Samsung Behold 2 Update Pulled, Behold 2 Users Cry In Dismay

Oh here we go again, trouble in the Samsung Behold 2 world. After ALL that went down regarding updates or a lack of receiving them, Samsung “lying” or not, T-Mobile and Samsung made somewhat good on their promise to deliver an upgrade. Of course, that upgrade has now been pulled due to troubles some users were experiencing. Stating that some users were reporting “signal quality concerns,” the update, which began rolling out June 21st has been pulled and has no ETA for coming back. It’s likely it won’t go down for long but still, this is just throwing gasoline on an already large fire for Behold 2 users who have voiced significant discontent with the way the whole upgrade nightmare process was handled. We’ll keep you updated when word comes down that the update has been made available.



  • currator

    epic fail. just think the vibrant has 2.1 and im sure the time android 4.0 rollout this phone will get the 2.2 update ill hold out till the end of the year and wait to see what drops from htc

    • Nick

      Samsung has too much riding on their Galaxy S series to let updates slip through the cracks.

    • NeXus

      true. but they said at the release that it would get the 2.2 by late august. they gave a date on that. but your right. we will see. I have the behold 2 and will see what HTC comes out with later in the year.

      • Garet

        HTC customer service is terrible I bought a Nexus One had it replaced 3 times each time they asked for a 540 deposit until they get my phone or if I just ship my phone without them shipping a replacement first it was still $30 deposit. Anyways their reps were rude and not very helpful I ended up calling T-mobile and a rep from there got Google rep and both of them helped me more then HTC ok enough of my book of bad HTC I wont buy another HTC phone PERIOD I have the Vibrant and it is an amazing phone faster then the N1 before 2.2 but only slighter slower then the N1 with 2.2

  • going_home

    Anyone still trust Samsung to update their phones ?
    After all 2.2 is smiling sweetly on my Nexus while Samsung released
    their Vibrant today with 2.1.
    Maybe when 3.0 is released the Vibrant will get 2.2…..maybe.


    • lol

      nexus is crap compared to samsung vibrant look at the real world benchmarks they both have 1GHz cpu but samsung has a gpu which videos pics games everything not only looks but moves better at fps.

      • d3fpo3t

        the phone might be better but the N1 will get all updates in the foreseeable future The vibrant has a 50% chance of not receiving one

    • Garet

      Um N1 is the only HTC phone with 2.2 cause it is Vanilla android. wait and see how long it takes HTC to get it to all the phones with sense overlay and talk to me then I just sold my 2.2 N1 and am very happy with the Vibrant.Watch Avatar on the Vibrant and that alone can change your mind the screen is amazing and makes other phones pale in comparison

      • Brink182

        Seriously. To all you vibrant owners. If you owned a behold 2 then you wouldn;t be owning a Vibrant right now. The Behold 2 was a epic failure for samsung in my eyes. Samsung left everyone with a $500 paper weigh in my eyes. Let’s see if they really support their phone this time.

  • Ms.M

    I am really really hating samsung right now! upset i”ve waited FOREVER! to get the update and in the end i didnt get it !I payed almost $500 for this phone to not get and update seriously!

    • hecg55

      why didnt you find out if you were eligible first?

      • But that’s the fundamental issue: a customer’s reasonable assumption is that they can upgrade their Android OS since it is not only a fundamental principle of modern smartphones, but carriers and manufacturers are selling devices BASED on that assumption.

        Not explicitly “promising” it is a cop out — they are PROFITING from the implication.

        And in this case, Samsung went beyond the implication and attached the future upgrade as a value-added feature.

        Companies do not get a pass for failing to deliver — they deserve no sympathy. They are a business and not running your business right should result in financial repercussions. Except instead of making right ASAP, most large corporations right out the issue with their weight and an army of PR. A smaller company could never get away with that. That’s why we (unfortunately) require government oversight and intervention (the government being a powerful representation of its constituent parts, that would otherwise be ineffectual at enacting change by indifferent corporations.)

      • Jay Antwan

        “But that’s the fundamental issue: a customer’s reasonable assumption is that they can upgrade their Android OS since it is not only a fundamental principle of modern smartphones, but carriers and manufacturers are selling devices BASED on that assumption.”

        I understand that assumption, i just dont know where it came from or how companies are depending on it.

        When i had my MDA running wmo5, i NEVER assumed it would run WinMo 6. And when Apple Announced that IOS4 would be able to be installed on the 3GS everyone was shocked, it wasnt expected. Even computerwise, I dont expect for Microsoft to Give me Windows 7 for free because i bought Vista. (Granted in that situation we are only talking about software, but the idea of receiving an updated version of an OS sole on the strength that you purchased an older version doesn’t make sense to me)

        As new software is produced, theres no guarantee that it will be made available for all of the legacy models of a certain company’s products. With Android, Many of the new versions look the same, and i think people therefore just think that the versions should all work on any device and we all know thats far from the case. And as long as the company doesnt explicitly say that they will upgrade the OS (Which is where Samsung Admittedly made its fatal mistake) it should not be assumed that upgrades will be freely available to the general public. Thats just my .02

    • Davidohio

      Well would you want the update to be flawless? They pulled it for a good reason as clearly stated in the article. Stop whining and just wait a little bit longer and you will get the update without any flaws in it and you will be somewhat happy.

    • Davidohio

      Ridiculous! They pulled it due to issues, not to “force” anyone to buy a new phone. Paranoid much?

    • Drew

      I know what you mean.. I’m so incredibly bitter about this whole thing. I only bought my behold 2 in February, and now it’s basically a relic. Screw ScamSung.
      I can’t even feel bad for all the people who went out and copped their new ScamSung phone. If you didn’t learn from the woes of the current behold 2 owners then what else can be said? If someone was to tell you that if you walked down a certain street you’d get raped and then robbed… and you decided to take that street anyway.. who’s the fool? Screw ScamSung.

  • cwalker30

    but my vibrant is still faster then that old ass n1!!! haha and when 2.2 is put on it, GAME OVER!!!

    • kast107

      True. Game over for Samsung, because it probably won’t go beyond 2.2.

      • J.C.

        The Vibrant meets all upgrade criteria for future updates up to Gingerbread 3.0, whether it’s through Samsung updating the OS or a root from CM.

        Remember people, the Vibrant is already root-able (unlike the DROID “X”). So, if Samsung does not update the OS; the Vibrant owner can with CM6 and then CM7.

    • NolaDude

      It’s a phone…not a race car, who cares, seriously. I would rather have a full featured phone with capable hardware, than a blazing fast phone that is missing crap,and will be slow to update.

  • rubi76

    Got this phone the week it came out as it was good on paper. Realized software was horrible right away and sold on ebay – took a loss on it but relatively small compared to the pain of using it.
    I now use a Nexus One and couldn’t be happier.
    Samsung tried to overdo Android and cheated customers. Shame on them and T-Mo for putting out software that has major bugs – still not fixed after months.

    • Matlock

      STFU, the UI on the Vibrant is perfectly fine! Its the closest thing to Vanilla Android if you ask me, with the exception of the app tray. The phone runs circles around the N1, and I should know I own an N1! The Vibrant is much faster then any N1 running 2.1, and pretty much almost matches the N1 with 2.2! So what if it doesnt get 3.0 (Gingerbread) its still one hell of a phone.

      • watbetch

        yeah what he said! it doesnt matter if the N1 with froyo still obliterates this thing, or that the dual core emerald will dance circles around it, this is the best phone in the world, no other phone will ever touch this thing. It’s the coolest and most bestest phone ever

  • Chris





    • eric

      the phone has to be used in your account for 3 months after that the phone becomes your property……if you dont use it for 3 months then it becomes tomobiles property…..manager cant do that….i would email the HTC repand let him know whats going on because they take your name and number down. thats the reason i work for verizon now…..i used to hate to see other employees tell customers to change their number or they cant get the deal they saw….then they cancel the account and open a post cause post costs more than upgrade. selling sim cards for 20 dollars when its really free even at the store.putting fake price cards and adding accessories to it and telling customers its free. Alot of tricking customers and managers let it happen.

    • lol

      dont give back shizz

    • zzzzzzz

      Go on the Champion forum and ask this question, you will get a response from someone who matters. Plus, the policy regarding this issue is posted there.

    • WHAT!

      Its not your phone…it never was. As stated above, this is posted in the champions website.

      • Chris

        Yea i was trying to go on there all day yesterday but got web page errors pissed me off

  • David

    Ummm I never knew there was another update heh

  • Snowblind

    If samsuck really cared about its users they would give us Vibrants in return for the dissatisfaction and inconvenience. Ive has my B2 replaced 3 times now and the best option Tmo has given me is ending my contact and giving me a full discount. There is no way I’m going to give Tmo another $100 and sign another 2 year contract.

    After a year most phones are outdated anyway…

    • Alejandro

      I had a Behold II, I got the update, T-Mobile is giving me a Samsung Vibrant…For Free…lol try doing something about your issue and you’ll get somewhere, trust me…

      • jtothada

        who did you talk to? what did you say? and what plan are you on…because i’ve been with tmo for 4yrs and i replaced my behold 2 twice and they wont do nothing for me………

      • El Guapo

        Yeah right! Oh guess what? I called tmobile and they are giving me 3 free vibrants! And I dont even have to return my BH2!

      • Snowblind

        I called in Wednesday and was lied to by a supervisor in the android and blackberry department, she said that she had no idea when the vibrant was coming out and that tmobile hadn’t set a price for it yet (this was the day before it came out) The lady told me that the best offer tmobile could give me is a full fiscount on a new phone. I asked each of the 3 people I spoke with to transfer me to the customer loyalty department and the first two people said they couldn’t transfer me there unless I was going to cancel my account (even though I said I would) and the third person who was really rude said that anything that I needed to talk to customer loyalty about she could do…

        I’ll ne honest its really frustrating sometimes hearing people talk about getting a new mytouch slide orva new vibrant for free and I on the other hand will have to pay another $100+ to get either of thosec. phones. I really think dealing with tmobile is like a game of musical chairs, you have to talk to certain people at certain times to get anywhere. All I seem to get is people that think replacing my phone for the 4th time will fix everything.

      • Alejandro

        I emailed the T-Mobile Executive office…Of course stupid Customer service won’t do anything for you…You have to go straight to the top. I email them, got a response the next day. My Vibrant comes in the mail tomorrow….

  • JoshL

    Screw Samsung. I almost bought the Vibrant, but then remembered Behold II users. I will wait until sept/nov for a truly amazing phone from HTC!

  • Ryan

    Oh look… the ignorant have come out of the closet and are comparing the BH2 piece of trash to the Vibrant, Samsung’s first ever flagship device being sold to 110 countries worldwide. Get a clue people.

    • mmaxxsooner

      Speaking of ignorant, or should I just call you insane, since you really think the result will be different from the behold 2 to vibrant. The vibrant is out one day and already there are issues. I don’t care if this phone is sold in ever Damn country in the world it will lag on updates and fixes, its a Samsung! Consider yourselves lucky that the behold 2 owners gave everyone heads up to stay away from Samsung. Just hold you money and hope for a decent HTC device.

  • TMOprophet

    HTC from here out!, Samsung blows, THe vibrator sucks, Samsung is so unoriginal that they just made it look like an IPhone 3GS, retards, now HTC is innovative, looking forward to their stuff later this year, then all the Vibrationists will be crying.

    • En2Mente

      I agree 100%

  • Dean

    All you people crying it’s just a damn phone. You also had 14 days to return it without any problem…why keep a phone hoping they are going to update it in a timely manner?

    And if you paid $500 for this crap phone…you are flat out of your mind! The phone is not worth half that!

    • Snowblind

      I had to have my B2 replaced the second day I had it because it wouldn’t charge, so I only had a working B2 for like 4 days before my 14 day trial expired. The B2 was my first ever android phone and the Tmo reps toldme that all the issues I had would be fixed with the update.

  • Jed Clamped

    Why is everyone crying about updates? Phones used to just be as is. No updating. When you buy a phone that’s what you got. If you wanted more features, you bought another phone. All of you are spoiled.

    • Jeremy

      That’s not the world we live in today. When I bought the Behold 2 I was promised Android 2.x by tmobile reps. That is something I took as a verbal contractual agreement… or at least something I could use to argue a case with T-Mobile. I walked into a store yesterday, picked up the Vibrant at the cost of a standard upgrade and it didn’t require I use the upgrade on my account because of an authorization of a 30 day “free” upgrade offered to soothe the dismay over the Behold 2 issued by the office of the president of T-Mobile. I am a happy T-Mobile customer again. I was thinking it would be stupid to buy another samsung, but the Galaxy S is a multiple carrier and powerhouse phone so there WILL be support for this one, because more users are going to buy it. It’s that simple… cost efficiencies for upgrading are based on number of sales and I believe this phone, unlike the Behold 2, will sell with ease.


      • Ryan

        You were not promised 2.x. I’m so sick of this excuse, but reps never “promise” updates. No reps ever heard word that the BH2 would receive that update, so it’s quite obvious that you are lying. This stupid argument is getting so old.

        • will davis

          uhhh yes they did promise us 2.0 look on youtube and i think you should go back to your little flip phone and leave the smart people alone.have a nice day

      • jtothada

        @ Ryan dont comment if you dont kno what the F YOUR TALKING ABOUT!!!! WTF is a rep they never no CRAP, Samsung promised the 2.x update (you kno, the people that actually make the phone NOT REPS )

    • Jay Antwan

      AGREED x100. See my Reply.

  • currator

    yeah that was before on reg phones these are smart phones that you a. pay more for b. pay data on and they run an os that gets updated by the people who made it its implied when you by a phone and we dont expect more then one or two updates for a phone withing about a year or so hey droid came out one month after cliq cliq shiped with 1.5 and droid with 2.0 and now droid has got one update and about to get another soooo i mean

  • Mrsdconley

    I just bought the vibrant yesterday after swearing off samsung devices all together a few years ago and to be honest I really do like it, I had an HD2 before this buy and had a mytouch before that. Honestly a good piece of equipment and you get used to it quickly. HD2 disappointed me, bought vibrant retail (EMP plan) and will be picing up one of the 4th q’s htc devices. Tmo has been getting more impressive, was with them 4 yrs ago and swore I would never go back, left u.s. cellular for them last fall.

  • joee

    i was just talking to a samsung rep, and he said that samsung will not be launching an update for the samsung behold 2 for tmobile usa.

  • brightsn


    You obviously don’t know what you are talking about. Read the comments sections from the various articles published on other blogs about the Behold 2. Go through the signatures on the petition. There are numerous posts and comments from T-Mobile sales reps, saying that a mass e-mail was sent to all T-Mobile stores in December, informing managers that Samsung had promised an update to 2.x for the Behold 2 and to begin using it as a selling point. There was also a live chat on a tech blog with a T-Mobile sales rep, the transcript of which can still be found, if one is inclined to look for it, in which he stated that Samsung had visited the T-Mobile corporate offices in December and verbally promised 2.x for the Behold 2. Samsung lied to T-Mobile, which in turn, passed that lie on to its customers.

  • Wunako

    I got this phone BH2 in endof march, i went a month witht the pjone being perfectly fine.. There were a fee things i dnt like like the TW and UI and that pointless cube. Well after the update my phone dies after 6 hrs! Wen i turn it back on my phone resends all my txt mssgs and its annoying thesingle has been getting worse! Im not here to bitch but i do recommend u guys to wait out for vibrant, samsung sucks! I will nvr get another phone from them, the update caused more probs then it had to begin with smh

  • phonegeek

    really… doesnt surprise me

  • BBSwany

    This is ridiculous! You know they’re intentionally making this decision to force customers to purchase the Vibrant. This is exactly why Google released the Nexus One. They (Google) didn’t want a company (Samsung) to keep updates from people thus widening that so called fragmentation gap.
    I absolutely refuse to do business with Samsung from here on out. I will not knowingly purchase any of their products. TV’s, HD’s, RAM, NOTHING.

    • mmaxxsooner

      Right there with you bro Samsung will NEVER SEE MY DOLLARS AGAIN! AND SO WILL TMOBILE IF THEY DON’T FIX THIS HUGE WRONG. Yes tmobile you hands are not clean, fix THIS issue however you can because 1 PIssed off customer tells 100. 1 happy tells 2 and guess where that leaves you??? As a dead brand merging with sprint! Ahhh! karma at its best. You listening TMOB USA!!

      • Matlock

        You should have done your research before buying the PoS Behold 2!! Dont blame T-Mo for your decision to purchase the phone! you could have purchsed other phones but you decided to go along with that one, so STFU, and suck it up bitch boy!! Do your research next time when it comes to buying a phone! And for your info, The Vibrant is one hell of a phone!!!

  • raymond

    and so the saga continues on the soap drama days of our tmobile -_-

  • Davidohio

    I love the screen on the vibrant. The nexus one is not a bad phone but the vibrant puts it to shame with the screen. Also for all the misinformed folks saying that the vibrant will not get 2.2, samsung and t-mobile have already said it will be getting the update shortly after launch. Either way the vibrant is one bad ass device!

  • souggie

    soooo…let me get this straight….because a company makes ONE bad phone….we should trash the company? especially when they got it right with the next phone? you guys sound like spoiled kids….the vibrant is the answer to a lot of tmo customers prayers for a good smartphone right now. also samsung has publicly stated that the phone would get 2.2 at the conference…that didnt happen with the BH2..because it was supposed to be the first…a trial run for tmobile….and it sucked…but that doesnt mean you trash the company….apple jacked up the iphone 4, but folks still have faith in apple for whatever reason….man the vibrant has some of the most powerful specs out right now on any smartphone, and tmo’s lineup is gonna get better, but it has to start somewhere, and its starting with the vibrant…so yall chill out, and stop acting like you’re children, and start acting like folks who are sensible….HTC has bad some crap fones too, as has motorola…samsung actually got it right with this fone…and the market its aiming at is so big…they’ll have NO CHOICE but to support the phone and send updates…this is a WORLDWIDE phone..not a sh@tty ass BH2, but a true android superpone from tmobile. Be grateful…HTC vision aint even here yet….and that might be a F#ckup…you never kno….

    • mmaxxsooner

      yoy said it best for “whatever reason”. And jim jones said drink the coolaid yum. Burn me once. But then twist the knife?? Dont say we didnt warn you. Can yoy say BURN! I KNOW YOU CAN!!

    • will davis

      i paid for 2.0 not 1.6,so im gonna go with that htc.i like their phones but sammy you have a good day.

  • souggie

    Listen, i feel for BH2 owners, but thats why you research what u buy before you buy it, and demo it as well…i got the vibrant because i was able to demo it four days prior to launch(yes it takes me four days because i need to know everything) i went to the store everyday for four days, did research on the net, called samsung even, because i needed to see for myself, and so far everything checked out…just do the research folks, and stop gettin mad at carriers and companies…they make the phone they want to sell, no the one YOU want to have…so be chill

    • Wunako

      Well i kindv didnt have a choice since i lost my phone, and the insurence gave me the BH2 cus the BH1 was discontinued?? But the light at end of tunnel is that my contract is up in december so i can upgrade to newest phone.. Im not telln ppl to not by samsung but personally i wont b

      • Joey

        I hate to tell you this…but they are having a promotion on the vibrant as well….lol…remember the large give away of the BHII…looks like 6 months from now you will be posting how you hate sammy…(is it ironic playing in the background)

  • mmaxxsooner

    I might respect your thoughts but its been out one day! oh yeah you did some research alright, at the koolaid fountain. When your looking for? 2.2 In February lets talk!:


  • RMB1000

    this makes me worry about the vibrant!

  • The Observer

    @ joey

    what promotion for the vibrant?

  • Charles Xavier

    I’m not sure how any T-mobile customer, especially the knowledgeable ones, would want another T-mobile Samsung phone after the Behold 2. Plus the Vibrant feels cheap and lacks many things that highend phones have. And the biggest thing is that its just an iphone 3GS knockoff.

  • Drew

    to: Jeremy
    Kindly tell us what “authorization of a 30 day “free” upgrade offered to soothe the dismay” you are referring to? I can’t stand what ScamSung did to behold ii owners, but I’d really give alot to get RID OF THIS PHONE!

  • wes

    Grow up people it’s a phone who needs an update when a new phone will come out in six months anyways.

  • joe

    To all vibrant owners .GOOD LUCK . Just wait till you end up in the same boat. Sooner or later it will happen . I will never buy a samsung product again. i dont care how good it looks it will still be a turd .

  • tmoled

    Giany f u to its customers from Samsung! It sounds like some people are getting an early upgrade from tmobile so maybe not so much of an f u from tmobile. If I had one I would be angry too so you guys have every right to complain. The people that are telling you to shut up don’t desrve freedom of any sort, they’re a$$-kissers by nature. The phone looked great on paoer and Samsung did make the promise and tmobile did use it as a selling point, therefore it was false advertising on their part so they’re are responsible and deaerve to be blamed.

  • tmoled

    Giant f u to its customers from Samsung! It sounds like some people are getting an early upgrade from tmobile so maybe not so much of an f u from tmobile. If I had one I would be angry too so you guys have every right to complain. The people that are telling you to shut up don’t desrve freedom of any sort, they’re a$$-ki$$ers by nature. The phone looked great on paper and Samsung did make the promise and tmobile did use it as a selling point, therefore it was false advertising on their part so they’re are responsible and deserve to be blamed.

  • tmoled

    Oops double post, wouldn’t post first time, asked me to change it, yet posted anyway, my bad.

  • Scott

    I got my Behold II (with a months worth of email and phone-tag effort calling T-Mobile corporate) replaced with a Samsung Vibrant for free. And it’s a way better device.

  • Drew

    every behold II owner should call corporate and get the upgrade we deserve by way of a new device!

  • Adam

    I called and the best I could get them to do for me was gimme a full discount on the Vibrant without adding any contract time. Just called today BTW. Its not exactly what I wanted but better than keeping this POS Behold.