Samsung Officially Says Vibrant GPS Fix On The Way

This isn’t the first time we’ve discussed the Vibrant GPS issue and while a temporary fix helped a large number of users, Samsung certainly needs to make good on this and bring out an update soon. Well thanks in part to an Engadget report earlier today regarding the GPS issue currently plaguing users on the Samsung Vibrant (and Captivate) Samsung has (finally) released a brief statement:

“Samsung Mobile is aware that under certain conditions, the GPS on our U.S. Galaxy S devices may not be meeting performance expectations. We are diligently evaluating the situation and will provide an update as soon as possible.”

Lets hope “as soon as possible” means soon, like very soon because as I test out the Vibrant for a review coming soon to our very own TmoNews the GPS issues have plagued me as well. It’s quite possibly the only aspect of the phone that has really given me a sub-standard experience. I truly doubt that a device soon to grace all four carriers won’t have the complete attention of Samsung so we’ll just wait it out for now.



  • fujitsujeff

    Yeah, that’s been the standard response I’ve been receiving for the past week. The good news is it’s so widespread, I really believe a fix is coming. The GPS issues definitely need to be adressed since so much of Android applications depends on the GPS! Keep up the rally to everyone who continues to express their displeasure of the GPS to Samsung, they’re obviously listening!

  • RoCkY


  • HowdyDoody

    Don’t use Telenav, its OLD Tech compared to Google Navigation. The GPS fix is easy.. If you haven’t done it, post here and I will guide you through it.

    • Shawn

      The various GPS fixes that have been released by xda-developers are actually a fail. If you visit various forums, you will notice almost everyone says the fix appears to work at first, then the problems return.

      So its not so simple as you state.

    • Kana11

      First off, Telenav is rated higher than Google navigation for mrm products. Telenav in fact is rated #1 Also there are still routing issues with google nav. Most google nav fans like it because it is free. Not looking for quality, but price. Learn your facts before you speak. Google nav is an ok product, but it doesnt beat Telenav or Garmin!

  • Vicosphi

    Great news, thanks for the update David.
    Yes it is quite interesting some Vibrants work just fine on locking onto satellite signal within like 10 secs. and other don’t lock even after 5 minutes while running same OS/FW.
    The fix at XDA developers reduces the time needed to acquire satellite signal so that you get a lock in like 10 ~ 30 secs.
    There is STILL a problem with GPS going crazy on prolonged use and incorrectly showing your position off by half a mile to couple miles…Glad to hear Samsung is getting us a fix :)

    • jpb1972

      My GPS works fine as well, no issues here.

      • fs

        Same here. I just bought two Vibrants for my wife and I and no problems with GPS.

    • j

      if you haven’t tried this then try it. Master reset. leave all apps out and set it to use wireless signal as well as GPS. then add only really needed apps,leave the crap in the market

  • tato22

    good cool

  • Mo

    Samsung’s GPSgate: “Look, if you put any other phones really tight in a car dock and touch certain points, they lose GPS connectivity too.”

    I’m kidding BTW. I’ve only got my Vibrant for less than a week and I love it.

  • Lerch

    How do u fix the issue

  • jscarano

    My GPS is all over the place . Sometimes it locks on in 10 seconds other times not at all. Today I was using Google Maps and it was working great for 10 mins or so then all of a sudden my phone totally locked up and I had to pull the battery to reboot it ?!?!?!? :-(

    • Presto117

      Mine did that the second day I got it what I was driving down to Comic-Con. Luckily I vaguely remembered where to go and regular directions works fine.

  • fearthechin

    Vibrant user and T-Mobile employee. GPS works fine on mine. I can’t believe issue is this widespread as no known issue on device regarding GPS.

    • Shawn

      Consider your self lucky.

      • j

        do a master reset, then don’t put useless apps in it

    • Spongebob71

      (posting this via my vibrant) love this phone but the gps has got to be fixed. It works part of the time but other times its all over the place. Putting me a mile from my real location.

    • I was told by T-Mobile over a week ago that the GPS issue was “a known software problem”. @Tmobile_USA confirmed on Twitter that T-Mo isn’t doing exchanges for GPS or Compass problems.

      What sucks is that T-Mo isn’t extending the buyer’s remorse period…. They really should give us early adopters an extra 10 days after Samsung fixes this issue. This stuff really should have been caught in testing.

      • j

        WHY? not all devices are having it and the phone works just fine. If it is a known issue, which I am not convinced of, and a software update will fix, there is no need to do anything but wait. Do you replace your car if you get a flat, NOPE. you fix it and that is what is going to happen. I mean really, how often does the average person use their GPS? what do they not know their local area yet, relax and let Samsung fix it

  • Hecg55

    Hey people please help with this question on my vibrant.. Its having issues and I’m trying to get a new one. Since I’m still under buyers remorse will I get a brand new one in new box? Or just the unit itself? I wanted to know because it seems that when its just the unit it could be a refurbished one.THANKS

    • badaphooko01

      You will get a new one, it will be processed as an exchange and you will get a new receipt. The phone is still to new for refurb units.

    • j

      buyers remorse is always a brand new device, exchanges can be refurbed

  • Brandon

    The GPS in my vibrant is very flaky. Some days it will lock, others it will not. This might explain why some people do not think they have a problem with their GPS.

    When I use mytracks, the GPS will work for half of my route then cannot lock the second half. This is extremely frustrating and I am glad that Samsung is finally acknowledging it.

  • jeff

    both people i know that “had no problem” with their GPS were using the network to find location and knew no better. one didn’t even have GPS enabled. in the end neither had a properly functioning GPS system.

    i find it funny that so many people want to feel superior by bashing others who do have the issue with GPS.

    it is a real problem for many.

  • Getreal

    Here is their fix…

  • scott

    I got my vibrant the day it launched and next day went on a road trip from houston, tx to las vegas, nv and can tell you I had GPS problems the entire way there and the week I was in vegas. Made the fix described in the forums and like some thought it was working but was only using cell towers to help get the location, not an actual fix. On the drive back to texas the issue was worse than before and phone was even getting hotter than normal and locking up with black screens before taking out battery to get it reboot. Both my previous G1 and myt3g did not have any issues with the gps so I know it is not network issue. Just hope a fix comes soon as otherwise this is a great phone and found many coolet and not so obvious features that makes it really nice to use.

  • Wrath

    “Samsung Mobile is aware that under certain conditions, the GPS on our U.S. Galaxy S devices may not be meeting performance expectations. We are diligently evaluating the situation and will provide an update as soon as possible.”

    Um, where have I heard something like this before……? Something about an update soon….? Just sounds familiar.

    • I exchanged my first Vibrant for other reasons, but I’m starting to think I should send this one back before it’s too late.

  • VibrantFan

    Try changing the settings from “hot start’ to “cold start” this makes it forget where it was previously and find new satellites like a normal GPS. Since it defaults to standalone mode this works than it attempting to track your movements. Most people do not have GPS on all the time due to the power consumption, so when you move large distances it loses satellites and gets confused when you turn it back on if it is in hot start mode.

  • mingkee

    Will it be included with 2.2 update?
    Just don’t do VZW way to claim “tethering and mobile hotspot are not included” lies.

  • Green Robot

    Okay Samsung, let me save some of your precious resources and of course time and provide you with a final analysis of this situation: GPS is broken on your flagship phone and you have a lot of angry customers on your hands. Now that the analysis of the situation is complete, you can move forward and devote your resources to actually fixing the problem and stop wasting your and our time on analyzing the obvious, mmmOkay…?

  • Consortitude

    I have had 2 of these phones so far. The first one had a working gps (for the most part), but on day 14 it started overheating in standby mode and cust. service told me to return it immediately. The new one has bad gps problems, and keeps telling me I am in a totally different neighborhood. LOL I left Verizon after 10 years for this??? 3G has been down in my area since about 3days after I bought the first phone. If I wanted a crappy phone with crappy Internet service, I could have stayed at Verizon. :(

    • Presto117

      IT’s a great phone with small software problems and and it’s not the phone’s fault (or even yours) that 3G went out after you bought the phone. No one asked you to leave Verizon, though. You could’ve gotten the fascinate.

  • alex32

    slow news day ):
    i want more info on the g1 blaze

    • David

      Don’t we all, I’ll post it as I get it!

      • alex32

        thanks David I appreciate it!
        You do an awesome job on this website and I visit it everyday (:

        • David

          Thank you for the kind words, I’m happy to do my best to keep you guys coming back!

        • TMOprophet

          So are all my comments gonna be moderated forever??

          If so I will just go somewhere else, and not come back

          Seriously every comment for like 3 weeks,, not funny.

        • David

          I have removed the moderation, unfortunately it sounds as though more than one individual was using the TMOprophet name so they all went under moderation. Enjoy freedom to post again!

        • TMOprophet

          So if it starts up again, I should change my name to something else, cause I know there is still some other people using it? Oh well I will try it out.

          Thanks :)

        • j

          They can moderate all they want to my posts cause I don’t care. I always speak truthfully from the heart and sometimes you need to be a little heated

        • j

          GUESS WHAT, ALL forums are moderated IDIOT!!! If don’t talk out your !@#$ and actually say things useful they won’t delete your posts

        • Andrew

          We really do appreciate the kind words, it makes us happy to know that people appreciate our work, especially all the work David puts in.

  • WTF

    I thought TMO put their handsets through rigorous testing before release for sale. I imagine that the group of handsets they tested were fine and Samsung screwed a batch of phones up. Boo. TMO should do something to help customers through this and slap Samsung nice and good. If my supposition is correct!

    • j

      It is not correct, I am sure they do rigorous testing. I am also quite sure that it maybe a downloaded app that can be affecting things as well. I have never once had my GPS fail to lock within 3-5 seconds. This is due to me setting it to use wireless networks right away and not downloading frivolous apps. I always look at al options of the phone and set it up before adding anything to it other then personal info. If you also notice only a handful of people are having an issue.

      • jnice

        A hand full on this web site

      • Pierre

        J, do you work for Samsung? No pun intended. I’m not sure about others, but I do use my GPS daily, I commute locally and out of town frequently for business and pleasure, so it’s very convenient to have a working GPS. If you have not noticed there are thousands of people having this GPS issue. The ONLY think I’ve noticed that works is actually rebooting the phone. One very nice thing about the Vibrant is that it reboots extremely fast, so if my GPS is out or “off” and I need a accurate location/signal, I reboot. While this SUCKS it’s the only thing I’ve found to work. It took my lots of convincing to leave the Blackberry world, while the BB is no where near as “cool” it was always accurate and reliable. I first tried the MYTouchSlide3G and loved it, thought I needed a keyboard, thus the reason I got it (and wanting Android) but quickly realized with Dragon and Swype no keyboard was needed…but like many others I’m sure, I saw the VIBRANT…and who isn’t impressed with it at first view?! I’ve been reading posts and reviews for days…GPS is it’s only real flaw, but for many like myself it CAN be a deal breaker….


    Mine is not with the GPS it is with signal strength as a whole. The vibrant hasw worse signal strength than my G-1 did…I hope they work on the signal strength problem as well.

    • jscarano

      Signal strength depends on where you live. My Vibrant gets same signal as my G1 did . I have had only one dropped call with the Vibrant.

  • NiiDiddy

    Good to know, though I’ve been one of the lucky ones with no issues whatsoever. GPS on my Vibrant is great; everything else is great. Can’t complain…thank goodness. :)

  • Yu

    I wonder why no one is making a issue with the incorrect signal bar display, i am like 1 bar 24-7…though when i make a call it jumps back to 4 i know it works but still pretty annoying

  • Akabelcher

    3 others where I work picked up this phone on the 15th and none of us have had any issues..(salt lake city) Weird!

  • Mr MN

    Engadget Mobile? I read that article and couldn’t believe how biased they really are. At one point the writer suggested the phones be taken off the shelves. He also said that this is a problem that should have been caught during testing. How come he was able to see all the faults in the Vibrant and Captivate but not the iPhone 4? I can’t speak for everyone but my call signal is more important than my GPS signal. Why should a phone be taken off the shelves because of GPS issues but the one with call reception issues should be sold? Most of us make more calls with our phones than we use them as GPS. I’m now convinced that Apple sponsors, if not owns them. For me, their credibility is on the line because they’re so biased.

  • Help

    My vibrant has been freezing up lately anyone else? Also notice on music player no shuffle to hear random songs and the calender can’t enter bi weekly events like my pay days have to enter each one which kinda sucks

    • Presto117

      The music player has shuffle and it works fine on mine. just tap the cover art when it comes up and there will be options, like shuffle an repeat. As for freezing, mine kind of does that, but it’s only when I do certain things and it’s been working a lot better since I removed some Samsung widgets. The Friends/favorites widget crashed my home launcher once a day.

  • PathogenX

    Let’s hope it’s actually fixed and not just BS from Samsung. I finally purchased the vibrant and waiting for it to ship from Tmobile. Let’s hope I do not regret my purchase.

  • Neil

    I have done the temporary fix and now I do get accurate location. However, sometimes the GPS will not get a fix. More troubling, about every third time I use navigation, the phone’s screen turns black and it locks up. Sometimes it reboots itself, sometimes I have to remove the battery. Lately, the phone does seem more laggy overall
    On another note, I agree that the signal strength is much worse than my old trusty G1, which always had decent signal in my home. Now, I almost NEVER can make a call from within my house, which blows. Also, the inaccurate signal strength bars and inaccurate battery meter need to get a fix. I like the phone but it is MUCH more buggy than my G1, which was basically flawless.

  • jizzy

    forget the gps fix the signal the g1 was way better

  • I wonder what the return rate is for the Vibrant?

    I returned mine after just 2 days due to poor RF and GPS performance plus overall lag, combined with other subjective points of contention on the hardware/software UI, and the nagging fear of Samsung’s demonstrated lack of customer support.

  • SEFan

    This is really sad because I finally got my butt down to a T-Mobile store and saw the Vibrant. Everything posted here about the screen, the snappy performance, the sleek and light form, all true. Frankly, words can’t do it justice. But these signal and GPS issues are complete deal-breakers. How does a phone even get released with such a basic problem? Is this Samsung incompetence, or has the pressure to get the new devices out there gotten so great that even basic issues can get missed in the pre-release testing?

    • j

      SEFfan, in all honesty, if you believe everything you read here you are an idiot. I don’t feel you are so go and try it out for yourself cause there are a few idiots onhere

    • j

      SEFfan, in all honesty, if you believe everything you read here you are an idiot. I don’t feel you are so go and try it out for yourself cause there are a few idiots on here

  • Chris

    I have a feeling it’ll turn out to be a hardware problem.

  • Chris

    I have a feeling that it’ll turn out to be a hardware problem.

    • j

      Chris if is was a hardware issue everyone would have it. I do not. Have you tried a master reset and setting the GPS to use wireless networks right away?

      • chris

        j! That is exactly the reason why i think it’s a hardware problem!Because not everyone is having problems ,although all of us running the same firmware on the same hardware!I think a large batch of phones left the factory with faulty BCM20751 chips.

      • j

        Chris, since not everyone has the issue, it is more then likely a software issue or a defective app in the device. have you tried reseting and setting the use wireless networks setting right away? Is what I did before adding apps and mine is fine, just a thought for you to try

  • fs

    I love my new Vibrant and have not experienced the GPS issue but obviously many people have and I hope Samsung and T-Mo get it worked out soon. :)

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Well this is an issue with any new release (“new release” assuming the Vibrant has hardware and software differences compared to the i9000).

    I have no doubt that Samsung is working on a fix, T-Mobile will make sure of that.

    This is not like the BH2 controversy because this is clearly a product defect and warranty issue. Push comes to shove the warranty would cover this which is a powerful incentive for T-Mobile to make sure Samsung addresses and remedies the problem.

    Our warranty, by the way, means that if the problem is not fixed within six months, for example, we can return the phone. That is because: 1) the GPS issue is well documented; 2) GPS is a major phone feature; and 3) if it does not work as it should, that’s a product defect under the terms of the warranty. So T-Mobile has to honor it.

    I doubt T-Mobile will dig its heels in the sand and say “It’s all in your mind. So too bad.” If enough of its loyal, good and big spending customers report the issue, T-Mobile is not going to tell those people that it’s all in their heads. (We know a handset problem when we see one.)

    And Samsung in motivated to fix the problem because the U.S. series handsets just rolled out and this is its flagship handset. If thousands are reporting a problem that means word will spread like wild fire that “the SGS is defective. Samsung and T-Mobile, like all of us, remember “antennagate.”

    Since the GPS circuitry has been around for a time, I suspect it’s an OS issue that needs tweaking/adjustment.

    So I say calm down and give it three more weeks. I have no doubt that Samsung is working 24/7 on this, with T-Mobile looking over its shoulder and tapping its foot, so to speak.

    What if it’s a hardware issue? Well they make these phones so that anything on the motherboard or connected to it can be flashed. So a firmware repair will be made available for download.

    What if it’s a misplaced GPS chip, something that cannot be done OTA (over the air download) or by a software file that’s downloaded and installed? What if the fix requires returning the phone to the factory, the dreaded “R” word (“recall”)?

    In that situation Samsung should look at it as a golden opportunity instead of a negative. It could order that all Vibrants be returned for new one and for all our trouble each first adopter will get a free accessory of his or her choice (BT headset, case, microUSB to HDMI adapter.)

    In fact, this would be a great opportunity for Samsung to advertise that the SGS does in fact allow HDMI use, with its debuting microUSB to HDMI adapter that sells for $50.

    What better way to kill the proverbial two birds with one stone. They get good PR to repair Samsung’s tarnished customer service issue and get to trumpet the HDMI adapter that few people know about.

  • For the record, TMOnews, Samsung responded to users GPS concerns back July 29th, before Engadget reported on this.

  • I just got my phone today finally.. I havent used the the gps nor needed to, but I guess ill check it out for the hell of it.

  • serendipitous

    My GPS stopped working while I was in the middle of downtown Seattle during a music festival D:
    And hasn’t worked since! Please Samsung fix this soon, I feel lost (literally, heh) without working GPS!

  • RogerC

    You are all idiots. Having a fast GPS fix means nothing. It can happen with any assisted GPS no matter how crap the hardware and antennas are. The problem is not with getting the fixes or the TTFF, the problem is that the unit sees very few satellites compared to other models (HTC Desire for instance), locks to less and then has trouble keeping the locks.

    This mean that with driving software that has “snap” algorithms, many of the errors are hidden.. but if you use a program like MyTracks to store your path and see it on Google Earth you will see how pathetic the real SGS precision is.

    Also, fixes indoors are meaningless and typically you get more accuracy at high speed in straight lines… say, on the highway. Try using a tracks program and doing some low-speed city driving or walking, with several directional changes and you will see how bad the Samsung is.

    • Green Robot

      Calling people idiots is rather mean but that’s beside the point. My understanding of the GPS problem on Vibrant is that the hardware does “see” the satellites but that the software is unable to get a lock on any of them. This is why people are saying that this is most likely a driver/software issue and not the hardware. The GPS antenna/receiver does receive the necessary signal but the software is unable to lock on / interpret the data properly. Am I an idiot?

    • Mexicano

      (You are all idiots) Was that really necessary? Jerk!!

  • Green Robot

    Okay, this GPS thing is getting out of hand. My Vibrant started doing the freeze and reboot thing when I use GPS. Sometimes it works for a while as I’m driving but then it will either reboot or freeze and I have go pull the battery. It is getting dangerous beacuse I try do the battery pull while driving. Do I have a case if I crash as a result?

  • Matt

    I’ve been a longtime samsung guy, but if I don’t see this being fixed soon, I’ll drop samsung for life.

  • Mark

    “under certain conditions”… like, when it’s on?

    According to tmobile, this is a known issue affecting all Vibrants and they don’t know when a fix is coming. According to my recent chat:

    “^Kizzie M: Is this one of the issues that you’re having? GPS location is incorrect (shows them more than 30 feet from their actual location). GPS signal fix lags or requires an extremely long time to obtain a location fix while using under clear sky. GPS update fails or displays ‘Your location is temporarily not available’ while navigating a route.
    Mark L: That would be it
    ^Kizzie M: Unfortunately, this is listed as a known issue with the Vibrant.
    Mark L: Which means what?
    ^Kizzie M: This issue is related to how the device software is handling the signals received via AGPS and GPS satellites.
    ^Kizzie M: To improve location accuracy, customers may enable wireless network use to enhance location determination. From any Home screen, tap the Menu key. Tap Settings. Tap Location and security. Tap Use wireless networks. Tap Agree.
    ^Kizzie M: *Note* This may not fully resolve the issue, but should provide more precise location information for you.
    Mark Latta: I’ve done that, but the map still shows me moving when I’m not.
    ^Kizzie M: Oh okay.
    Mark L: Do you know if there are fixes coming up soon?
    ^Kizzie M: There are no fixes listed in our system right now.
    ^Kizzie M: You can ship the phone back, but if you get another Vibrant it won’t resolve the issue.
    Mark L: But if I keep it longer than the 14 day period and there are no fixes, am I stuck with a phone that doesn’t work properly?
    ^Kizzie M: That would be correct.
    ^Kizzie M: Cause at this point we don’t know how long it will take Samsung to put out a fix for it.
    Mark L: Why would t-mobile continue to sell something they know isn’t working properly? There isn’t an extended return period?
    ^Kizzie M: Not at this point.
    Mark L: Unbelievable. “

    • joe

      Mark’s like one of those annoying customers we always get at the store. Complaining about everything when they even know the answer to it. Talking as if the world owes you everything, just relax and wait for that fix man. It’s nothing that can’t be fixed, chill!

      • Mark

        You are right Joe, I am one of those annoying customers that come in to your store asking questions and buying things. The nerve of people like me who expect to be able to buy things at stores. Since you are one of the super smart people who has a job at a store and I am the moron who thinks the world owes me something, perhaps you can tell me when the fix is coming? Hmmm?

        The world doesn’t owe me anything, but T-mobile sure has hell owes me either a $500 phone that works like it’s supposed to or $500 cash. I really love your attitude, “shut up and wait”. Here’s a better idea: sell me the phone you promised and we’ll never have to see each other again.

      • Pierre

        Wow Joe really..why don’t you tell everyone here on the board where you work and who your supervisor is because I assure you, you’ll be out of a job pretty soon. It’s annoying people like you that are miserable in their jobs, why don’t you go flip burgers or something. Unbelievable is correct.

    • j

      Well I for one have never had an issue with my GPS as I have set it to use wireless networks from day 1. Works fine in buildings and outside. Do you try user error or master reseting the device???? Maybe you downloaded a stupid app that messed up the great phone

    • j

      Mark, I am sorry but my Vibrant does NOT have any issues. I wonder how many people having the issue are downloading a lot of apps and forgetting that they can cause problems in the device. I also wonder if any of them have done a master reset. My guess if none have

      • Mark

        Okay. Both Samsung and Tmo have acknowledged that the Vibrant has a known issue with the GPS. Tmo has also stated that returning the Vibrant and getting a new one will not fix the problem because every Vibrant has a potential for a similar issue, and you actually think that I downloaded an app that screwed my GPS up? Really?

        Look, the problem affects all Vibrants (per Tmo’s words, not mine). If yours works– great, but it’s not going to every time you try to use the GPS. It will, sooner or later, not work.

        My GPS hasn’t worked from day one, before I downloaded any apps. If you want to go ahead and make excuses for why a company can go ahead and market a phone they know doesn’t work as advertised, fine. And even if the apps did affect it… so? I’m sorry, but isn’t downloading apps a reason for purchasing an Android phone? Isn’t that one of the fundamental selling points of the device?

        You aren’t the first person to come on here stating that Vibrant owners have most likely downloaded some crappy app that screwed up their GPS. So… which app would do this? What app could we download that would not only wreck up our GPS and compass, but also make Samsung and Tmo state that it’s a known problem? Really, name one app that would do that.

        Samsung and Tmo could have had a home run on their hands, but they’ve fallen far short. They’ve essentially admitted as such, and yet some really want to blame it on operator error? This couldn’t be any simpler: a company has made a phone that does not work as advertised. Another company has elected to go on selling it as advertised. What planet are you from?

      • Mike

        I don’t think you know how gps turn-by-turn navigation work. If master reset and any “fixes” mentioned above can resolve the issue, Tmobile or samsung already post the fixes through OTA or through instruction when user calls customer service. I personlly went to tmobile store in the weekend and compare my G1 with Vibrant. my G1 lock the signal with 30 sec from cold start and stay locking. It took Vibrant 10 minutes to lock and then lost after 10 seconds. People in the store have no clue how to fix it. And don’t tell me GPS is small feature. That and other features such as freely programing is why I want an android phone instead of iphone. Even display phones in the store have issues and you tell me it’s download issue. I don’t think so.

  • Jymmyblanka

    Hey I hope they ad the option of chose type of connection
    on 3g network

    • j

      what type of connection? there is turn 3g on or off, what else do you need

  • tmobreal

    I think the phone is great but it is working under a very unreliable network, i have it and anything related to the phone works perfectly, but i loose the internet connection everyday (sometimes when i mostly needed) T-mobile needs to work on its network, no wonder the iphone does not come to tmobile (its network would not be reliable enough). for the time being i can only afford tmobile, maybe when i can afford ATT ill make the switch…

  • kt

    My google maps keeps crashing every time I look for directions! Anyone know a good solution?

  • Trilla

    Yo dawgz my Galaxy straight broke in like two dayz….Im gonna go back to muh IFONE!

    • j

      I have 2 words for you… master reset

  • Jim

    How often do people use the GPS in their phone? You’re a moron. It’s an android smartphone that allows TONS of applications, other than navigation, to use the GPS for location data. How the hell can the device geotag pictures when it can’t get a location? What about apps for finding closest restaurant, foursquare, etc. etc. The GPS can be used for so much more than navigation. Regardless, your “flat tire” analogy is STUPID. Do you buy a car with a flat tire? NO. Would you complain if the GPS in your car didn’t work? I mean, really, how often do you use the GPS in your car? Yeah, that’s how stupid you sound “j”

    • j

      Jim, I was referring to GPS for directions as that is only issue that GPS not locking on would affect, apps like shop savvy don’t need an instant lock. I also have never had any issue with mine. People need to realize android apps can cause issues and master resetting can help. setting the gps to use wireless signal is another. Jim as for name calling, I am not going to even respond to that except to to say stupid is as stupid does and if mine is working absolutely perfect and yours is not, well you get the idea

    • Mark

      How often do some of us use GPS? How about every day.

  • ChrisinCalifornia

    The is a known problem and is widespread. A master reset will not “fix” the GPS issue. It is a known flaw which have been proven through numerous comparisons and tests, with the Samsung Vibrant, Captivate and other Galaxy S models which are non-US. The symptoms vary between phones, but there no permanent fix(as of yet). There are temporary solutions which will NOT solve the problem. It is still unclear if its a firmware or hardware problem. The vibrant uses the BCM20751 which combines bluetooth, GPS, and FM in one chip. The GPS core splits the processing duties between the BCM20751 and the host CPU. Some argue there is poor firmware programming for the communication between CPU and chip, but others argue that the chip is installed incorrectly to hinder communication with the CPU. If it’s a hardware problem, it will NOT be fixed by any software updates. Hopefully its a software issue which can be fixed.

  • toter

    So… It has been a week… And still nothing from Samsung. Maybe they think we’ll just forget about it.

    Can you imagine… If it’s taking more than a week for them to release a simple GPS fix (IF it’s a software problem), how long are they going to take to release Froyo?

    Tsc… Tsc… Bad Samsung!

  • Josh E

    So all’s quiet on the front for this GPS fix huh? No word, nothing after that, no teaser, nothing, wow, way to go Samsung on handling your flagship phone. I applaud your efforts!

    • Mike

      I was one of the very first who bought HTC G1 2 years ago (I got it 1 day before official release). It still works great and I just flash to the latest android 2.2 (custom build of course). I’m looking for replacement. I feel lucky that I didn’t pull the trigger yet. Image what would happen if the first android phone is from Samsung. The android may have been killed by now. GPS is the deal breaker for me because it’s related so many great apps. I would wait for new HTC or Moto android phone. Hopefully it comes soon. Verizon uses CDMA, otherwise I will switch for it.

  • Shawn

    Samsung is pulling a Samsung again… No word, no efforts, no nothing… I really thought things might change with this phone being it is offered on all 4 major carriers, and is their first “superphone.” Don’t let us down AGAIN Samsung. This phone has so much potential to be one of the best Android phones on the market, don’t do what you did with the Behold II and make it the worst phone on the market!

  • jim

    “under certain conditions”, “performance expectations”, “update as soon as possible”

    Double-talk at its finest!

    No clear admittance of a real problem and no clear explanation of what steps are being taken or what exactly an “update” refers to. Are we talking a software update or some bogus findings from Samsung that this affects only a “small number of actual users”.


  • ikeweezy

    This dang on GPS bug had me lost in DC! Wasted my time and gas!!!

  • moon

    I was going to buy the vibrant but i prob wont anymore… i use gps all the time..also im not thrilled with the loosing service issue when it used to be great on my g1. I bought the Mytouch slide and it looses 3G coverage all the time sometimes dropping into the G speeds.. very annoying… never did that on my g1 ever… but i do like flash on the my touch slide…

  • It seems that the Samsung Galaxy Spica (i5700) also has the GPS issue, I contacted Samsung customer support and they said a fix is due for that also.

  • knin69

    I’ve been one of the lucky few who are not experiencing any GPS issues… works like a charm. Now if I could only get my WiFi to work! Very very very bad WiFi on this phone, hardly connects, when it does it drops the connection and I’m back on 3G. My wife’s vibrant connects flawlessly to our home network so it doesn’t seem like it’s my network. Plus I have experienced problems connecting on other WiFi networks — anyone else with a similar problem? Is this a known issue for this phone? :-(

  • Evogenius

    try the xda fix for gps, worked for me. I couldnt wait for samsung fix. Finds my exact location within five seconds.

  • Taina