South Bend Gets 3G Goodness


The 3G march continues this week with the newest member of T-Mobile’s 3G network. Residents of South Bend, Indiana can now enjoy T-Mobile’s 3G goodness. Congratulations residents of South Bend! Enjoy the faster 3G speeds and improved call quality (and have the ability to use data and calling features simultaneously). Sound off in the comments! And if you’re still waiting on 3G in your city, we will keep you guys updated!


  • anfrey

    I’ve been waiting for this.. still EDGE at my townhouse though. guess only certain parts of town are 3G

  • Dalton

    Dang, T-Mobile is in love with Indiana this month. And towns surrounding me! :P Thanks T-Mobile, maybe I don’t hate you afterall…

  • Dalton

    (By this month, i meant this past month. As in like.. past couple weeks. :P)

  • bryant

    WOOT!!! My city gets 3G. Thanks T-Mobile

  • mmaxsooner

    Still waiting.mmmm

  • Wii60

    Cheer, fight for Old Notre Dame,
    Win, lose or draw we smell just the same,
    As our loyal sons go selling Burgers and Fries to me!

  • RuleNumber1

    South Bend? For the love of all that is is holy, South ******* Bend? Why didn’t they just get the true a$$-crack of Indiana and turn New Albany up? Louisville KY is sitting there at the top of the list and they turn up SOUTH BEND?!?! OMG!!! *Head Explosion*!

    • mmaxsooner

      EASY BIG FELLA! Easy.. I feel your pain. I feel ur PAIN. DON’T HATE THE 918 BRING THAT 3G LOVE DOWN HERE! Parr where r u? I don’t remember south bend on that list? Boise amd t-town.

  • CEW

    I love it! One thing though, why its not on in the downtown area where I live???

    • watbetch

      The initial deployment doesn’t isn’t a complete one from what I’ve seen

  • Barakuda

    I agree with RULENUMBER1…I live in southern Indiana (15 Min.) from LOUISVILLE,KY and I have been a customer since the powertell days (over 10 years) I have waited,and waited,and WAITED!!! for 3G…we have been past up so chicago could upgrade,and everyone else…this is getting old…I have been using data since the good old days of the mda (kinda looked like a ping pong paddle),very slow data,I have watched the network grow from powertell,to voicestream,then t-mobile,I have waited patiently…LOUISVILLE KY is a top 20 city beleive it or not,but because t-mobile needs to kiss other markets butt (denver,pheonix,salt lake…etc) no offense to you guys but because the greater louisville ky market is SATURATED with T-mobile customers,I guess they think we should be last…I have Been VERY loyal to t-mobile but I am considering going to anyone else…I dont care who…everyone else has it except 4 LOUISVILLE KY!!!

    SIGNED:1 cranky truck driver that shops @ clarksville IN store 4 10 + YEARS

  • anfrey

    the grape/edison area in mishawaka got 3G… still EDGE over where i live though. hope they turn on 3G for the whole area

  • kershon

    Congratulations to South Bend. Now where is Paar with the countdown list?

  • Kirbdaddy

    South Bend???? WTF, T-Mobile????

  • Ed

    When for Louisville? Told ’08. PROMISED by store rep: Thanksgiving. PROMISED by store rep: December 1. Now store rep says December 31. I think someone is lying to me.

  • RuleNumber1

    I too, like the angry truck driver, have been a tmo customer for 10+ years. I signed up when it was CellularOne, then they died and transitioned over to Powertel, then Voicestream, then tmo.

    I was actually going to use the full name for tmo, but since my bandwidth is so crappy over edge, i need to keep the size of these messages that are posted to the internet via wireless transmission very short and not full of a lot of fluff. You know, like the company tmo.

  • Bradley

    Not understanding why Fort Wayne has been passed up so many times. We’re the second largest city in Indiana after Indianapolis. Been waiting patiently but it’s getting frustrating seeing all these smaller cities get blessed with 3G

  • jtomm

    i called tmobile and asked when louisville was slated for 3g. they couldnt tell me.
    this is nuts.

    • ed

      Clerk at Costco says Tmobile rep told him 12/15. Downtown tmobile store says “by 12/31”.

  • Mr. Stacy R. Parr

    Many congrats to Notre Dame town (Rudy! Rudy! Rudy!)! (-:

    Still, the 17 largest US cities with no TMO 3G are:

    Louisville, KY
    Tulsa, OK
    Cincinnati, OH
    Lexington, KY
    Anchorage, AK
    Lincoln, NE
    Fort Wayne, IN
    Madison, WI
    Boise, ID
    Grand Rapids, MI
    Mobile, AL
    Little Rock, AR
    Fayetteville, NC
    Jackson, MS
    Tallahassee, FL
    Springfield, MO
    Sioux Falls, SD

    I understand the frustration of those of you still waiting for 3G in your town. I’m still waiting too. Will probably come to my town between March and May of NEXT YEAR! :-(