HTC To Ship 8.5 Million Phones Through The End of 2010?

If the Commercial Times, a Chinese news outlet has this right, HTC plans to ship somewhere in the neighborhood of 8.5 million phones through years end. Part of their plan to take over the world hit this number is to launch six more devices before 2011 rolls around. We are of course somewhat positive that at least two of these devices are Android-based and showing up on T-Mobile, the HTC Vanguard and the HTC Emerald. Thanks to a leaked roadmap, rumors regarding these phones and T-Mobile are heating up and from what hear from our own sources, we aren’t seeing much that gives us reason to doubt these rumors. HTC does seem to be on the ball with device launches lately and Android has certainly propelled its sales but shipping 8.5 million phone is no small feat. Hopefully they have some great stuff heading our way!


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