I want during the day without having to plug it in before I crash. Standby time still sucks but at least usage doesn’t matter as much… unless I accidentally left Angry Birds running.

  • Gavin S.

    I am an existing Tmo customer eligible for a full upgrade and have a loyalty plan with unlimited everything for like $86 a month all told. In the ad for the G2 it says that to get the $100 deal it would require a $30 data plan. I called wireless advocates (costco’s wireless division) and asked if I would have to make changes to my plan and she said that I probably would and that my bill would probably go up as a result. So, there you have it. So basically, if you’re GFed in on a great plan you’ll have to lose it to save a few $. I’ve already called Tmo retention and they’ve offed me the phone for $150 so it’s not even close to worth it for me.

    • I talked to the tmobile rep and they stated as long as you have android web you would keep the same pricing. When you buy it through Costco it gives you an option to keep your web service.

    • ‘mrg2

      Learn how to do mats duhmp is 58 not 68

  • Rissa

    I sell phones at Costco and T-Mobile has a 14 day trial period in which you can cancel without the cancellation fee. They also have an $18 upgrade fee. Costco has a 90 return policy. Aaaasnd you get an accessory bonus pack with car charger, case and wired hands-free headset

  • Russ

    Any T-Mobile corporate store should be able to price match on activations, print out the Amazon thing and go to a store.

    I work for T-Mobile, that’s the policy at every corporate store I know of.

    • sandytoes

      He’s right I work for tmo too and yea as long as its corporate they will price match.

  • ob18

    Even though I returned my G2 due to the hinge and not liking the keyboard you all can get it for $149. Here is how I did it.

    Call T-Mobile ask for the customer loyalty department. Mention you saw the phone at Best Buy, Walmart, etc for $149 no rebates or what not and you want the same deal via T-Mobile because “you feel more comfortable going through them”.

    I also tossed in that my contract was up and I was looking around at other companies because I wanted the best deal. After a few minutes they not only gave me the phone for $149 plus taxes to total out at $158 they waive the $18 upgrade fee, did an instant rebate, & shipped it to me on rush delivery on their dime.

  • Mike Larry

    If I buy the phone now for $99@amazon with the $30 data plan can I switch to the $10 data plan when available ? anybody know ? or should I just wait til the new data plans are available to buy the G2 ? Thanks

    • Shawn

      No you can not. T-Mobile is the only wireless carrier that requires you to sign a 2 year contract with the data plan when you get the upgrade price on a smartphone. In other words, you have to pay $30/mo. for 2 years.

  • Mike Larry

    also, doesn’t buying a phone a costco give you an extra 1 yr warranty ???

    • Rissa

      If you purchase it with an american express card, yes.

  • justin

    I’m waiting on my third g2. The first one would reboot itself at least one time a day and the second one I got in the screen would lock up when on the phone. The only way it would light up would be when I opened the keyboard. They gave me the phone for 149.99 because I have been having trouble with it and waived my upgrade fee also so I stuck with them.

  • Jordan

    @El Guapo,

    seriously? dude…out of 158 people, 97 kept their phone with no problems. only 13 returned their G2 phone (only about 8%), and only 11 (thats about 7%) are planning on returning it. posting that link kiiinda proved yourself wrong.

  • Rissa

    Costcos prices just changed. We’ve got the g2 for 49.99 with a 50 dollar mail in rebate for new lines of service.

    • Ripef1

      At costco and Just saw this deal the guy said it was 49.99 plus tax no rebate too bad I just got my vibrant!