Could It Be This Simple, Nexus One 3G Fix?


No real surprise here that a fix for the Nexus One 3G connectivity issues turns out to be something incredibly simple, yet not from Google. While this may not be a permanent solution, it worked for one Kevin of JKontherun, it remains to be seen if it works for everyone else who was suffering 3G issues. Apparently, it’s so simple that all you have to do is go into the settings and allow the smartphone to “Select Automatically” from the networks it has to choose from. Actually, you go into “Settings”, “Wireless and Networks”, choose “Mobile Networks” and go into “Network Operators” section and allow the phone to look for a network. Choose “Select Automatically.” Kevin who states that he was unable to get a 3G signal for 10 days now has a permanent 3G signal, even with reboots. This little fix is spreading around the blogosphere quickly since posting yesterday and we can only hope it’s a fix that works for everyone, but where is Google? Google needs to release an update to resolve this issue regardless if it’s a 10 second fix or not, they should have released it already in fact. Anyways, while we wait for “official word” from Google regarding this matter, let us know in the comments if this does indeed work for you!

PhoneArena via JKontherun

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