Samsung Vibrant Early Adopters, First Day Thoughts?

The Samsung Vibrant has officially launched and for the Android and T-Mobile faithful it just might be the best Android phone Magenta has. While its been less than 24 hours we have little doubt most of you have spent the better part of your day putting the phone through its paces so we want to know your first day err first hours thoughts. Do you love it? Do you hate it? Or are you somewhere in between. Some of you have seemingly gotten a steal with cheaper than expected upgrades or found the $99 dollar deal at Costco. We heard that some stores had reps with no idea a phone launched and some stores that sold out. Either way, arguably the best phone T-Mobile has in its lineup is now available and we want to know, is it a match made in heaven?

Photo by WJLambert


  • Animate

    This is my first Android phone and I love it. I’m still learning the widgets and what not but my fave feature so far is easily Swype. Its amazingly accurate.

  • deezy

    i sold about 10 at work today. everyone was very impressed!

  • ktwist

    We actually had people prank calling our store asking if we had the “Vibrator” in stock lol. No lines out our doors but it was pretty damn busy, sold 20 vibrants myself.

    • al

      Hmm, maybe Tmo would have been better off calling it the “Vibrator”. :-) Personally, I hate the name “Vibrant”, but I bought one anyway. Might as well have called it the “Shiny” LOL

  • Auxy

    Got this phone today @ Costco. What a great device compared to my Blackberry 8320.
    Night & day difference. I know I’m really going to enjoy using this phone.

    • Sgt. Cell

      Wow, someone who kept there 8320 longer than me. Welcome to 2010, enjoy the new phone. I wish the HD2 ran Android.

      • meee

        you can hack it to have android at the level of the first mytouch

      • Bryan

        I still have my 8320. I need help. And a new phone. :(

  • Adam Kelly

    I’ve been playing with it all day, so far I’m super impressed. This phone Rawks.

  • Fusion20b

    Sorry I like the specs and all but we are in 2010 going on 2011 and till this day mega companies are still making smart phones without a flash and a square frame. Nexus one by far the most slim and sexiest smart phone in the market. T-Mobile still needs to step up their game.

    • tim5

      but tmobile didnt make the phone samsung did.

    • Davidohio

      Still going on about no flash! It has night mode. I don’t know about anyone else but rarely do i take photos in the dark. That’s why i have a camera.

      • al

        Totally agree. Given a choice, I’d rather have a good “night mode” than a flash that doesn’t really help and only makes the phone thicker. Besides, I can’t even count on one hand the number of low light pics I’ve taken in the past 5 years where I didn’t have a real camera handy.

      • z6

        Then you’re also probably okay with Samsung taking out the rear camera on its next ‘phone’, since you already have a good digital camera, right? Or perhaps taking out the antennas so it doesn’t do phone calls, cause you’ll already be owning a phone that makes calls, right? You can see how ridiculous your statements are when put it into perspective.

        This whole apologietic crap about the lack of standard features on this phone is just ridiculous. The night-mode is software related. Any other moded phone can have it. The flash is hardware, and the Samsung ‘Vibrant’ will never have it. You may not need it, but others might want it. It’s like the iPhone fanbase that tried to initially excuse the lack of standard features, from picture messaging to the LED. Personally I use the flash quite often as a flashflight, even though I own a Mag-Lite, even though my apartment has light-bulbs and my car has headlights. And no, max-ing the brightness and turning the screen white is not equivalent. As a new phone in mid-2010, it should also have a FFC. You may not use it today, but other’s might want it. Apple was able to make it all happen, why can’t Samsung? I mean the whole UI of touchwiz is modeled after iOS anyway, why not imitate the rest. It’s too bad because i think this phone has a lot going for it.

    • hisshadiness

      I know the almighty specs might be lacking but my My Touch 3G slide has flash :-P I used to be a spec addict but this phone has been amazing! Keyboard, Flash, Speech – Text (not the other way around), the genius button. I’ll take features over specs any day as long as they are implemented properly. I have officially been converted.

    • just some dude

      Flash is standard equipment in todays phones, its ridiculous that they left it out. Its like saying “2 megapixels is fine, you can still take a good picture”, total nonsense.

      • sgastel

        I tried out the night mode last night and was impressed. Not only did my subject get lit up but the entire room and the room behind him. I have never used night mode on a camera before so I have nothing to compare it to but I think it worked like a champ.

  • Casey

    The phone if fantastic. I will even say better then my n1 that I have been using. The screen is the best looking screen I’ve seen and I’ve even looked at the iphone screen, bigger is better. Its not as plastiy as I thought. Feels great in your hand. I
    Can’t believe how lite it is. I’m very happy with it. Good job samsung. I did have to take the one I got this morning, after I recorded a video there was no sound but static so I took it back and got a new one.

  • Djbroray

    swype is excellent. I replaced my jailbroke 3 gs. I had the g1 . love android won’t go back to iphone. Phone is fast

  • Frankie

    I picked up mine after launch today, and am impress on how lite the phone is and the screen…hmmmmm….the screen is jux vibrant like the name….jux cant wait to root this phone or to update to froyo…..!

  • whyhellomichael

    went to the bar after i left store, with my vibrant. had the guys next to me ask me what phone i had, one with a 3g iphone that thought it was the iphone4, the other with an incredible that thought it was the evo. both guys impressed. especially when i told them they could get this phone, with 1000 whenever mins, unl data and messaging+the phone OFF contract for ~100 bucks a month, less once they paid the phone off…whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat.??

  • MedicBMC

    I’m very pleased with my purchase! I’ve never used swype before but that feature is awesome I can text so much faster now. Also the screen is outrageous I still can’t get over how “Vibrant” all the colors are. All in all there is nothing I don’t like about the phone. I just wish zagg would come out with an invisibleshield for it, and I’d like to get a nice case.

  • phonegeek

    well i played with a vibrant today its funny after seeing the vids they were staring at me as i worked the phone better than the employees lol hilarious but its a good phone im going to buy it outright through best buy mobile after i trade in the dash an sell the mt3g im saving the upgrade for a beast of a phone that comes out in nov but the vibrant is extremely light i couldnt believe how light it was myself and it didnt feel cheap like i thought it would the back is a bit slick but still feels good in your hand i got a bit spoiled in the store after playing with it an using my mt3g afterwards so for all who are thinking on upgrading id say do it its a superb phone an very fast and i have played with the iphone 4… gotta say.. i WASNT impressed an i like iphones

  • Jimbo

    This Phone is ok I like the slide I need a key board also last phone I got was hd2 what a hunk of junk

  • Spovik

    While on the surface lack of a flash my deter some, use the night shot mode and you’ll see that a lack of flash is not that big a deal

    It’s a slick phone. Screen good like the HD2, but the slightly smaller size makes it far more comfortable to hold.

    The power button placement felt a little awkward to me, especially since it’s used to unlock the phone.

    • twitch110

      I’m with you. The only downside to the phone is the awkward placement if the unlock key. I’m slowly getting used to it but I’d much rather have a button like the original galaxy s on the front of the phone.

  • badaphooko01

    This phone is amazing, the only problem I am having is poor reception compared to my G1. With my G1 I could get 1 to 2 bars in my house and in other parts I get no service which was expected, but I knew I could always walk outside on my porch and get 3 bars and possibly an edged signal. Now I have to walk to the end of my driveway to get one bar.
    Don’t know If I can live with no service close to my house, hope it gets fixed with a firware update. I have 14 days to see!

    • badaphooko01

      update! I was doing some testing on signal strength and it sees the bars are not correct. As long as you can see the the bars even if none of them are lit up you still get reception. What a relief! I noticed that it takes a few seconds longer for the call to connect but when it does your good and actually performed better than my g1 did in some areas.

      Overall this phone is all I could want in a phone, just can’t decide on how to set up my screens, didn’t have that many options with my G1.

      Also the phone is very slippery, I am definatley gonna go to the Tmo store tomorrow and pick up one them Gel cases. Can’t believe I’m gonna spend $18 on one, but I think it will be a good investment.

      • Shannon

        Thanks for sharing that about the bars b/c I am having the same issue with my Vibrant. I was only picking up about one or two bars so I was worried about me not being able to talk on it. I would hate to give up such a great phone b/c of a reception issue.

  • Jimbo

    Get a new sim card for the signal or activate the one u just got

    • Davidohio

      Sim cards store data and do not effect signal at all.

      • Ummm…

        Ummm…no…the SIM card is the reason you get signal. That’s your connection to the network. And no SIM cards don’t store data either with the exception of contacts. Nice try though.

      • Awsnap

        I would consider contacts to be classified as ‘data.’

      • Awsnap

        And you can also store a very limited amount of SMS messages, as well.

  • Anthony

    For all of you that “have the phone”, post some pictures of the night, low-light camera shots in action.

    • Good question man, I’m curious as well being that I live with flash now on my N1

  • catsigh

    well I ordered mine. The website just wouldn’t offer anything less than $449 even though I’m out of contract. After reading some of the prices folks pulled off I feel sorta like a schmuck for paying the $199 base. Seems like I paid for everything, shipping, activation, etc. Wish I’d have held off and gotten a deal. Now I wait for it to ship.

  • Scott

    Can someone explain this to me. I am an existing T-Mobile customer for over 3 years. I am NOT under contract anymore Why is it that I have to pay $400 to upgrade to the Vibrant even WITH a 2/yr contract extension?

    • Bimmerz

      Scott; I’ve been with Tmo for 7-8 years, 4 years on this current number, out of contract for over a year. Here’s the deals I was offered today…

      When I logged into my Tmo account, it showed I could get this phone for $449.00 (I am assuming this is the price after $50.00 instant rebate.)

      When I called CS Loyalty dept, they offered to me for $199.00 (which included the $50.00 rebate) + 30.00 for web/mail.

      When I went into the Tmo store, they offered me $268.00 – $50.00 rebate Visa card – $218.00, she said the $18.00 was the upgrade fee, and wouldn’t waive. Web/mail $25.00 (as she said she could grandfather me in at $25, instead of $30.00).

      Radio Shack – offered me same deal as Tmo in store (no $18.00 fee) and would also grandfather me in at $25.00 – plus a $50.00 Gift card to Radio Shack.

      I haven’t tried the Costco deal yet, after giving it some thoughts – I decided I’d rather save my upgrade savings for the Nov. super phone (rumored to come).

      Anyone know where the cheapest place to buy this phone – NO contract? Best Buy, Walmart…where?

      • JoeP

        I was just on the phone with T-Mobile, i’ve been with them for 4-5 years my contract ends in Feb. They just said I could get the phone for $229.00

        I want the vibrant, but im debating on whether or not to just wait till Feb. to see what phone comes out around then, or the fall.

    • Shannon

      You need to go back to the store then b/c I got mine for 249.99 and have a 50.00 mail in rebate.

  • Frank

    This phone…sucks….straight up

    • taaars

      Yeah..your should go to sprint and get an evo

    • chris


  • trilla

    APPLE iPHONE FOR LIFE!!!!!!!!! SCREW ANDROID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Razzmatazz

      Oh man thanks for saying something! I almost bought the Vibrant today but good thing I saw your post. You totally convinced me! That was close!

    • Davidohio

      Lol whatever. I phone is very over rated and not that great really. Sorry but it’s true and many reviews say this. Moron

  • odiots

    Just picked mine up this morning and I’m loving it. I cam from a rooted G1 with CM6 on it and this thing just mauls it in every category.

    The outright speed is amazing and the screen is one of the best I’ve ever seen on a mobile phone.

    Ggraphics playback is smooth and the battery life is actually as good as my mytouch slide was which was a far less powerfull phone.

    The Multi-touch is also amaingly accurate compared to HTC based phones. I love HTC but right now the Vibrant has the best typing experience with a virtual keyboard hands down.

  • daveB

    Amazing, after my G1 – like i’ve left the dark ages, as for Frank, this is hands down THE fastest processor on the market and THE only Super Amoled Display – saying it sucks is well – lets just say – silly.
    Now i’m wondering if the TMo haters were wrong abt the svce as well, ‘cos now i’m ripping through downloads, calls appear clearer and the phone software is just amazing.
    High def picture, 5.1 surround – and the list just goes on – in almost 7 hours of ‘playin’ i have just had to start charging, made about 20 calls, half the time i had wifi on and 30 mins of that Bluetooth on as well……glad i waited – and didn’t cave for the MTSlide…….In a way this is more impressive than when i first got the G1 and that was the early ‘Android days’.
    The only thing that sucks is the name

  • ObsceneJesster

    I am in love with the device. I actually really like the TouchWiz UI and it is by far the least intrusive UI we have ever seen on a Android device. The TouchWiz UI makes Android look polished and Samsung changed a couple of the clients for the better. The Email client is slick looking, the SMS client is great. I no longer need to use Handcent. The contact’s list is great. I have installed all 75 of my apps and this thing hasn’t lagged once. I have 5 screens worth of widgets going and this thing isn’t even stuttering. You can feel the power of the Hummingbird at work. The Evo and it’s sorry ass Snapdragon has nothing on the Galaxy S. You can keep the FFC and the Camera Flash. I will take the power of the Hummingbird paired up with the PowerVR SGX 540 any day of the week.

    • Anthony

      Dude, it’s not like Spring, AT&T, Verizon, AND EVEN US CELLULAR are not getting the same phone. EVERY CARRIER IS GETTING THIS PHONE, so there is no point trying to hold it as proof of any kind of superiority.

      The bottom line is that most of us ARE with Tmobile and want to know if its a good phone. Basically, stop talking and post some night/low-light pictures to prove that a flash isn’t needed.

      • ObsceneJesster

        I talked about what I liked about the phone. Maybe you decided to look over my first 5 sentences and skipped right to my last sentence. I had to throw my Evo dig in for all the idiots on here the other day talking about there EVO’s. I know every carrier is getting the phone and every Galaxy S phone will be more powerful than anything else for the next couple months.

  • Sean

    I picked up the phone first thing this morning and I’m really impressed. I already have the Nexus One and I have to disagree with a previous poster…i think this phone is superior…i even like touch wiz 3.0…and I usually don’t like manufacturer UI overlays. Once this thing has froyo it will be kick a@@!

  • himynameisAO

    Quick Question…is anyone familiar with buying phones through Amazon? I believe I am close to 11 months on my tmo contract. When I go the “Upgrade my Account” on Amazon, it shows it will charge me only $160 for the phone. Is this true? How does Amazon wireless work I guess is my question…how does it work with my current mytouch data plan?

    • stephan brubaker

      It will ask you to input the Tmobile number you want to update and the last six of the account holder. Then it will check for you to see if you are eligible for the entire upgrade.

  • Chris

    I really don’t know how to capture how excellent this phone is in words. Coming from a G1, I am a very satisfied customer. It is everything done right.

    • Eli T

      I am with you, I have been on a G1 since it was released. I have been waiting for my contract to be up so I could upgrade, I have just been disappointed in my options. This phone changes everything. I finally feel that TMO has gotten something worth sticking around for.

  • Lemarg

    Picked this up during my lunch break and so far i love it.

    1. Allshare is awesome since all my electronics are networked
    2. Screen is phenomenal. Nuff said
    3. Contrary to reviews it doesn’t feel cheap. Feels like my pap 3000. It’s really light hut it’s sturdy and well put together.

    I took some low light shots and they look normal. Well see how it looks in a few hours

  • ObsceneJesster

    I got some low light pictures coming

  • MyDixieWrecked

    Well, I picked mine up at 9am when the store opened up. I’ve been playing with it like its going out of style! Its fast, screen is sexy, and very bright. Showed it off to a couple iPhone 4 friends of mine, and they were just taken back by it. Only thing I miss is a notification led. BTW, I left my Nexus One for this, and I’m not regretting it one bit.

    • J-Hop2o6

      Button LED as Notification LED (MOD) coming soon (hopefully):

      • abbynormal

        That would be awesome. Others are having deal-breaking moments over the lack of flash or FFC, while I’m hesitating over the lack of LED notification. What can I say, my phone spends a _lot_ of time in silent mode once the work day be done.

  • Julian

    I sat in my car this morning waiting for the T-MO store to open. No one else around, so no lines. Kinda figured maybe someone else would want this first thing in the morning on Long Island…
    Anyways… I just had to plug it in because I’ve been messing with it all day. I came from the G1 (and then temporarily had the Cliq XT) and this phone blows them all away. It’s absolutely amazing!! Fast! Responsive! The colors and beauty of the screen amazes me!
    I put it next to my friends iPhone 4 and my sisters iPhone 3GS and it looks way better (imho)

  • rev2redlineguy

    I just ordered mine this morning online. From what I’ve been reading, I’m so excited and can’t wait to get it from UPS. I can finally put my Cliq to rest and sell that sucker. It’s been fun while it lasted but now onto better things. Come quick my Vibrant, I’m anxiously awaiting your arrival.

  • Iz

    This phone is amazing. Its better than sex!

    • badaphooko01

      Agreed its amazing! but wouldn’t go that far.

      • Eli T

        Me either, lol.

  • ObsceneJesster

    The fallowing pictures were taken in night mode with the lights turned off and my TV on. If that aint low light then I don’t know what is. The only drawback of night mode is you have to have very steady hands and even the phone tells you that upon switching into night mode.

    • going_home

      I’d say those pics arent bad at all for no flash.
      Still I decided to save my upgrade for the 3rd or 4th HSDPA+
      phone released hopefully by or around years end.
      I bought a nice Nexus One off Craigslist.
      Upgraded to Froyo 2.2 and downloaded Swype.
      Me very happy and the N1 is very fast !
      Battery life is not that great but it is what it is.
      I’m good for a few months till TMO releases something eye popping.


    • Davidohio

      The photos look good in low light. No flash is needed now all the kids can stop whining!

      • just some dude

        They look good in low light? what about that last one, My friends that is called underexposure. Also you will notice that the picture is blurred because the shutter needs time to grab light, but there was none. Theses pictures are classic examples of cheapo cam pics. keep this in mind you wont always have sun light to fill your subject. damn shame damn shame.

      • Eli T

        @justsomedude- you are correct in that they are under exposed but it’s a phone not a Nikon. It’s pretty good for what it is. While I think the lack of a flash is irritating, an LED flash is nothing to get excited about, it is harsh and washes out e picture, to the point of overexposure. While I would like to have the option, and should have the option, I am still impressed with how good these come out with nothing to help light the shot.

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        Naw, they will still complain because they use the LED flash as a flashlight.

        And that just shows how small their brains are, that they would base a buying decision on whether or not a phone can be used as a flashlight.

    • ObsceneJesster

      @just some dude…Yea it is underexposure but it’s only a damn phone camera. It’s main purpose is not taking pictures. If you want perfect pictures then carry around a point and shoot or a DSLR. Anyone who expects there camera on the back of there phone to be perfect is just not being realistic.

  • tmoled

    Played with it today. Screen is great, pretty responsive. Could not play with mobitv or kindle, did not trying playing music through headphones, I know the mt3g is super quiet, really annoying! Expect the vibrant to be a lot better. Anyone try the headphones yet? No FM radio! Little tired of the stripping down! The galaxy S was perfect for me, wish they didn’t rob it of so many cool things. Saw pics of night mode vs pics on mts w flash and it blew the flash away, so definitely can do without flash. No led sucks also. It was amazingly light! My mt3g felt like a brick in comparison, also super thin. Cool phone, but a near miss due to tmobile messing with it. This was the perfect phone, wish they left it alone, droid x, evo and iphone are missing stuff that the galaxy s delievers, it blows both of them out of the water, but tmobile and actually all the american carriers took a giant dump on it

    • Eli T

      Are you sure about the lack of an FM radio? All the specs say it is there, and yes, I did make sure I was looking at Vibrant Specs. I am also pretty sure I saw an unboxing video that showed it.

  • bubbles

    I like the phone, picked mine up early this morning. I love the screen and is very fast

  • HEMI 922

    Last month I did got HD2, Now I just bought SamVibrant (full price). Wow its actually remind me of iTouch 3G/iPhone for truth.. but android UI is better then iO4, IMO..

  • Johny

    I kno this is way off topic but on the roadmap that was leaked couple weeks ago there was 3 htc phone vangaurd emerald and shubert vanguard and emerald android phones and shubert windows 7 android spin posted that htc taking out 3 htc phone for tmobile and 1 for AT&T and 2 for Europe they said 6 htc phones by the end of q4 so this kindof get closer to confirmation here take a look and tell me wat ya think? :

  • low430

    Called the local Costco, They said they had 10, Was the first in the door. Asked the guy, he tells me not for another week.. Manager comes and sells me the phone
    149.99 + a $50 rebate but 18 Dollar upgrade fee, So that comes to $118 after rebate and upgrade fee, +$35 Unlimited Messaging and Android Data and Loyalty means my bill should be about $85 monthly
    Phone is incredible, Screen is stunning, WIsh I had a microfiber bag to tote the phone in. Screen almost feels olephobic but Im not sure.
    Glad I got the phone, There will always be newer better phones, But for the price and timing I cant complain. I have no doubt this phone should hold me over for another 2 years. Phone camera flash and Video Con are not deal breakers for me as. Swype is Incredible Touchwiz3 is great suprisingly… No regrets so far

    • Brando

      That means your bill will be 101 like mine i have the same plans in data and text and loyalty unlimited.

  • YJ

    I got the phone after playing with it for an hour at the store.
    Coming from the Nexus One it was a hard decision.

    Here are my likes and dislikes.

    Best screen ever! Wish it was bigger like the HD2 but it’s just gorgeous.
    Onboard 16GB worth of memory.
    Sliding charger port.
    Apps installed quickly and the screen is very responsive.

    User interface. I don’t like the touch wiz.
    Phone has a very plastic feel to it. It doesn’t seem sturdy.
    No flash for the camera though the camera is nice but it’s on par with the Nexus one.
    Even though I installed LaunchPro as soon as I got the phone I didn’t like the phone that much.

    I guess I’m just too spoiled by FroYo and the way the Nexus one feels.

    Froyo running on the Nexus one seemed so much quicker than the Vibrant with 2.1… I know it’s because it doesn’t have JIT from froyo yet.
    With froyo I think that the Vibrant will be so much better.

    I kept getting force closes on my phone today. Was kind of annoying.

    Another thing I wish that the widgets from Touch Wiz would have worked with Launcher Pro.

    For a T-Mobile android device it’s the best out there.

    But I will be returning it tomorrow and sticking with my Nexus one.

    Let’s wait till the real superphone to come out for me to consider it an upgrade.

    • Davidohio

      All that just to say you are returning it? Wow.

      • Doug

        i thought it was a really good job of informing those of us who don’t have the phone. didn’t bash it or anything.

      • Cybersedan

        Thanks, that was good feedback, I also own an N1 and I saw the Vibrant, ordered one for my wife and was considering getting another.

        I to use LauncherPro and thought I’d just install, it’s good that you pointed out that the Touchwiz Widgets don’t work with LauncherPro…

        Good review, I’ll wait till my wife gets hers so I can play with it a bit more before making the call.

    • z6

      Pretty much how I feel. The Vibrant just doesn’t offer enough above the Nexus for me to buy it, and in some instances it actually offers less.

      Lack of froyo/led flash/trackball is what kills it for me. The froyo part is probably temporary, but the others are permanent.

  • Homer

    I played with one today and ordered it. Had over $400 credits on my account so I got the phone for $100 because of the cliq fiasco. I liked it but I will be honest I may trade it for a nexus one or iPhone 4.

  • Corey

    Seriously i got the phone and i love it to death. Best phone since my G1. If you waited all this time for a new phone and your still unhappy, stop complaining and switch carriers….i bet you’ll be running back to tmobile!!!! See you when you get back lol

  • dvd03

    i went to my local tmobile store and they had one on display, wow what a really nice phone, very fast, screen looked amazeing, plus i thought the camera looked really good, i think samsung has a winner with this one

  • whodat

    well I don’t have one because 500 is over priced for non contract while the at&t is 349

    • tmoled

      349 for their version of galaxy without contract?

  • Carter H

    I got mine today and am flabbergasted how great it is. One wuestion anyone know wher eI can get Road SMS, the “transparent” messaging app that hit the blogs today? It says only Galaxy S owners can see it in the Samsung App store. Where can I find it?

  • Mr.B

    This phone is pretty cool so far. Can anyone recommend some good apps to download?

    • 007

      N.O.V.A. A little app that will show you how powerfull this thing is. You will have to go to to download it…

  • CliveBixby

    A little overwhelmed, but love it. Swype is great, gorgeous screen, super fast. It feels a little fragile, and I noticed that it gets pretty warm after a few calls, but nothing that can’t be addressed. I’m officially an Android convert!

  • deedee

    i can’t seem to get the micro sd or the Internal drive to mount on my the pc or the mac…. any help? it would be great for it to mount on the mac if any of you have advice it would be much helpful and appreciated, THANKS!

    • ObsceneJesster

      Once you connect your device to the PC you will see a USB icon in your notification tray. Pull the notification tray down and click on the USB icon. The option of mounting your SD card will pop up. Just hit mount and your ready to go. Once you unplug your phone from the computer the SD card will automatically mount itself back to the phone.

  • Soldado

    After about 25 mins with loyalty department I got them to give me back my grandfather plan from a em+ for the same price with insurance. Then they offered me vibrant and mytouch slide for 150 each to upgrade both lines under the old plan. Thanks for the great customer service TMO!

  • Mr.B

    My vibrant keeps saying “sim card disconnected, restart phone” errr

  • al

    This is classic T-mobile. They release a great phone like this, possibly the best phone in their lineup, and NO mention at all on the home page. Do they even have a marketing dept? LOL. Anyway, I ordered mine at for $149 with contract extension and, being wirefly, they screwed up the order. However, it’s straightened out now and I should get the phone Monday. Great to hear people are liking it.

    • underdog378

      From what I’ve read from people who have talked to T-Mobile store managers and such, today was a “soft launch”. Supposedly the “hard launch” is still set for the 21st and is supposed to bring along all the marketing hype. We’ll see. I did see a Galaxy S commercial on ESPN last night.

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        When I went into the store that’s what I was told too. Soft launch.

        Matter of fact, the top dogs had said get it on sale NOW and that’s why we were able to buy it before even the 15th (and I think the higher ups wanted to see what kind of demand there was by opening order to the geeks, the kind of people who hang in here.)

        Moreover, T-Mobile wants to beat AT&T in as many areas as possible since AT&T is launching the Captivate on the 18th. Literally every hour counts when the competition is so keen on a non-exclusive launch by all the carriers.

    • Hi Al,

      Congratulations on your purchase. (BTW, my name is Allan!)

      What is the true monthly fee after you extend with WireFly? On the website, it implies that it is US$59.99 unlimited including the data plan, but it sounds unbelievably low, considering that directly from T-Mobile it would be US$99.99 for that. Can you confirm that this is really true? I wrote to WireFly but have yet to receive a response, other than the auto-response. Thanks in advance!

      • Fender

        I bought mine today from Costo for $99!. I was somewhat on the fence about getting this phone but for $99 I know I made a great decision. Ive been using the Vibrant all day and I absolutely love it. The screen is amazing and very responsive. Everything loads up very fast. The battery life seems ok, def not the best but I was really pushing this phone today. I would def take the time to go in and demo one if you are interested at all. And if you belong to Costco, get the phone there, its only 99 and you can return it up to 90 days for full refund if you dont like it for any reason.

      • al


        I don’t know about that because I ordered it with my existing grandfathered pricing, sorry. I seem to recall that their page initially put forward that pricing, but I didn’t look into the details of it. It’s hard to believe that $59.99 includes the data plan and I’m guessing that wirefly, as a reseller, can’t cut you any deals on tmo phone plans.

    • jscarano

      I saw a commercial for the Galaxy S last night too. I hope T-Mobile does more TV advertising for the Vibrant kinda like Verizon does for the Droid.

  • YJ

    I just saw the reception in my house is better on the nexus than the vibrant

    • flfny

      yeah I’m having reception issues too. Pretty bad ones at that. The phone seems to go from 5 bars to no reception in areas where my G1 had 3 to 4 bars (full reception). Not to mention the phone has spent more time on edge than 3g. Anyone else having the same issues?

      • Relikk2

        How olds your sim Card?

    • watbetch

      My reception has been fine. The phone says no bars but everything works fine.

  • Akabelcher

    I un rooted my G1 yesterday so I would fully appreciate…HOLY COW hspa!! It’s amazing! Love i, root it now, bring on hspa! :)

  • Stillwaiting

    I picked up the phone on today, and I just love it. I had the mytouch slide for the past three weeks as my “first” android phone. I have to admit that I miss a few things that the slide offered, aspects of the Sense UI and the camera flash (even though it tended to give too much light to my pictures.) I’m hoping it will just take time to find suitable alternatives. I also take better picture without the flash. The camera is at least on par with most smartphones out there now.

    The screen, well what can one say that hasn’t been said, it the greatest feature about this phone. The speaker on this phone is really clear. Call quality has been great so far. Email and social networking set up a breeze.

    The battery seems much better than the slide, my kid watched nearly the whole avatar movie and the battery was only half way drained.

    Adding a case to the phone gave it just the right amount of weight.

    Added to this it passes the pocket test, fits in shirt pocket, pants pocket, and most importantly a pocket on my ski jacket.

    I think this one is a keeper, at least for the next 2-3 years.

    Now to think of a new handle…Tmoaholic???

    • SwizzleStix

      Can any Vibrant owners please give an honest opinion on DARK pics? One of the main complaints people have about not buying this phone is the lack of camera flash… you almost addressed it, but you never actually stated if you attempted to take pictures in a dark setting or at night. Any Vibrant owners, please elaborate on NIGHT pictures… please!

  • Skorn360

    Got mine and love it. But it is missing allot of the basic widgets found one other android phones ie music news calender. Also the battery is lacking

    • Macknifetx

      I found the calendar widget missing as well. I am trying the Daily Briefing one from Samsung to see how well that works for me. Will test it and see.

  • Solo

    The only thing that I dont like about the phone is the location of the on/off button. wish they wouldve put it at the top of the phone and the usb port; on the side. when I try to click the power button on with my thumb, it sometimes feels like the phone is about to slip out. And also when im trying to turn it on, im squeezing the phone with my index finger, which sometimes hits against the volume rocker.

    • ShawnCas

      Try being left handed and doing it.. Sucks.

  • Luke

    Love mine only complaint I have is not being able to stop messing with it lol.

    • Animate

      hehe mine too.

  • TonyJohns

    Looks like a solid device. But for $500 and no camera flash; deal breaker! And now, “nigh mode” does not count.

    • J-Hop2o6

      have u seen the Vibrant night mode pictures? it looks like someone has the room lit already.. so what are u complaining about other then the price?

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        J-Hop… he is complaining simply to be fashionable and in league with the other whiners. Saying no LED flash is so moronic, especially when the Vibrant has many features that the Evo, for example, does not have.


        Vibrant has graphics about four times as fast as the Evo.

        Vibrant has a dedicated GPU.

        Vibrant has Bluetooth 3.0, the Evo has OUTDATED 2.1 (Ha ha ha I suspect that TonyJohns does not even know the huge benefits of 3.0 over 2.1)).

        Vibrant has a SAMOLED display and its the ONLY phone on the planet with it. And no other phone will have that display until 2012 at the earliest.

        Vibrant has the Hummingbird processor that is way faster than what other phones have.

        There’s more, but people like TonyJohns who base a buying decision on whether a cell phone camera has an LED flash, well why bother with them.

      • SwizzleStix

        What the hell is wrong with you Mike? Are you THAT insecure about your purchase that you constantly, daily, have to crap on someone else’s opionion? WHERE IS IT FASHIONABLE TO HATE ON THE VIBRANT???? I’m sick of your idiotic comments. There’s a legit question in camera quality… and you sit there and talk about you’ve owned every damn phone since whatever… you of all people should know how ABYSMAL the G1 camera was… to the point of being USELESS. So instead of talking down about the people w/ legit questions and instead of playing Mr Magician, trying to distract everyone from one issue by spouting useless unrelated specs, why don’t you act like a REAL community-driven commenter and TELL US HOW GOOD IS THE NIGHT MODE REALLY??? Did you ever even consider that some us might actually run out and buy the Vibrant if you were to actually state the night mode was any good?? Damn you’re stupid and a stupid fanboy at that.

    • TonyJohns


      Did someone piss in your oatmeal this morning?

      No where in my message did I mention the EVO or the Vibrant’s features not comparing up to the competition.

      The Vibrant IS a solid device and holds it own, but FOR ME, not having a camera flash is a deal breaker.

      The chip on your shoulder is unappealing.

      • TMOprophet

        He’s just a sammy fanboy,dont sweat him

      • SwizzleStix

        OS fanboys are one thing…. Carrier fanboys are another… but someone so damn insecure that become a fanboy of one device is pathetic. Thank god I’m not the only one who sees this about Mike.

    • WM123

      OMG dont complain about the camera want a flash by a damn camera.

  • JS-1


    I don’t think you get what Tmo is getting at w/ their own set up of SGS. its more geared for mobile gaming. if wanted the flash and tid bits for social… grab the slide.

    • TonyJohns


      Had the slide. Tried it out for about two weeks and returned it. Without 2.2, there isn’t much room on the slide for apps and what not. And it’s not a bad phone, just like the vibrant, which isn’t a bad phone either. I contemplated getting it, but we are at a point where phones should be released with at least all the basic features.

      Cameras and camera flashes are basic features on cell phones.

      • chris

        which is funny considering id say 90% of cellphones dont have camera flash :)

      • JDANGLE

        OMG! I almost bought this phone until you told me it didn’t have a flash on it. Thank you for saving me from such a life altering mistake.

        Mine will be here next Tuesday :)

    • TonyJohns


      Source please?

      • chris

        no need for a source, look at the phones today, yeah the droid and hd2 and a few have flash, but this is relatively new overall on phones, seriously go look at 10-15 random phones and see how many actually have a flash for camera, i think maybe 2 of tmos 50 or so offered phones have it.

  • Slackberry

    I got one at lunchtime, been playing with it all day. Noticeably faster than the Nexus in a head to head comparison…signal bars are less sensitive, but does not affect speed while downloading and browsing from site to site.

    The screen is sexy as hell. Even at medium to low brightness it still shines…compared to the nexus, the colors are richer, which one would expect from an LED.

    the apps included are pretty cool, I could see myself uninstalling some to save space, but i’m happy with it for now.

    And night mode definitely counts (and it works). Its NEVER going to replace a flash, but its not a point of contention(for me)…if you havent used it, dont comment on it until you have.

    • Woofdah

      Was first in line and playing all day love it.

      However, I can’t for the life of me find the night mode on the camera, a little guidance please.

    • SwizzleStix

      “And night mode definitely counts (and it works). Its NEVER going to replace a flash, but its not a point of contention(for me)…”

      Holy crap… THANK you Slackberry. Thats all I wanted to know.

  • Tipsofme

    Had a N1 and HATED the white head looking ball and bronze color. Also hated how I could always feel it in jacket and pant pockets. This phone is perfect for me and will keep me very happy until winter, when the big dog comes out.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Yes indeed… some of us are getting the Vibrant to tide us over until that big dog arrives.

      Question is, which one are you talking about, the September dog, or the November one?

      I’ll pass on Sept. (The Vanguard) to see what rolls out in Nov., after that I will decide between the two.

      So that gives me five months to enjoy the Vibrant, unless some prepaid TracFone becomes a must have before Nov.

  • Klulue

    Got me one (first one in the store). I love it. Still playing with it, hard to believe it has been less than 12 hours!

  • Don

    Love the phone,best phone ever except for the not being able to make a call in my house thing. zero signal, after my last few tmobile phones had signal. Already returned one phone got the same problem.

    • Relikk2

      How olds your sim card? I had the same problem and it was fixed with a new card. My card was nealy 6 years old, lol.

  • Bill Stone

    I love this phone. So much better than an iphone.

    Please please please stop typing lol

    it is f’ing ridiculous

  • Bill

    Got it this morning. Battery life so far has been impressive, but I’m also comparing it to my rooted G1 and jailbroken iPhone. So, disclaimer…

  • NiiDiddy


    So many things I used to download an App for productivity-wise…like handcent sms, for instance; with this phone I dont have to – everything that comes with the TouchWiz 3.0 is excellent. I am extremely happy. AND it’s super fast! This will do me good for awhile. I think I found my sweet spot in phone. Had original MT3G and sold it for almost the same upgrade price I paid for it last year when it came out in August.

    I’ll let y’all know when I find something I dont like.

    • Wilma Flintstone

      LIES ALL LIES!!! You don’t like this phone. Don’t you disagree with me NiiDiddy or the pretty bird gets it… *holds already plucked chicken in attempt to sway NiiDiddy* is it working? It’s gotta be working. It’s just gotta… Awww Despicable Me. :(

    • ****thebeholdII

      I’m glad someone else agrees that TouchWiz 3.0 makes this one of the best Android phones.

  • cronin

    I have a question.. I currently have Blackberry 8900 with $19.99 Blackberry data plan, will I be able to keep this grandfathered unlimited data plan or will I have to upgrade to $30.00 one?

    • serendipitous

      You’ll have to switch to the $30.00 data plan

    • flfny

      I called Tmo custserv yesterday before going into the store to pick one up. The Rep said I didn’t have to change my G1 grandfathered data plan. At the store though I did have to talk to the sales guy and explain the entire thing because he was insisting that my “g1 data plan is incompatible with the Vibrant”. I explained to him that ‘incompatible’ was not a proper term as the technology was the same. He then proceeded to insist that I had to 100% completely absolutely take the insurance on it because it was an expensive phone. I know I made him unhappy because he didn’t get a commission on my transaction. lol

      To get back to the point, I haven’t had to change plans so I would imagine that with some pleading you probably don’t have to change either.

      • Bimmerz

        If the pleading doesn’t work for you, then you should at least be able to get grandfathered in at $25 instead of $30 – that’s what the rep offered me in store.

      • sgastel

        When I picked up mine I asked if I had to change my plan and they told me no and just sold me the phone. They never brought up the insurance. I love my Vibrant but damn couldn’t they come up with a better name !! I mean the X just sounds dangerous and cool. The vibrant sounds like my wife’s lipstick or something. Anyways once again love the phone

    • Dragonologist

      unfortunately, the blackberry data plan is only compatible with blackberry phones, if you buy the Vibrant you’ll have to change to the $30.00 data plan.

  • cronin

    I have a question.. I currently have Blackberry 8900 with $19.99 Blackberry data plan. If I upgrade to Vibrant, will I be able to keep this grandfathered unlimited data plan or will I have to upgrade to $30.00 one?

  • Izzy

    yes all grandfather plans have to get changed in order to use the vibrants data plan…it bill is actually 5$ more…o well.w.e

  • Mr.B

    I’m getting crazy download speeds with this phone its awesome. Anyone else getting around 5000 kbps?

  • Kevin

    To my Lucky Early Adopters:

    Has anyone checked to see if the video out function is still available on the Vibrant like it is on the Galaxy S? If video out is available, any idea where I may find this special cable? I assume it is not packaged with the Vibrant.

    In the mean time, I will be patiently wait for the UPS guy…


      Damn UPS guy needs to put stop on the gas pedal!

    • twitch110

      Yes, it is definitely there.not sure where you get the cord though

    • sgastel

      My kid had the kodak phone that came with a video out to rca and it worked great. All the apps do not work though they are blocking video player so Avatar would not play out to the tv and neither did Sims 3. Web and email and basic stuff displayed fine but it was not even close to hdmi quality. Anyways I did not buy it to do video out to my T.V. so not a problem for me.

  • The Observer

    sure behold 2 owners felt the same way when they first got it, lets wait and see what happens 5 months from now

    • serendipitous

      Hahaha :)
      Waiting for mine in the mail, I hope it lives up to the hype!

  • Relikk2

    Its awesome, but I cant get it to syc with windows 7. I can’t even get it to see it. All windows shows me is an unknown device. Any drivers available?

    • mkjones

      You need to download dowbletwist

      • Relikk2

        Got double twist, that wasnt the problem. Windows didnt have a driver for it. But i Swithced it to Media device mode in the USb Setting and windows finally found the proper drivers and im currently using Media Player. Thanks though!!

  • Chris

    Im a TMO rep and android techy and this phone is awesome. I ordered two of them.






    • mkjones

      There are legal documents behind that. It states it in the myTouch Champion information packet. The phone does not belong to you, it belong to the company. You were picked because you were thought to be a great salesman for the device. During soft launch your device had to stay in store for customers to see it, even at that point it was explained the device still belongs to T-Mobile. Read your champion packet

      • Chris

        Well I never actually received ANY packets at all. In fact i researched in on streamline and could only find mytouch champion information for when the first mytouch came out.

        I read everything and nothing about how long you had to have it or anything. In fact the only thing that stood out was one sentence that stated “this phone is for the champion to keep…”

        Notice the KEEP part lol.

        Certain reps received a free Vibrant at a meeting this past Tuesday. They were required to sign a statement saying that within the first 60 days the phone does not belong to them, but after 60 days its fair game. This is another reason I am inquiring about this because I never signed anything at all AND I have had the phone over 60 days.

    • mkjones

      You are looking in the wrong place… It will not be there

    • Bigs12

      i don’t think you have to give it back, you just cant sell the phone….

  • Josh

    Best phone has down for me, Even someone that owns a Iphone 4 was jealous and the picture quality. Dont get me wrong I am still upset about no flash and no FFC but I can live without it. It was time to put my G1 to rest!

  • Relikk2

    Has anyone had an issue loading music from their computer?

    • Relikk2

      Change USb Setting to Media device, then windows found it and now im syncing media player.

  • @chris

    You were chosen to be a champion to enhance your stores knowledge and to help promote the product. You paid nothing for the product, and you paid no taxes… Enjoy the time you had with it. If you choose not to return it you will be charged for the full amount (right out of your pay check)

    • Chris

      Thx @Chris

      I appreciate your response, and your logic is obvious and extremely reasonable.

      I guess the real reason Im asking is because if i dont HAVE to give away the product, then obviously i wont. But i have yet to receive any indication stating that i do. I feel my manager is trying to screw me out of the device. Thats why im inquiring.

  • MikeK

    So I am really interested in this night shot thing. I didnt like the idea of not having a flash a first but then I saw that my girlfriend had it on her crappy phone and even her night shot wasnt so bad. Does anyone have any sample pics they would be willing to share. I dont get my vibrant till next week and I cant wait that long!

  • HoOn

    Picked up the Vibrant in the afternoon and so far I am loving it. I also picked up the Gel skin that T-Mobile was offering at the store. The feel of the Gel case is nice but not sure if it picks up a lot of lint and dust yet. I also picked up the Screen Protector but after opening the package it seems like it does not cover the whole screen. What is that all about!?

    I was out all day but was able to play around with the phone. The TouchWiz is not that bad. I had to get used to all the buttons coming from a Nexus One. The fill of the phone in my hands is quite comfortable and secure. Screen is gorgeous compared to my Nexus One.

    When I got home the first thing I did was Root the phone so I could install some of my favorite Apps. SetCPU was working so that was nice. I already removed TouchWiz and installed Launcher Pro which is my Home Screen Launcher of choice. :) Overall, I am very happy with the phone. The Screen Protector will be returned so I will have to look for one soon.

    • sgastel

      Yeah I hear you. I did the same thing and had the same reaction to the crappy screen protector that only covered the display area of the phone. I picked up a invisishield for the EVO and trimmed a small amount off of the side and a the corners up a bit and it fit nice. I may pick up the correct one once they become available but that screen is so nice there was no way I was going to leave it unprotected.

  • boast

    when i hook my 4G iPod video cable to my Vibrant it mirrors everything except when i try to play Avatar on my TV. it gives me a warning about some applications not being able to use this function. anyone try to use the TV out to play Avatar on their TVs?

    • underdog378

      DRM protected

  • RoseD

    I have a questions about the night mode. I am hearing mixed things about it and I am wondering if that the people who are testing it are just viewing the night mode or end up taking the picture because I know that once you take a picture in night mode it can look different (pixely). I know that you should have still hands once you take the picture with night mode but how sensitive is it? How still do you have to be?

    • Chris

      I took a pic with it in the bathroom in pitch black and with night mode on. There obviously has to be some sort of light around. So i took a pic with the door open just a little bit and night mode made the picture look a lot better.

      I figure that since u are generally around some sort of lighting, even at night, that the picture turns out pretty decent with night mode on.

      If it is pitch black, well, the picture will not turn out that great even with a flash. The flash is mostly helpful in that situation as a flash light.

  • soon2TMO

    sooo. i got the phone around 11 am before i went to work, now im on tmobile on even more plan 500… when i got to the store, played it with the phone for like 2 to 3 seconds, LOL,then i went ” can i open an account?” .. and im in love with this phone.. this is my very first android phone, and i love it!!! im still getting the hang of it.. trying to get familiar with it and all, ive been looking for task killer apps, but i couldn’t find it anywhere.. hehe, but i know i’ll find it anyway somehow or maybe i have to download or somehting.. LOL..

    great display

    havent tried the rest of the features , but im lovin it soo far..


    • ryan

      there’s a ton of task killer apps on the android market. i personally use advanced task killer.

    • AndroidRRR

      Hey what carrier were you on before?

  • Defender of the Galaxy

    Ordered from Wirefly, shipped this morning. Just got Bing Cashback confirmation. Scheduled for delivery tomorrow! And that’s with the free shipping. Can’t wait.

  • AndroidRRR

    hmm when go to my upgrade page i get 164.99 as an upgrade price :)

  • amac

    This phone is awesome. My only complaint, which is exceedingly frustrating, is that the touchwiz interface will not allow you to select which contact groups from Gmail to sync. So it sync’s them all, every one. So irritating having a one-off email (craigslist or the like) popping into your phone contact list because you emailed it once. My G1 allowed me to select which contacts I wanted. What gives?

  • Jack

    Wow I have to say what a great phone…..this is the phone i’ve been waiting for with my gigantor hands… readily replaces my IPHONE from Tmobile…….AND I AVED A BUNCH from my updgrade……..

    All the apps are great and it streamlines real well with my contacts from facebook, gmail, and phone contacts… is amazing

    Although I dont like that even though you get 7 homescreens most of the apps on the homescreen take up the WHOLE page like Daily Briefing takes 3/4 of a page and the facebook,twitter, gmail app takes up the ENTIRE page.

    Other than that NO complaints with the phone…….Best phone Tmobile has out right now with the Best OS!!!!

  • Manny

    Picked this for my wife this morning. She seems very happy. Returned the free Slide that I had got her through loyalty on fathersday weekend. Loyalty gave me the Vibrant for $99.00. I picked it up in store and got $100 credit on my bill. Would have got it at Costco, but they couldn’t do her upgrade because her account doesn’t become eligible until October (month 22). Had upgrade fees waived also.

  • Jose Medina

    I’m holding my upgrade for something else. So far the hd2 its keeping entertained I’m either waiting for windows 7 or maybe get the nokia n8 but depends on both reviews. android its just not my cup of tea at the moment I know insane but I rather wait for something different excluding symbian out of the list im pretty sure its going to be the same

  • MyTouchChampion

    For those concerned about the lack of camera flash, check this out! I was concerned about this as well until I discovered a few screen shots of the “Night Mode” feature.

  • Macknifetx

    I picked up my Vibrant at lunch yesterday, but had to go back to work and could not play with it until last night. There is still a lot of testing I need to do on this phone but first overall impressions are impressive. I have actually experienced the signal fade issue even when I was not gripping the phone hard.

    Of course the Pros would have to be the screen, the speed, the weight.

    This is not one of those dumbphones where you can use all of the features right out of the box, It takes some getting used to, but I do like the interface and the included apps. Played Avatar on the phone last night and it was a god choice to include it; it shows the power of the phone and the GPU,

    As play with the phone more today and this weekend I will continue to post my thoughts, but so farm so good.

  • remixfa

    to the champion.

    your phone belongs to tmobile. Though 99% of the time you wont get asked for the phone back, they have that right. If you were quitting like 4 months from now when the slide isnt being promoted, they probably wouldnt care.

    I ordered mine right after they went live on the site on the 15th. The only gripe i have is that they snail mail it to employees. Told me that the expected delivery date is next friday. I want it now damnit!! LOL 10 days for shipping is crazy!

    • things & stuff

      Hey. I pre-ordered mine from Walmart. I chose the basic shipping which was free. They also had premium ones for 2 days and next day. The phone came out yesterday. I’m getting it today! Sorry, I feel your pain though!!

  • kaczmar2

    What is the “loyalty program” people keep talking about? Is that the $50/month unlimited plan, or is it for people that have been with TMo for awhile? I’ve been with them for like 7 years and I’m eligible for an upgrade; I’m on an old Family Time Plan so I have have to buy a data plan.

    • you usually get a loyal rep. when you threaten to cancel or leave. especially, if you are no longer under contract, aka has expired and you are month to month, thats usually an indication that they will start offering free shipping, no upgrade fees, reduced data plans and maybe take $5-10 off monthly bill, etc…
      so its not really a program and yes they usually go the extra mile for you if you’ve been with them for a good number of years. however you’ll still get a customer loyality rep. even after your first conract expires. i’ve been with TMO for almost 7years and been through a few extensions and they’ve thrown in a little discount here and there to keep me. im also grandfather on alot of stuff IE; T-zones $4.99, unlimited family texting $14.99 and still have my-faves +(1200 min)which is more min. than we need.
      so if your not currently under contract, or set to expire you’ll be getting some deals!! and dont be affaid to tell your thinking about going so&so carrier to check thier pricing! trust me they put you on hold-and come back with better savings! TMo is great, but its all about you!
      whew..too much energy drink consumption!!! hope it helps

  • rickb

    Loving the Vibrant. I am a recovering iPhone user and the speed and usability of the Android interface just floors me. This thing is great. Given that there are times when the return and home buttons are a bit sluggish… That is the only complaint so far!

  • rickb

    Loving the Vibrant. I am a recovering iPhone user and the speed and usability of the Android interface just floors me. This thing is great. Given that there are times when the return and home buttons are a bit sluggish… That is the only complaint so far!

  • WILL

    WOW!!!! very impressed with this phone. bought it yesterday and haven’t put it down since. Display is awesome, processor is very reactive no lag at all. no problems with signal, everything going good so far…..

  • things & stuff

    I checked the phone out at the tmobile store, and oh my god, the pictures don’t do it justice!! The phone the display is crystal clear, thin, and very light. I recently checked the new iPhone out, damn that was heavy, considering its got a smaller screen. I ordered mine from walmart. Its coming today! Can I leave work early?!?

  • Broke

    The night mode on this thing looks fantastic and it would not stop me from purchasing this phone at all. However, as a person with a brand new device that has dual LED flash, please stop fooling people by telling them a flash is useless. One or the other feature is great to have. But yes, a flash does make a hell of a difference over nothing, especially with the way modern tech has advanced.

  • YanivC

    I love my new Vibrant.
    From a techie point of view, the specs are amazing.
    Cortex A8 CPU with PowerVR GPU; in fact this new VR chip is TWICE as fast as the Droid X coming out. Super AMOLED screen. 1500 MaH battery. Awesome.
    From a users point of view…. 100,000 apps. Woo hoo!

  • Will we ever see a device with UMA running Android OS?

  • jerry

    I was the first one to get the phone at the store and so far this phone is great. It is way better then the mytouch and its very responsive

  • Gongonzabar Farbin

    Just a few gripes. With the settings, when selecting the option to sync Gmail Contacts, it does the classic Gmail sync issue of syncing all the people you’ve ever emailed or contacted. Usually you can only select a group of contacts that you want the phone to sync with but I’m convinced that this feature doesn’t exist on the Vibrant/Galaxy S. To accomplish syncing with a select group, I had to set up a separate exchange account on the device.

    Stemming from the above issue, these doesn’t seem to be a way to delete all contacts easily. After having over 700 contacts pushed to my phone, I figured it’d be easier if I just start over and use another roundabout way to sync contacts. However there wasn’t a way to delete all the Google contacts. Since I wasn’t too far into customizing my phone, I just wiped all data.

    I believe that this all stems from Samsung’s TouchWiz. Hopefully these almost basic capabilities get patched in soon.

    • ObsceneJesster

      LOL, before you go posting wrong information why don’t you do some research first. If you don’t want the phonebook showing everyones email that you sent to over the years, I will tell you how to change it.

      ….Navigate to your phonebook settings and choose the option “Display only contacts with phone numbers”


      • Ashish

        Hi ObsceneJesster
        Where can you find Phonebook settings ? I couldn’t find it anywhere.Plz advise.

      • Claudio

        Wow , don’t respond if such a reply bothers you so much

      • Gongonzabar Farbin

        Oh I have done some research. While, yes, I do want only contacts with numbers to be displayed on my phone, that was not the issue that I was trying to solve. While hiding contacts without phone numbers may work for you or someone else, I wish to only have contacts that I choose exist on my phone, and not just hide them. Nevertheless, I have not been able to find a way to mass delete contacts from a synced account. Now if you are able to provide me with such information, then is it appropriate to say “DUH”.

    • mario515

      @gongonzabar farbin could you check your phone to see how much app memory you can use, please and thank you. Im debating between theNexus one and vibrant

      • Gongonzabar Farbin

        I’m not sure how much memory is available but I can say that as of this moment, I am running a few processes and TaskKiller says I have 100 MB available.

    • Eric

      Gongonzabar: If you log on to your gmail account from a computer you can manage your contacts much easier and delete them en masse if you chose.

  • It’s going to be a LOONG week waiting for mine to arrive.

    I am *thrilled* to hear about the camera having night mode though. This is better than a crappy led flash, because the range is unlimited (unlike led flashes that have about a 10′ useful range), and because you aren’t drawing attention to yourself when you take a pic. As a photographer I much prefer to shoot using available natural light than to use a flash, it preserves the mood and environment of the shot. Night mode is way better than a flash… very good news!

    • Shannon

      Finally, someone with the same mindset as I have when it comes to the lack of a flash!

      But bottom line, if the pic is important enough to me, I’m using one of my *real* cameras. It’ll be fine when I’m at the park with the kid or when I see something really crazy that I wanna post on FB, but if I’m going on vacation or it’s my daughters bday party, I’m taking a *real* camera with me.

      BTW… my original delivery date was 7/21. According to UPS, it’s on it’s wasy and now has an expected delivery date of 7/19. Woo hoo!!

    • vinny

      The only reason to have flash is for the flashlight app. Always great to have. Great about the night mode feature.

  • johnsma4

    Couldn’t take it anymore, Vibrant on the way via Costco. I was upgrade ready Only $99, no shipping and handling. Last night it was listed as unavailable online, this morning available again. My first smartphone, I can’t wait. BTW, I am not out to chase the next best phone, I’ll never catch it. 16mb of memory, 1gh processor should keep me happy for the next 22 months.

  • Martin

    Just got the phone yesterday and I am a new android user and let me tell its amazing. The screen really is awesome every color pops, everything is easy and clean. The only minor issue my friend and I have had is that the signal bar show greyed out but I can surf download apps and get phone calls regular but the bars are white. I called customer service and they assured me that it wasn’t the phone it was carrier and we trouble shooted the phone and told me to get new sim.

    • Davidohio

      Gotta love customer care. Their answer to every issue is “go to the store and get a new sim card”. meanwhile the issue has nothing to do with the sim and will not be resolved by wasting your time going to get a new one.

  • The Vibrant is a great device. I have been using the Nexus One, HD2 and iPhone 2G lately (along with the 9700, 8900, TouchPro2, Mytouch 3G and G1) And I have to say this is a very nice phone. The user interface is a bit more polished over the standard Android, even 2.2. The music player (unlike the ugly Android standard)and other Samsung features make this phone an absolute hit! I was worried about first round review statements about the device feeling cheap but I must say it feels really good in the hand, its the perfect size device, Its as light as it needs to be, they could even up the weight with an aluminum back plate but thats not necessary. If you’re looking for a new phone and want the best around (you’re the best….AROUND….)pick up the Vibrant! You will not be disappointed!

    • Davidohio

      Wow it must be great to have so much disposable income to buy ten phones lol

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Perm… do you have all those phones, or have you had them at one time or another?

      I have had many of those you do, but I can’t justify the expense to keep em all. After all, the Vibrant I just purchased was $550 with tax, my HD2 was $500 with tax, and my Slide was $350 (only because I bought it on eBay).

      The prices I have paid could buy some really nice netbooks, so I have to force myself to separate from these phones.

      I have to list the HD2 and our old G1 on eBay this weekend. :(

      Tip o’ the hat if you can afford to keep all those great phones. You must be using them as business write-offs.

    • GFunk

      Thanks for the update…Gotta love the Karate Kid Reference. Can you tell me if it has the ability to sync your calendar with Exchange server. I saw it today at the store and it looked like it did. (must be a Samsung add as Android 2.1 doesn’t have this feature) If it does…and works well, i will be getting this phone this week.

  • db

    I have waited 2 years for the right phone and finally have got it. Last year I purchased the myTouch and sent it back in a hurry to the the slowness and lag. This phone has almost absolutely no lag at all. Screen is really nice. I can actually play music and do a bunch of other stuff at the same time with not one hiccup.

  • TheAnalyst

    I love the Vibrant! It is fantastic and I’m happy I waited for the right phone. The screen is amazing, so vivid! My only minor dislike is the limited capabilities with the email clients (such as moving inbox emails to another folder).

  • welshy992

    Picked the vibrant up at the tmo store yesterday, very happy I sold my nexus one for this phone. The screen on this phone is permanent eye candy compared to any other phone. Touch wiz is much better than I expected. UI is very tight and snappy. Swype is amazing, I could never go without it again. The 3.7 inch screen on the nexus one was good, but extra space with the 4 inch screen fits my hand like a glove. People complain about the cheap-factor of the plastic back but honestly this phone feels so much more solid than the nexus one for me. The only slow down I noticed was once when the phone was on standby it took a few seconds to respond, the notifications said it was checking the internal storage for media. Now this is something that normally happens every time during start up and it makes sense for it to take a little time because there are 16gb of internal memory to check. I haven’t been able to reproduce that again. I can open app after app after app after app and NO SLOWDOWN, because it has so much internal memory. I haven’t had to shutdown anything yet! My only complaint is that the plastic back will get greasy after a while, but I think this could be remedied by an aftermarket case solution :)

    • jay

      How is the battery life on the phone. I am interested in picking one up for me and my wife and do not want another phone with poor battery life.

    • Mario515

      Could you check your phone and see how much app memory you get? I am debating between this and the nexus one.

    • caseindc

      how much did you sell your N1 for? i just got my vibrant and need to put the N1 on ebay. i haven’t checked to see how much they’re going for.

  • dee-xt


    • Macknifetx

      The included SD card is only 2gb, and it has the AVatar movie on it, so it would be hard to move your data from your old card to the new one. What I did was take my 8gb card from my old phone, cleaned it up and put in the Vibrant, then I copied the Avatar movie to the internal memory on the phone. Have not tried to play it yet, but will work on that this weekend.

      If out have purchased a new SD card, put it in your phone. mount the volume, then use the included SD to Micro SD adapter and copy the files straight over instead of to your PC, and then to your new phone.

      I have had the Vibrant for a day now and love the phone. The colors, the speed, the GPU are all big pluses for this phone. A lot better than my MT3G.

      • TXJeff

        How did you move Avatar to your internal memory?


      Copy it to your computer then just drag it to your internal memory.

  • james

    I like the Vibrant but I can’t add more information for the contacts unless i sync it with gmail. i wanted to add emails and extra numbers to some contacts. Also, i don’t like how the speaker is on the backof the phone. wish it was on the bottom

    • james

      the issue may be that your contacts are on the sim, I ran into the same thing but after copying them to the phone they were available for the full edit.

  • Grate Phone! One question tho… How you scroll left or right on the vibrant? On my G1 I had a track ball. Is there anything equivalent to that on the virbrant?

    • tmogeek

      Yet another reason to hang onto my Nexus One. The HD2 has the same issue. Use your finger to position the cursor at the point you want, which isn’t always easy. Important for me to have a trackball/trackpad.

      • jscarano

        When you are using swype you can bring up an additional screen by swyping over the swype icon on very bottom left corner to the SYM button and it brings up up , down ,left , and right cursor keys.

  • Andrew Martel

    ordered mine last night. cant wait ups to show up with it.

  • Radar

    Picked up the Vibrant yesterday morning! Fist thoughts are what a great looking phone, everything is smooth and fluid, with no lag what so ever. One thing to note is that it comes with a 2 GB SD card, which is sufficient enough space for me (especially with apps like pandora and the like) However the avatar movie loaded takes up almost 1.5 gb. Which kind of surprised me you would think that TMO would have atleast gone with an 8 gb card. The biggest issue i see so far is the battery life, which i knew wasnt going to be as good as my BB bold. Email is easy to setup with mutiple clients, apps load quickly, all in all a great phone. Definitely a little learning curve coming from a physical keyboard BB to a touchscreen andriod phone. I know its comparing apples to oranges, but i do miss a few things from my BB that either the vibrant doesnt have or i just havent found it yet. All in all what a great phone! Im glad i got it!

    • underdog378

      You do know that it has 16gb built in right?

  • CC

    Picked up the Vibrant at Costco last night for $100 (after $50 mail in rebate)! Included a free Bluetooth headset, case, and a car charger too. They didn’t have it out on display so they had to bring it out from behind the counter. After playing with it last night, I have to say I’m pretty impressed. The phone is lightning fast. I was on my 4th G1 and was about to walk about from Tmo. Let’s hope this phone doesn’t have the multitude of issues I had before. One concern is that I work about 50 yards from a Tmo tower and I’m only getting 1 to 2 bars of 3G signal strength.

    • Ashish

      Hi CC
      Is this true ? Is it available at Costco for just $100 ?

    • What data plan rate did you get through Costco?
      I went through Tmo CS Loyalty dept. got phone for 149 + 20 data plan.

  • To move avatar to internal memory is simple if you think about it… Simply plug phone into a computer and it will show up 2 Removeable disk. Find the avatar movie and from one of the removable disk and copy it into the other removeable disk. Make sure that when you copy it you copy it to “G:\DCIM\Videos”. G: is what my computer defaulted to for my internal memory.

    • TXJeff

      Makes sense, thank you! I have a 16 Gb card and was frustrated that I couldn’t figure out how to make the change.

  • Relikk2

    The headset it comes with is SICK!!! The sound quality is unbeliveable!!! Its funny you don’t hear that much about the sound quality. MUST USE THE EARPHONES that come with it.

  • mb

    Does this phone has a message light like BB’s do? I’m really interested but very attached to that stupid customizeable light

    • Joemamma

      it does NOT have LED notification. don’t know why.

    • EB

      BBM is a great feature for BlackBerry, but group messenging is the standout. The only alternative that I have found is Cnectd, you can find it in the Market. I has group, but still in beta and has a few bugs. Works accross BB, iPhone and Android platforms which is super cool.

  • Rawr

    Gave up my BB for this. Costco deal was excellent, no early change of service fees like some of the others, free bt (crappy but well it’s free), free car charger (why don’t they come with these?).

    The phone is great, swype is pretty good.

    Too much crapware pre-installed, but you find that with all of the carriers.

    Display is excellent though. The top picks from T-Mobile in the market are better than I thought it would pan out. Samsung’s UI is actually pretty good.

    • Presto117

      No early change of service fee? What’s that? Is that like no charge for upgrading early? If so, I’m only 11 months into my MT3G contract and I want a new phone! Lol

      • diesel

        I’m in the same boat. Also in 11th month and I can’t do anything with this phone.

  • mwl1119

    Walmart has the Vibrant for $149.99 before $50 rebate and you get a free rush shipping and a car charger.

  • JH

    I am having problems with the web since I just switched from Blackberry, but I called Customer Service and they said they needed to make a switch internally. The T-Mobile guy at the store didn’t say anything about that.

    Other than that, I really like the phone so far! It’s so light compared to the BB I feel like I’m going to throw it on accident! I’d like to get a protective case that has a better grip. I’m new to Android and excited to explore all they have to offer. HUGE props to Samsung and T-Mobile for making this happen!

  • david

    I have had the Vibrant for a day now and love the phone. The colors, the speed, the GPU are all big pluses for this phone.

    There is a tiny item on the left top (FFC) maybe a hold over form Intl brand or is it an “Easter Egg” surprise for us?

    A lot better than my MT3G. Have the G1 form Oct 08 and T-mobile has regained ‘cool’ phone status…

  • Khurt

    ^^thats where im going for mines. Using my parents upgrade since i just got the slide lol.

    • Davidohio

      Omg khurt stop saying mines. It mine. Cingular not plural.

      • David

        So wouldn’t it be “singular,” not “Cingular?”

  • heywhoa

    I love it…screen resolution is awesome! It is difficult for me to watch Avatar on it though. Too much happening on small screen. Is there any way to get it to play on my laptop?

  • Josh

    My wife and I both upgraded to one, and after an initial snag with the market place, we both are loving our phones. I came from a Nexus One, so a slight downgrade in software, but a much needed upgrade in hardware. She came from a MyTouch 3G First Gen, so a huge upgrade for her. This is hands down the best Android phone yet. Slim, light, and an even better screen than the Nexus, which blew me away when I first got it.

  • Presto117

    Does anyone know a good way to get a lower price on thaw phone if you aren’t eligible for an upgrade yet? I called customer loyalty yesterday and they said the best they could do is give it to me for $386 and my mom won’t let me buy a new phone until I have an upgrade or it’s the same price or lower. I really want this phone ane my MT3G is having a lot of problems.

    • Presto117

      Anybody? I really want to get this phone for cheaper since I’m on a budget.

  • Rockhead

    $99 at makes it a no-brainer. Just ordered it, will anxiously await the UPS guy’s arrival on Monday or Tuesday.

  • NewSmartPhoneUser

    This is my first smartphone. I am VERY impressed with the Vibrant. Kudos to Paul and Dominic at the SF Van Ness store for their excellent customer service. Even w/o the faster download speeds I am pretty happy with it and signed up for a 2 year contract. I am a longtime Tmo customer and am happy to stick with you guys. If a better phone comes out 6 months later I may just spend the $$, but time will tell. For now all good.

    While I did exchange the phone because of a dent found in the first one I got, and my contacts got a little screwed up by a 3rd rep who shall remain nameless and I ended having to switch way to many pieces of hardware, I did finally leave the store today happy.

    Keep it up Tmo! Don’t let us down!

  • robert

    Had mine for a day now, and think its awesome. The $99 AR deal at Costco made it a no-brainer for me too.

    If anyone is looking for a case, after not finding much of anything online, I got one at the T-Mo corporate store. Yes, its overpriced at $16.99, but it gives the phone a little bit more thickness, and has a texture finish to give you more grip on it.

    • Eli T

      That is what I was afraid of. I did notice though that if you Google “Samsung Galaxy S accessories” you get some options. All the specs indicate that TMO’s version is the same body shape and size so buying those accessories is probably an option.

  • andyandy

    Got it today at work… not much time to play but its awesome. It does *kind of* feel iPhone-like, but in a good way, and updated. I’m a big fan of the screen and the UI.

  • sascales

    So far I really like the phone. I noticed one small thing. Maybe I just missed a setting or something, but if you long click an address in an appointment in the calendar, it does nothing. I was running CM on my G1, and long clicking an address always started up Google Maps and you could easily navigate to the address. I can’t remember if stock 1.6 did this. You would think 2.1 would. Does anybody know if this is normal for stock android, or did I miss something?

    • sasolin

      Sorry, I meant CM

  • vibrant in wing out

    picked up the vibrant at lunch yesterday and was so exited! Came back to work and my coworkers were so amazed at how light it was along with the great colors beaming off the screen. I wanted to play with it since it was my phone but it was difficult getting it out of other peoples hands. Dumping my wing was eventful and I was eager to learn as much as I could about my vibrant. Had some data issues but customer service patched that up. Then had reception issues but that has since changed. I love this phone. Swype was easy to learn and sims was kinda fun to play. I paid full retail price, got a nice case for cheap, and got a extra charger for free! I am extremely happy with my purchase and I no longer will be embarrassed when I whip out my phone. My new name will be swyper always swyping :)

  • Swyper Always Swyping

    Did I forget to mention that I love my vibrant!

    • booyaka

      screw you bro

  • Ephesus

    I picked on on launch day and paid full retail ($500) but am paying over 20 months ($25 a month). This phone is amazing. Everybody I showed it to oohs and ahhhs about the screen. Even the Evo guys are jealous. I would easily choose the the amazing color and brightness of the Samsung over the extra .3″ on the Evo and Droid X. I really love the Samsung UI also. It is very polished and the widgets are also first rate.

    By the way, when i switched to the Even More Plus plan a while back, I wasn’t told that I would never be able to swtich back. Anybody find a way around this?

  • Slider

    So…. I got the Slide a couple weeks ago – Honeymoon is over…


  • Belcher

    ok, first full day with the Vibrant. From full charge to dead battery is almost exactly 8 hours for me! I used it heavy today only putting it down to pee :) Watched avatar, shot some videos of the kids playing at the park, listening to slacker in the background.. Here’s my take on it! I really like the responsivness of the screen, I didn’t mine touch wiz as much as I thought I would. When I first opened the box it felt to light like it was going to break but after a while it felt more natural. Love the processor it’s very quick the screen is (just as title suggests) is vibrant and crystal clear the night exsposure actually take a decent picture in low light (tho I don’t take a ton of pics on my phone, so this nor the ffc would have been a deal breaker for me. Things I didn’t like, The camera doesn’t feel right I don’t like the zoom being controlled by the volume rocker, the earbuds, I had some high expectations for them and they underwhelmed me I have some other samsung buds that are way better. I did notice the “no bar” thing at the park but was still able to get data and call the wife.. I didn’t mention the calling because in a day I only made 3 calls :D all in all I love the phone, it’s everything I had hoped for in my next android device! I’m coming from an OG G1 rooted.. If you go into “about phone” it’s says HSDPA in SLC which makes me happy!

  • sparky

    Can someone help me out? I am trying to create a group in the contacts area, however when i go to add a member to a contact, it only gives me two contacts out of the 300 i have. does this pull off the sim card? Why are there only two contacts to select from?
    Thanks in advance for your help!

  • Vibrant thing

    loving it, phone is amazing

  • marcus

    t-mo is great – verizon, att, etc. could learn a thing or 2 about customer service from magenta…

    i went to costco to get the $99 deal, but ran into an issue due to the fact that the line of my 3 line family plan i wanted to use was not the one that was upgrade eligible. i did not want to have the vibrant w/data plan etc. on the ‘eligible’ default family line – i wanted it for me :). costco couldn’t help, but made an in-store call to t-mo support….

    t-mo support was amazing! they listened patiently, really made me feel valued as a customer, and entered notes into my account that made me both fully eligible for upgrade on the desired line AND able to match the $99 costco price @ the corporate t-mo store down the road.

    i’ve been playing with my $99 vibrant for a few hours now, and t-mo most definitely has a loyal customer for life.

  • james

    a few things I’ve found that I wish I knew how to fix. First the world clock shows times an hour earlier than is correct (I’m in pacific time zone and it shows san francisco as an hour before me for instance)

    Also, does anyone know if there is a way to filter the updates from the facebook/twitter app. I don’t mind game updates on my pc but don’t really need to see them on my phone…

  • Eli T

    Anyone know how this is selling? I saw the Droid X managed to sell out already (at least online), wondering if anyone knows how much interest this phone is getting.

    I do understand from some earlier posts that this is a soft release and we can expect to see a marketing push closer to the original release date of 7/21.

  • Ashish

    For ppl who got it from Costco online or physical store, is $99.99 price eligible for upgrade as well ?

    • marcus

      yes, and they even include a kit with car charger, etc.

  • mjcl987

    wonder if I can get the HTC sense UI on this one….

  • Charles Xavier

    My new Droid X on Verizon is great. So glad I switched out from Tmobile!

    • TMOprophet

      congrats, thats a beasty phone

  • Frankie

    i jux rooted mine vibrant……maa easy…jux follow these steps..….if busybox is not install after those steps jux go to the android market….enjoy.

  • poopman

    actually got to hold it and use it a little and its a pretty nice phone. it did feel a little cheap though from the plastic back.

  • Hiddenman

    I got the vibrant at my local T mobile corporate owned store. It was not on display and I only saw a flyer for it near the blackberries. I asked to see it and the rep had it under the register.

    I added two phone lines to get the 199 pricing and the buy one get one free deal. So i got TWO vibrants for 199! My conrtact is up soon on the other existing lines so I will be canceling those and selling the handsets on ebay unlocked which will cover the cost of the vibrants ! My bill will only go up $30/month because of the way it was setup!

    By the way the phone is awesome! it’s so light and field likes a toy! What an amazing product!

  • Versedout

    Just ordered (upgraded from iPhone 3G) my Galaxy S from Costco for $100 and I tell you next week can’t get here fast enough!!!

  • comicaze

    Thought I would throw this out there. My roommate just got his droid x last night, and we were putting them side by side, and ran them through a few internet tests and movie tests and what not. Droid doesnt even compare to the vibrant. The screen on that thing looks hazy, like the first moto droid. He is already regretting not waiting for the verizon version of the galaxy S. It also only has 6 gbs of internal storage, and verizons ugly confusing menus.

  • Cdawg

    Anyone else’s phone seem to be running out of memory quickly? Taskiller says i only have about 170MBs or so after everything is said and done. Isnt this phone suppose to have closer to 512MB free?


    • monkeyboy311

      Memory or storage? It has 512MB memory but that should fill up unless you have a ton of widgets open, but even then the OS is suppose to manage the memory so whatever is in the foreground gets what it needs (background stuff will be closed).

  • Chris

    For some reason my vibrant gets really hot when i am using it. anyone else having that issue?

  • smb

    So far I’m loving this phone. I’m coming from a first gen iPhone and appreciate how fast and responsive it is.

    One this I would recommend to people is turn the brightness all the way down. Even all the way down it is still pretty bright but the battery lasts much longer.

    As for battery life, I’m currently at 27% after 25hrs 55min. This is the first full charge run after I ran it till it shut off on the first day. I usually have gtalk running in the background, listened to a couple hours of music. Showed off parts of Avatar to people, etc. I’d say Medium use with 6 hours idle while I slept.

    The one issue I’ve found so far is the headphone jack. I have a pair of Maximo iP-HS that I used on my iPhone and a couple laptops. On the Vibrant it doesn’t line up right I guess and no sound comes out of them. The included Samsung headset is decent but not great. I’ve read online that this was an issue on the original Galaxy and is a Samsung thing in general.

    As my first Android phone, I’m not sure what is TouchWiz and what is just Android. One thing I discovered yesterday while listening to music is on the lock screen you can pull down a small CD image and get Music Player controls without having to unlock the phone. I thought that was pretty sweet.

    • house3272

      yea i had the same problem with the head phone jacks, i got hellaz mad then i slammed on the thing…..which to my amazement fixed it…idk if you already did this. but you have to push the 3.5mm jack all the way down so that you can see the silver part of it from the front…its a really really tight plug so that it wouldnt fall off.

      • smb

        Thanks for the suggestion on the 3.5mm jack. You’re right, just had to shove it in there harder… (ok not gonna go there, so tempting)

  • Thomas

    Loving this phone as my upgrade from the G1. Far to many little things that make this phone sweet. I dont believe it feels cheap as some reported, it is rather light, which to me = perfect. The screen is totally awesome, and the TouchWiz is not over bearing as some thought it would be. Good balance in all areas. The only issue I have had so far is google maps freezing up (not sure who’s issue this would fall on). Glad I got this phone. People are already jealous!

  • lucas

    This phone is amazing. Beats me why anyone would want a phone with faster response between tasks, it’s incredibly quick as is. What kills me is the people that complain about the touchWiz, and those that are looking to root the phone so quickly because the phone is amazing as is.

  • Haley

    this phone is AMAZINGGGG. I have now had it in my life for about 18 hours, abd boy of boy is it wonderful. I’ve been waiting for a phone that I would fall in love with and replace my G1 with, and this was the phone. Super fast, brilliant screen, same familiar Android OS but with so many little new features it feels like a whole new phone. you will NOT regret buying this phone, promise!

  • Rob Ferguson

    I have been reading TMo news and Phone Dog every day for a couple of months looking for my next phone. I am not sorry that I went with the vibrant.
    It’s lightning fast on wifi, and does not feel at all cheap to me compared to a lot of the hardware out there. OK, the back (s) are a little lightweight, not noticeable with a gelskin which to me makes sense for lots of reasons.The gelskin at the tmobile is a great fit and has a nice grain to it. I saw previous comment about headphone jack, it is snug but it works great. I would rather start out that way. I used other headphones with great results. Bottom line: This phone has got to be in the top 10 percent of what is out there now.

  • MHT

    I will receive my phone early next week.Hopefully Otterbox will get lots of requests for their great accessories for the Samsung Vibrant,so that they will be available real soon.

  • AlAl

    only had the phone for a couple of hours I can already tell that we are gonna be great friends…. swype is interesting sent from my new vibrant

  • Khurt

    Just picked mines up today. The screen is amazing, processor is pretty quick but not sure if it stays fast constantly like my mytouch slide. Still missing somethings that i would prefer from my mytouch slide but overall its a great phone. Glad i have both of them tho

  • flaroadie

    any recommendations on a good a screen protector?

    • swehes

      I just left the screen protector that was on the phone already. Just did some trimming with the scissors and put the gel cover around the phone and the cover stays.

      • Drew

        Ok people, do keep in mind the plastic cover that it ships with is NOT a screen protector. Your screen is not protected with that on. The only thing that does is give you a false sense of security as it pertains to the screen.

    • Chris

      t-mo just got their anti-smear screen prot for the vibrants. It’s not the best screen protectors. It’s not as glossy as the out of the box prot. but its decent.

  • Khurt

    im looking for 1 myself

  • Khurt

    is anyone running Advanced Task killer on the phone? Why is the memory reading so low? on my slide after clearing everything it would be around 240mb. On the vibrant its around 115mb???? is there a dedicated amount of memory within the 16gb for apps??

    • TMOprophet

      The ATK will show the amount of RAM memory, or Random Access Memory, this is seperate from the 16Gb internal storage. The RAM is responsible for running your apps and multitasking. The apps themselves are stored in the ROM part of your internal storage, and I do believe there is limited amount for app storage. SO that 16Gb isnt all available for apps. I think I heard it was like a gb or 2 for apps, which is alot. I hope that helps. Someone might be able to better explain this, mine was brief..sorry

  • Khurt

    thanks man, i got it, was just wondering, seems like the lower it gets, it makes the phone lag a little as u slide to each home screen.

  • Mama

    I am wanting this phone pretty badly, but don’t have the 199 + upgrade fee to get it. I could probably swing 100 bucks like I’ve seen some places, but on Amazon that price is only good for brand new customers and on at Costco I’d have to tack on the 50 dollars to become a member and we don’t have a costco in my state. Any ideas or suggestions?
    Also, is this phone worth my upgrade, or should I consider waiting for this superphone coming down the pipes in November? The rep. at the store today said they have heard similar rumors, but he wondered how a cellphone battery would ever be able to run a 2 GHZ processor and I kinda felt like he had a point. Thoughts on that??
    Thanks guys!

    • fujitsujeff

      R u sure, I did an upgrade through costco online and I wasn’t asked any membership information. Taxes and fees were high however. I got charged $50 in taxes and fees, bc I’m in california.

      • Mama

        I’m checking that out now. If I upgrade through t-mobile directly I can get grandfathered in at the 25 dollar data plan. If I upgrade through costco I have to do the 30 dollar plan.

      • Mama

        thanks for that tip! You just saved me 100 dollars!! Woo-hoo!

      • Ashish

        I got an awesome deal…
        From T-mo store I got the phone for $100 + tax of only $9.25 (California tax) after I showed Costco deal print-out to Tmo store.
        Also i got $25/month data-plan.
        Not only that I got free screen protectors & free Jabra blue-tooth set….

        Swwwwwwwweeeeeetttttttt !!!! :-)

    • Eli T

      I think you made a good choice. There will always be something to wait for and eventually you’ve just got to pull the trigger. There seems to be some good stuff coming but I think the Vibrant is “good stuff” too and will still be a competitor come December. No matter what drops, and I am excited to see TMO finally competing, the Vibrant is a superphone too. Its specs match or beat everything out there so I don’t know what could make it be considered a lesser phone. Good move…

  • croikee

    Just got mine yesterday, I love it. One question, on screen brightness what do you all have yours set at? Seemed my phone was dimming on itself. I thought it was due to low battery, perhaps it was, but it seemed to dim on me again today. I realized I had ‘auto brightness’ selected. Took that off, set the slider to the middle and it seems better. What do you all have your brightness at?

    • Francis

      Mine is set all the way down. Its still almost too bright for me.

  • Francis

    Went into the tmomail store today, picked up one for myself, and got the slide for my mom. This is seriously the most brilliant phone. I’ve used to date. So glad I left big red back in the day, and so glad I got rid of my 3gs for this. Haven’t put it down since 2pm and its now 1 here in DC. If you have an upgrade and are looking for a FAST android device with a gorgeous screen, then go out and buy a vibrant.

    (This comment posted from a Samsung Vibrant)

  • Jeff

    Wasn’t planning on buying one. But $99 at Costco. You just can’t beat that for a phone like this. I’m more impressed than I thought I’d be. only think I’ve found that I didn’t like was it importing every ‘all contacts’ from gmail rather than just ‘my contacts’. This is a great phone. Came from a G1 running Android Froyo.

  • karlc

    does this phone have a tethering option or some sort of wi-fi connection to the internet for my home computer?? thinking about canceling mt landland internet option. would this work?

    • karlc

      opps, i mean landline.

      • PCMcGee

        Be aware that there is a 5gb per month soft cap on your T-Mobile “unlimited” data plan, after this your downloads will slow to a crawl. If you can live with this amount of data, it may work. Personally, I connect to my home wifi to keep my monthly data usage below the 5gb, but I use alot of data. Also, you would need to wait for the next Android update, 2.2(froyo) for the “tethering” ability to be added to the OS, but there is also the possibilty that that function may not be in the final T-Mobile version of the upgrade. They could disble it, or even charge extra for it.

        I would download a network monitoring application for your PC, one that can monitor your network usage and give you a running total of the amount of data you use. I would think that 5 gigabytes would barely be enough for a light web user, considering that would need to cover web surfing, emails, software updates like Windows, Flash, Java, ect., plus all the data the phone would use for similar tasks.

        In short, no, dont get rid if your home data plan, if you use less than 5gb per month in data, you should sell your Vibrant to someone who would use it properly, lol :P

  • DJ

    I just got mine and it is great. Just wanted to share with you how you could get yours for 100$, immediately: go to your local costco and get the phone for $150 (- $50 mail in rebate) for existing upgrade-eligible customers, or it is instantly $100 if you buy a new line.

    This is one stupid thing tmo shouldn’t have done: selling/getting preorders the phone for as twice as expensive as the other resellers. The price in is $150, in $100 and only in tmo it is $200 (and yes, the official dealers have no idea of the third party reseller prices)…

    • mjcl987

      Hey yo DJ, if you want to get the phone from Costco I believe you need a membership 4 that, aint that truth?

      • Mama

        I bought mine last night off and while it didn’t require me to be a member, it also didn’t send me an email or anything confirming my order and I can’t find any trace of it. It didn’t make me register a new account last night either and today when I did that, hoping to find my order, it said I had no order history. But the payment is showing as pending in my bank balance. I guess I’m going to have to call customer service tomorrow (they don’t have hours over the weekends apparently) and figure it out. I was using the same e-mail I put in last night. Not sure what’s going on with that. But I got it for 99 dollars (plus an 18 dollar upgrade fee, charged to my bill).

  • Big Bad C-Los

    My Vibrant arrives via UPS on the 21st! The wait is killing me!!! AGH!!! I have a question for you guys: Is it possible to move the Avatar movie to the internal memory?


      Yep already did that on mine, and installed the 16gb card that came with my HD2. Transformers looks good on this screen by far and now if got tons of memory on this thing, I got like 10 movies and 800 songs, and I still have room to play with.

      • Big Bad C-Los

        Thank you! Now I’m really dying for the UPS guy to knock on my door.. Agh!

  • thebear21

    As a big Gmail user, I think what Jeff said about Contact Syncing is a major screw up by Samsung. Standard Android OS does this right – don’t know why Samsung decided to break this feature (my contact list is now cluttered with every email address that’s ever been in my Gmail – not good.

    Had to install another launcher to get rid of the copy-cat UI that was trying way to hard to look like an Iphone. Other than those two small gripes it’s a great phone. If I could could get that screen on my Nexus One I’d be a happy camper.

    • noeleaser

      As far as it showing all those email addresses that have ever been in your gmail: What if you deleted all of those emails before you did your initial sync? Do you think this would solve the problem?

    • T-Mobler

      Isnt there an option to only show contacts with phone numbers so those email addresses dont show up? Most other android phones have that option…

    • DefD

      Don’t know if you were aware, but you can choose to only view contacts that have phone numbers which fixes that issue.

  • Nick

    Hey, does anyone else have issues when the Vibrant is charging that it gets really hot? Mine had gotten so got I cannot make a phone call holding to to my hear without it starting to burn.

    I am thinking I should just take it back to T-Mo and get another one to replace it. Any thoughts?

    I am otherwise ready to enter an exclusive relationship with this device!

    • Matador

      I would, that sounds odd

  • Khurt

    Anyone coming from a Mytouch slide to this phone? Am i the only 1 that notices the lag on the vibrant just a little when switching to each home screen panel? even tho the mytouch slide isnt a 1ghz phone it seemed to stay consistantly fast better than this phone so far.

    • taaars

      Might want to try task killer….not sure, you may be running to many apps..I have only messed around with this in the store (get mine tomorrow) but I had live wallpaers and tons of live widgets running and it ran fine, BUT I didnt open a ton of apps. 2.2 is supposed to remedy this issue by having a task killer of such buil into the os.

  • Branden Gale

    I have noticed it on my vibrant too. Its getting slower and slower as i use it. I might master reset.

  • mamba24

    I went to a store to check out the Vibrant and I have to say that I was both impressed and disappointed. The phone was a great fit in the hand and the Super AMOLED screen was fantastic. The TouchWiz UI was pretty user-friendly, as well. But the hardware had a very cheap feel to it. This just added more disappointment in the phone after I found out that T-Mobile stripped the phone of its front facing camera. It already didn’t have a flash. I can understand people saying that the FFC and flash are not deal killers but what is the $200 price tag for exactly? It doesn’t take much to realize that very little was spent on the materials for the phone. Not to mention, when you look at the competition you see phones that have 8 megapixel cameras with a flash, HDMI ports, HD quality video recording, large displays, fast processors,and some with FFCs. These are specs are almost standard now. The things is, the phones with these specs all cost $200. The Vibrant doesn’t really justify its price. I can’t help but to feel that the Vibrant being T-Mobile’s first superphone is a bit of a farce when it’s lacking in various aspects. So, I’m going to hold out for the rumored “project emerald”. Hopefully, it will be a true superphone that will justify the current market of $200 phones.

    • Matador

      The other phones you mentioned dont have super amoled screen,FFC is only on the EVO, none of them have 16gb internal memory save the iphone, this phone has HD video fact it has one of the better HD recorders out. This phone DLNA, so you can transmit files via other DLNA devices, also it has tv out via cable, Glaxy S has the fastest processor out (for the moment)

      I am not bashing you, just letting you know that although this phone does not have all the features you mentioned, nor does any other phone have ALL these features, there are ups and downs to each unit, and its up to you to decide what features suits you the best, the 200 contract price is at a good point with other devices of this caliber.

  • Khurt

    @taaars, advanced task killer was the first thing i downloaded on this phone. i realized that the daily briefing, friends and feeds widget and Buddies Now widget slowed it down as i have heard from others on here. took them off and now the phone runs smooth again when side scrolling. Still not sure why task killer is only showing about 140mbs of memory after i kill everything though????

  • taaars

    hmm…I also read on other forums that app developers are updating their apps to run on it could be that…Ill have two to play with tomorrow and dig a little deeper.

  • DefD

    The Vibrant rocks! I waltzed right into Wal-Mart on launch day and picked up what ended up being the first one they sold. $150. I upgraded from a G1 which I’ve had since they were released.

    I’m REALLY glad I got this phone. Lots of things to love about it. However, I must say that I far prefer the copy/paste functionality found in HTC Sense. I wish that Samsung would have done something similar in TouchWiz, but they stuck with the stock Android copy/paste functionality which is decidedly underwhelming. Sense rocks for copy/paste.

    My other gripe is the positioning of the power button. That’s gonna take some getting used to. It parallels the volume rocker and I find it a bit awkward to not only find it (it’s small and it hides well), but also to press it.

    Some of the standouts are the screen (obviously) which no internet picture or video can do justice for, the processor which is FAST, the internal storage which is immense, and the overall profile of the phone. Yes, it’s got a plastic back and yes it’s lightweight, but it’s a very well-built phone and doesn’t feel cheap.

    And BTW, this phone absolutely SMOKES on wifi. Especially wireless N.

    • TMOprophet

      It did feel cheap to me, but I agree with most of what you said otherwise.

    • Ashish

      Wireless N is not supported till Android 2.2 – not phone limitation but Android limitation. Till then while it is running 2.1, it is just 802.11 g.

  • Alex C

    I’m loving it so far. Lightning fast, 16 GB of storage. The OLED display is a thing to behold. Even in pitch black night you can’t tell the edges of the screen where it’s showing black. The Sims 3 start-up screen is a great example when it’s dark and you just have a green diamond shining there, looks pretty nice.

  • Presto117

    I have a great success story! I got a myTouch 3G last year on launch day, and at this point, I hate it. Not only hate it, but I’ve dropped it a few times and it really struggles now. I really wanted a Vibrant, so I called customer loyalty Thursday morning, but the best they could give me was $389. That was too much for me, so I gave. Then I formulated a game plan and tried it again today. I called customer loyalty again today, and I told her that my phone’s broken and I really want the Vibrant as a replacement. She said that she could only give me $389, so I initiated my plan. I told her I was an Android dev (I am, partially) and that I really need a powerful phone and that for around $389 I could pay my ETF and get an Evo or Droid X and get my powerful phone. She said that since I’ve been with them for a while they didn’t want to lose me, so she said she’d see what she could do. She came back and said that one line I had was eligible for $149. I told her that that was our T-Mobile at home line, and she went silent for a little bit, then said that she can use that upgrade if I agreed to another two years with that @home line, and she would remove the data plan it would add to my @home line. I agreed, and she gave me the phone for $191 total with tax and free 3 day shipping, which is perfect, because I’m going to Comic-Con Thursday and Friday and wanted a better camera (my digital one is crap) and an HD camcorder. I told her she was a lifesaver and she really helped me out. Now I wait until tuesday or Wednesday for my lovely Vibrant. I went into my T-Mobile store today top play with one, but a rep there said that their demo phone got stolen and ripped right out of the counter! Luckily, he let me play with his Vibrant and said he preferred it over his Nexus One. Best of all, I still get my upgrade on my line next august ;)

  • T

    I just got my Vibrant from the T-Mobile store today, the internet is super fast! I’ve noticed that if you are loading a website, then hit home and got to setting and status the data status changes from UMTS to HSDPA! Speedtest app results: 3458 down, 948 up

  • prestocandie

    what you cheap bastard did you become sterile so your wife cannot have anymore of your kids to collect more welfare?you call yourself a loyal custome and you cheat the system?it is scumbags like you that cost tmobile money that could be better applied to other aspects of the company

    • Cris

      LOL T-Mobile rep?

  • flaroadie

    ashish – my router is setup to only accept 802.11n connections and i have been connected to it since I bought the phone last thur.

  • Phaelenx

    This phone is AMAZING! The only issues i’ve had was the movie is only on the 2GB card, which i copied to my 8GB card and it works fine. The T-Mobile sync app doesnt work as of yet either. Also there isnt tethering as of yet even though the owners manual says it should be there. From what a T-mobile rep says, that will come when the phone gets Froyo in the Fall sometime. Otherwise, this phone is crazy fast, smooth, and can be a bit of a battery hog if you get on the net alot . The night shot is amazing too. You have to be close to the people, but it works and its clear. I’m VERY pleased with this phone.

    • xtina

      phaelenx…i wanted to ask you how do i set up facebook notifications??? on my black berry i was able to get notifications and since i have got this phone i havent figureed out how to set up my fb notifications..pls help ….

  • bubbles

    I really love the vibrant so far. I rooted and installed a tethering app. Rooting was simple, it was alt easier than rooting some older android handsets. I am loving swype. Just waiting on a froyo rom, hopefully cyanogen will make one or someone will port one over. This thing its really fast and the screen its amazing.

  • Mark3859

    I’ve had a cliq, mytouch, and mt3GS. The clig was satisfactory, the mytouch was terrible, and the MT3GS was ok. THE VIBRANT is a dream. For all those out there who needed something with speed, grace, and an amazing screen our time is now. High End users rejoice all over the world. Samsung Vibrant delivers what tmobile has spent millions attempting to deliver but always come up short. This is a true superphone!

  • slimdoggy05

    my layar app hasnt worked once

  • xtina

    does anyone know how to get facebook notifications setup?

  • John G.

    I got it!! I had my Vibrant delivered to me at work so I wouldn’t miss the UPS guy. I can’t wait to try out the DLNA capability, check out Avatar, and well…everything else it has to offer. I’m extremely excited about this phone people, and you would be too if it were replacing your Moto V190 flip.

  • attaymik

    Ok–so I have a MT Slide that I really love but I’m reading your comments and I’m really thinking about getting a Vibrant. I’m on the Even More + plan and it will be my fourth new phone (in addition to the Slide, I have a Fender and I gave my friend my white MT3G) in six months. My family is calling me a crackhead now and I admit I’m a fiend. I can get the phone for $116 down/$21.50 per month on the equipment installment and I’ve paid off two of my other phones, so I don’t mind carrying the Slide and the Vibrant but my question is; is the Vibrant worth it? I was going to wait until November to see what’s out there and before I got another new phone but is it worth it to purchase now? I’m in gadget mode. LOL.

    Appreciate the feedback in advance.

  • spleeve

    Upgraded to Vibrant from a 3G iPhone unlocked for TMO to Vibrant. Bought it in store at Costco and paid $124 plus tax (no $50 mail in rebate) and it came w/ a bluetooth headset, hip case and car charger (nice!). I am blown away by this phone. Played with it against a Droid X and iPhone 4 over the weekend. Droid X is so big compared to it and screen is not even same class plus I”m not keen on the loaded UI from Verizon/Motorola in comparison. iPhone 4 is way heavier, slightly thicker and doesn’t have a 4inch AMOLED screen–I’m not keen on the squared off design plus the Vibrant doesn’t drop calls if you hold it wrong–enough said! Coming from iOS I’m shocked by how much better Android with Samsung’s UI is once you get your head around it, which doesn’t take long. Sure if you use the iPod functionality a lot maybe you’ll stick w/ Apple but everything else is better. The voice recognition and Swype input further seals the deal. There would have to be some kind of huge leap forward in the future for me to want another phone now and I don’t necessarily see that coming. Brilliant phone!

  • bobbydigital

    anyone having a problem with the battery life? i just unplugged my phone after a full charge at about 9 am and now at 110 pm est my phone has turned off and the battery drained, from about 1130 to 12 the battery just drained i looked at the batter use, and it showed 62% from the display, i do not have a live wallpaper, and my brightness was set halfway, the only apps i had running in the background were weather channel and the sports center score keeper. as far as activities on the phone just did some texting, no heavy use. anyone else having similar problems?

    • Defender of the Galaxy

      Got a great deal on my Vibrant from Now that I’ve got all the apps set up the way I like it, I put the battery through its paces — took it through a normal day without ever charging. Left on WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, data roaming, used it normally — even let co-workers pass it around for an hour (and of course watch part of Avatar), made a couple of calls, used the GPS Nav on the way home… The battery lasted 13 hours, which exceeded my expectations.

      I have since downloaded Advanced Task Killer and programmed it to kill most tasks every hour. If I actually plug it in when I’m at my desk or in the car, and turn off WiFi or GPS when I don’t need them, it seems this phone is going to never give me any battery headaches.

      That’s the good news.

      The bad news was that charging the battery from 1% to 100% took 4 hours! That’s crazy.

      • Phaelenx

        I’ve been running my phone from 6:30 AM to now and I barely used up half a battery. Thats with my email pulling every 5 mins, Facebook updating every hour , texting, and whatever is running in the background. I’m not sure how you’re killing the battery so quickly unless you’re on the internet….

  • I remember my 2nd Gen analog phone from a thousand years ago. It could charge the battery and extended life battery separate from the phone. I’m glad to see samsung bring this feature back with separate battery charger accessory option. I’ve wondered why OEM’s don’t do this. With the features on smart phones it seems to be a helpful option.

  • I LOVE THIS PHONE!! The screen is amazing, the speed is amazing, the Touch Wiz (can’t believe I’m going to say this…) is amazing. Very happy and gave my unlocked N1 (all $530 worth to my wife) to keep using my Vibrant.

    I miss one thing from my Nexus One and that is the roller ball which helped when I misspelled a word to get back to the center. Can’t always hit the right spot with my big fat sausage fingers.

    For anyone using the TV out it comes out of the 3.5 MM jack. Hard to find the AV cable to fit. Had to order from Amazon. Tried Best Buy, Radio Shack, and for fun Target. Just an FYI if you are looking.

  • John G.

    Mine came in this morning, and it’s GREAT!! After work I’m going to set it up on my network and try out the DLNA feature.

  • zed411

    Just bought the Vibrant on Friday from Costco. Switched over from a BlackBerry Pearl, and I can’t tell you how much more enjoyable this phone is. So many more features, and the screen is pretty amazing. The camera is amazing too.

    A few gripes –

    – Battery life is really poor – unplugged at 7 am, needed to plug in by mid-afternoon after moderate use (I left the default settings as is, as I think that should be a pretty good arbiter of how the manufacturer wants you to manage the phone’s settings)

    – The phone is slippery. It’s kind of hard to hold, and even harder to press the buttons on the side of the phone without it slipping out of the hand. I think I’ll need to get a case or something (hopefully there will be better options for cases soon). I wish the battery cover was studded or had some texture.

    – Even with the fast processor, it still seems to slow down a bit. I don’t run tons of apps, but that doesn’t seem to matter as to whether the phone is slow.

    I’m hoping we’ll get a software update soon to address the battery issue, ala the EVO. I heard from a T-Mobile rep that everyone is complaining about the battery.

  • cronin

    I am in love with this phone! I got invisiShield screen protector from and hopefully Otterbox comes out with some good cases soon. HSPA+ is getting released in my city on 21st, so I can’t wait to see what kind of speeds I’ll be getting. Right now I usually get 1.5 Mbps at most places and somewhere even 3 Mbps


    I don’t have this phone, I bought the Droid X. All I can say is WOW, finally an Android phone T-Mobile users can be proud of. I had a chance to play around with this phone a few weeks ago courtesy of my Samsung connection. I am really blown away by the screen, the speed and the thinness of the phone. The Vibrant is definitely a device worth buying. I just wish it has come out a year ago. I haven’t seen any TV ads for it but one pitch comes to mind. T-Mobile should have a commercial showing off the Vibrant while Q-Tip’s song Vibrant Thing is playing in the background. They really should put some serious marketing behind this device.

    Vibrant Thing…a Vibrant Thing.

  • thc

    Got my Vibrant about 2 hours ago. I have an N1 and I must admit I am really pleased. I do miss somethings from Froyo but overall I believe this is one helluva phone. The GPS is okay, about like the N1 and the speaker phone volume is much better on the Vibrant. So far I have not noticed much battery usage but it has just been a couple of hours so the jury is out on that. The display is gorgeous and the phone is very quick. It would really fly on 2.2 with the JIT complier. The touchwiz is not that bad and in fact I kind of like it. I feel that with a Casemate Hard case {when they finally come out with one} the weight and the feel of the phone will about right. I fany one knows where I could obtain either a gel case or a hard case with the gel combined please post it. Any information would and will be greatly appreciated.

    • Relikk2

      I purchased a gel case from tmobile at apx $16.

  • Brett

    Anyone having trouble with the WiFi reception. Seems poor compared to my ipod touch and other devices. Any suggestions? Thanks!

    • sasolin

      Unfortunately, I am having trouble with both wifi and 3G reception. Signal varies from 0 to three bars constantly for 3G and wifi shows no signal most of the time. I have heard about the fluctuating signal strengths, but that it has little effect on performance. I can say that that may be partly true, as I can sometimes still get some reception even when no bars are showing. But I also see drastic decreases in performance at times for both wifi and 3G. Right now, I am sitting about two feet from my wifi router, and only at this distance does wifi show two or three rings, and also at this distance, I can finally get some decent performance on the Internet. My G1 shows considerably better reception and performance for wifi and 3G, so far.
      I’ve also noticed that alternative browsers don’t work very well so far. I’ve used xScope and Steel a lot on my G1 and both are very slow on the Vibrant. I have also tried Dolphin and Skyfire on the Vibrant, and they are both a lot slower than the stock browser. Skyfire in particular is very buggy on the Vibrant. For example, after scrolling, it will not allow you to do any further action until the lights go out on the buttons under the keyboard. It just sits there frozen until the lights go out.
      I figure the browsers probably need to be updated to work with the Vibrant, but it just adds to the disappointment of the poor performance I am getting with the Vibrant overall. So far, about half the time, the performance I get from the Vibrant is about the same as I was getting before I rooted my G1 and only had about 9 – 10MB of memory available to run apps; in other words, very slow. Has anyone else experienced anything like this. I read some posts that indicate that the performance seems to be slowing down some. Mine is pretty drastic, to the point where the phone basically freezes up and does nothing for 30 seconds or so, sometimes, and then it tries to process everything I typed in or whatever when it finally unfreezes. Very frustrating. Also, I find that every time I check ATK, tons of apps are open that I don’t want open and didn’t open myself. Even checking every five minutes or so, I find that there will be ten or fifteen apps open that I didn’t open, and my memory will be down to 60 – 70MB available. After I kill them, I have about 140MB available, but in five minutes or so, they will be open again, and the memory will be back down to about 70MB. I never saw anything like this with my G1.
      One other thought. I see some have asked why they have about 240MB free on their MyTouch Slide or Cliq or whatever, and they wonder why they only have about 140 on the Vibrant. I noticed in the application manager that the Sims game takes about 73MB of memory. Could that be the reason the Vibrant shows so much less memory available?
      I’m not a Vibrant hater. I want this phone to be good. I’m hoping that if others are having similar experience that we’ll soon get an OTA update to fix the problems. I am probably going to go and pick up another Vibrant for my wife tomorrow or the next day, so then I will be able to see if it is just my phone or if hers does the same thing mine is doing.
      I am interested in hearing if anyone else is having these types of issues, or if my experience is out of the norm.

  • Nick

    I haven’t been able to get my Facebook contacts to sync. has anyone else had this problem?

    • Tristen

      it worked fine for me the first few days, but as of yesterday i’ve been getting a syncing error message for both facebook and twitter.

      • xtina

        I got this off of samsung vibrant…….hope it helps…

        Re: facebook syncing…I need help please

        « Reply #2 on: July 25, 2010, 11:55:18 PM »

        This is what worked for us, I hope it helps others who have the misfortune of owning this pos phone.

        1) Delete the face book app if you downloaded it

        2) Remove the face book account

        3) log into face book on a pc (or mac) on the right hand side of the screen go to the account tab use the drop down menu to get to app settings. Delete everything that is droid or samsung.

        4) Add the account back in the phone let it sync, put it down walk away come back look at your contacts and go ooo their back.

        5) Download the face book app if you want.

        6) Email samsung and post on their review of the product how much they suck. I curse any one who skips this test to drop their phone in the toilet and fry it.

  • SoonToBeFormer_TmoCustomer

    I am returning my Vibrant.
    The phone is working just fine, but the Van Ness Store in San Francisco is not helping me.

    I tried to transfer my old Tmo number to the new phone, and they admitted someone screwed up and did not handle the request properly.

    Now I have to wait two weeks, while carrying two phones, with two contracts, before I can get the number transferred. There is a chance I may lose my old number if I don’t call immediately on the 28th of the month to request the switch. No info given on how much of a window I have.

    I called today trying to reach someone for more info, and their “regional manager” Nasir told me that the rep I was trying to reach was busy with another customer. Fair enough. Then I asked him to help me, but he said he had to help someone standing in front of him first. I asked him “why did you pick up the phone then”. He kind of laughed and asked me if I wanted him to hang up the phone.

    I want to keep my old number but so far no one has been helping me. I have to wait 2 weeks for a transfer that could go wrong again. I am not very pleased.

    • SoonToBeFormer_TmoCustomer

      I posted this vent on the T Mobile customer forums and someone suggested I call Customer Loyalty. Did that, spent about 30 mins and now am back on track. Thank you Customer Loyalty (Bret) and Flex accounts lady (Megan).

      Tmo is redeemed. I am avoiding the stores from now on.

    • Alex

      Why didn’t you just swap out the sim car and use the phone.. you could have added the data plan or whaever online…

    • i’m sorry to hear that youre having issues. i work for tmobile. have you tried calling customer service yet?

  • Anyone know any information on the home cradle?

    • szandor

      i called samsung directly and the home cradle with the speaker should be available for sale in 1-3 weeks. it is coming, unfortunately, at time that is about a month after release of the phone.

  • TMO_Dolphin

    I was curious to read about the problems at the Van Ness Av. store in San Francisco. There are some good people in that store and the one out by UCSF (9th or 10th and Irving). Although I was in both stores the last couple of days and did not see the people I have found who know their stuff. I must say regardless of carrier all the retail outlets seem to have mostly people that have a cursory knowledge of things. Like I said both stores have one or two people who are knowledgeable and interested in the products, as well as how they compare to other devices.

    Regarding the Vibrant….

    I found it to be a much better phone than I expected. I think it has a better screen that either the EVO or the Droid X. It also looks to me like the image quality from still images is much better than the EVO. This may be partly related to the screen quality, after all that is how I am viewing them on each phone. The Vibrants color accuracy seemed more neutral and on target. The EVO’s screens seem over-saturated and the devices in the Van Ness Av Sprint store displayed an unpleasant blueish purple cast in the shadows. I could understand that happening indoors from mixed light sources, but it seemed to hold on the portion of the images that were outside. I wish I could take one outside and test it in complete sunlight.

    The one negative thing I noticed with the Vibrant is stuttering in the video capture of moving objects (I will have to go back to the EVO and Droids to see how they compare in this regard). I took several clips of traffic going by on Van Ness Av. The cars would appear to stutter ever so slightly. This was not blatantly obvious, but it was there. I do not know if this is related to the frame rate at which certain resolutions are captured, the limits of the graphics system in the phone (which is supposed to be among the best), or maybe store phones have so much overhead having been sitting out there all day long with people opening apps and using up resources all day on them, that their performance is effected. Still I saw this with two different Vibrant phones at two different stores. The clarity and color accuracy of the photos and videos looked very good.

    Other than that I would add the build quality, fit and finish, and premium materials used in an iPhone set the standard. The Vibrant, EVO, and Droid X look nice and have a nice feel. However in terms of the physical device itself, these plastic Android phones do not seem to me to be worth the same amount of money as an iPhone. If Nokia and Apple can build devices made out of premium materials (metal vs plastic) then I sure hope HTC, Motorola, and Samsung will get around to it.

    • Presto117

      as for stutter, it might be the default video capture setting. I forgot where I saw the review, but someone mentioned that for some odd reason, the Vibrant’s default video capture mode isn’t the full 720p HD, but lower. You have to go into the camera settings and change it to full 720p. hopefully that helps.

      • TMO_Dolphin

        I did go in and test capture at different resolutions, and did not see any difference relative to the stuttering. There are also three settings, apart from resolution, including “Fine” that may make a difference. Again this is a subtle but noticeable issue. It was interesting where I had people walking down the sidewalk at the same time as cars were going by. I did not see any stuttering of the people’s movements, just the cars. That is why I think the frame rates may be the cause. Cars on Van Ness are generally moving along in the 35 mph range. I will check the EVO and Droid X out and see if they have the same issue.

    • baatin

      agreed. i am returning mine tomorrow or sunday. the rattling volume rocker really just made it feel cheap to me, like they rushed through it. i picked up an iphone 4 today, and the build quality is simply superior. i love android and tried to support it (mytouch, then vibrant) but i was lied to regarding moving my contacts list from bb9700 to vibrant at the sherman oaks store on ventura, and i simply don’t do well with lies, especially when it’s my money. also, i paid only $261 for the iphone today, but was charged $318 for the vibrant as an upgrading customer (i didnt qualify for the $50 rebate on the vibrant for some reason). the service will cost me the same $70/month.

      • Manny

        Will cost you $70 a month with att? Oh dear youre in for a BIG surprise lol

  • jpb1972

    Love my Vibrant ! I am sooo glad I made the purchase and did not wait for something else to come along. The phones 4″ display is Awesome! Switching the camera to night mode allows you to take pretty good low light pictures, much more useful than an led flash in my opinion. The phone can and will handle everything you throw at it, multi tasking is supurb!
    No complaints here, just wish batteries lasted longer these days.

  • Tristen

    it worked for me the first few days, but as of yesterday i’ve been getting a syncing error message for both facebook and twitter.

    • michael

      make sure you have enabled use wireless networks and use gps satellites under location and security settings. It did the same for me until I set those

  • Can someone link to this infamous costco deal? bc I have no idea what that is or where to find the deal online.

    • Denise

      It’s dead. The prices is now $199 on contract and $479 off.

    • consortitude

      Amazon still has them for $99. I got mine from my local store for $99 (on release day mind you) simply because I told the store manager that I saw it on Amazon for $99. The store manager matched Amazon’s price and I have been a happy ex-Verizon camper since the 15th of July. :) (granted, I am a brand new T-Mobile member…not sure what you would be able to work out if you are an upgrade).

  • TexEngineer

    I’ve been using my vibrant for two days now. I am impressed with every aspect of the phone. Just enabled tethering. 7.7 mbps down x 1.5 mbps up! an excellent investment. And I have been told that this phone is able to push 720p video out through bluetooth if you have a receiver to handle it. (can’t wait to try that)!

    • Lou

      Did you use a third party android apps like EasyTether or PdaNet? I’m considering upgrading to the Vibrant if the named apps work.

      • consortitude

        Just to let you know, the Android 2.2 update that we well hopefully be getting soon has tethering built into it. Now whether it is included/enabled by default on the Samsung build when they get done, we will only know when it hits our phones.

  • Passat

    I’ve had my Vibrant for two days now…….It’s by far the best phone I’ve ever
    had.The huge display….the HD camera….tv out :)
    I have to mention a few things they can work on fixing tho..I too had trouble transferring my phone numbers from the old sim card….Don’t know why,but If i have a contact with more than one number,it would show two separate contacts in the Vibrant when I copied it,no big deal- just had to do it manually….
    I agree with the previous thoughts about the plastic body….I wish it looked a little more solid. The last thing is the soft keys(keys on the bottom on the device).I don’t find them very responsive….also they are hard to see and find sometimes.Let me know if it’s just me.I think regular rubber keys would have been just as nice down there….
    Anyway overall huge upgrade for me coming from G! Google phone.

  • synapblink

    Took me a while to get used to this phone since I was a Blackberry user. I love how fast this phone is! But damn the battery die like no other. I’m definitely going to buy an extra battery for this phone though. It seems to only live for 1 day.

  • katie

    Anyone know how to change the background off of that grass image?

    • Nick


      Long press on a open area of your screen and then select “wallpapers” from there you will have the option to change the wallpaper.

      • Katie

        Thank you so much! This is my first touch screen/3G phone so I’m still figuring stuff out. I do have one other question/issue. Whenever I try to connect my Vibrant to my laptop, it shows up as two seperate Removable Disks (E: and F:). When I try to put music files on or open it to Pull Avatar off, it won’t allow me to. If I try to open it up it says to insert disk into whichever Removable Disk area I click. Any suggestions?

    • Relikk2

      I would not able to install the driver while the Vibrant was set to mass storage drive. The only way I was able to sync this phone was to change it’s USB settings to a music device. Go to setting, then applications then USB settings. Change to Media player, then plug into usb port of your PC. Windows should now install the driver for it and Media Player should pick it up. Now you should be able to sync your play lists. At least that how I had to do it. Drove me nuts the first day. LOL.

  • Katie

    One other thing. I ordered from Costco. I received an extra memory card with my phone. It’s really big and I don’t see anywhere to put it in my phone. Anyone else receive this extra sd card?

    • Relikk2

      Your probably refering to the SD converter that comes with the phone. This allows you to plug the little one in your phone into the big one converting it into a media type that you can plug into a PC/Printer/ECT…

  • Loren

    Love the phone, very fast. couple of issues. FIrst, my wifi at work and home seems to loose sync with the phone. I have to toggle it a coupld of times to get it working again or maybe Im just too impatient. Second, has anyone gotten the “smart” alarm to work? Everytime i set a smart alarm, I just get the regular alarm none of the smart alarm tones. What am I doing wrong?

    • Rande

      The alarm allows for both the Snooze, and Smart Alarm to be selected, but you can only select one at a time for the selection to work properly…don’t know why they would allow both to be chosen if they can’t be used together.

    • T

      I’m having the same problem. Have you figured it out?

    • T

      The Smart Alarm goes off before your regular alarm. If you set the duration to 3 mins, it’ll go off for the duration of 3 mins before your regular alarm goes off.

      It doesn’t have anything to do with your snooze settings.

  • Bo

    Anyone else having battery life issues? I charged the phone 24 hours when I received it, turned it on for the first time, added Google, Exchange, and Facebook accounts and played around with it for an hour – it died after 6 hours of being on with only a couple of minutes of talk time. I charged overnight again, turned it on in the morning, turned off the wireless Bluetooth and GPS, reduced the Exchange sync to once every hour, Facebook sync to once every 12 hours – this time it lasted 10 hours and then died with only a few minutes of talk time that day. This is very disappointing to me coming from a Moto Droid which lasted 20+ hours one one charge with the same 3 accounts syncing, GPS, Bluetooth, and wireless all on the entire day. Did I end up with a Vibrant-lemon or is this an issue for everyone?

    • soniccool

      Same thing here, i went to replace the battery, and they told me the battery takes time to settle in and sync it self to your phone. Lets see if its true, ill give it a week.

    • soniccool

      Same thing here, i went to replace the battery, and they told me the battery takes time to settle in and sync it self to your phone. Lets see if its true, ill give it a week.

  • Zoo

    Bo..I got this phone 2 days ago and I’ve been having the same battery issues..I fully charge it over night and during the day..yet it would die on me after only 4 hours..even though I’ve only used for 30 minutes yesterday!!..I have the Wifi and Sync on all the time…does anyone know how this problem can be solved?!

  • szandor

    i’ve been playing with it all day at work! however, my samsung comes in tomorrow.

  • I am an early adopter. I’m extremely happy with my phone.
    I LOVE the TouchWiz on here. It’s useful, and not overdone.
    There are plenty of Stock Android elements to this phone.
    It still manages to maintain it’s own identity.
    LOVE the Buddies Now App
    Fast a hell with mild lag in some areas but nothing to whine about.
    I am a power user so it is expected.

    The camera does not need flash! There is a feature called “Night Mode”
    I love the Daily briefing App! I love the Feeds App!
    Love the Accuweather app…Take that Sense!
    Love the calendar. It is better than the sense calendar.
    After having the MyTouch slide for two weeks, I have to say;
    I prefer Touchwiz! After using this phone; Sense just looks too plain to me.
    I prefer having 7 screens, Live Wallpaper,
    More capabilities, 2.2, and Gingerbread compatibility, Bluetooth 3!


    This phone feels solid. Even though it is light as a feather
    typing on it reaffirms that.
    Don’t just pick it up, and assume it is a cheap feeling phone.
    Type on it; Then tell us what you think!

    The battery life is wayyy better than the MyTouch Slide!

    I love it. What else can I say. I am so happy with it
    I was calling people just to tell them I bought this phone!

    If you want to go get the iShatter which is being falsely marketed as having some sort of revolutionary glass, which it evidently doesn’t have btw!
    go ahead. I am in love with my new Vibrant!
    They should make a ladies version, and call it the

  • Dan

    2nd day now and the battery life seems to be getting worse. Why can’t they get a dang battery to last at 24 hours a with everything turned on damit. Having to keep a phone plugged in all the time is stupid design

  • Jose

    Samsung Galaxy

    Blows your mind on how far Samsung and Android takes it to another level to give Apple a run for the company

    *Super Amoled 4″ Screen Display
    *1GHZ Processor
    *Lighter than other smartphones
    *16GB internal memory w/ expandable memory up to 32GBmicroSDHC
    *5.0 MP Camera w/ 720p HD video capture
    *Android 2.1 upgradable to 2.2
    *Touchscreen capacitive is more responsive than other Android phones I had in the past
    *Status bar comes with new preloaded faetures such as MP3 player and Connection center
    *Comes with Avatar the movie and Sims 3 game, and live wallpaper just like the Nexus oNE
    *Ran the speedtest app in Dallas market and peaked 5.62mbps download Thank You HSPA+
    *Limitless capabilities of the phone

    *No flash but regardless the HD camera makes up for it
    *Video Conferencing would be a nice addition for this phone
    *Battery life is mediochre not a big con


    This phone is great but my one BIG complaint is that it does not get as good of reception as my G-1 did. I am not tralking about just looking at the bars…I mean it does not recieve calls and access the interente in places that I was able to with my G-1. Anyone else having this problem? I do not hold the phone with the grip if death.

    Is there a fix in the works?

  • Sylvangale

    I just got my vibrant today, but unfortunately the home key stopped being responsive by the evening. Appears to be happening to others too.

    Any known fixes for the home key?

  • baatin

    tmo told me they would get all may stuff from my 9700 into the vibrant. they made me go to the store three times after i had bought the phone, each time telling me they were workin out the kinks and would assure me that they’d be able to do it the next time. i am so mad. i am leaving. i picked up an iphone today, and will cancel with tmo in a coupla days. add to that i looked at my bill online and they have added on charges from this phone adding $90 to my account. i’ve had the phone for FIVE DAYS! i’ve been with them for six years, but i cannot deal with this lie. we’ll see how the next two years are with att.

  • baatin

    ps: the phones great, but it really IS fairly poorly made. my volume rocker is rattling–something i can’t stand for a brand new product–a freaking FLAGSHIP product no less. i can’t tell you how much it irritated me to hear the rattling on that rocker.

  • I’ve had my Galaxy Vibrant S for a couple days now and only ONCE was I able to successfully download an app from the market! Am I the only one having this problem???
    PLease help! Thanks!

    • johnsma4

      I got my phone via UPS yesterday. Bounces between 3G and Edge some while in my house but I have been able to download 4 with no problems. Played with it nonstop from almost 3 until 11 last night setting it up and finding my way around. Checked battery this morning and still had 25% left. No way I use it that consistently on a normal day so I was pleased.

    • watbetch

      Reset the phone

  • Acaciastrain

    2 Things:

    1. Don’t leave your phone charged all night. When your phone is at a full charge a little message pops up that says “Phone fully charged. Disconnect Charger.” (something like that) There is a reason for that. Your slowly zapping your battery.

    2. Download “Advanced Task Killer” from the market. It’s free. Smartphones will constantly keep apps loaded in the background to allow quicker multi-tasking. ATK allows you to close those apps properly, easy as pulling down your notification bar and selecting kill apps (you can even chose which ones to kill) which will increase your phones speed/battery life.

    No one with an Android phone leaves my store without ATK. No one.

  • watbetch


  • Sean

    hey what’s better this or a nexus one cause i just bought a nexus one and then found out about this phone

  • Toccian

    Enjoying the upgrade so far. A huge step up from G1. I saved apps and data on SD card via “My Backup Pro” but the same app does not seem to find any of the backed up apps on the card. Anyone having the same issue? Any work around? Thank you.

  • Eric

    GGTTOO – Yep, I have the reception problem too. My G1 has the best radio followed by my N1 and then my Vibrant. Sitting at my desk my G1 pulls in 78dbm and my Vibrant 107dbm which is a huge difference. I hope we get an update that fixes this problem like we did on the G1.

  • kk

    I know how to set individual ringtones but is there any way to customize alert notification sounds like for when you get a text message and stuff. I don’t like the ones the phone comes with.

  • dee-xt

    luv luv luv’n my vibrant! the screen omg! gorgeous!… havent had any real problems just wish it came with a manuel with all the tips n tricks tho! ;-/….question? when i have my phone on vibrate my notifications (text messages) does not vibrate.??? is this happening to everyone?

  • New vibrant user


    You have to go into the settings when you are in the messaging app, there’s an option to set it to vibrate there. Same for email notifications

    • dee-xt

      @-new vibrant user

      thnx for some reason i thought i did that but i did not! that worked thnx.

      btw i said there wasn’t a manuel but if you go to the browser and click on the bookmarks there will be a samsung website, if u register your device you can download the manuel to you phone.

      luv’n my vibrant!!!

  • Heather

    Does anyone else HATE that it doesn’t notify who is texting when the screen is locked? I surely cannot be the only one who doesn’t want to have to unlock the phone and go to the inbox just to see who sent a message.

    • jacks70

      You can download an app called sms popular which you can customize pretty much everything with texting, its great!!!!

  • JR

    Anyone’s bluetooth reception terrible? When in my car the reception and voice is terrible. I’ve never had any issues with any of my other phones, it’s clear, but the Vibrant is muffled and static.

    Anyone know of a fix?

  • dug

    my avatar copy now says “sorry, license not found.” it worked one day, and the next started throwing that error. anybody else having this?

  • tyler

    Hey i was wondering if anyone could help with a problem i was having with the picture mail? i tried to trade pics with a friend to show quality but on both ends it just says downloading and never shows the picture. Anyone know how to fix this?

  • Nspyre

    Love this phone.
    I thought it felt too light and cheap at first, but then I purchased a rubber gel case to go around it so now it feels much sturdier (eventhough its just an illusion. LOL)
    Hate the sound of the voice recorder. Not good for recording songs and music when songwriting.

  • I am one of those who doesn’t seem to get good battery life. I was thinking of going back to T-Mobile to try another one, but now I’m not so sure. All I’ve done today is listen to music for a little more that five hours and have 49 % left. It did drain down 13 % in the first hour, though.

  • Jerry

    I love this phone a lot but dies to damn quick…