(Updated: Likely a non-issue) Samsung Vibrant Experiencing Reception Issues Similar To iPhone 4?

Update: After speaking with a  number of Vibrant owners, none of whom can replicate this issue we’re chalking this up either to gripping the handset so tightly its smothering or simply a fluke. Enjoy your phone and don’t worry about the iPhone 4 drama.

After today’s official launch of the Samsung Vibrant, we’ve been receiving a good amount of complaints from Vibrant owners regarding reception degradation. Vibrant owners seem to be experiencing issues similar to the iPhone 4’s infamous “Death Grip”. As demonstrated in the video above, tightly gripping the handset results in signal loss and often negatively affects data speeds. We’re not sure if this is a hardware or software related issue, but we’re hoping it’s the latter. Any Vibrant owners out there experiencing this issue? Let us know in the comments!


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  • bakalao

    Where these phones all made on a Monday or Friday?

    • HowdyDoody

      Tested the vibrant Today. along with the Droid X / Captivate / iPhone 4G / Evo 4G (WiMax)

      Of all 4 phones, Vibrant has the best screen and processor, specially under sunlight. It has the best camera of all, Its colors are vibrant.

      The Droid X slowed down after 50 apps were loaded. Captivate and Vibrant were at 120 apps before they slowed down.

      The key difference is the network, TMobile consistently has 4.4+Mpbs download and 2Mpbs+ upload speeds, making it the easiest to surf. All other phones including the Droid X seem to be using dial up in comparison.

      Vibrant is a better phone, in fact if it had flash and ffc using Froyo 2.2 it Would be the perfect phone. Most other companies have to struggle a lot now to offer anything that can compete with it. That includes the Droid X and Apple’s 4G.

      Regarding reception problems. Its not a death grip, it apparently looses some signal quality depending on the orientation. This implies that the antenna on Samsung phones are directional and not omni directional. No dropped calls though, just lower bars.

      • HowdyDoody

        The Vibrant has 6 things going against it. Though even its Lancher which i replaced with ADWLauncher for a while was well though of. I like this phone very much. In fact its better than the Incredible / Evo 4G and Droid X.

        Samsung – Tmobile if you offered a FCC / Froyo 2.2 and Flash for the camera as well as zoom on the camera it would be the smartphone to beat. Cause it wins in very other category.

        Do recommend this phone even though I initially had bad impressions of it.

      • NiiDiddy

        Wow…good job; great reseach. Now I truely know I am rocking a superior phone regardless. Love my Vibrant.

      • Anthony

        I agree with you. I have a N1 and gripping the bottom forces the phone to edge I see no evidence of that here. The vibrant did loose signal but stayed on 3g and had blazing speed. I say non issue here people better stop looking for the boogie man and just enjoy the phone. I will add to make this perfect everything thing you said but add stock Android then ill sell my N1 lol

      • Davidohio

        I’m not sure if many people know this or not but t-mobile uses dedicated data antennas on their cell sites. For example, at&t,verizon, and sprint have their voice and data on the same antennas and channels whereas t-mobile runs the 1700mhz aws band for 3g data. The advantage of doing this is data runs on totally seperate channels and antennas (dedicated) which greatly reduces congestion and allows for faster data speeds.

      • Davidohio


    • Ktwist

      Only happens to me inside buildings are areas of week coverage. I do not drop the call but data slows. I tested with a gel skin and it does not help. Still this phone rocks and is performing very well. Really doesn’t seem to be a problem.

  • ObsceneJesster

    All phones will lose signal if you grip them in the area where the antenna is. It is true though. You do lose bars when putting your entire palm on the bottom right hand side of the phone. If you hold it regular there is no signal loss. You entire palm must be covering the bottom right hand corner.

  • underdog378

    ALL phones will experience some level of signal loss when being held in hand in certain ways, even my mytouch does it.

    Also, I don’t think anyone here uses a damn death grip on their phone.

    • Geek #1

      i just checked on my behold (the first one) and when you put your hand against the back it also looses signal.

  • MyDixieWrecked

    Nope, I just tested mine out, and I have no issues here.

  • swoosh042507

    No problems over here phone is a beast I’m actually shocked no lag..i love this phone

  • TheAnalyst

    Mine is fine.

  • Chris

    I’m experiencing this, but it’s not consistent. Sometimes when holding it bars drop, then setting the phone down they go back up. Sometimes holding the phone the bars don’t change. Sometimes the bars drop, I set it down, and they don’t go back up. It never exits 3G while in a 3G area though. And I have a case on mine sooooo yeah I’m kind of upset…….

    • Chris

      And also, doing speed tests, with no bars, but having a 3G signal, I actually had faster DL and UL speeds while gripping the phone.

      • I’ve experienced the same type of speed-ups you describe, and while I’m no cellular network engineer I have a theory about that. I hypothesize that at a certain threshold of signal level, the complexity of the encoding method used over the air is too unreliable for the signal level but this point is before the tower decides to use a more reliable and slower encoding. Therefore there are retransmissions that are required to get the message to the phone. Once the signal threshold is reached as you put your hand on the phone, the tower decides to use a slower code method with more built-in redundancy. With more redundancy the effective throughput is higher as there are less retransmissions. These things amuse me.

  • quikzilver

    Why is he squeezing his phone as hard as he can?

    • Davidohio

      He is squeezing the phone as hard as he can because he is a complete and total idiot!

  • Izzy

    Very weird!!!!…my vibrant did it as well..but its still a bad ass phone

  • eYe

    Ha-ha, looks like Samsung went a little too far in copying iPhone.
    Seriously though.. I played with it in the store today and I can’t believe how ugly that UI is… would’ve pick it up in a heartbeat if it had vanilla firmware as the hardware looked, felt and performed amazing.

    • laphoneuser

      “Beauty is in the eYe of the beholder”, as they say.

      I actually really dig the UI.

  • chris

    I just grabbed my phone with both hands,no signal loss.

  • deezy

    i think that man works for apple.

  • kast107

    Who holds the phone that tightly??? This “death grip” issue has been overblown on this phone.

  • Matt

    I am sorry but that is a lame test. My old G1 does the same thing when you grip the hell out of the bottom of it.

  • Chris

    You guys, you don’t have to grip it that hard. If you hold it normal in either hand the bars go down but no data speed is lost.

  • comicaze

    i actually had a couple of dropped calls early in the day, and was a little concerned, because i had two bars where i typically get full bars, but by the end of the day, believe it or not, I think they fixed it, because I had full bars in those same places. I live in orlando, fl. It could have been a user volume issue on the network… not sure though?

  • NiiDiddy

    No issues here either…tested it multiple times.

  • quikzilver

    Waiting for Hilton to come in and tell us how great the Nexus One and how it doesn’t suffer from this problem.

  • Matt

    Other sites will pick up on this BS and have a field day bashing the Vibrant and T-Mobile.

    • underdog378

      Very true, it’s sad that they had to make this worthless “news” post.

    • David

      I would tend to doubt it…its likely a non issue and since few people seem to be able to replicate the issue, we’ll chalk it up to user error and I’ll update the post.

      • underdog378

        Props for updating the post.

  • n900user.

    whats wierd is that when i was playing with one yesterday the phone was showing that it had no bars and the internet and market were working fine.. i dont think its losing reception, but it does have some kind of bug with the signal indicator. i still ordered it cant wait!!!

  • hybridr6

    Every phone will lose signal as others have stated. I don’t think this one suffers from completing a circuit and thus lowering signal quality by touching a corner of the phone though. I mean really next thing you know people will start complaining about their home wifi routers doing this when they hold the antennae…

  • tehandroid

    Well when you grip your big gorilla hand around the entire phone and try and squeeze the life out of the thing you might loose some signal. But the phone still held on to 1 bar of 3G. This is nothing like the iphone4.

  • Relikk2

    I had an issue sort of like this earlier, but it was because my sim was almost 6 years old. I went into Tmobile got a new sim no im flying. A quick fix is to change your phones setting to only allow 2g web connection untill you can get your old sim updated. That worked for me until i went and got my sim replaced.

  • Christos

    Great news from chicago! Just read this article and decided to run multiple mobile speed tests and absurdly put down really fast download speeds (7 tests total)

    Highest was 12220 kbs
    Lowest was 3433 kbs
    Avg speed was around 7000 kbs

    Shocked, suprised and very happy

  • Getting hands on I’ve liked a lot of the Android phones on t-mo. Problem still remains for me is that I’m cutting edge. I have a brand new Mytouch slide sitting in the box cause for me, not being able to get the latest updates when they come out is a deal breaker. Still rolling with the Nexus and Froyo.

  • Nmansell

    Mine is 100% fine.

  • phillip

    smh@ these apple attacks on android

  • RollinRob

    I’m having this problem with my Vibrant. Tested it a few time and it does drop signal strength 4 out of 5 times. Also have a little white dot that won’t go away. Like one small pixel won’t change colors. Love the phone…but will be trying to exchange it because of that dot. Once you see it you can’t stop looking at it.

  • Tarik

    Am I reading the Onion here or are people being serious?

    It’s news that an antenna loses signal if there’s an obstacle in the way?

    My grandfather could have told you that in the 1950’s!

  • MyDixieWrecked

    Um… I just wanted to point something out guys. Only saying it here, because I saw that someone said that the camera has no “ZOOM” when in fact that’s not true. Use your volume rocker, and you can zomm in, and out.

    • Stillwaiting

      Thanks for that tip, I was trying to figure that out.

  • Alan

    How is the GPS?

    • MyDixieWrecked

      GPS works fine.

  • Chris

    Guys PLEASE listen to me. This is not fake. I’m doing it with my vibrant right now. It’s not as dramatic as the iPhone, and that’s the last time I’m using that word. If I hold my phone normally, it loses bars. If I test its speed, the speeds fine. If I continue holding it, it eventually loses data completely (after about 45 seconds to 1 minute of NORMAL grip). Maybe not all phones are affected. All I know is I have 15 days to see if it’s fixed, or else I’m going to t-mobile to trade it. Don’t think this is fake. It’s happening.

    • What would be more impressive than everyone talking about bars is if someone used the RSSI/Signal Strength from the Settings to determine how much signal attenuation there is when holding it. Then the magnitude of the problem could be correctly compared to the iPhone4 issue, and a concrete answer can also be obtained.

  • Vibrant addict

    I was able to replicate the signal loss but its only if I grip it like a gorilla, needless to say I’ll never have that problem as I’m being super gentle and have a case on it. :)

  • Anthony

    Hey guys seems like u got a winner here trust me that grip video is garbage. I have a N1 and it has this issue for real. I would worry if it dropped to edge like the N1 but it doesn’t. I still love my sexy nexy and still wont trade it for the vibrant here’s why. I already bought it lol it has 2.2 and I’m tired of the new phone game every week. I am glad for all of you who own the vibrant it looks really good. I would definitely hop on board if I wasn’t already married to my N1. I leave you with this if you think the vibrant is a beast you just don’t know froyo on the N1 is insane when it reaches the vibrant …….oh my

  • Chris





    • tehandroid

      The phone is yours to keep. The only stipulations were you need to demo the phone to customers and you have to use it. Oh and you can’t sell it. Tell your manager no and if he raises a fit contact HR.

      • Chris

        Thats pretty much what Im going to do tmw. Funny thing is i contacted HR already and no one knows a direct ans. They all say “I think you have to give it back but im not sure.”

        I know there isnt any paperwork so im curious to see what they try to say.

    • Sam121

      i dont think you have to give anything back, since you never signed anything , but the question is, do you really want to get like a lawyer for something like a MTS, since you said earlier you were getting two vibrants, but yeah i dont think you have to give anything back since you never signed anything, but thats just my take on it

      • Chris

        hmmm where did i say i was getting two vibrants?

      • Chris

        sorry too many hefs i rememember

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      What’s a “Champion?” And it depends on which state you are in.

      In California:

      1. Anything given to you by the employer to do your job belongs to the employer and on leaving you have to return it. That’s regardless if you signed anything or not.

      2. If the Slide was given as a reward, award, bonus or incentive, then it is yours. In California that’s the rule because unless it’s an unearned gift, California considers such a wage. (The wage in this case would be the value of the Slide.)

      The reason such things are a wage is because the employer gives the possibility of such to motivate you to do a better job or achieve a certain goal or result. All states treat these “incentives” as a wage that the employer cannot demand to be returned.

      3. If the Slide was simply a gift, not tied to performance or goals (such as at Christmas time they give $500 in an envelope), those are not considered wages and the law on gifts applies.

      Generally the law on gifts is that until given the giver can change his mind and say “Screw you, you are an ahole so you ain’t gettin sheet this Christmas, especially the keys to the car.” This means that you would not be able to sue the giver for changing his mind.

      Once a gift is given, such as the Slide, it becomes yours and the employer cannot ask for it back because, for example, you decide to give two weeks notice.

      4. The only other thing that might affect this is if the employer had some sort of policy, a memo, or e-mail that stated the terms under which you can get the Slide. An employer has no obligation to give employees free phones, so it can mandate whatever terms and conditions one must follow in order to get a Slide.

      And the law does not step in to determine the reasonableness of those terms. If the employer said you get a Slide, but only if you wear red shoes on the sales floor, you have to wear red shoes to get the Slide.

      It does NOT matter if you signed a paper agreeing to such terms. All the employer has to do is publish what the terms are.

      That’s all I have for you.

      • Chris

        Thanks. Appreciate it.

  • czar

    don’t hold the phone so tight then! come on

  • Oce

    I have never liked gsm Samsung phones for their rf performance. That’s why I haven’t been overly thrilled about this phone. I really wish Tmo would release an HTC device with similar specs. Even still, when I have time, I’m going to stop by my local store and check it out.

  • Marten

    Every time i transfer media to the phones internal memory, the media gets messed up either mp3s play with added noises, pictures dont all show up, videos are shredded and messed up can anyone verify this is happening to them?

  • SugarMouth

    My Vibrant holds a better signal than my Nexus One, no issue here!

  • tracksforhire

    damit i just squeezed my phone to hard and it popped!!!!! i guess it really felt a death grip

  • NiiDiddy

    DAMN!!! My Vibrant Speed tests: 8660kbps downloads – 1040 kbps uploads …from my living room!!! I am soooo happy!!! :)

    • Wilma Flintstone

      aww man thats nothing. my Nokia 3220 ran faster than that. It used to pull 9576 “bytes” down and 4672 “butes” up. And that was on edge. Woot! HAAAAA!!!

      • NiiDiddy

        Really????? You sure???? Sweet!!! Mine on 3G. I wonder what/where my speeds would be with the new “H” coming to town.

    • Shawn

      Are you sure your wifi isn’t on in the background, and you are testing your background wifi signal by accident. I dont think you are getting 8.66 mbps on t-mobiles network. Maybe if the phone was hspa+, but its not.

  • Sami

    I actually picked up my vibrant today that I pre ordered from radio shack and I can’t completely disagree with this article. I highly doubt that there is a death grip problem with this phone like the iphone. I’m not going to lie and say that I’m not experiencing difficulty with reception but I held the phone with different angles and it was the samething. However overall I’m liking this phone so far and I hope they fix this reception issue with froyo update or something.

    P.s. I typed all this with my vibrant.

    • Anthony

      Sami I can pretty much guarantee you froyo wont solve this issue. The N1 had two issues a sub par antenna and like it or not Tmobiles weaker coverage together this caused the edge //to 3g flip flop fiasco. The vibrant doesn’t seem to have this issue as bad as the N1 so you should be fine.

      • Sami

        Lol yeah its better now. I got full bars. I guess it just had to be broken in a little

  • Dman

    Its a great phone. Very fast and looks great I love it.

  • hecg55

    i went to the t-mobile store nearby and picked it up hoped on to the tmonews site (very quick to do so if i may add) and when i read this article i had to find out for myself… to be honest i did see a prblem with the reception.. in my opinion they just arent putting the best antennas anymore.. i covered all angles on my peice of crap moto rokr and no signal lost whatsoever

  • Don Picard

    My last 3 tmobile phones I’ve gotten ok reception no worst than 2 bars usually 3. With my Vibrant 2nd one of day. I wish I could have recorded it, but my g1 bricked. In my bedroom I would hold the phone and get none or maybe one bar. when I put it on my desk it would go up to 4 bars and stay there. I would pick it up lightly and it would one by one drop bars until nothing. Very strange. I don’t want people to think I’m lying, I love the phone want it to work. Maybe its my house but my question is why did all my other tmobile phones at a min maintain 2 bars. Not sure what to do. DAMN it!!

    • underdog378

      All cell phones will show a loss of signal when covering/blocking the antenna.

      Also know that the signal bars between different phones mean nothing. Each cell phone maker decides how many bars correspond with how strong of a signal. One phone can have 1 bar and a different phone could have 3 bars but they could have the same actual signal strength.

  • FastAttack

    i can’t replicate this on my phone at all..

    seems to be isolated to some phones?

    • David

      Read the update!

  • Don Picard

    I read the update I purposely held the phone ever so litely first on top and bottom then on sides very carefully no change problem still there. Oh and brand new sim card too.

  • Sean

    Based on what I’ve seen from my phone….i believe it’s a software issue. My phone will switch signals without me touching it or it moving…so I think it’s fixable. Now it’s just going to be about time frame.

  • hecg55

    this is going to sound like a stupid quiestion but please help. when you say new sim card do you just mean an unused one? or are there like newer better ones? kuzz i have one thats never even been touched but about a year or two old. will this one be a good one? or should i just request another?

    • Davidohio

      @hecg55 a sim card is a sim card. The function of the sim card is to store data a has nothing at all to do with your reception or signal. I promise you. Research it for yourself.

  • dvd03

    this is a non issue the speedtest confirms that, lol people just trying to steal tmobiles thunder

  • Micropops

    Of course they guy had a problem he is holding it so tight he hand is shaking. We were able to replicate the signal loss if we held it overly tight.

    • yes!!!

      i just tried it out on my handset and it did lower the bar but only when you cover the bottom (near the mic) and realistically no one will hold id that way while on the phone so…does it lose reception when covered? Yes, but is it an issue? No

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    As much as I like TMoNews, this article borders on being irresponsible. Why? Because this story is fabricating purported news, not reporting it.

    I say this because by even TMoNews’ own admission (in the same article no less) there was absolutely no basis for the story. See above update, where TMoNews said:

    “Update: After speaking witha (sic) number of Vibrant owners, none of whom can replicate this issue we’re chalking this up either to gripping the handset so tightly its (sic) smothering or simply a fluke. Enjoy your phone and don’t worry about the iPhone 4 drama.”

    That’s good advice, but TMoNews should follow it, by not ADDING to the iPhone 4 drama by filing unfounded stories like this.

    Like Anthony wisely said above: “I say non-issue here, people BETTER STOP looking for the boogie man.” (emphasis added). After all, it’s stories like this that feed wandering feeble minds to see things that do not exist or as Anthony alludes, looking for goblins lurking inside their phones, where none exist.

    Instead of immediately reporting this I would have kept an eye on this supposed issue, investigated, and then reported on it later, if the story proved to have bases for it.

    I would not have posted it, then bizarrely “retracted” the story by inserting a parenthetical “(Updated: Likely a non-issue).”

    Sidenote: I have never seen that style of reporting, to post a story and then in the headline to retract it with a parenthetical update.

    If I posted this story and then learned it was bogus, I would not “scribble” on the headline with an update retracting the story, I would have pulled the story immediately after it became evident that this was a non-issue.

    Why the concern?

    TMoNews is cited throughout the Net now. Top media sites refer to it. A Google search on T-Mobile or wireless stories often results in TMoNews showing up in the top half of the first page.

    Considering TMoNews new stature, it should not be “reporting” unfounded stories that can be picked up by the “dailies” and appear on the next day’s headlines, stuff like: “T-Mobile’s New Vibrant Also Has A Death Grip Problem… as reported by TMoNews.”

    The two retractions (parenthetical “update” and the “update” in the body of the story) have not lessened this story figurative peeing on Samsung’s/T-Mobile’s parade. In some circles they call this “irresponsible journalism.”

    Before Google’s spiders pick up this story, TAKE IT DOWN!

    • TMOprophet

      Go cry some more..lol

    • Dean

      Get a life punani

    • ryan

      I completely agree. When it comes to tmonews, they offer some great insights into t-mobile behind the scenes info, and I would say generally help consumers but frequently exercise what I would call pseudo journalism, much like a child’s tea party. They publish articles that are based on rumor acting like its fact and frequently publish articles encouraging abuse of special promotions by using them in ways that are not how they’re intended to be used. I like tmonews ass generally helpful tipster site… but journalism it is not.

    • Shawn

      I think the article is accurate. I witnessed this first hand today using the phone at the t-mobile store today. I even mentioned it to the employee, he reacted oddly, like he had noticed also but didn’t want to admit anything. I wasn’t even holding the phone in any weird way, and even when I set it on the counter, the number of bars never went above 1.

    • RockTripod

      Lighten up. Its a blog, not CNN. And I mean no offense by that.

    • Flgirll_99

      It’s a blog people…it’s not the New York Times. This whole site is based on rumors, tips, leaked pics and info, etc. To assume anything on here is fact is just plain silly. In my opinion nothing written on here is a “fact” until its confirmed by T-mobile reps themselves on twitter, their own website or a press release.

      • David

        Uh huh, as a frequent reader you should know that we get many of those “facts” long before its released to the public. While its all subject to change, the same is true with the various entities you discussed changing info even after they release it, ala Samsung Behold 2.

    • rob

      Boo frickin hoo, get a life

    • Kyle

      Uh oh. People don’t like when someone points out the flaws in their precious Tmonews. It’s funny that they whine about you whining. Although I guess I’m whining about them whining about you whining now haha. Anyways, I agree with you. I come here for tips, but a lot of the time, the “reporting” drives me up a wall.

      • David

        I’m curious as to what kind of “reporting” drives you up a wall?!

  • John

    All cell phones will drop signal if you hold your hand over it in a certain way. An antenna is necessary, this is a radio device. The pull out antenna used to be the best way to go, the reason we don’t have them anymore is due to aesthetics and people’s personal preference. While it’s harder to do, it is possible to kill the signal of any phone. But this video I do believe seems to be just trying to steal the thunder of the phone as stated.

  • Don Picard

    oh my god dvd03 your so wron ive bben a customer since 2002 voice stream very loyal, love tmobile, love the vibrant want it to work, really i dont want the 3g slide please dont make me get it. want to keep the vibrant!!

  • Its a samsung… and (save for the screen) feels fairly cheapley built sadly. This is only the beginning. The screen, video out, video recording resolution and support of live wallpapers (a t mobile 1st, officially) is all exciting… but am i the only one disappointed by its otherwise poor craftsmanship? Samsung need to learn that lightweight is not more important than having a good quality physical build.

    • 2FR35H


      It seems that you need to learn that weight has no correlation to quality build.

    • twest

      You have a point with the craftsmanship, but then again you have to look at what is going on here. Good quality and craftsmanship is a thing of the past…today it’s all about being first-to-market (working properly or not) and churning out different or “newer” phones. I mean really…do we have to have a new iPhone, Droid, etc, etc EVERY six to twelve months? NO! Phones are now almost like disposable razors…they don’t want or expect you to use it forever…just use it for awhile then buy another. Samsung is just doing the smart thing and building what we and the market shows we want. If you want a truly well-built phone with fewer issues then it is up to us to stop this cycle. There isn’t really much new or innovative coming at us just multiple configurations/variations of the same old things…that are rushed out to us before being fully tested and validated. We need to stop falling for this “eye candy only” and stop buying and then demand that they slow down and get the quality and functionality right before trying to sell us on it.

    • rob

      Unless you are an absolute tool, and by the looks of it you probably are, you would realize that this phone is amazing. Yes its light weight but the last time that I checked just because something is light weight doesnt mean that it has poor quality. But it seems like you got what you were looking for all along in a smart phone anyway, you now have live wallpapers to look at which was my selling point all along too. WOW

    • TMOprophet

      I completely agree, I almost like this phone, but the build quality does seem really cheap. The screen is amazing and the processor and GPU do seem very fast and powerful, yet I am disappointed in the build quality itself.

      Some will say that I am just an EVO fanboy, but I went and played with the Vibrant to give it a chance. And I did like some things about it. But it’s just not enough to get me to buy it.

      Lets hope HTC can do something cool with their screen technology and graphics power in their fall released devices.

  • watbetch

    I’ve had my VIBRANT since 10AM and I will say that the bars are INACCURATE! Calls connect and hold just fine with ZERO bars! WTF though.. still in love with TouchWiz and this phone in general. Samsung knocked TouchWiz 3.0 out of the park.

    • watbetch

      Also data works too even at zero bars, this douche is making something out of nothing. *#*#197328640#*#* and DEBUG Mode under Network Lock will allow you to lock onto 3G under WCDMA.

    • Ace

      i have zero bars to

  • Don Picard

    man I love this phone but im thinking this is tmobiles flagship phone and it has a suck phone,

  • Don Picard

    oops i meant suck antenna!!!

  • Matt

    Wonderful post, ItsMichaelNotMike

  • Don Picard

    Just called my voice mail at work, the weird thing is I showed no bars but my call went through. But yet my coworker called me earlier and it went straight to voice mail.

  • TMOprophet

    Great article, it’s great seeing everyone all riled up over how crappy this phone is turning out…whatever, I told ya all so. And now all the samsung lovers will jump ship to HTC when they bust out their power phones later this year, you guys are the biggest hypocrites.

  • Don Picard

    its not that im riled up. LOVE the phone. they just need to fix antenna issue. true story tech support guy from tmobile accused me having an ora thats to big. I was like yea rite whats wrong again?

    • Benjaminsantos50

      You sir are dumb. i mean really this has better hardware all around inside at lease out side its fine but you HTC is good yeah but no wear near compared to this. and even then Samsung wont let HTC use there screen and after using this phone no way am i going back to AMOLED or LCD crap

      • Benjaminsantos50

        don picard this post or previous post are not directed to you but the one above you my apologies

      • TMOprophet

        another sammy fanboy, well HTC will own this thing come fall, and with the new cyna6 rom coming for the EVO, the EVO will own this pos

      • TMOprophet

        AMOLED is still really nice. The super amoled is cool, but amole(which is the same thing more or less) is still really nice. I would get another phone with an amoled display. It wouldnt have to be super amoled.

  • Benjaminsantos50

    Now i do realize this gentleman is squeezing really hard on his phone to make the bars go down. But When i started mine up today my bars were up and down all day, and i held gently and no squeezing at all but doing my tests and speedtest.net i had the same speed no matter how i held it with bars or not. So my conculsion is it seems like a software issue because hardware doesnt seem to affect me, now i speak for myself of course, but i haven had one dropped call even when i was at no bars and i was getting 1990 on download and 790 on upload so im not sure but like they said dont worry about it.

  • Don Picard

    ok Ive read everyone’s posts. In general they agree with me. what should I hold onto my old phone for 14 days (RETURN) or just get another phone. Once again Love the phone just let me make a phone call!!!!!

    • Davidohio

      I really think that either this issue is very isolated to a small number of handsets or is simply mass hysteria. maybe people read this and then grip their phone hard and see it go down one bar and then post that they lost signal. My friend got this phone and i gripped it and lost no signal bars at all. None. I think this is just people looking for an issue like the iphone4 because it is in the news every day.

  • TMOprophet

    WOW, really, seems I can hold my HTC any way I want, I never lose signal strength or anything, I could even hold my BH2 any way I wanted…..and it had a flash…lol

  • Shawn

    This article is actually accurate. Played with the phone for a while today in the store, noticed it couldn’t get anything over 1 bar. Telling my friend not to buy it today, to wait for the kinks to roll out, but he baught it anyway, and he is complaining of zero bars.

    So not sure what this means, but i’m actually annoyed that all major phone releases:
    Evo Screen Seperation and light leakage
    iPhone death grip
    Samsung Vibrant zero bar problem

    what is up with all these flawed releases.
    I’m hoping the samsung vibrant is just a software issue, and doesn’t cause dropped calls, because I might get this phone myself, despite knowing better that I should wait.

    • watbetch

      It’s a non-issue. The phone still works with zero bars

      • Shawn

        Really? Can you confirm no dropped calls and throughput of data? I know about the 3g Lock trick for t-mobile phones, but that leads to more dropped calls if you are in an area where tmobile has frequent wcdma to gsm, back and forth switches going on.

      • Shawn

        Hey, one more thing. Since you own the phone, and you have confirmed this problem, that you get zero bars, yet you can still make calls. Can you please let t-mobile know, specifically the techincal support department. Call them if you can, because the more calls they get, the more pro-active they will be. Maybe there will be an OTA update before the hard launch on the 21st if they get many complaints. I’m crossing my fingers its just software glitch, and if it is hardware, I hope they don’t try the iphone cover up plan, where they release a patch that bloats the signal strength, even with little to no signal coming through.

        anways ya, just call t-mobile tech support, let them document the problem. If you don’t call, they will assume this is just an internet rumor.

  • Davidohio

    I’m confused. Can you make a call or not? You say you can with zero bars and then say in all caps that you just want to be able to make a call.

  • chris


    This is THE BWST site to go for T-mobile news. to take a hike you piece of sh1t.

    • TMOprophet

      Yeah mike, what he said

  • chris


    This is THE BeST site to go for T-mobile news. to take a hike you piece of sh1t.

  • Anthony

    Okay gang I’m out just popped in to give my opinion from a N1 owner with a confirmed grip issue. I sadly say this is going down the same road as the N1 forum check nexus one I’m having a problem. The issue is still being discussed months later thousands of posts later. I will save you some time I’m a beaten soldier. The choices are quite simple its still early in the game 1. Take it back 2 keep it and stop complaining. I say this not to be disrespectful I say this to avoid the unnecessary chatter. The companies involved really don’t care they only pay attention to the bottom line

  • remixfa

    lol, all phones will drop a little signal if you squeeze the crap out of the area where the anttena is. That isnt the grounding issue of the iphone4. And this dude is an idiot.

    A) its gripped so tight he’s shaking.. noone holds their phone like that
    b) he stated “speeds obviously get slower as the signal drops”.. which is completely untrue. Speeds are not determined by signal strength.. dumbass. A constant signal is the same speed at 1 bars and 5 bars.. thats just how much exess signal strength there is.

    I think this is an apple employee trying to make the iphone4 look better somehow.. lol.

  • Chris

    I own a Vibrant and have never seen more than one bar.
    I’m sitting in my office in Atlanta with zero bars and am getting these down/upload speeds.

    In hand.
    Download: 1617, 1643
    Upload: 641, 526

    laying on desk
    Download:2107, 1348
    Upload:792, 1162

    Occasionally all of the bars light up and then go black again.

  • taaars

    odd thing is my rooted MT3G with 2.2 get less bars than my wife rooted 2.1 mt3g…however I can still make and receive calls/data on both in the same places.

    • taaars

      when mine says 0 and heres has 2

  • Christopher

    This article is accurate. Im not new to phones, nor am I a moron who is squeezing the phone like a vice grip.

    If i hold my hand over the bottom part for any extended amount of time, the bars gradually drop. For people saying no one holds their phone that way…maybe I just have the wrong type of hands, because my palm always rests near the bottom edge of the phone.

    Of course the bars dont mean crap if the data and calls still go through. We have to get away from the concept of bars as a representation of anything accurate with regard to making calls.

  • KnowsStuff

    As I said yesterday I still cannot reproduce the bar dropping/signal loss issue. I’m not sure what people are freaking out about. People post stuff on You Tube and its somehow “truth”? Even though not one person of any worth can replicate it? Did everyone take a dumb pill last night? Guess what there are spots in my office where I can make a Verizon phone drop 2 bars of signal strength consistently. I could cup my hands over the back and make a You Tube video of it happening. Does this mean ALL Verizon phones do this when I cup my hands over it in every place always?

    Geesh use your head people.

    The phone is working great. I had no problems with it at all yesterday. I would even say its much smoother than the slide and I’m loading up the app tray pretty hard.

    While Samsung has had some missteps in getting appropriate versions of Android on phones, reception issues has never been even close to a hot topic for them. At least in no where near the level of ALL THE VERSIONS of the iPhone.

    • Christopher

      So because you cant reproduce it means everybody reporting the issue is taking “dumb pills?”

      Also, how does one define if a person is “of any worth?”

      • KnowsStuff

        I was asking a question not making a statement. YouTube =/= truth.

        A person of worth= long standing member of the wireless/Android Dev community or Tech blogger from a noted national publication.

        If CNET Asia got a hold of this phone a month ago and said it was a POS then we could all have something to worry about. Random YouTube video with no background as to who is posting? Sorry not enough to even make me blink.

  • John G.

    This vid is trash! He starts off wrong by saying “when you grip it”. That should tell you this guy is an idiot. Who in their right mind grips their phone? Just another iP4 sympathizer who wants us to share in his misery.

  • Christopher

    Some of you take this phone stuff way too seriously lol.

    iPhone sympathizer? Its a phone, not a political affiliation.

    Using one phone or another doesn’t make you more awesome than anyone else.

    • John G.

      Try telling that to an iPhone fan. BTW political affiliation is simply about supporting your favorite candidate or cause, not which cause needs more attention, or which candidate is the best…so in a way they are alike. And yes, I and many others take technology very seriously.

      • Christopher

        I love tech. I work in tech. Im just saying the amount of bickering and fighting that goes on in every thread relating to mobile phones is ridiculous. People take it as a personal affront that anyone would DARE USE the iPhone, or dare use Android. I even see Android users attacking OTHER Android users.

        Im all for criticism and being discerning consumers. What bothers me is blind rage and personal insults based on ones choice of mobile device.

  • Antwain

    This could be a legitmate issue but it probably isn’t. When the iphone 4 problem was found you had many different youtube video of people experiencing the problem and other tech sites saying it was a real issue. I have not seen any other video or reviews on tech sites that say this is something to be concerned about.

  • mingkee

    The situation is different from iphone 4. It’s antenna location problem. A lot of phones have the antenna located at the bottom of the phone, which caused interference by hand.
    There is a solution: you can either hold the phone top part when talking to keep the hand away from antenna, or keep the fingers spreaded when texting to reduce the interference.

    • Perry

      So I assume a case would not be necessary? (I am considering the phone)

  • Bronhi

    Its amazing. Bought it outright. Sold my MT3G for $200.

  • mailman13877

    LMFAO you guys seem to be having some issues with your super vibrator their..That now makes slight lag,singal issues..what’s next on the list

    • mailman13877

      Samsung behold update was pulled??Damn i feel sorry for the Vibrator

      • Nmansell

        My Vibrant, or as you would call it Vibrator works great, full bars no matter if I replicate the holding style :)

      • NiiDiddy

        mine works excellent. love everything about it. vid quality/pic quality is through the roof. tv out is amazing, full bars all the time. 8MBPS downloads, 3MBPS uploads…I am good.

  • Nick

    I’ve noticed that in lower service areas, my signal drops 2-3 bars by holding it that way. However, I ran a speed test (Over 3g) and there was literally no speed difference. wtf?

    • KnowsStuff

      Speed Test shouldn’t be affected by the amount of signal strength as someone else pointed out above. If your speed drops while trying to replicate this video it is most likely due to the load on the tower at the time and is coincidental.

      When I’m walking across the room my phone goes from 4 bars to 3 bars. WALKING KILLS SIGNAL STRENGTH YOUTUBE VIDEO TO FOLLOW!

  • wooshring

    I too have noticed the bars dropping to none, but not just in “Death Grip”…seems to be random…but have not lost one call nor noticed any difference in download/upload speeds when that happens…hmmm.

  • Akabelcher

    Lol.. Got mine yesterday and haven’t made one phone call yet

  • mytouch3gower

    OMG, i just did this with mytouch3g, and the same exact thing happened i lost 3 bars. Seriously people, seriously?

  • mailman13877

    i performed the death grip on my G1 just now and it isn’t happening..Im not bashing by saying..is it possible that thats gonna be the cost of phones to slim or you guys think its just the antenna setup?

    • Davidohio

      Well mailman we think you should throw yourself in front of a bus.

  • WhatAjoke

    As others said.. all phones have always been like this. Even your home stereo is like this… this is all worthless banter. Just like if I gripped my hand tightly over the idiot’s mouth that made this worthless video.. we wouldn’t hear anything but mumbling… :-) (just a fun analogy)

  • Christopher

    All phones HAVE always been like this, which is what makes the uproar over the Apple situation even more humorous to me. People love to see the top dog fail I guess.

    (Before I get flamed, I use Android pretty much exclusively. No need for fanboy charges.)

  • Hi Everyone,

    I am the creator of this video and if I offended ANYONE, that wasn’t my intent. I know when I watch reviews on phone, I would like to see many things that the reviewer doesn’t go into like widgets and the actual software or issues. I should have made it clear that even holding the phone regularly with two hands for typing, the bars still go down. I clearly said it doesn’t affect the downloading speed that much but it seemed to affect the upload speeds a bit. Why would I need to try and bash a phone I paid $521 dollars for? I want it to work. My nexus didn’t lose signal like this even with a death grip.The death grip is just a demonstration to see if you can lose signal completely.. I’m sure nobody actually does it on purpose. I don’t work for apple.. I’m not a fan of apple and I’ve been a true android fan for many years because they clearly have a better OS in my opinion. I have the Samsung vibrant and want to keep it but find the battery life isn’t great, software responsiveness lags (screen scrolling), very cheap plastic build and the edges are loose on this particular device. I will continue to use my rooted nexus one and return this phone. AGAIN.. I HOPE I DIDN’T OFFEND ANYONE. that’s not my style.

    • mailman13877

      I wasn’t offended and i tried the death grip on my G1 and it didn’t lose signal..Do you think the slimmer the phone the more chances of that happening?Also in your opinion i would like to know which you prefer..Evo or Vibrant?

      • I would definitely go Evo.. I love SENSE and I love the size of that phone but I am with T-mobile.. The Evo’s 720p capture or the screen isn’t better than the Vibrant’s but if you can get past the sluggish Touchwiz interface on the Vibrant, it’s an excellent phone aslo. I wish I could get an evo for just the screen size lol but I have a rooted Nexus one and can make it run like sense by installing a custom ROM. BUT EVO FOR ME

      • mailman13877

        Thank you very much..Imma get the Evo for sure now..Your a true honest man and i take your answer seriously seeing you have a video to provide for TMOnews..I will not bash the Vibrant anymore but TMO will still get negative comments from time to time if i feel they are cheating us customers.Evoooo..as soon as Sprint gets new stock..they said this week it should refill..Finally a G1 replacement..think imma retire from root also lol..Yayy

      • watbetch

        The antenna on the G1 is at the top. Turn the phone upside down and do it.

        Get a life. You and TMOprophet need counseling.

      • NiiDiddy

        @Eric – what kind of Vibrant did you get?? Sluggish TouchWiz?? Not even close—the best and fastest TouchWiz yet. The only thing IMHO that Evo has better is a 0.3in wider screen…oh lala! I dont care about FFCs etc…so outside of the 0.3in wider screen from Evo I dont see how it stands a chance. AGAIN IMHO!!!

      • mailman 13877

        I just wanted to let you all know the reason I really come here is that I work for sprint, and am upset that tmo will soon buy my company and fire me. I was also beat up as a kid, and still wet the bed as a result. I am a troll, and am now going to hang myself.

    • watbetch

      If your phone didn’t lose signal completely it’s not a death grip. I mean really.. the “lag” when scrolling the TouchWiz launcher homescreen is built into the software. Douche. Let people enjoy their phones instead of becoming a drama queen because I KNOW your G1 creaks like a piece of trash, LAGS, and has horrible battery life.

  • Tophat

    Sat in a T-Mobil store yesterday My old Nokia Had full bars The Vibrant had one..asked employee who has had the phone for 3 day she said she had noticed the low bars but the phone seems to work great. I will have to wait fir the jury to come out… the phone is fast and smooth voice rec works great….

  • Vinchenzo

    Interesting… when I get an elephant to death grip the crap out of a giraffes throat, the giraffe starts to flail around and act like it’s gonna die. By the way, I tried to put the 5 point palm exploding heart technique on my Vibrant and it still works fine. Actually… after I did that, I think that the technique reprogrammed the phone to become an HSPA+ device. All joking aside, I would bet that if you held your phone like a normal human being that you wouldn’t have issues with the reception of this phone.

    • actually that’s incorrect. You displayed so much sarcasm but like I said, even when you don’t GRIP it, the signal still goes down from time to time.

    • Vinchenzo

      … Man… I hate to say this but, When I hold my phone with my thumb following the left edge of the phone, I will drop 2 bars of signal. I didn’t need to grip the phone with any force… just letting the phone lay in the left hand covering the left edge is enough to cause signal degradation. Good thing I am right-handed.

      • exactly @Vinchenzo … i regret not making that clear in my video but people will see what I’m talking about when they use it. It’s not terrible at all but it’s something that’s annoying to see on your device.

      • Vinchenzo

        I wonder if you could make a phone with a metal back plate that when contacted with your hand, turns your body into an “antenna booster”

  • mailman13877

    Okay this is what i have been tryna find to change my mind about the vibrant.You guys couldn’t provide a change of mind so i searched an eventually found it..This is the original SGS vs the Evo but it’s enuff to make me say i would stick with TMO and get the vibrant but there is 1 tie breaker im looking for.If i can get actual video comparisons of the night mode shots vs the Evo shots in night and they are very similar then i’ll get the Vibrant..Anyone wanna provide that visual proof??Here’s the Evo vs original SGS


    • M.

      night mode on the Vibrant is great.. you can touch the screen to place a point of focus on your shot.. the phone will automatically adjusts the lighting to the focal point. Its great and works well. But of course not in pitch black, with no lighting.

    • NiiDiddy

      @Mailman – I got mine yesterday. Great, crisp video, and EXCELLENT Pictures both in day and night mode. I am telling you—you cant go wrong. Leave the Evo and come to Vibrant—you won’t regret it. PROMISE!!! I am so happy and estatic about this Vibrant it’s unbelievable.

      This is coming from someone who HATES Samsung Cell Phone / Smartphone products and their Useless TouchWiz…. UNTIL THE VIBRANT DROPPED. The new TouchWiz shouldn’t even be called TouchWiz — it blows the old stuff out of the water and it’s so super fast and response.


    Do u really have to give a break down on everything u need to say, WTF!!! Your like the kid that raised his hand in class that everybody was annoyed with. Chill the hell out. Go to some other blog man. P.S. My Vibrant gets here on Monday, can’t wait!

    • Much love to you too

  • Devin A.

    I got the Samsung Vibrant yesterday along with one of my other friends, and we both have had serious signal issues. I could barely even use the Market cause the speeds were so bad when I touched the phone that it would not even register any bars. If i would set the phone down, the bars would go up to 2 bars.

    I also have the Mytouch Slide 3G and it has been getting much better reception overall than the Vibrant.

    I am a little bit concerned about the reception issue cause several times already I have dropped calls. Luckily I have 14 days to return the phone and cancel my service, I have a feeling that is what I am going to have to do.

  • r.kelly

    Yea it is man i been having problems with since a week ago. doesnt even pick up wifi

  • mailman13877

    See you guys shoulda listened to me..I was only trying to warn you bout TMO and its FAILURES..i hope you guys aren’t stuck in a contract without the option of getting a fix or replacement or something..Goodluck

    • David

      You sir, need therapy.

  • Jim888

    ROTFL this is so funny, I’ve been having trouble with my signal since getting it yesterday…usually only 1 or 0 bars…so I decided to try the “grip test”

    my bars went from 1 when not holding it to 4 when griping it firmly!

    how funny is that…I have the reverse problem XD

  • Jim888

    Hmm ok just tried to replicate that, was gonna post a video but…no luck…hmmm no loss of signal either, no change at all

  • M.

    Speed test I’m getting 2.5 MBps… faster than 4G WiMax.. ha!

  • M.


    If you were on a data plan for say the G1.. when you get the Vibrant, TMo has to switch your data plan so you can take advantage of much HIGHER download speeds.

    When I had G1 data plan on my Vibrant I got 900kbps download.
    I called Tmo and they adjusted my data plan to Vibrant, now I’m getting 2.5 MBps.

    No signal problems

    • cronin

      @M. – really??? Can anyone else confirm this? I currently have $19.99 Blackberry data plan on my line that’s 17 months into the contract. If I can get Vibrant data plan for $19.99 (grandfathered) or even the G1 $24.99 plan with same high speeds, I will buy the phone on my line for $250 (not eligible for the rebate). Otherwise, I’ll extend the line that’s expiring in August (which we were going to cancel) and get the phone from Costco at $99 + pay 7 months of extra line fee of $10.00 for my line (will cancel it in February).

      Question: Can T-Mobile port my # from 1 family line to other one?

      • taaars

        This its true, when I ordered my vibrant the rep said she will have to switch my data plan from the mt3g data to the vibrant, no price difference just so I can get the higher speeds.

      • cronin

        So how much are you paying for your data plan? $24.99? If they can switch me to $24.99 plan, I wouldn’t mind paying $250 and saving $120 over 2 years.

      • M.

        switching my data plan from G1 to Vibrant was no additional charge.. it just took a few hours, I received a text message saying it was done and then I went to mobilespeedtest and saw the difference.

      • Davidohio

        Blackberry data and android data are different. You can not keep a $19.99 grandfathered blackberry data plan and use it on an android phone. They will change you to the $25 android data. If you don’t want to pay five dollars more don’t get the vibrant.

  • taaars

    Well, I have two on the way, one for me and the wife. I happen to work on a military base were tmobile is the only cartier that has reception in the building I’m in.i will bring both and se how they behave and let you all know.

  • Impressed

    My phone has been flawless. Great reception and works fine with WiFi. This is the first I’ve heard of any antennae issues. Its very easy to use and doesn’t hang up at all.

    I love it! Home run!

  • jacob

    well mines does that, but it only does that when I hold the phone like mad tight. I don’t hold it like that when I talk to somebody, but depending on your hands, well that is up to you.

  • Christian

    I have the Vibrant and I didn’t notice any change of reception…

    • Marten

      everytime i put media on the phones internal memory it gets messed up audio files gets added skip scratch sounds, videos render shredded and messed up and not all pictures come out. its not a file issue becasue all files worked when only in SD card but when transfered over to phone storage this happens. do you have this issue?

  • JR

    I am having the “Bars” Issue when holding it but interestingly enough, I had no bars, then placed a call and the bars jumped up to 3 then 4. What this tells me is that it is a S/W related issue and probably wasn’t seen before because everyone tested/reviewed the i9000 and Galaxy S editions on Wifi only.

    Speaking of Wifi, do you get the status indicator on the top bar? Mine never shows up when Wifi is connected.

  • Lori

    No problems here – it went from 3 to 2 bars, but definitely is not killing the reception.

    …. and I also don’t talk on the phone much anyways, so whatever.

  • rcprice

    I’ve had my Vibrant since yesterday morning. I saw the “supposed” flaw on YouTube before I bought it – figured IF true, I would return it. I have tried to duplicate the same results without success. No matter which way I hold it, nor how hard I grab it, my reception has remained the same.

    To be fair, mileage may vary as manufacturing isn’t always 100% consistent, but I doubt this is an accurate depiction of reality.

    Maybe the original author was just looking for some iPhone sympathy/empathy? :-)

  • Peter

    Something to inform you dude. If you want to strengthen your hand shakes, they sell devices that are build for that and they’re not called smartphones. Who in their right mind death grips their phone while using it. I happened to have a vibrant and I am right handed. Not signal issues here.

    On another note; some iphone 4 has that issue; Not all. I have friends that has and Iphone 4 that does not have that problem.

    • corematter

      With all that shaking, he should use a Vibrator instead of the Vibrant. With a Vibrator he can shake any which way he wants. As for me, I’m waiting for the UPS guy to deliver my Vibrant!

  • maverick777

    I think it’s a software related issue (a real one, not like Apple’s excuse). Since the antenna is on the bottom of the phone in the bump, this may be the cause.

    When I hold the phone normally, with my palm covering the bottom of the phone, my bars drop from 4 to 1, but my connection remains very good. I’ll continue to monitor to see if it causes slower speeds or dropped calls. Still, it’s not reassuring to see your bars drop given the problems the iPhone 4 is having.

  • DLNA via PS3

    The DLNA via PS3 works great! Fast and easy. So if you have a PS3 (like a ton of people do) no need to worry about the TV out and cords.

    • Vibrant

      What is the DLNA?

      • EB

        its a wireless streaming standard. dlna accepted devices can “talk” to eachother.

  • B-Mobile

    i picked up the Vibrant around 7pm on the 15th and haven’t had one signal issue with the device. if your on the fence about this phone go to the store and try it out even without a flash the camera is slick, i have nothing but praise for the unit so far very happy to put my G1 on the shelve

    • phonegeek

      wish i could make your comment the title to a thread on here or something lol people need to see this makes a good G1 REPLACEMENT

  • JR

    Ok, I’ve looked for videos posted on the internet to see if the signal drops while they are reviewing. Out of all of them, the only video I’ve seen that the bars drop dramatically when held is on the review from Mobile Burn. All other videos I’ve seen they are holding the device the same way and no dropping of bars. So is it a bad batch?


  • J

    I find it great when people can get on this blog and share their experience with the ups and downs of their device and service whether it be good or bad. It makes for interesting conversation. But some on here who bash and insult (you know who you are) need to stop whining like that b!tch ex-girlfriend that I dumped. Stop acting like a spoiled brat child and grow up! Time to learn how to be mature and have a grown up conversation. It really makes you look bad. Get over yourselves.

    As for the device. It’s been in the publics hands for barely over a day! Every phone I’ve ever bought on a release date suffers from a bug or two and is usually fixed within a short amount of time. It comes with the territory of wanting to be the first on the block to own it. Give it some time and I’m sure it’ll be worked out. The Vibrant being the closest to the original over-seas Galaxy S is most likely not going to see many changes from that original design. That phone has been on the market in Europe and Asia for some time now. If there were any serious issues, we’d have heard about it already. It seems like everyone is extremely paranoid since all the iphone news and is looking or even worse, wanting there to be a problem. It’s too soon to tell. So for the time being, seriously, relax and don’t give yourselves a heart attach over it!

    • JR

      Just a question, do you own a Vibrant and if so, are you having any issues?

  • There may be a drop specifically when holding the phone towards the bottom of the case by the menu/home/back/search buttons. a grip towards the mid or upper portion of the case does not appear to cause any issues with the bars dropping. I don’t hold the phone low so it doesn’t seem to be a problem for me

  • dude

    You guys are on crack I have a blackberry and I go from 1-3 all day long and never drop a call i wouldn’t worrie about it. Now go watch Avatar ha ha

  • Don

    So angry rite now, Im on my way to return my second Vibrant phone. I don’t care what anyone says there are antenna/signal issues with this phone. I love the phone but I cant use it at my house. Its sitting rite next to me on a metal tv stand with 4 bars yeah!! But the second I pick it up it drops to no bars. So disappointed .

    • JR

      I’m going to wait for a newer shipment. That might or might not make a difference and only if it’s a bad batch of phones.

  • Hawkeye23188

    Anyone else having problems using PdaNet to tether? I keep getting “make sure USB debugging is enabled on your phone”. Settings / Applications / Devlopment / USB debugging. I’ve tried PdaNet on 2 laptops with the same error. I had no problems tehering my G1.

  • Brian

    On 4 bars 3G, I can get about 4.5 Mbps/1.3 Mbps download/upload speeds.
    With the “death grip” on steroids (covering the whole phone with two hands) and the phone at “0 or 1 bar of 3G”, I can still get over 2 Mbps/1.3 Mbps download/upload speeds.

    The only problem I really see here is the inaccuracy/sensitivity of the notification bar for the signal.

    So bottom-line, with the phone death-gripped, it’s still faster than an iPhone (without a death grip) on AT&T 3G.

    Hopefully that clarifies this issue.

  • Hescobal

    This is the same issue as the iphone 4, so we should complain and get our free case too

  • Cmo

    I have the issue and it affects data speeds without a doubt. Page loading is at a minimum twice as fast when i’m not holding the phone. I noticed this at the store when the bars all disapeared when i picked up the phone and the rep told me it was due to the phone searching for the hspa+ that isn’t yet implemented in phoenix.

  • Cmo

    oh i wanted to add it happens when you grab the bump on the bottom otherwise it’s at 3-4 bars when holding the phone.

  • daffy

    I think people focus to much on the # of bars.. If your service isn’t effected does it matter if u have 1 or 4 bars?

    • phonegeek


    • Flgirll_99

      I agree!

    • Swyper Always Swyping


    • Whether one bar means your RSSI is at -95dBm or -113dBm is pretty irrelevant as you stated, but if Phone A and Phone B are in location X, and Phone A’s antenna can pull a signal registering -95dBm and Phone B’s antenna can pull a signal registering -105dBm, that means all other factors equal that Phone A gives you a larger area of coverage, lower power usage, better battery life, and increases the network capacity for everyone.

  • Barry

    Question to someone who is knowledgeable about this. I have a MyTouch 1st gen my bars constantly fluctuate and the 3G goes in and out to edge. I’m in philly motherland of 4G, hspa+ etc while I’ve never tested outside, my phone has at the most barely gone over 3mbs and I saw someone say 8mbs over edge why is that? And the phone’s constant influx in signal strentg and data are not normal? I’m asking cause it seems to be an issue to some but business as usual to me lol Are the bars and data supposed to just be constant? Thanks.

    • phonegeek

      actually i have a mt3g 1st gen an the bars do the same thing yet i dont kno if its normal but i kno CELLPHONES in general normally go up and down in signal strength it depends on location mostly and if tmo coverage can get in the building you reside other things can affect that, lead etc so experiment find someone with the same phone in philly.. if i was back home id help you ( state P all day btw westside PA tho) and see what the issue is 9/10 its just reception/ coverage issues i kno here in atl tmo coverage isnt good in alot of structures an my bars fluctuate constantly

  • Cmo

    It is effected. I just ran a speedtest with the speedtest.net app with all 4 3g bars unheld and got 443kbps down and 113 up, then i held it by the bump, not in any kind of deathgrip but with it leaning against my finger a bit like i would hold it if i were browsing or something, it dropped to zero bars and the download was 43kbps and the upload was 13kbps.

    • Jrsykind

      Wow, I’d be disappointed with either download speed.

  • Marten

    every time i put media on the phones internal memory it gets messed up audio files gets added skip scratch sounds, videos render shredded and messed up and not all pictures come out. its not a file issue because all files worked when only in SD card but when transferred over to phone storage this happens.

  • Stillwaiting

    I’ve notice the bars decrease when I hold the phone complete at its base, but this only occurs when I’m indoors. It never seems to happen outdoors. At the same time, I notice if I barely am touching the thing that the bars decrease simply walking around the room. None of this seems to impact call quality or data speeds. I’ll also note that I seem to be getting better 3g reception than I did with my mytouch slide even though I use the phone in the same places.

    In short, Non-issue in my book.

  • swoosh042507

    reception woes NOT… this phone runs great probably a software glitch but havent had a dropped since i purchaed my phone ….another thing 3g speeds im gettings 5mp downlooad and 3 mb upload super fast!

  • Yyevo

    This is a deal killer! iPhones get a free bumper and we should too! But Tmo doesn’t care about us like Apple does their customers! No FFC, no 12 ghz processor and now no free bumper. This sux!

    • mailman13877

      Lmao TMO gives an extra FREE CHEAP PLASTIC COVER in COLORS like most SETTLERS like..hahha

    • pcjnyc

      Your logic does not make sense. Apple is going to provide free cases to alleviate the iPhone 4 death grip issue. If Vibrant has the same problem, Samsung should give out free cases, not T-Mobile.

      • Yyevo

        Actually, I was joking. Besides, it’s not the same issue. The Vibrant doesn’t have an external antenna.

  • mailman13877

    LMFAO it feels so good to know i was right all along bout Samsungs unworthy phones and TMOs FAILURES..Feel sorry for the people that didn’t listen though..Happy for the guy who said he taking back his 2nd Vibrator to TMO and not sorry for the people who bashed me saying the Evo is not better..The Evo was better b4 and now with this issue it’s looking like that vibrator is gonna lose more customers to previous TMO phones lmao..Evooo FTW..im leaving TMO after witnessing all of this haha..that’s why i wont pre order nothing from Sammy an TMO ever..

  • Mgoggles

    Good riddance…go away. Don’t you have mail to deliver or a job to do.

  • sdwraven

    I was in the T-Mobile store today when one of the reps was testing this. And, yes he was able to drop complete signal when pressing hard enough on the sides. He was able to make it drop a call as well.

  • Jonathan

    I got mine yesterday and i had to hold it like in the video and with my other hand i blocked the bottom and then it dropped 3 bars but then i asked myself why would i ever hold it like that so theres no point the phone works like its supposed to and i like it.

    Very nice display excellent Elegante! bought the rubber case at tmobile store and it still feels sleek in the hand. I wonder now if i should root it and put another version of android in it? idk im happy the way it works, superfast

  • Barry

    Steve Jobs calls out HTC Droid Eris during his explanation of ‘Antennagate’ http://www.androidcentral.com/steve-jobs-calls-out-htc-droid-eris-during-his-explanation-antennagate

    Like I said I thought it was normal. And as the article suggests the real issue would be call quality and dropped calls. I think this is over blown

  • Jonathan

    BTW you can keep your evo and your $120.00 plan

    • mailman13877

      I pay “$82-83 after taxes” for full insurance,unlimited data/text n nights starting at 7pm and basically unlimited minutes since i don’t have anyone’s that uses landline.Just got my plan set up n will be notified when the Evo comes in stock n then my plan will officially start after i recieve my Evo.So there you go buddy..Better phone and plan from my current TMO plan for $10 cheaper..Evooooo FTW

  • John

    Steve Jobs is a joke. He balmed others have same problem (A Big Lie) to cover his crappy product.

    And at the end he came with a soultion for problem FREE CONDOM for iSHeeps.

    I have just one word for you Steve Jobs: LOSER!

  • Homer

    I ordered my vibrant will be here on Monday, the phone was free cause T-mobile credited my account for problems. I played with one and really only thing that I really liked was the screen. I have had three offers to trade for a nexus one think I should do it?

  • Chris

    If I go to the window of my office and hold the phone at the top right (like it stinks) then I can get full bars and a signal level of -81 dBm.

    If I just lay the thing in my hand (no death grip) then it drops to 1 bar around -111 dBm. That’s alot of attenuation.

    Just sitting on my desk (vertically) it varies from 0 to 1 bar. Every now and again it goes full bars for a couple of seconds. It’s also switching from UMT to HSDPA.

    I think there may be some real concerns out here.

    • swehes

      I have had some different fluctuations with my Vibrant when it comes to the showing of the bars. However when I had no bars I had better speeds for both download and upload than what I had when I full or 4 bars. However I haven’t checked the dBm though at the different situations. But I think that the showing of the bars is incorrect and therefor a software issue.

    • No need to be concerned about switching between UMTS and HSDPA – here’s why: the phone normally idles in UMTS mode because HSDPA (specifically) mode requires the handset to send the radio quality measurements 500 times per second so the tower can determine which is the optimal encoding to use for the next packet of data to the phone. Small packets of data (pings for example) will be sent without engaging HSPA modes, but view a web page, and it will kick into HSPA mode within a fraction of a second. You do not want your phone to stay in HSDPA mode longer than is actually required, but do want it to stay long enough so that you’re not constantly waiting a fraction of a second for HSDPA to kick in. Unnecessarily staying in HSPA mode is a waste of radio resources, and a waste of battery.

      And I think someone here providing dBm measurements is great. 30dBm attenuation is more than the iPhone’s purported 24dBm. Now if you reported the speeds with the dBm your phone reported, and reported the point at which a call drops that would be quite useful.

  • Applause

    How do I get the phone from costco? Do I HAVE TO MAKE A NEW PLAN? Even if im eligible for an upgrade. Someone help please

  • Jonathan

    Same here Chris. I noticed the issue before I heard about it online…setting the phone down bars would show up, holding it (not tightly) and the bars die down. Just got on to google the issue and found this thread. Hope it’s software with a fix coming…not fun to have an awesome phone you can’t use.

  • Davidohio

    I just went to t-mobile to check out the demo vibrant and wow! What an amazing and brilliant device. The screen is truly stunning! The camera is sharp and crisp and the internet blazing fast. I could not duplicate the antenna issue though. I’m getting mine tomorrow and can’t wait! Thank you T-mobile, it’s about time!

  • Barry

    I agree with the Steve Jobs loser thing. the point me posting that was is this an issue if your calls aren’t dropping.

  • tipsofme

    Some one please get mailman a midol. She is cramping up something fierce! Its ok honey. The pain will pass soon.

  • sea

    anybody know of a windshield mount or dashmount for the vibrant thats made just for it ..not a universal one that looks janky

  • Ryan

    Got one yesterday. Having the same issue. It’s so bad, my phone hasn’t even cracked the 3G barrier yet in places where I used to get three bars on my Cliq. Think I should head back to the store?

  • mailman13877

    I pay “$82-83 after taxes” for full insurance,unlimited data/text n nights starting at 7pm and basically unlimited minutes since i don’t have anyone’s that uses landline.Just got my plan set up n will be notified when the Evo comes in stock n then my plan will officially start after i recieve my Evo.So there you go buddy..Better phone and plan from my current TMO plan for $10 cheaper..Evooooo FTW

  • John H

    I just tried this on my Evo and my sons original iphone and they both loose at least two bars when I apply the “death grip”.

    I believe every phone does this. QUIT WITH THE WITCH HUNT!

    • mailman13877

      lmao you lost 2 bars which leaves you with 3 for calls..rather that in an emergency that 0-1 bars..smh you guys SETTLE to much

      • cronin

        GTFO you EVO fanboy…

  • cronin

    I got the phone during lunch and here at office I get 0 to 1 bars sometimes, but I still download at over 3k Mbps… not bad at all… screen is amazing!

    • mailman13877

      SMFH..you guys are hyped bout avatar,SIMS,colors an down/upload speeds but don’t seem to care that you have 1 bar for calls??you just said not bad at all..wow..SETTLERS

      • cronin

        I’m pretty sure that if download/data speed is not being affected by 0 bars that all of my phone calls will go thru just as fine. I’ll test tonight and tomorrow and report back.

      • taaars

        Mailman..You are SOOO right…I can’t believe we all doubted you. But you have shown us the true light..let us all embrace the great mailman and follow him with due speed into the first sprint store an all buy EVO’s!. WE THANK YOU MAILMAN FOR YOUR ENLIGHTENMENT!

  • zink

    Just got the phone (previous G1 owner) One thing that I was shocked was how fast the BARS refresh. As soon as i stepped in the elevator 1 bar was lost. As the doors were closing, 2 bars lost. Doors closed 0 and 1 bar. As soon as the doors opened, like almost instantly, the bars were full.

    My G1 took a good 10 seconds to actually refresh the bars, it looked like it was full service in the elevator, but it really wasn’t. Maybe that is what everyone is talking about? The Bars actually work, and we are just not used to it?

  • Sunny

    Same problem here. It’s not the grip..if you cover the lower area where the mic is the bars will go to zero. However, I have tried calling, surfing, and downloading while it’s zero bars, its still working. I think it’s a software issue that samsung needs to fix it soon.

  • monkeyboy

    Bars, Bars, Bars. They mean NOTHING. You either have a signal or you dont. Its digital people…sheesh. No wonder so many consumers think that the $100 HDMI cable is better than the $4 one from Monoprice.

  • adien

    The problem is that the average consumer doen’t know anything about how the physics of how a wireless device works… just that is uses “dem radio waves”. But you wouldn’t see the average consumer complaining that their screen on the phone doesn’t shine through their hand. it’s the same principle. some antenna designs are better than others but its still limited, not by poor construction but by the actual physics of the process. You want a wireless device? than you need to deal with that. Combine that ignorance with some people’s obsessive need to find the tiniest flaw in the device, instead of enjoying it for what it is, how much better and easier it makes your life, and you’ve got a problem. Plus, people always want to be the latest s*** slinger on youtube.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      That’s right Adien… that’s why this story is bogus IMHO.

      Fact is that the latest handsets have have lots of radios (phone, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS) and as many antennas connected to those radios.

      Your described “average consumer” (probably 95% of cell phone users out there) cluelessly demands “that the damn thing just work.” But what they do not realize is that a “good signal” (to them indicated by those “little bar thingies”) is dependent on numerous internal and external factors to work correctly, efficiently, and optimally.

      The internal factors, as the iPhone 4 has shown, is the manufacturer’s duty to get right. IMHO where Apple failed is to address the different things an average user could do that would affect the external antenna getting a good signal and/or result in a loss of signal. (IMHO I agree with those who allege Apple knew about the problem before the launch, but Jobs and others desperately wanted the launch to proceed so they said to heck with it, maybe it won’t become something anyone will notice. They probably had instructions prepared for CSRs on how to respond if someone called to complain about a loss of signal or dropped calls.)

      Anyway, the phone’s engineering and design is complicated by external factors such towers the carrier has in the region and factors particular to the user operating the phone under typical conditions. External factors personal to users include one’s proximity to towers, where the user is located (e.g., all steel building or an elevator), moving at 70 mph in a car, the kind of case covering the phone, surrounding electronic interference, and yes, even how one is holding the phone.

      Aside from the person in that video sounding like a complete moron, that’s why the YouTube video is so bogus. Anyone can cup a phone or tightly squeeze it and the bars will show declining movement. Heck, when I go in to my kitchen if on the phone I will drop the call. Why? Because there’s the perfect storm of factors to cause a connection loss.

      The Apple dust up has nothing to do with the fact that all cell phones suffer signal loss due to the external factors mentioned above, the problem is internal to Apple, specifically, a design flaw in Apple’s new external antenna.

      The flaw is that when someone holds the phone as one reasonably and typically would, the radio signal degrades or is lost completely. If one’s hand touches the left side of the phone, odds are that under certain other conditions, the “perfect storm of death grips, if you will, the signal will drop.

      Bottom line: The iPhone design flaw coupled with the iPhone death grip are totally different than what ALL phones suffer, signal degradation because of various external factors.

      I could take any of the 15 cell phones I have, focus a video camera on them and demonstrate signal bars decreasing because I squeeze the phone until it figuratively almost bursts in my hand.

      Update: As hard as it was for him to admit it, Steve Jobs today, at the press conference pretty much admitted all of the above with the exception of saying that the iPhone external antenna’s gap is a design flaw. (I bet the nest iteration of the iPhone won’t have that gap. :) )

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        Excuse the grammar errors. Getting ready to rushing out the door, I did not proofread before posting.

        I think the solution is for me to simply not read my comments after I press “submit comment.”

      • Both of you guys are on point.

        For the average consumer the way a cellphone works is basically ‘magic.’ Even more accurate, they out right do not try to comprehend how it works.

        Now the focus on new cell phones is going to be “When I hold my phone the reception dies.” Simply because it has been a media frenzy over the iPhone 4 and people think they are technical engineers with that knowledge locked away for the next 30 days.

  • ChazLaz

    I am actually having some problems with my reception. When I hold it over the bottom area my bars drop significantly. The weird thing though is i still can make and receive calls flawlessly. So I am not to sure as to what the problem is, because I guess I do have reception but I don’t? LOL

  • Chris

    I think I got this figured out.
    Some can replicate while others cannot. I could in my office but couldn’t outside. Others have said the same thing.
    It appears to me that the phone is either measuring the signal incorrectly or reporting incorrectly. Why do I think that?

    When in my office, near a window I received full bars (-81 dBm) if I held it at the top right with 2 fingers. If I laid it in my hand it would go to 1 bar (-111 dBm)
    However, I went outside where the signal is less obstructed and received full bars at -81 dBm. This time I could not make the signal drop by placing it in my hand or using the death grip. The signal stayed at -81 dBm. However, being an Electrical Engineer I know there has to be some attenuation due to my hand. So it appears that the highest reported signal is -81 dBm (but I think it is receiving a stronger signal). I would be very interested in seeing what the highest you guys can get it. Please measure and reply back.

    I looks like the fix would be similar to the one Apple tried to send out though their issue is more of a hardware issue.

    • AphotiX

      In terms of signal 81 certainly isn’t max. My phone is reading -75 dBm where I am (approx .7miles away from tower.) At work (a tmo call center) I get about -51 dBm (internal femtocells, being about 20 feet from it.)

      In terms of hand position, typically the cell antenna on many phone models (in my experience) is in the top of the phone, since your hand usually doesn’t cover that area (as long as you aren’t holding it horizontally.) The more tightly you hold the phone the more impact you will have on signal strength. I can get my phone to go from -75 down to -97dBm by holding it correctly (or rather gripping it like I want to choke someone.) This will impact all phones. I actually did this experiment when I found that certain holding patterns on a phone strongly impact wi-fi signal, and actually experienced more significant wifi signal drop just covering the top half of the phone (mytouch slide 3G.) Personally I believe this to be related to wifi’s higher signal frequency and the fact that higher frequencies have more difficulty passing through solid objects (walls, cars, trees,… hands.)

      The finally tid bit of knowledge I’ll throw in is I believe a better explanation of the iPhone’s issue is that because of the antenna design, connecting the gap on the phones lower corner grounds the antenna to the rest of the phones casing (and many of the internal components like the screen. Ever tried using a capacitive touch screen when its laying on a surface with one hand? Probably a similar issue… in reverse, though not all phones have that issue.)

      Of course I could just be wrong, a lot of this is an educated assumption (is there such a thing) based on my knowledge of how cell technology works, working for a cell phone company and all…

  • Dallamar

    A) I can 100% dupe this effect. how hard am I holding the phone you ask?

    laying in my HAND

    on my desk 5 seconds later

    and I confirmed this using speedtest. the bars matter, dropped D/L speed by 66%

    b) any Vibrant owners here is a tip: get a task killer or uninstall Daily Briefing. eats ram big time

    • Big Mike

      I can confirm the same, but I find that it only happens on 3g, if I switch it to 2g, or in a 2g only area only, I get a constant 4 bars.

    • Big Mike

      I did some more testing. If I go into the basement of my building with 3G enabled the bars will drop if I’m holding the phone, and if I’m on the phone I will drop the call. If I set it so that it uses 2g only again I get no fluctuation of bars and I can use the phone in the basement no problem.

      I don’t know the technical details of if there is a difference between making calls on 2g or 3g, but I think it is a interesting observation.

  • Reder

    It upsets me a little bit that when you google search for Samsung Vibrant, the top result is a BS story about how this is a problem worse than the iPhone 4. I’ve had my Vibrant since yesterday as soon as the store opened, and I’ve yet to drop a call or lose connectivity depending on how I hold it. Speedtests are identical regardless of how I hold it, or if I even hold it at all. This is a total non-issue.

    • JR

      You say this is a total non-issue. The world doesn’t revolve around you, many of us are experiencing a large signal loss. Now, whether it’s just a S/W issue or not, it’s real.

  • Dallamar
  • zoid

    I just received mine from UPS and something is up… Mine goes from 4 bars to 0 but I can still make calls with 0. I’m trying to find a pattern…..

    • zoid

      After some more testing I think the radio isn’t reporting the signal correctly. It doesn’t seem to affect calls, call quality, data etc. when the bars go from 4 to 0. Well, data is affected barely. It is affecting the radio signal but I don’t think it’s as dramatic as the phone is reporting.

  • Matador

    Ill have two of them on monday…Ill keep my MT3G with me to test how they work and compare

  • Anthony

    Okay. Gotta admit I’m at the mall checking out galaxy vibrant. I have a Nexus but man this vibrant looks good and yes its light but IMHO it doesn’t feel cheap. I am so tempted but I wont. I will admit its sexier than my nexy but side by side nexus is blowing it away speed wise I know its because of froyo. I think this is a winner depending on how long it takes to get froyo might sway me. I know for certain if it had stock android and shipped with froyo. I would be putting my N1 on Craigslist tonight

  • Sunny

    Anyone know how to file the problem to samsung? or Android 2.2 update will fix the problem?

    Seems like most ppl having this problem while zero bars or zero reception will still able to get data, calls, and messages.

    I agree it’s a software problem and should be easy to fix.

    • zoid

      We probably have to start calling t-mobile an threaten returning the phone.

      • davidohio

        honestly i don’t think that “threatening” to return the phone is going to solve anything. Instead you should act like an adult and call tech support to report the issue and when many more call, and they will, then samsung will send a ota update to fix it. In the mean time enjoy your new phone.

  • Anthony

    Hey folks chilllax it its a matter of zero bars but data works its a software fix please stop feeding the dragon

  • sambalam

    Ok.. here’ an interesting post from xda:

    Okay, I’ve had my phone for a day or two and right off the bat I noticed that even though the phone had no bars of coverage, I actually had coverage and a good enough signal to boot.

    I then found myself on XDA reading up on how to lock 3G since the old Nexus One/myTouch etc. trick doesn’t work on the Vibrant.
    I then came across someones post that leads us to a hidden menu

    This menu has a wealth of information that, most of it I can decipher BUT I did find this lovely menu that lead me to the Vibrant’s TRUE -dBm reading. The bars are WRONG, the Phone Information Testing menu is WRONG, and the phone has reception that is on par with the Motorola CLIQ I replaced it with. After -103 or so dBm, this shows as NO coverage (0 bars).

    Here are the steps for those of us unfamiliar with it.

    Originally Posted by from i9000 FAQ
    To get to the DEBUG and Phone status information –

    Then select DEBUG screen
    and the RSSI readout shows true -dBm
    I suspected this yesterday but I wanted to be sure it wasn’t a placebo effect kicking in.. explains everything really. We don’t have -0dBm and this is proof.

    During an active call, hit +Add call and punch in this number to bring up the menu. Store it as a contact also

    (*#*#197328640#*#, add a contact like Field Test Mode, then go back and add the *, go back to the dialer and punch in *#* and it should bring this up.. select and you’re on your way)

    I want to note that the G1 doesn’t “drop” 3G as much because the antenna is at the top (you’ll see it when you take off the battery cover) so it has an easier time grabbing a signal because your hand isn’t attenuating its signal. Do the same for the Vibrant or any other phone and you’ll see your bars jump.

    • Chris

      Good to hear. That’s what I was saying above. Simple software fix. There is no issue.

      • sambalam

        yep.. tested and it’s true. non issue (except for display)

  • sambalam

    yep.. tested and it’s true. non issue (except for display)… This is one nice phone.

    • Shawn

      whats wrong with the display?

  • Shawn

    Off topic, but How do stupid people get jobs at tmobile, omg. I called customer service, she didn’t even know what the vibrant was. Then I was at a tmobile store, again the girl had no clue what vibrant is, she says “whats that, you are the second person to ask me today.” Are you seriously that retarded?

  • just some dude

    the iphone losses signal and starts searching for a tower. The vibrant just losses a few bars of 3G, but still holds on to its signal. Android rules.

  • Jeesh

    I looked at one at a Tmobile store and held it like the iphone (because I saw this article this morning) and bars dropped to zero. This could have been due to the fact that I was in a Mall, but odd that it happened at the same time i gripped it with my left hand.

  • Shawn

    This is my two cents if anyone cares. Yesterday I played with this phone, and before it was even reported online, i noticed the phone had zero bars, with maximum 1 bar. I even asked the store employee about it, why it its going in and out between zero and 1 bar, he didn’t have an answer. I wasn’t even holding it tightly, just a normal grib.

    Then after reading about this problem online last night…today I went to a different tmobile store to play around with the phone some more, and I couldn’t get the phone to drop below ful bars. I even wraped my hands around it has tightly as I could and it kept full bars.

    So, 1 phone was 0-1 bars with a light normal hold, and a different phone had full bars no matter how I held it.

    Maybe the problem is isolated to a few phones only? Or maybe the location of the two t-mobile stores recieve different strength signals in the neighborhood.

    I still want the phone I think, hopefully its just a software issue.

    • Dashi


      • cirrob

        For the love of all that is good and holy, please get a new keyboard; one that doesnt have a broken caps lock button. seriously. I just want to punch you in the throat everytime I see one of your posts.

  • Crazyorloco

    official tmobile forums had a topic on this within h hours of the phones release, I notice right away that the phone was displaying an incorrect reading. This issue isn’t nearly as bad as the iphone 4 issue…the vibrant holds connection even with the full grip.

  • Crazyorloco

    official tmobile forums had a topic on this within hours of the phones release, I noticed right away that the phone was displaying an incorrect reading. This issue isn’t nearly as bad as the iphone 4 issue…the vibrant holds connection even with the full grip.

  • Charles Xavier

    the issue is likely T-mobile’s terrible 3G network, btw how is the flash on this phone?

    • 3g rules

      Where are you that you have crappy 3g? It is perfect and solid everywhere around here.

  • Don

    For all the people who say its just a display problem, your fooling your self. I took 2 of them home yesterday and today(returned one) On both of them I experienced crazy signal loss. I had my coworker call me repeatedly and only one call went through, all the others went straight to voicemail. I returned my 2nd Vibrant much to my dismay and got my second choice 3g slide brought it home and I got 2 to 3 bars consistently. Grant you my house doesn’t get good signal, I get min 2 bars on all my other phones including my new 3g slide and I got nothing with the vibrant. Oh and it wasn’t just my house it was my whole neighborhood. Very Strange, because besides the not being able to make calls I LOVED the Vibrant.

    • watbetch

      your fool your selfs

      I’ve tried multiple calls at zero bars and they all come through. Give it up.

      • Davidohio

        Damn you are ugly!

  • 3g rules

    IMHO Michael likes using big words so everyone thinks he is smart. One would assume this if one reads one of his short novels, i mean comments. Sidenote: Michael knows everything about everything and you can’t tell him that he is wrong. In conclusion, one must read his short novels with an open mind so one may absorb large amounts of useless information and endless babble.

    • TMOprophet

      100 percent agreed!

    • Anthony

      Would have been even more full of win if you included a “BONUS SIDENOTE” in all caps…..

      • Davidohio

        Lmao! BONUS SIDENOTE

  • TMOprophet

    You sir need to stop copying my screen name. Its getting annoying. Well guys visit my website i told you about. Well i decided to wait and get a windows phone 7 device instead of this phone. Clearly android has ways to go before they can catch up to wp7 in ui terms. but thats my opinion.

    • 2FR35H


      Anyone that has been on this site as much as I KNOW you are NOT THE REAL TMOprophet here. You have been posting in the past weeks as david that’s probably not even your screen name either.

      • TMOprophet

        At least someone can see this., I still am not sure which douche this guy is, although I have some ideas. And spot on, anyone who’s been here a while knows who I am.

  • TMOprophet

    guys dont settle for a phone……. get a windows phone 7 which is the emarald. Mock my words emerald is a windows phone 7 device. Windows phone 7 for the win. android=fail……………..

    Source: Aaron. Managing director for future phone advertising at T-Mobile.

    It has been said to be running a dual proc at north of 700mhz. dedicated graphics. 1gb of ram. With upto 6.5 hrs talk time. Screen is 3.9. Will not support full hspa+ only 7.2

    • TMOprophet

      You’re probably just David, changin yo name, to give me crap, still got your panties in a bunch?

    • TMOprophet

      or the crap stain watbetch, changin his name, watever I dont care ya all

    • TMOprophet

      Huh thats funny it wont let me post some comments, must be the work of someone with admin. access,

      dude get over it, you can dog me all ya want, I dont care..get a life

    • Davidohio

      You want us to “mock” your words? Okay.

  • ChazLaz

    Off Topic but thought I should still let everybody know.

    When I went to get my Vibrant there were absolutely no displays or anything for the Vibrant. I didn’t think all that much of it at first. But when I was purchasing my phone I asked the worker why they moved the launch date back. He told me that he wasn’t sure but he said that this was just like a pre launch for the phone and the big launch date would still be the 21st. So I guess we can all expect some ads and other things heading our way in the coming week.

    The whole reason I brought this up was because when I searched google for Samsung Vibrant many of the things I saw were just saying Vibrant gets a very slow start. So yeah that’s all I really needed to say.

  • soon2TMO

    in my house data signal switches between 3G and edge! and yes the bars fluctuate like crazy ..ammmp
    but somewhere else, the phone signal seems fine! i can hardly use the internet inside my house.. LOL

  • wtf

    I thought this thing is supposed to have a great antenna, I’m having this fluctuating issues unless I’m somewhere where the signal is really good like my job.

  • TL

    First off, I wanna say that I Never hold the phone during normal use, like I did during the “gripping” portion of the test. I too have noticed the bars drop while gripping (covering all sides and back phone cover). But, it appears to have no affect on the call. I can call make and receive calls with 0 bars, and I have used the speedtest.net app in both 0 and 4 bars so it doesn’t seem affect 3G data speed either. Also, it appears that others are right about the signal strength in the first place. If I am outside with full bars, gripping doesn’t affect it, but if I am inside with 2 or 3 bars the gripping does affect the “visual graphic” of the signal strength (i.e. 0 bars), but still can make calls.

    HOWEVER! WIFI – completely different story. When i stand right next to my router (full signal, 3 bars, ) and use speedtest.net I can get 11 mbps dl, 4 ul, but when i walk 15 feet away (still in line of sight of the router) and don’t grip the phone the signal drops to 2 bars (4 mbps DL, 2 UL) but with gripping it drops to 2 mbps DL and .5 UL, 15ft away.

    Bottom line… The phone is AWESOME and this issue is not a deal-breaker for me, nor should it be for anyone doubting the functionality of the phone. Try it for 2 weeks if you are in that much doubt, you will love this phone.

  • mailman13877

    SMFH this phones is for SETTLERS..how is it great and yet you can only get 1 or 2 bars?Evoooo..FTW lol

    • Davidohio

      Mailman you are a settler because you are are getting the crap evo. The pilgrams were settlers too

  • monkeyboy311

    Anybody have a gun?

    • mailman13877

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      • JDANGLE

        Mailman, you seem like the type of guy that spends his Friday nights taking open mouth tea bags and face shots….I guess I’m just trying to say your a fagot.

      • Davidohio

        Omg mailman go to sprint already. Nobody likes you or cares what you say in your stupid nonsense posts. Most people would have got the clue already. Then again, most of us are not retarded like you.

  • mike a

    I have the same issue when i hold the phone in the lower left hand corner. I thought getting a case would correct the issue like on the iphone, but even with a case it still happens.

  • danny

    I hate using smartphones as phones. But when I do I always use my favorite wired headset and I seem to get clearer calls with less distortion or signal degradation this way.

    My N1 sucks as a phone dialer too but using it with the headset I have no issues.

  • taaars

    Ok…I was curious, so I stopped by a tmobile store to check out the bar issue, and I have to say yes..there is something funky going on here, BUT I don’t think its hardware..entirely. I cupped the phone on the bottom until it went down to 0 bars..then I started making calls, the first thing it did was jump up to 5 bars…then went back down…when I was on the call I could still surf the web..still 0 bars (at times it jumped to 2)..I did this several times and the same thing..never lost a call..or web connection..but the bars were affected somehow by my hand on the very bottom. The only thing I can gather is the antenna and software are ULTRA sensitive to changes in signal strength and the software readings are over exaggerating the actual connection signal, again..I will have tow of these come Monday and take it to the Bermuda triangle of cell phone signal loss, the military base and test it along my mt3g which I know gets at least edge connection there.

  • Trill

    If your in the Houston market then as of yesterday there was reported some issues with 3G and while I suffered for almost a full day once I noticed it but all seems to be well also had the problem on my nexus which I don’t suffer the other issues some do with signal.

  • Outlander

    HD2 restricted due to Microsoft software stupidity and greed, still talks to my computer, and I can play the movies after have removed and reinserted the memory card.
    The phone is well built and the initial interface is good but restricted, after that in setting Microsoft rears it ugly and unresponsive head.

    Vibrant is more restricted due to Google, will not even communicate with the computer, although the computer show it as 2 drives connected.
    Everything you try end up with a request for your Google account.
    Remove the ridiculous small memory card that came with the phone to try out a larger card, the reinsert the small card and you can not play the movie anymore.
    IT can not be RESET, you have to EXCHANGE the phone, it is PATHETIC, better off with the HD2

    • Matador

      I have no idea what you were referring to…Your saying, that everything asks for your Google account?..wrong…I have and android phone for a year…never has it asked for my account other than when I first got it.

      Cant re insert the memory card and make it play a movie?..wrong again..done this several times….so I think this is user error.

  • Cupcake

    I got the phone yesterday and can verify that this is a real problem. My 3G speeds are crap and almost non existent while holding the phone. Doesn’t drop calls but data and wifi reception greatly suffers. Not to mention the battery indicator is way off. I was promised by a samsung rep that this would not be another behold II, but until this is resolved ill be using my reliable MTS. Just loading this site was a pain, and I have great 3G here.

  • Reggie

    Hello all,

    I’ve been reading alot of articles and comments about the signal problems and I was just thinking: Do you think this has been a problem before the iPhone made a big stink about it? Honesty I bet it has. But I bet people didn’t think anything of it because they weren’t dropping calls or losing data speeds. Then, the iPhone world has a problem and goes crazy, and now every person the holds a phone and the signal drops, throws their arms up in the air and complains.

    I have a MyTouch 3G and I just put the CyanogenMod 6 Froyo build on, and I’ve been seeing my signal bars do all kinds of stuff that wasn’t happening with the Cyanogen 5 builds. But again, I’m not dropping calls or having any data issues. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that it’s a Cyanogen issue at all. But I think that if there wasn’t all this news about signal degradation, I would really be paying attention to how my bars are jumping around…

    There is a psychological part to everything, and it seems like a “minor” problem has been turned into an uproar just because people are noticing something that they didn’t before.

  • Shawn

    Okay I’ve tested this out at more than one store now.

    Here is what seems to be going on.

    The phone will infact have zero bars 90 percent of the time, and will never reach a full signal. Doesn’t matter if you hold it or not. Even just sitting there it will drop to zero bars.

    Phone calls may not be impacted, but data speeds are. Internet pages will not load with zero bars. Speedtest app barely gets 0.01 mpbs with 1 bar, and fails all together with zero bars.

    For some reason, seems like data may be impacted but not phone calls, could be phone calls are switching to edge network even though it is not reflected on the screen, while data also switches to edge, but edge is so slow that it basically doesn’t load pages.

    my opinion.. deffinately something going on though, I don’t think it has anything to do with griping the phone.

    • Shawn

      Correction to my above statement, one of the stores I visited yesterday, the phone had full bars the entire time, and never went below full bars. So it seems like if the signal is strong, it stays strong. If the signal is weak to begin with, then you have zero bars 90 percent of the time.

  • TMOprophet

    Ok, so I got my hands on the Vibrant today, impressions:
    It’s for sure thin. Thats nice
    That SAMOLED screen is stunning, no doubt about it

    However some things I didn’t like:
    Build quality…felt really cheap and plastic’y
    Looks too much like an Iphone 3G, not my style or taste.
    The UI Touchwiz, while it felt improved, I didn’t like it as much as Sense..IMO

    Overall the phone is def a great add to TMO, but for me I want something different.
    I would however get this for my wife, as she isn’t as picky as I am.

    I figured I would try to give an objective impression, rather than show my utterly biased opinions as of late.

    On a sidenote I also played with the Droid X today, And that thing was just sick. It wasnt too big as some have suggested, in fact I found it to be smaller than I had expected. The revised motoblur or whatever is on it is much better than previous UI’s. The build quality felt solid, I was really impressed. It has attitude and is nice in the all black. The screen wasn’t as nice as the Vibrant’s, but so far Samsung is the only one to offer that level of screen technology.

    • Shawn

      Samsung is not the only one to offer that level, iPhone 4 has a better screen than the super-amoled. no comparison, if you check out the retina display on iphone 4, you will think the super amoled is not as good.

      • TMOprophet

        I agree that the Retina display is really nice, I dont know how well it compares with color saturation and viewing angles, but I do know that the resolution is the highest with the IP4.

        And I know that LG makes amoled screens too, but not on the mass scale production as Samsung. Sony also has LED tech, I dont know if they will pursue amoled.

      • Matador

        I saw them both together, both have pros and cons..The iphone has a tad more detail..but the viewing angles and sunlight saturation aren’t as good as the the super amoled. In the end it is like everything..what you can and cannot live with…To me the bigger screen and sunlight usage are bigger factors than having a slightly more detailed screen

      • TMOprophet

        I saw both of them, and while the Retina is very crisp because of the higher rez, I am more impressed with the samoled. IMO

  • Nick

    I’ve actually experienced the “death grip” on my vibrant and it’s frustrating. Its definately not a rumor…

  • I had a chance to play with the Samsung Vibrant at a T-mobile location in Brooklyn, NY. I laid an iPhone 3GS on top of it and it seemed a bit longer than the iPhone but appears thinner and feels much lighter. After the sales person finished telling me how the Vibrant is much better than my phone, I managed to put my SIM card to test the network speeds. Unfortunately there was no 3G reception at the T-mobile store, right there in Brooklyn, NY… so I could neither test the phone’s data speeds or experiment with the signal attenuation holding the phone causes.

  • Don

    Again Ill say it I had no problem with my data speeds prior to returning my Vibrant, It was only phone calls. And all these people talking about how they still got reception even though they had zero bars, I didnt I got no reception I had friends call me repeatedly and I got nothing. I also made many calls from my house and nothing. My second choice 3g slide I get reception. I called Samsung they blamed it on T-mobile, I called T mobile they didn’t know anything.Once again I loved the phone I just couldn’t make any call with or receive call with it at my house or in my neighborhood and I don’t live in the sticks either.

  • TMOprophet

    okay i change my mind….back to android. just bought the vibrant. wp7 may be next time. Stop COPYINGMY SN.

    • TMOprophet

      faillllllllllll, people know who I am, give it up

  • Shawn

    Starting to make sense now why people are claiming they can make calls on zero bars.
    I think i’m pretty accurate on my below assessment.

    So here is what i’ve dug up. Before this phone hit T-mobile… it hit the rest of the world. Guess what, the rest of the world is blogging about this very same problem also.
    Here is a polish translation I could find of some blog site with a video. Seems like Samsung poland knows, or in general samsung knows this problem exists.

    A few paragraphs down, in the first link, it states it mainly cripples 3g networks. So that makes sense why people are able to make phone calls. The phone goes to zero bars, droping 3g completely, and even if it doesn’t say edge… I have a feeling it switches to edge, allowing you to place your call. However, the 3g signal is completely dead, meaning your data comes to a halt.

    This is exactly what I confirmed today at the store, with zero bars the speedtest.net app came to screaching halt, yet you could probably still make a phone call. (although i didnt try making a call…the t-mobile employee told me on his vibrant with zero bars he could place calls, the display model with zero bars was useless for data).

    here are the links.



  • KevinMemphis

    No,no,no, you f-tards are all just holding it wrong. You were warned.

  • Terrell

    I to get “zero” reception frequently with this device but it works perfectly fine regardless so I don’t care. I’m laying in bed reading this articles comments and it reads at zero bars. I make a phone call and it connected right away. Hang up the phone and come right back to the article and I’ve had a consistent reading of 3 bars ever since. It is a complete non issue at least in my case and I blame the media because now every average consumer is going to have something else to complain about. The only problem I have with this device is when I try to select some of my contacts it force closes. Which probably just means I shouldn’t be talking to them LOL.

  • Barry

    *off topic* How much do you guys think this phone will sell for in 2-4 months ? ie eBay

  • TMOprophet

    about 300to 350
    but its a good phone j just got it.

  • Just found this article while searching for those experiencing this exact issue. 5 bars open-palmed to 0 bars with iPhone 4 “Deathgrip” applied.

  • Barry

    ok so I’m thinking I’ll get it next week on contract and see what the vanguard and especially the emerald look like and sell and pay the difference.

  • Sal

    I also have all these reception problems but I am going to wait for TMobile/Samsung to come out with a patch to fix this.

    I have a greater problem which I think requires me to return the phone within my 14-days. After setting up my connection to my Apple wireless station, the connection takes hold and it says so on the Setup page. However, when I go back to my application the wireless symbol does not appear on the top bar on the notification line. My regular cell connections are there but NOT the wireless one. I do not mind having the Edge network in my house as it works perfectly for making calls. However, when I download stuff it does NOT go through WiFi and therefore takes longer and costs more in battery usage.

    Does everyone see the WiFi symbol on the top bar? If yes, what should I do with my phone: return it or wait?

    TIA, Sal

    • Randy

      Yes this is a problem, if you guys ould like to do a test hold your phone in your hand and bridge the left side corner together and watch as you signal fades… Pretty ridiculous….. I highly doubt its a software issue.

  • MobDragon

    I don’t have any issues with my Vibrant, it works great… verify if the weather change in your area when you get yours…

  • Barry

    I think this is a network issue my internet has been acting up for about 2 wks now. only edge worked when using data every time 3G came on I would immediately lose a signal. My 3G works now but when I do a speed test as I said before it barely went over 3mbs and that was once and that was inside. outside is just as bad. I ran it on my friends G1 last night same thing and the funny thing is we tested it about 3 times and all 3 tests his upload was faster than his download.
    Idk just throwing my experiences out there.

  • Hey buddy,

    I tried 3 Vibrants, and I couldn’t reproduce your issue. Like how tight are you holding it? unnaturally tight because I can’t reproduce your claim at all.

    The reason the iphone 4 dropped bars when holding it a certain tight but natural way was because the antenna was literally outside the phone where your hand touches it.

    Applying logic to it, any phone you squeeze tightly to the point you are solidly covering the antenna will reduce the signal connectivity, but not a noticeable reduction. You must be somewhere where there is barely any signal, so thats why you notice the reduction. If you do it with any other phone, it will probably do the same thing. its logic. Same logic applies when going down in the basement of your house… Less signal due to walls, etc.

    The Apple iPhone reduction was dramatically different. Test it for yourself. Stop claiming its the same because its definitely not

  • YJ

    I returned mine today because I loaded it up with songs and a movie and when you do a restart it takes the phone forever to load up. It will scan each song, picture,movie etc… It took 30 minutes for the phone to load.

    • watbetch

      It only scans when it notices new media on the phone.

    • leo

      your phone could also have a memory card issue. you may have some media in a memory card and the phone keeps unmounting the card and mounting it back in. anyway, go ahead with a master clear… it can only help. also try to refrain from downloading too many low rating apps. that will also help!

  • Dustin

    I can DEFINETLY repeat the signal reduction problem. If I hold the phone at the top, signal is great, if I hold the phone at the bottom, signal will completely fall off. It does not matter if it is a two finger hold or my entire hand. Waiting up until the 14 day window to retunr the phone, for a fix. I REALLY hope they can find a fix as I love this phone, but won’t deal with the reception problems.

  • TMOprophet

    this is a real problem, I was able to reproduce it at the TMO store..not hating..just saying..

    • watbetch

      Not hating? Please. Failure

      It’s not a problem, the only problem with the phone is that the bars are inaccurate.

      • TMOprophet

        I was actually being serious this time, in either case, its still an issue that needs resolved. A lot of people paid big money for this phone, it should work normally for them, not half way working, with inaccurate signal strength indicators, they should be accurate, they wanna charge 500-600 for a phone then the thing should work as it should.

      • watbetch

        Ok I take it back, I fail

  • TMOprophet

    Well if you guys dont like the phone dont get it….okay…i do thats why i got it. if you decide to wait do a little search on windows phone 7 on youtube. looks promising.

    Stop copying my sn. You fail you imposter. what r u like 40?

    • TMOprophet

      LOL..you crack me up lately, everyone knows who I am, but your persistent doggin is funny.

    • TMOprophet

      And no I’m not 40, I’m 28, what are you? 16….

    • TMOprophet

      I heard those 16 year olds will like that Moto Charm..you should go get one

    • TMOprophet

      And I think you have had a Moto Cliq already Mr. TMOprophet..or shall I say Watbetch, so ya that charm should be right up your alley :)

      • watbetch

        Ok you got me, I’m an idiot and I am sorry and I finally admit the Vibrant sucks, and my avatar is super ugly

      • watbetch

        “DavidOhio” needs to get a life

      • watbetch

        So stop asking, I WILL NOT change my super ugly avatar pic, your just jealous and wish you had one this cool

  • myVibrant)

    I have the Vibrant and i too have this issue. I also am seeing alot of market data connection errors i have also received data connection lost errors in maps.

    Though, today i did notice that when i was downtown (i live in the suburbs of chicago) i did not have the issue, so this leads me to believe that this is partially a software and network issue, but i’m not professional, just my educated guess :)

  • watbetch

    Ok so I have started having the problems with the signal, I didnt think they were bad at first but now they are getting terrible, wtf, man I am starting to not like samsung, they need to fix this

  • taaars

    I read that the European models have the same issue and it varied depending on network, I also have two MT3Gs, rooted, one with 2.2 and another 2.1, the 2.2 has signal issues, goes up and down quickly while the 2.1 is very stable, so it maybe software issue, and dependent on how strong the signal is in the are you live..not sure.

  • JR

    Well I stopped by a Tmo store to talk to someone there about the reception issue. The gentleman that helped me also owned the Vibrant and he told me an interesting story that while it sounds good I have my reservations. This is what he said.

    Samsung does it different than anyone else in the industry. The way they show bars is this. When you are on the fringe of a 3G area but have coverage, it will say 3G but you won’t have any bars or only one, BUT you will have all bars on Edge but it just doesn’t show it, unless you get a call and the 3G drops. That explains why I’ve had no bars but 3G is showing and when I make or receive a call it jumps to 4 bars but it shows Edge.

    I don’t know why Sammy chose to implement the signal status this way but I told the guy that T-Mobile better make some sort of notification officially about this because they are going to receive a lot of returns.

    Now that doesn’t answer the loss of signal with the death grip, that it because of the placement of the antenna and attenuation.

  • hey im the original poster of the video again with an update:
    i Just called t-mobile and reported the issues with the software lagging going from app to app or scrolling from screen to screen when there are widgets on them. I also reported the reception issue. While I have good reception in my house, the bars went completely down but never lost connection to the network but as seen in this thread, a few people do lose connectivity and that’s not acceptable on a 500 dollar phone. PLEASE JUST CALL IN AND REPORT THE ISSUE TO TMOBILE SO THEY CAN SEE PEOPLE ARE ANNOYED BY THIS AND A POSSIBLE UPDATE CAN ROLL OUT TO EVERYONE.

    MUCH LOVE :)

  • Anyone able to surf the net and make a phone call? It seems that whenever I get a phone call my internet drops…. I believe I was able to do this on my G1…

    • i haven’t tried this yet but I will today when I try the phone out again. That’s the perk of tmobile’s 3g… u can talk and use the net over it. I hope that isn’t another #fail by samsung

      • Raul

        Please make sure to comment back regarding the surf the net and be on a call as I can do that on my G1 right now and would hate to not be able to do this on the Vibrant!

      • ray

        I always do internet and phone calls at the same time take ur phone back and u gotta have 3g to do this

    • JR

      I just tried this and my internet didn’t drop. I had one bar on 3G.

    • Yes you can use data while on a call at the same time, however you MUST be in a 3G coverage area. Try again in an area with better coverage – your phone may have dropped you from 3G to GSM while on a call, and if that happens, you will have to disconnect your call and let the phone go back to 3G mode before you can use data/voice at the same time. It will transfer a call from UMTS to GSM, but not from GSM to UMTS (in my experience).

    • Caramel_mimi

      No known problems with my vibrant phone so far but, can anyone see their updated video subscriptions on youtube when logged in? I just see the main videos on the homepage.

  • bobbydigital

    i am experiencing a battery issue, i took my phone off the charger this morning at about 9am, i got to work and now my phone just died, it lost all batter life in about 4 hours. with little to no use, just some texting and thats it. no calls or movies or games. i felt the back cover get extremely hot during this very fast draining, so idk whats going on. anyone else experiencing this?

    • I have no battery issues. This thing is way better than my G1

    • JR

      Yo might want to check what is running in the background.

    • ray

      Whem u first get a phone let the battery die first then put in your charger when ur phone shuts dowm never never never put ur charger in soon as you open ur phone…u did that and thats why ur battery sucks my vibrant clocked in 13 hours yesterday without dieng and I did everythimg heavy except calls ..

  • JR

    Well I was watching a video of the AT&T version, the Captivate. Check out the link and go to the the 2:38 mark. Very interesting and the first video I’ve seen this mentioned. I wonder if AT&T already knew of issues with reception.


  • bigmike

    Love the phone, but lucky to get an edge connection where my G1 would be 3g

  • Sunny

    Anyone try to contact samsung for the problem? I have contact t-mobile online chat seems like they don’t know crap and try to blame everything on samsung.

    I believe it’s both t-mobile’s and samsung’s problem.

    I am calling samsung to see what they say now.

  • Jazz

    Does anyone else have a problem with GPS, mine basically is not working.

  • CC

    I’ll be calling t-mobile later today. I love the phone, but this is ridiculous. I’m having nothing but bad connection and lost signals. My signal strength ranges all over and I’m lucky to even get 1 bar on Edge. The bars jump all over the place even when I’m in a same location. I don’t even receive a signal in certain areas of my home, whereas I did before with my G1. Come on t-mobile! Tired of 2 years of frustration…

  • analog spirit

    My old BB 8320 (old Curve) finally “gave up the ghost” after about 2.5 years (phone radio just stopped working entirely), so I picked up the Samsung Vibrant on 16 July, and so far it’s been OK; I haven’t had any problems with the antenna at all, so far. My only problems have been with battery life (and that’s with the the screen brightness turned down all the way, Task Manager killing all unused apps in the background, and 3G and Wi-Fi turned off as well). Reception has so far been so-so; it really depends on where I am. Coverage in my area tends to be spotty (tho it has been improving lately); it’s constantly switching back and forth between Edge and 3G whenever I have 3G turned on, tho it appears to be accomplishing the hand-off pretty smoothly, with no dropped or failed calls thus far. Sound quality has greatly varied between good (tho not great) and poor, tho even when it’s poor I can usually still understand what the caller is saying, and they can usually hear me OK. It’s still better sound quality than my BB 8320 was…
    Overall, it’s a good, solid phone, and the best phone T-Mo has released in years; the 4-inch Super AMOLED screen is magnificent. Outdoor visibility (even in sunlight) has been OK. For some reason, tho, YouTube videos look terrible on this thing; I hope that can be resolved soon (does anyone know if there are any settings I need to change? So far I haven’t found any). It appears to be an issue with just the YouTube app itself, as the other video playback functions otherwise look great; Avatar looks startlingly crisp and clear, especially for such a small screen, which is just amazing on a phone. I haven’t been experiencing any significant issues with lagging and sluggishness, that some other Vibrant users and reviewers have been reporting…
    The only other issues I can think of are the lack of a flash (tho it isn’t THAT big a deal), and the lack of any ability to put the phone into a dock for charging and/or syncing, as there are no inputs, outputs or charging terminals on the bottom of the device. I had underestimated the importance and practicality of being able to just drop the phone into a dock at night for charging, as I had done for years with my BB 8320. I find the touchscreen keyboard surprisingly easy to type on (especially Swype)…
    So, I’m going to see how the Vibrant holds up over the next week as I continue to familiarize myself with Android (this being my 1st-ever Android device) and then decide whether it’s a keeper or not. So far, I’m cautiously optimistic…

    • analog spirit

      Update: I returned the Vibrant yesterday, because it has insufficient battery life (even with the screen brightness turned down all the way), and it has no ability to cut, copy, or paste from an e-mail, and that’s important to me as I use my phone more as an e-mail device than a phone anyway. This appears to be an issue with all touchscreen Android phones (if anyone knows of a work-around for this besides writing the links down on a pice of paper and them manually typing them into Google’s search bar, I’d love to know). A basic function that was effortless to do with my ancient BB 8320 isn’t even possible with Samsung’s latest high-end smartphone. In 2010. Unbelievable…
      But to get back on topic, I never had any antenna/reception issues at all, ever. But I did have to keep 3G and WiFi turned off so that the battery would last the whole day, and even then it just barely made it. So, the Vibrant is great as a phone (at least for me it was, in my area), and as a fun multimedia device (even tho the YouTube app failed miserably on my phone, and constantly made the phone freeze up while trying to load a video). But as an e-mailing device, it leaves a lot to be desired; I’ll wait til later versions of Android fix this issue. I hope 2.2 Froyo fixes it…

      • JD

        You can cut copy and paste, just push and hold on the screen for a second or two ,a window should pop up that says select text, press that, then highlight the text you want, then another window pops up that gives you the option to cut copy or paste.

      • analog spirit

        It can copy & paste in the browser fine; just not in the e-mail or Gmail app. There’s not even an option to click on anything, such as “Select Text” in the e-mail app. I tried that numerous times, unless there’s some way around this that I’m not aware of.
        I’ve noticed that several other types of Android phones have this same problem as well. The only solution I can think of would be to go into my e-mail or Gmail thru the web browser instead of the dedicated e-mail apps.

  • darkknight49

    I put my hand in the same spot. My signal went up. And does anyone really know where the antenna is on the phone?

  • Claude

    Like analog spirit, I also had an 8320 Curve and picked up the Samsung Vibrant on 16 July. So far, reception has been better than my old Curve, but the user interface takes some getting use to and the battery life is not a lot less than I expected.

    • analog spirit

      Yeah, my reception was generally pretty good, even when it was down to 1 or 2 bars on Edge, I never lost a signal and I could still hear the person I was speaking with just fine. And I could hold the Vibrant any way I wanted, and still could not get the signal to drop noticeably. But battery life was horrendous, tho it wasn’t as bad as the HD2, which I also returned. That’s the price we pay for having such big screens on our phones nowadays; my old Curve could make it thru 1.5 to 2 days of moderate use, but my Vibrant could barely make it to the end of 1 day, and that was with 3G & WiFi turned off, plus screen brightness turned down all the way. That screen consumes more battery power than everything else put together. So it’s a trade off…

  • Even though this phone is not for me it is a step in the right direction. Phonedog has processor test very fast. I also give kudos to the ability to charge the battery separately in the optional accessories.

  • Matador

    Ok, just got my two units today. been messing work the grip issue, I have noticed the bars fluctuate at times, but data connectivity and voice calls seem unaffected. I’ll be taking it into the field with my mt3g tomorrow and see how that goes. But so far I have yet to loose 3g signal. The only crappy thing is that my other unit had a bad screen.

  • Sambomacpro

    I have both iphone4 and Vibrant and this whole, “deathgrip” issue is ridiculous…. I have have just as many dropped calls with my vibrant than I had with iphone4……….needless to say, if tmobile had the iPhone or any other carrier at that did, this wouldn’t be a issue, only due to the fact that everyone is obviously trying to compete with the iPhone.


    • Matador


    • taaars

      That made no sense…..

  • yosef

    Why do you need to try to reproduce this in any phone does anyone really hold their phone that tight when making a call? i mean really.

  • I like how it’s a non-issue other handsets but when it’s about the iPhone, IT’S AN ISSUE! LOL.

  • ray

    First off I have had no problems signal wize with my vibrant I think its tmobile thing to be honest there coverage.sucks…the iphome attena is in direct contact with the human flesh thats why its signal drops bad.get a phone call with ur vibrant and hold ot where ever u guys say ur death grip is at and see if it drops the call like the iphone does. It wont the signal bars display the wrong signal strength thats on all smartphones.

  • Skip

    Having both GPS and phone signal problems. Grant you that I am in marginal signal areas, however, regarding these two issues never had a problem with the G1. Checking signal strength in the status menu shows the Vibrant to be half or less of the G1 setting on a table (no death grip) in my tests. Much improved “computer” experience over the G1, but as a phone I may have to return the Vibrant.

  • Off subject here… but does anyone know any information on the home cradle?

  • meanmcclean

    I have had my Vibrant for 2 days now. I have not seen the issue where “death gripping” (I guess is the term now) causes my signal to drop. I have noticed however that even if my display shows 0 bars of 3G coverage I can still web browse, receive email, make calls etc. I understand that if there is no 3G coverage, your phone will auto drop to edge however my indicator does not update as such and I don’t see degradation in speed. There is definitely something wrong with the logic used to calculate and display the signal on the device, which needs to and hopefully will be fixed in a software upgrade. For me, the phone actually works better in my house where I usually only receive 2 bars of edge or no signal at all. I am a happy owner, with the exception there was no pouch included.

  • Sunny

    I have returned the phone. I gave me drop calls(twice) where my G1 never did.
    That’s something.

  • mjc987

    ITS not that I dislike the vibrant, it’s just that I think HTC have better to bring this year.

  • jv

    Well, I’ve been following this thread and yes, the bars calculation is definitely incorrect. However, the problem is real, although not that bad. Meaning, you do lose some dB but still able to make a call and data seems fine.

    Also, I went by the t-mo store and picked up silicone case which is actually not bad looking. Slapped it on and it makes the bars drop quick. Ran into the store with it on and it lost connection and switched to Edge. After stepping back outside, it switched to 3G again.

    What does this mean? Reception could be definitely be better. As long as you have a lock on the signal, I think you’re okay. For now, I’m going to keep it and test it some more. If the reception continues to be shoddy I’ll probably end up returning it.

    Oh yeah, if you switched to 2G only, reception is great and bars stay up pretty good. So, I in the opinion it’s both a combination of t-mo and the vibrant.

    • jv

      BTW, I’m actually monitoring the dBs by going into debug as suggested by dialing *#*#19736840#*#* and not just looking at the bars to see how much gain is lost.

  • I got mine on the 15th after over 6 years of dedicated Blackberry use. While I LOVE the interface and the apps, the GPS is garbage. WHEN it finds a signal, it typically says I’m 1000’s of meters from where I am, and the majority of the time, it simply can’t find me at all and Google Maps says I’m in China (and Foursquare)

    Battery life is suspect, but a simple download and utilization of the power management widget seems to cure that, and in marginal 3G signal areas simply restricting the phone to 2G networks prevents any and all reception issues I could find.

    Overall a great phone, but a smart phone with an inoperable GPS MAY just be a deal breaker for me.
    Any one heard of a software update yet to address?

    • taaars

      there is a fix coming, I tested the GPS signal against my MT3G…it seems to get all the sattelites ( I used GPS status to compare)…just not getting a fix…I also read on xda that there are some quick fixes going o. haven’t tried any yet, but I may this weekend.

  • Sunny

    Its for sure weaker reception. I am looking forward for the new HTC now. Samsung is not up there yet with smartphones.

  • john

    I just ordered the Vibrant today cause I haven’t been happy with the g1. My data signal on the g1 keeps flippin fromg 3g to e to G? What is g I have no clue. After reading these posts has me worried the Vibrant is going to be a lot worse. Now I was told when ordering the vibrant that the data service for the vibrant is different then the G1. I’m wondering if the problems you guys are receiving has to do with not being switched to the right data network. Just a thought. Glad I’m in calif. We get 30 days return law on the books so I can test it out long enough to either keep or send back.

    • jv

      They now charge $30 for an “Android” data plan. Data is data so there is no difference. What ever you were paying for unlimited data, just call customer loyalty and they’ll switch you back to that rate.

      And not to worry you, my home key seems to be having problems now. I have to really mash it for it to work. Guess that’s the the pains of buying the latest and greatest. I’m going to go exchange it tomorrow and see how it does.

      Was really loving the phone at first but after only a few days, the honeymoon is already over.

  • JR

    Just got back from the AT&T store to check out the Captivate (Galaxy S) and no matter how I held it, it showed full strength 3G and only lost maybe one bar here and there. They have an antenna extender on the back plate. Interesting they did this and Tmo didn’t.

  • Daniel

    Has anyone tried using the Invisible Shield and seeing if that helps this issue?

  • Sean

    I’ve tried holding the vibrant and all ways possibles and didn’t see any signal drops

  • Terrell

    On day 6 with this phone and still have none of the problems anyone has complained about with it. Battery life. Just as good as my G1 under power management tools. All buttons work. Screen isn’t jittery, zero lag. Yes my signal strength indicator is incorrect but I have no problems with calls or clarity. Doing the GPS fix later but that im sure will be fixed in a software update. All and all I still rate the device exceedingly high and almost everyone I know has an Android device now and it stacks up with and surpasses in many ways theirs. Just have the lucky Vibrant I guess.

  • Barry

    I sure hope it’s not an issue, I notice the signal indcator on my Vibrant was all over the place going from 5 bars to zero and back when My N1 was stable at 4 (full), but I had no problems connecting. The signal strength doesn’t seem to be influenced by how I hold it (it’ll do it just sitting on my desk)

    However, My wife just told me she dropped a call 4 times yesterday, in an area where my N1 works fine. I see what happens over the week and if it continues I’ll have to give Samsung a call for an exchange.

  • Christophilthy

    Hey guys, as stated above with the 3G vs. EDGE, if you go into your Settings>Wireless & Network>Mobile networks

    You can change the phone to only access 2G networks. When this is done, my phone appears to have 4 bars all the time now, even when I hold the phone in my hand or hold it tightly, whereas before when I did this on the 3G setting, it would display only 1 or 2 bars.

    • analog spirit

      This is true; when I went into Settings and switched off my 3G, my reception rarely fell below 3 or 4 bars, plus my battery life increased somewhat; I was actually (but just barely) able to make it thru the whole day without recharging. Sound quality was the same, whether in 2G or 3G.
      But with 3G on, reception rarely got above 2 bars in my area, and battery life suffered greatly. Turning your screen brightness down and WiFi off helps extend battery life as well.

  • JV

    My last post on this subject. For some reason, my vibrant seems to be holding a stronger signal today, going by the bars and the debug readout. Been holding the phone in a way where the bars would drop and it’s not doing it now. This leads me to believe that they are doing something with their 3G network and it’s not entirely the phone that’s the problem.

  • ocguy71

    My Vibrant losses signal when just laying there. I’ve gone to the status menu and under signal strength and watched it changed again just laying there. If I death grip it I got the signal to go to 0. Also the battery meter is overexagerated.

  • Jenny

    I’ve had the phone for 3 days now, and the signal fade is a problem. The only way I can avoid signal fade is by holding it at the top and bottom of the phone. It feels awkward to hold it like that :(

    I don’t grip it hard at all. I just place it on my hand and it still fades. It’s a shame cause I really like this phone, but none of the cool features matter if it can’t hold a simple call.

  • mike mikha

    How come these stupid cell makers getting it right anymore.The stupid signla bars are all over the place but the stupid phone still gets calls when it has 0 bars. Whats the deal? i have a hard time getting internet connection because of this

  • JV

    So, I lied and the previous post was not my last one. Found something interesting if anyone would care to try this. I just tried it. While the reception in regards to -dB doesn’t really change that much, the bars seem to be more accurate. I’m seeing 3 to full bars now when “holding it wrong”. This just tells me that the software is a little buggy.

    Problems with my vibrant: -slow 3g -couldn’t get calls or text messages for a couple of hours. -calls where very choppy and sometimes dropped. -every time i put my hands on the phone signal bars dropped -gps was always off and took minutes to locate me, even with use gps towers to locate turned off. Problem with wife’s vibrant: -gps was always off and took minutes to locate, even with use gps towers to locate turned off. How i Fixed these problems: go to settings ->wireless & networks->mobile networks->uncheck data roaming and if you have not done this yet go to settings ->location and security->uncheck use wireless networks Now cycle the power on your phone and it should work fine. I no longer have any issues with anything listed above. I personally have no idea why turning off data roaming would fix any of these issues but it did. Maybe someone who is an expert could give there opinion. If this does not fix you problem i would suggest returning it for another one. .

  • toki

    My signal does not drop, no matter how I hold it and I have not had any problems what so ever with this device. If your having a problem maybe its just your phone that is defective otherwise you should have a smooth experience with this gorgeous mobile device.

  • Annie

    Hello…I’m having a problem with the “messages” icon. Sometimes, I’ll press it and the last page I was on before will pop up. Ie, if I was on the internet beforehand, and I go to the home screen and press “messages”, the internet will pop up. It’s done this three times. But when I restart the phone, the problem goes away.

    And now my internet isn’t working. What the eff… still my fav phone though….

  • Erica

    Just got the Vibrant today and the phone went from wonderful to a pain in 3 hrs. The signal keeps dropping and I haven’t been able to go online or download from the market. Called Tech Support and still nothing! This happens whether I hold the phone or sit it on the table. So I’m not sure its a “death grip” issue. I know one thing for sure. These phones are too expensive to have simple flaws like this.

  • Thomas

    I’ve had the Vibrant since shortly after it came out. The reception on this phone has been TERRIBLE for me. 3G can almost never stay connected. I had the MyTouch 3G slide and that phone had great reception, no problems. This Vibrant jumps from 2G to very weak 3G all the time, especially when my hand is near the left side of the phone. Doesn’t have to actually touch the phone just has to be near it. It will go from full 3g when its sitting by itself on a desk, to 0 3G bars then jumps on 2G when my hand is near it.

    Is this just a fluke where I got a bad or messed up phone? Or is this happening to everyone else with a Vibrant?

    • Jacob

      This same issue is happening to me! it is really dissappointing, seeing that we already live in a rural area without much coverage. Really don’t want to return the phone but i may have to. :/

  • Nathaniel

    Just got the vibrant about 2 days ago and immediatly noticed the drop in reception, I have also lost the 3g connectivity, nothing a quick restart didn’t fix. I have compared to other devices running tmobile such as an unlocked iphone 3g running tmobile services and the service on the other device stays at full bars, I am also unable to send text messages from my job due to signal drops. I was really looking forward to this phone and would hate to have to take it back.

  • Raven

    Im having a lot of issues with the signal on this phone. Dropped calls, calls not going through, not able to go online, slow download speeds. I think am going to return and cancel line. Cost Too much to have so many problems.

  • I’ve had my Vibrant up and running since last weekend. I have had my phone in a silicone case with a screen protector applied since the minute I broke it out of the box. I’ve had no significant issue when compared to my last two handsets, a myTouch Slide and a G1. I’ve held it by the sides and the back as I would any handset with thumb and index finger resting on the volume rocker and the On/Off switch.

  • albrealestate

    signal poor, lost avatar, reloads contacts everytime it sync with facebook so I end up with 4,000 of the sme people. Does not update my synched email let alone refresh my inbox. No flash on camera is very sucky….so much more i think its going back for sure.

  • Noelle

    My vibrant was great for uh a few days but now its driving me crazy! doesn’t sound like all u guys tho, cuz my problem is— everything on it is lagging so bad, its like.. every single thing i do i have to wait and wait and wait. press and wait. press again.. wait.. so navigating through simple things takes minutes. I’ma go through websites, maybe someone has help for me, driving me nutso and yeah i work parttime student i dont have money to barely afford this phone. Thanks if u read this all!! haha. I been wondering if any music i’ve downloaded on it may have put a virus on my phone, off the Music Junk app?

  • JBee

    Albrealestate, I just lost Avatar today and some pics I emailed to myself to get them off the phone I can’t download because the computer is detecting a virus!!!! Noelle, I have been having the same problem with my phone being slow for the last 2 weeks (and I’ve only had it for a month!) I went to Tmobile today and they did a master reset but I’m still having problems.

  • Vinny

    I just switched from Verizon to Tmobile on Saturday and immediately, I noticed signal issues at home.
    At first, I just thought TMobile had bad service where I live but I checked their coverage area and I am in excellent coverage territory.

    I took the phone back to TMobile and they reset but I have the same problem.
    Basically, the phone jumps from 3G with no bars to Edge with no bars constantly. Then it would shoot up to four bars and seconds later back to none.

    it is happening whether I hold the phone or not.I definitely think it is a software issue.
    I have 14 days before 2 year contract kicks in so I may end up cancelling and heading back to Verizon.

    • tmOS94

      Dude , why should you switch when tmobile’s is getting the next dual core phone in just weeks!

  • Julie

    I experienced terrible signal problems. Called customer support and they asked me to replace my SIM card. Did that, and it still had no bars inside my home…where my blackberry used to have four bars. Tried it for five days but never got much of a signal inside and it was spotty around town. With sorrow, returned it today. Loved alot about the phone, but it needs a signal to work properly or at all. Maybe they will get it figured out…I’d wait awhile to get the Vibrant. Rumor is they are also putting a flash on the camera.

  • Roz

    I am now on my 3rd Samsung Vibrant. My husband and I have been with T Mobile for 8 years. When I updated my phone to a Vibrant, my text message plan was so old that they no longer offered it. Well, I had to pay more money to get another plan and they lowered by text messages by 100 text messages…I guess that is a thanks to us for being such loyal customers. I even mentioned that my son worked for ATT several years back and wanted me to go with ATT; I felt that I needed to keep this carrier, but bought a phone from him.

    I must state that I am in medical sales. I was told at the time of sale that T-Mobile had a back up application that would keep all my information. The Samsung Vibrant could not download contacts off of my previous phone, so I had to imput my contacts by hand. There was not a My first phone started dropping phone calls, it wiped out my events on my calendar and the reception bars stayed around 1 bar. I returned with the 14 day period.

    My second phone: The manager of one of the T Mobile offices added the TMobile Back Up application for me. He stated that it would back up all my information from the phone.

    Well, I was adding some contact information to my phone. Watched a movie on the TV, then picked up my phone and the phone wiped out all the contacts that I saved to the phone. After approximately 4 hrs on the phone with techinial support (dropped approx. 4 x while talking with them…of course even though they knew my number, they didn’t call back…award winning…well…)I still didn’t have a reason as to why my contacts were missing. All I was told was that when they looked for my contact information NOTHING and I mean NOTHING was backed up. I told them that the program was downloaded and everything. No where to be found!!! OK, I took the TMobile Back Up app off and went to reinstall as I was asked to do by one customer service rep. Well, when I read the application, since this was the first time I installed, it stated that the back up application will not work for the Vibrant phone and several other phones. Hmmm, let me see; the sales reps told me it would back up and the android customer service reps told me it would work…hmmm. Needless to say I am quite upset all the way around. I did try to use since I read that some people said it worked on their Vibrant. Well, it worked the first time I downloaded then it failed each time after that time.

    Problem #2 – Visual Voicemail doesn’t work, will let you listen to voicemail then force closes.

    I have spent a lot of time entering information to this Vibrant as well as trying to work out issues at 2 TMobile offices and talking with customer service. I am trying to figure out just why I got another Vibrant. I do like the phone, but I really don’t like all the problems.

    Has anyone else had any of these problems?

  • chalesman

    i’ve had the vibrant since the next day that it came out… i haven’t experience bad reception…but i have experience the laggy moments but when i do i just turn it off take out the battery, put it back and turn it on again and problem solved…but i started to a new problem today…the phone turns off by it self event tho it has battery and when i try to turn it back on it takes a long time after a few tries…so far am not liking it….

  • xclntgig

    I had the MyTouch Slide (actually still have it) and just paid it off and bought the Vibrant. It has a great screen and a fast processor, but that’s it.

    The software isn’t as “smart” as the HTC Sense on the Slide. The slide had widgets for things like calendar and email that I had become used to in the short time I used them. Also, I could tap an address in an email and it would ask if I wanted to Navigate (cool). Vibrant doesn’t do stuff like that.

    And, 3G\Wifi connectivity IS an issue with the Vibrant, and it’s not the same as the iPhone 4! I lose connection to my home wifi and 3g (Android Market, etc..) all the time. This happens wether I’m holding the phone or not.

    Good thing I haven’t sold my Slide on EBay yet. I will be returning the Vibrant tomorrow.

  • Ali

    Hi. I seem to be experiencing a very different problem. Aside from the no signals at times, i was recently informed by my friends that when they try to call me, my phone rings twice and goes straight to voice mail. The funny thing is that my phone usually doesn’t ring nor does it show the missed calls in the call log. Now, that problem only persists when the signal is low or if i’m using an app or something (not sure if not receiving calls would be related to that.) Any how, today i switched my setting from 3g to 2g and my signals strength has been great and i seem to be receiving all my calls. What confuses me is that I live in a city that has a very strong 3g signal, yet my phone doesn’t seem to pick up any of it. Could this be solely a phone issue, 3g in the area or a simple sim card issue?

  • Koozie

    Ok so I get great phone recieption but only problem is I cant send any texts messages or recieve any but funny part is I got text messages from tmoblie…. I try restarting phone and reseting to factory setting still nothing works.

  • crystal

    I have had my vibrant since it came out as well. Now, for the past two weeks I have been having a completely different problem. While texting people I would notice that they ‘stopped replying’ or so i thought. Then the next day or two I all of a sudden received 20+ messages from the previous conversations that never came through, all from different people. All the while i thought they weren’t responding but i was just not getting them. A few would come in here and there. This so far has happened three times within two weeks, the last occuring last night when my phone suddenly shut off (fully charged) and i took out the battery and turned the phone back on, i suddenly received a bunch of text messages. Customer service did say it was a problem and they would contact me in 1-3 days. I am now on day 7, sigh. Anyone else with this problem??

    • Marissa

      yes! this happens to me too! i just got me phone thursday and its done it to me three times and its very annoying, have you heard anything from them yet?

  • Lilmo

    Have had my vibrant a little over a month. Exprienced dropped calls almost immediatley. I finally called tmobile a week ago and they had me do a few things and even reset my signal to my local tower. Nothing worked so they just sent me a new vibrant. Well, its been a few days and am still having dropped calls. Seems to me its a vibrant problem. The interesting part is that I asked if this was a previously reported problem and they said no, but reading through this thread its obviously a common issue

  • josh

    i have had my vibrant for about a week awesome signal and awesome phone. only one problem when someone tries to call me i answer and i can hear them but apparently they cannot hear me it results in me having to call them. its an issue i barely started to have. but otherwise i love this phone. but that problem is annoying

  • Gavin

    My galaxy is the worst ever. I work for t-mobile, and I bought the galaxy s vibrant the first day it came out. Ever since then my texting would go out on me. Sometimes I will receive messages 3 days late. Sometimes 5. I called t-mobile and they escalated it to the engineering department….no fix yet. its been 3 months.

  • Alok

    I have had the same issue with no 3g coverage most of the times. I do get it once in a while but goes back to edge. Tried my sim on a different phone and got 3g and full network for almost 3-4 hrs without drop. Tried my friend’s sim(he had full bar and H)on my phone and then the signal dropped to a bar and edge network. Ordered 2 phones (one for me and one for my sister) and problems on both the phones. My sister’s phone is even worst. Call drops all the time.. No one can get in touch with her. PPl say that her phone rings but she doesnt get any rings on her phone (yes the volume was at the highest level).. :)
    Yesterday called customer service, the guy whom i spoke with didnt know what he was saying so there was no way he would have understood what problems i was facing with the phone. anyways the last resolution he gave me was that he’d send me another phone. So I asked him if he was sending me a new or a refurbished phone and to my surprise he told me that it most prob would be a refurbished one. wow what a service t-mobile has!! paid for a new phone and what i was getting was a refurbished one!! gosh.. what a rip-off… anyways then spoke with the supervisor, told me to get the newer kind of sim.. did that today and the network is even worse…wont connect to 3g at all.,.. the signal strength has improved from 2 bars to 4 bars though… supposed to receive a call from the supervisor today.. lets see what she comes up with..
    beaware if anyone is buying the vibrant.. get “my touch 4g” instead..

  • Chavezjason

    i hate my vibrant tmobil has sent me three of the same phone and they have all had problems

  • verymadboi

    ok so my vibrant constantly gets stuck at the vibrant screen its not rooted no custom roms but i stupidly traded my new G2 for this is there anyway i can get it back

  • Clausser1

    My email is horrible on my samsung vibrant. Love everything about the phone except email. Both aol and go daddy server. My wife has same phone and is much better. I have spent countless time on with t-mobile… can anyone help

  • Edgar

    I HATE T MOBILE AND THE VIBRANT….aahhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Mike

    Awful phone and customer service just wants to give you the run around. On second phone and having the same GPS, freezing, lagging, camera, and movie issues that first one had. The cost of the phone is not even close to service you can get with other smart phones. Don’t recommend the galaxy s or tmobile to anyone!

  • Mike

    Awful phone and customer service just wants to give you the run around. On second phone and having the same GPS, freezing, lagging, camera, and movie issues that first one had. The cost of the phone is not even close to service you can get with other smart phones. Don’t recommend the galaxy s or tmobile to anyone!

  • Uncutbuddy

    I HATE THIS PHONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Wabbick

    I am sick and ired of this phone I am on my 5th and none of them will charge. Tmobile will only send me more of this crap and wont do anything else I’ve tried ifferent chargers batteries and mster reset the phone