MyTouch Slide User Agent Hits The Interwebs


While we’re focused on getting Mr. Blurrycam in the wild to hunt down an image of the MyTouch Slide aka Espresso, other angles are showing off proof of existence. According to the boys at Androidcentral, HTC has a user-string (identifies browsers to website’s on “which they’re calling”)live and in living color. Showing off a Qwerty Keyboard and a Model called “Magic,” being of course the name for the MyTouch for our neighbors to the North. So conspiracy theorists unite and say that a Qwerty Magic would easily be the American MyTouch Slide. Sadly the only spec we see here is 320X480 screen size. Hopefully more details will break soon!


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  • eYe

    Hmmm… don’t we already have a Magic with qwerty? It’s called G1 (or Dream) and it has been been out since 10/08. Why re-invent a wheel?


    Why re-invent a wheel? To make it better. Thats like saying, why make the touch pro 2 since there is already a touch pro. Or why make a Samsung gravity 2 if we already have a samsung gravity. Most phones that are made are based on something from before. Its called improving…

    • sorandkairi

      Innovation is a good thing. I agree with phone freak! The “wheel” comment was a joke, but it a bad one.

      • umaluver

        To just slap a keyboard on the same old tired business is not the same as the examples provided by PF.

        There appears to be no upgrade in hardware. That is just a huge waste of time. Why even bother.

      • eYe

        If we kept re-inventing a wheel we would never have airplanes or jet boats. Your first flip phone was a stone age wheel. Original G1/MT3G was wheel of the 21 century with inflatable rubber and pressure sensor. It’s time to invent an “turbo jet” of phone, so to speak.
        And I do agree, innovation is a good thing so let’s innovate and not trail behind Droid, N1, Liquid to name the few. Heck, even iCrap will have some kind of multi-tasking under the hood in few days here… imagine what that will do to Android community.

      • sorandkairi

        @ umaluver

        Man are u talking about?!

        “To just slap a keyboard on the same old tired business is not the same as the examples provided by PF. There appears to be no upgrade in hardware. That is just a huge waste of time. Why even bother.”

        How do u know anything about the hardware at all! If u do please share.

        Real or not look at this……

      • sorandkairi

        PS the pic is fake!!!!!!!

      • umaluver

        man you talk about

        Its got the same hardware. Deal with it. The link you posted is shit.

    • sorandkairi

      @ umaluver

      Cool if it does cool if it doesnt, dont buy it but U PERSONALLY DONT HOW IF IT WILL OR WONT HAVE THE SAME HARDWARE!!! U DONT KNOW SH!T!! IF U DID U WONLD BE ON A SOME1 ELSE’S BLOGSITE! U WOULD HAVE UR OWN! MAKING UR OWN MONEY UR NOT. ……… BECAUSE U DONT KNOW SPIT! Now if i had missed where any1 has said that the hardware would acutally be the same and had not been changed than cool. All u had to do would be to cite it and everything would have been ok but u didnt cause u dont!

      • umaluver

        please proof read your temper tantrums before submitting. thank you.

  • Man I sure hope the screen size is bigger…I sure hope this phone is fast and solid

  • sorandkairi

    I’d get it if had a 1GHZ processor!

  • newspeak

    the point is that if its identifying itself as a magic then that implies the exact same hardware with the addition of a keyboard ….that would be pointless considering that tmobile already has the g1 and the cliq in that form factor and with the same basic specs….if its a jump in specs then i can see why but right now its as pointless as the my touch fender

    • eYe

      This is exactly what I was thinking. It is probably the same phone as original MyTouch, may be few extra megs of RAM (like Fender). I surely hope that I’m wrong and it’s a N1 wrapped in MyTouch body with addition of hardware keyboard. If that’s the case – I’ll be the first one in line to get it and I promise that I’ll come back to this thread and make a comment how I was wrong and stupid. As it stands right now… chances of that are slim to none.

  • vikingfan45

    same processor thats in the mytouch waste of time in my opinion just get the cliq or nexus one or the HTC HD2 if your looking for a power house phone

    • FILA

      if your looking for a power house phone, the Cliq, are you kidding me, its the same got damn specs as the MyTouch, same shitty 528 in it.

      N1 for android
      HD2 for WM

  • FILA

    Yeaaa so I heard a rumor spec that the MyTouch slide will pretty much be the same spec sheet as the original MT3G, meaning the same ol 528Mhz processor, which if thats the case, forget about it, not even worth while upgrading. I hope thats not true, but Im starting to believe that it is

  • Lalal

    It says keyboard there…..duh why didn’t they rite that tho

  • Miller

    Is this not the same as the “Memphis” from the leaked HTC 2009 roadmap? From the pictures, I looked just like a magic + slide-out keyboard.