Could It Be This Simple, Nexus One 3G Fix?


No real surprise here that a fix for the Nexus One 3G connectivity issues turns out to be something incredibly simple, yet not from Google. While this may not be a permanent solution, it worked for one Kevin of JKontherun, it remains to be seen if it works for everyone else who was suffering 3G issues. Apparently, it’s so simple that all you have to do is go into the settings and allow the smartphone to “Select Automatically” from the networks it has to choose from. Actually, you go into “Settings”, “Wireless and Networks”, choose “Mobile Networks” and go into “Network Operators” section and allow the phone to look for a network. Choose “Select Automatically.” Kevin who states that he was unable to get a 3G signal for 10 days now has a permanent 3G signal, even with reboots. This little fix is spreading around the blogosphere quickly since posting yesterday and we can only hope it’s a fix that works for everyone, but where is Google? Google needs to release an update to resolve this issue regardless if it’s a 10 second fix or not, they should have released it already in fact. Anyways, while we wait for “official word” from Google regarding this matter, let us know in the comments if this does indeed work for you!

PhoneArena via JKontherun

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  • sorandkairi

    I hope so!

  • Alphonso Milligan

    No this did not work for me.

  • Chrisnich32

    I don’t have a N1, but I had the same issue with my Mytouch 3G when I first received it. This fix worked for my Mytouch perfectly. Earlier I mentioned this fix to a friend who has a Hero and was having 3G issues on Sprint. This just worked for him as well!

    I hope it helps others!!!

  • Doesn’t work for me. If I don’t select TMobile & leave it on auto, I get no service at all.

  • George Grant

    No it doesn’t work, been tried before. This works fine :

    You can “force” Android to only operate on 3G

    Go to Phone
    Type *#*#4636#*#* (I know, it’s weird)
    In the Testing screen that pops up select Phone Information
    Scroll down an choose WCDMA only

    If you are in 3G only you are goldden, if you go into an edge area just reenter the code and chose WCDMA preferred.

    • your not golden. thats a horrible idea if you have a life and move more than 10 feet from where you are every day. I do not recommend 3G only because of the hassle and your phone can loose signal if 3G is weak or unavailable.

      • sikkboy

        It’s spelled “lose” you fucking asshat. Why is it that no one in the blogosphere knows the difference between “lose” and “loose”? Pisses me off.

      • 9ooyan

        @sikkboy: count down from ten, and then take a long deep exhalation. that way you can loose your cool.

      • sikkboy


        You’re comment made me LoL. Thanks for ruining my rage moment! Haha.

      • sikkboy



        Damn iPhone keyboard auto “correction”.

  • Marco

    No it doesn’t work it switched in front of my eyes from 4 bars 3G to 1 bar and then it switched to 4 bar EDGE and then back to 2 bars 3G after a few seconds.

  • AP

    Did not work for me either.

  • Chris

    I got a N1 on launch and have been following this issue (along with the touchscreen calibrations issue). I’ve tried both the anycut workaround and this one. Neither work. I love the phone and probably won’t send it back, but I cannot believe it’s taken this long to get a fix.

    Google’s cookie cutter responses in the spotty 3g thread ( are comical at best. I know early adopters often run into problems, but paying $530 to be a beta tester for google/htc/t-mobile is absurd.

  • Marvin Mai

    Regarding the 3G issue, I live in LA, and my 3G seems pretty stable on my phone.

  • rossi

    Des Moines, IA here. 3G reception is as good as my TP2. Although, my tethered tp2 would get about 1 mbps down and .3 mbps up while tethered on while the nexus gets .5 mbps up and down with the app. Not sure if this is due to using the app vs tethering or if the download speeds really are that much slower. I haven’t rooted my nexus yet, so I can’t compare tethered speeds. I am hesitant to void my warranty this early in the game… Regardless, the nexus one experience is better than the TP2 experience as far as web/data usage is concerned. I would guess this is due to the much more powerful processor.

    • john

      I use the pdanet app

  • timmyjoe42

    Why isn’t this the default setting?

  • money mo

    That just sounds dumb, where’s the damn software update already.


    That method seemed to make my data slow down. Any one else notice that???

    • rossi

      Nope, didn’t notice that.

      In reference to my post above, I retested my nexus using the same server as I always used with my TP2, and I am now getting the same exact results with the nexus as I did with the TP2.

      Baseband: for those of you that are interested.

      I also have the regular smartphone data plan (not the android version). I don’t know why that would matter, but I read about one guy having problems once he switched to the android plan. I honestly don’t know, I just figured I would throw it out there.

  • fort

    I have been using the N1 for about a week now. Everything has work out fine for me except for when I’m in the house at that point I’m using my wireless network for data. But I just tried this quick fix an now I’m getting good 3g in the house. Still think it’s in need of an update. This should have been a default setting.

  • fort

    PS. I’m still now killing the speed test airway and would live to have better phone signal,maybe four bars?

  • money mo

    This definitely does work. TRY AGAIN.

  • soviet

    it worked for me, i tried couple of times and it worked, try untill 3g shows up. it works

  • SRuiz0126

    worked forr me. i have not lost my 3g anymore

  • Raf

    This worked for me but the 3g reception still isn’t as good as my G1

  • Tom

    HARDWARE, HARDWARE, HARDWARE!!! – if the 3G issues was a firmware issue then ALL the N11 phones would have all the same problem. I don’t trust these guys… I would not put it past them to put patches in the firmware that it would mask the hardware problem just to avoid having to replace defective phones.
    They claim that there are only “A FEW” phone having this problem. If this were the case then why don’t they just replace the FEW phones, test the replacements and then everyone will be happy.
    Google only responds with PHONE SPECS and doesn’t address the problem as you state in your support e-mail, now they are referring you to T-Mobile and HTC just elevates your call to a specialist who promises to call back but never does.

    RUN FOREST RUN!!! Too many firsts here and nothing is going right. Google has no intention in becoming a SUPPORT FRIENDLY company, they can’t even honor their first direct sale to the public.

    We need to stand up to these giants who think that they are above accountability!

  • the_dude

    @Tom @Chris

    What? How is this T-Mobile’s problem? As soon as this phone is on Verizon, and you lose coverage, will you blame them?

    If a T-Mobile G1 sitting next to a N1 gets reception, then it’s NOT the network. It’s the HANDSET. Which is NOT sold/supported by T-Mobile, or any OTHER carrier…

    Get your facts straight before making stoopid comments. If you want to bash T-Mobile, go to Engadget, that’s what they’re for.

  • starving333

    What about the key board problem? people were pushing keys and other weird things were happening….

  • 9ooyan

    didn’t work for me. SF bay area, switch frequently from E to 3G. but i’m calmed to a point as it seems like a software (and not hardware) issue, so can be fixed OTA. don’t like the idea of sending this badboy back. Loving this phone. Android Rocks!!

  • Darshan

    This did not work for me as stated …..

    My original problem was the same : 3G to Edge to 3G as many have stated.

    HOWEVER, comparing the nexus one settings to my HTC MyTouch settings, I found one small difference, and making the following change seems to have made a difference for me:

    Menu –> Settings –> Wireless & Networks –>
    Mobile Networks –> Access Point Names –> TMobile US –>
    Authentication type –> Then select “None” (was not set explicitly by default)

    I will keep a close eye on this (has been good for the last day or so every chance I got to check) and will keep everyone here posted on new findings

    Hope this is helpful!

  • SEFan

    I’ve been out of the country for 11 days and still no fix on the Nex One probs?! So what do we think guys? Google is pretty much toast as a device provider? Sounds like a cool device and all, but damn… Maybe HTC will rerelease the phone under their own name and T-Mo can pick it up, after an extensive bug fix of course. The HD2 is sounding better all the time, and I say this as person who gets hives from being around WinMo :-)