Getting Social with T-Mobile

T-Mobile has made it very clear that their strategy is to promote friends and families.  What better way is there to stay connected with these friends and families than by using those crazy social networks that the kids seem to love these days.  Oh, right…I guess we could make some phone calls, but who wants to do that (it’s the 21st century people, I mean really).  Anyways, T-Mobile is getting into the social network game by introducing a new Android App, aptly called Social Buzz.  This app combines Facebook (become a fan of us) , Twitter (follow us), MySpace (wait, this is still around?) and Flickr, all into one simple app.  Speaking from some first impressions, it is pretty nice and convenient, though a widget would make it great.  The downside?  This app is only for Android 2.x devices, so some of you will need to wait (or root).  So go ahead and give it a try, then leave your thoughts in the comments!

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